Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 8, 2015

Race Relations in the United States

This is another post set to Educate and Inform about the difficult subjects that are deemed too Political to touch upon lightly.

And for all of us in the United States — Racism is a daily experience, no matter the colour of your skin.

Examples abound in our daily life…

Racism is abundantly evident when people ask you where you are from.

Racism is clearly present when your friends cannot say the word “Nigger” unless they belong to a certain racial group.

Racism is obvious when people see you dating a person of a different colour and they eyeball you for trouble.

Race is when the Cops are acting all up, when they see a coloured person in a hoodie.

Race is a means of separating People and denying Social Justice to those deemed inferior…

Racism is present and visible even in the most progressive places like Seattle and San Francisco.

And yet in those places the subtlety of the subject of race brings up something more virulent because it is a worse form of Racism…

There is Race Baiting in Seattle and beyond. There is race baiting in the Media. There is race baiting in the midst of our communities that struggle to define whose life matters.

Race Baiting is a heinous form of Racism. Mainly because it is so subtle and difficult to discern.

Race baiting is a bit of educated evil in so far that we cannot even “smell” it, or discern the limits of it, nor we can easily defend against it

Much like an iceberg — we can maybe see the small tip of it.

Race baiting is deeper than most of us think…

As an example: Race baiting is what the unapologetic young Germans of today scoff towards blacks, jews, gypsies, invalids, homosexuals, and all others, that their parents killed, maimed, harmed, and attempted to eradicate via genocide…

Forgetting and attempting to erase the past, and shed your own responsibility, and the resultant privilege, as if the never happened — is race baiting.

But race baiting is also the inequality we perceive as a given.

Race baiting is the swelling prison population.

Race baiting is the abject poverty of whites and blacks and latinos alike.

Race baiting is the dangling of the carrot — the American Dream — in front of the huffing mice running the treadmill of Life till they drop dead from exhaustion in the richest country the world over…

Race Baiting is the lack of Social Justice towards all races and in the war on drugs that is actually a war on People.

And yet we fail to see it.

We still don’t get it especially now.

Now, in the time that we are all eager to have Social Justice.

Now that we are all eager to see Social Equality.

Now in the time that we are all recognizing that “there are bigger fish to fry” out there.

Now that it becomes imperative for all of us to work as brothers and sisters to achieve anything of note…

Still we are stumped through Race Baiting.

MLK said that we’ll either work together and survive or we are gonna stay apart and perish like fools…

Today this becomes clearer by the minute…

Still… we don’t get it.

We wrote an article here at the BEB about the virulent racism of the Texas police and the murderous fate of Sandra Bland — and there were people who attacked me for Race Baiting in this Forum…

How daft some fools can be, is beyond comprehension…

And here we aim to educate and for this we have harvested a video from the web that is done by Mathew Cooke, and it literally spells out the issue of Race Baiting in it’s most fundamental elements.

History, Poverty, and Social Justice are at the centre of it all…

Have a look and let me know what You think:

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.49.34 AM


Mathew is a friend and a good Story Teller worthy of your time.

Have a look and listen with your eyes closed…

And here are some books to accompany your education here, as recommended by Mathew in this video:

“THE PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES” by Howard Zinn and “THE NEW JIM CROW” by Michelle Alexander.

It takes little effort to Change and that is the Growth we all need, because without change we are dead.

As for me, am always reminded that the world is our garden from which we remove the weeds of doubt & fear, and we replace them with fresh seeds of hope.

Let’s keep on gardening…

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