Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 25, 2015

Living is the purpose of our existence.

Living, is the only purpose of our existence.

And the Art of Living is how we do this best…

Living artfully is up to you because we all have different tastes and we don’t live under Stalin or Nixon anymore.

Still there are a bunch of folks out there today harping away at finding purpose in Life and all that jazz…

And they seek to shoehorn people into a kind of new Soviet of Purpose.

And some of them they even hold high fallutin classes, conferences, and seminars, at helping you poor sods to find your purpose.

As if you don’t have anything else to do with your Life besides following a bunch of fools seeking … their purpose for being around.

Damn Stupid if you ask me.

I was invited to speak at one of these Purpose Summits, the other day and then the Folly of it all dawned on me… and I passed.

I passed because I reasoned that we all know our purpose — if we are True to ourselves.

We all know why we are here.

Our purpose is internal and not external.

It’s simply to Love and Be Loved.

And it is shared by all of us.

We get satisfaction by giving satisfaction…

We all know the code.

We know how to do this easily.

And when you are faced with a deficit of Love, you seek to fill up…


You don’t need anyone outside of you telling you the Purpose of your Life.

Not Oprah, not Eckhart Tolle, not Donald Trump, not Rubio or Walker, not Hillary or Bill — Nobody.

Granted there are ideologues that seek to turn you into something else by presenting it as purpose.

And there are some that make money turning you around the purpose mill…

Yet am sure You know better.

So break from your well meaning friend touting Purpose and stop paying money to the seminar theorists and  assorted harpies.

And if your seminar Leader tells you that in order to find your purpose you should become something else from what You are … maybe become a Compassionate Nazi, a hardened Liberal, a super Democrat, a soft Republican, a Nihilist, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Muslim, or an Allien — tell her it’s all crap.

And run away from there.

Because you know your purpose.

It’s encoded in your DNA and RNA alike.

The only purpose You have is to Live.

Live well and Live Fully.

Live in accord with the Natural Law, the Divine law, and the Human law.

And that is how You develop the purpose of your Life.

Develop your Art of Living, because this is the only purpose of your existence.

And to measure the truth of that — you need to be Happy.

Because Happiness is the only true index of the quality of your life.

Without happiness, life is dry and meaningless.

With happiness, life immediately becomes fulfilling and wonderful.

Happiness is an infectious feeling that immediately lifts the sagging spirits of people.

And maybe that happiness is what appears to be the purpose of Life, but it isn’t

Your Purpose is to Live and reproduce.

That’s about it.

And don’t forget that the reproduction bit is major fun too.

QED it makes you happy…


Your purpose found.




Happy people keep themselves happy because they know the little ways to appreciate Life, themselves, and the here and now.

It is those living in the moment that notice things.

And the Happy people are the ones who can see the humour, the magic, and the folly, in each moment we trend through this Game we call Life…

And they live in it.

And Love it.

And that is as close as you’ll get to calling it “Love the Life”

Live the Love…

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