Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 13, 2015

Innovation in Seattle and beyond…

Birds of a feather fly together…

Innovators band all around and create change in any business, community, or society.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 9.56.44 AM

Angels fly high and so should You.

To help you in your flight-path we have the team for you:

And we always fly in some type of evolving formation like the Canadian geese covering long distances with a rotating leading flyer… That’s our leading edge. That’s our process.

And as they say in business that you should think big, we instead choose to fly far, because in my experience, thinking startup small is a better choice, and only when small and agile you can take off and really be able to fly.
Start up small and beautiful in a way that you can fly your StartUp company slated to change the world is a great first choice for anybody out of University or out of any kind of holding pen…

Join a StartUp and then you can pretty much write your own ticket and design your Life as you see fit from then on.

Just remember to aim high… when flying and to follow the sun. So join up now:

Invent, Innovate, Create, and Fly High…

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 9.55.44 AM

And there is no better time to do this than today because there is plenty of space for major disruption, since we’ve come to know that more than 96% of the 1965 Fortune 1000 large companies have died off. The great corporate extinction of the dinosaurs has already occurred in case anyone hasn’t noticed. And it is now time for smaller more agile species of scampering businesses to evolve and take their place.

So be ready to grow in place of the large herbivores because as the large T-Rexs are falling down all around us, fifty years on from the moment of asteroid impact back in 1965 — almost all of the biggest dinosaurs who apparently failed to adapt, to a changing climate and instead stuck to their own steady-same command and control systems which no longer serves anybody perished. So they died off, if only to prove that staying the course, is not a long term sustainable business strategy anymore.

So when you consider your Future maybe you are considering to join a Big Fortune 1000 company today or if you are thinking you need to get an MBA or an advanced masters degree to get that big job — best start recalibrating your data and begin thinking anew.

Start thinking again because it might be best to join or start a StartUp company under my tutelage and creative Strategic Innovation initiatives:

Join the move out of Serenghetti…

Join us as we seek to built Innovation and Progress:

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 9.58.12 AM

Do this but be careful, and make sure to take your Heart Meds, because our StartUps are peculiarly STRONG, and offer exhilarating rides that can lead to either a Heart Attack or a Glad Attack. Startups are like Heroin. You get addicted and you like it. Startups will give you all the thrill of a ride better than sex. They’ll give you goosebumps, and they’ll give you pain. They’ll keep you hungry, thirsty, and leave you horny. All that and more but at least they will teach you to conquer the seven deadly sins, and bring you toe curling orgasmic experiences to boot. All that, along with some scary socks-off kinds of terror, and mind blowing orgasms, in the midst of tons of other cheap thrills and creative exercises.

What’s not to like?

So… come along and Live a little.

Go ahead and make my day, by signing up and starting a StartUp:

But do this only if you like roller-coaster rides and all the cheap thrills described above…

Come start a StartUp though only if you like Innovation that solves critical problems.
Start a StartUp if you like incredible career experiences.
Start a StartUp if you want your Business to teach you Life and not the other way around.

Come to think of it, Startups are also very efficient mechanisms that help the World at large by helping you expand your knowledge, by teaching you responsibility, and by giving you the tools and the know-how to do any type of business and attack any kind of big problem head on.

Come-to-think-of-it, getting involved with StartUps will teach you SUCCESS.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 9.59.15 AM

Nothing teaches you how to to succeed, despite yourself, like a StartUp. Am saying this only because we can teach you to succeed despite your imagined and appearing “Real” personal issues, and despite your perceived business challenges, so that we can help you fall forward and fail as many as you can stand up…

The secret is to fail and not to be judged for it. Fail and fail many times and yet still remain vibrantly alive, so that You can pick yourself up each and every time and jump back in the “cage” to fight on. You’ll learn to literally pick yourself up by the bootstraps, and get your wiped-out ass, off the ground. Then You’ll learn to dust yourself off, put on your white hat, and jump on your high horse to ride off, and try again.

That’s the kind of cowboy you’ll become, because StartUps will teach you to start Doing Real Work for a change, and maybe just do it for pocket change, and some chow for you and for your horse. You’ll be paid from the petty cash drawer but You won’t mind that… since you’ll be riding under the big sky wrestling with tigers, shooting off your six-shooter, and rounding up cattle. Methinks you’ll like it because the feeling you get when you work for a startup is rather hard to describe and in some respects, it’s a little like taking the red pill and getting ejected from the Matrix, and the boredom of today’s lifestyle and getting on a Wild West adventure.

Mind you — you will learn lots of stuff too, and your head will swell to disproportional status because everything you do in a startup makes a difference. So go ahead and get a new and far bigger hat for your new head — since you are no longer stilted in your old head-binders. And you can cut your umbilical cord finally and let go of your security blanket too, because you are no longer surrounded by the safety holding pen, nor are you living in Big Mamma’s house anymore. Big Mamma corporations can stifle you because you’re a small cog in a large machine, and you don’t even know who the hell you are, let alone if your work makes any difference to you or anybody else for that matter…

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 9.57.43 AM

Instead of this lost inside “The Lost World” feeling — when you step in a small Startup you are going to instantly be an IMPORTANT PERSON. Mainly because in a startup, everything you do will contribute to the ultimate success or failure of the business and everybody knows everybody else — so you best start acting like a VIP from the get-go.

Liberty is a big part of it because leaving a large organization and heading to a startup is always a liberating experience since in the early days it’s like every piece of code you write and contribute is making a huge difference.

Startups actually push you to identify and focus on what’s absolutely critical, forcing you to think more creatively about how you approach projects and create value. And best of all, you’ll often get to see results first-hand and share in the rewards and glory. You’ll learn to perform triage and save the day like a super-hero.

StartUps get you to think about Learning and drive you to assume the Responsibility to put all your learnings to use right aways. You’ll get to learn how to be scrappy like “scrappy the dog” or the runt puppy to be exact…
You’ll learn to survive on thin air, and to keep running your car on gas-fumes alone. You’ll learn to cross deserts without water, and in short you’ll learn more in your first couple of months working in a startup than you’ll do in ten years of large company professional career. The reason for this is that everyone in a startup is expected to wear multiple hats. A startup forces you to adopt new skills and responsibilities to make up for the small-sized David using a slingshot against the giant Goliath all the while engaged in the huge challenge of fighting off dinosaurs while building a freakin fighter jet to prosecute a war and conquer an empire for yourself…

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.00.24 AM

Think that’s small?

Think again, because working in a Startup you’ll get your actual MBA in three months without having to pay any fees to any high fallutin MBA school or having to attend boring classes offered from professors who have never built a business even if they had to save their lives. Being inside startups, brings the fastest learning this side of the world that leads to immense responsibility and multiple opportunities to utilize talent and knowledge. All of this will translate into powerful and important executive positions in the business world, meaning that you’ll have much more to offer as an individual, particularly when it comes time to move on, or even start your own business.

And move-on you will do because Startups Do or Die. And in some cases they both Do & Die, since they are most often acquired by larger entities and then you become an instant executive in a large conglomerate. Not the best of fates but the stock options get to be insta-liquid and you can cash out anytime you want. Then you’ve got some mullah to start your own gig. And surely most StartUppers are serial and repeat offenders. They offend the large organization that acquired them and they are tossed out “willingly” with the golden parachute and they go on happily to start the next one.

Start — Exit — Repeat

Repeat at will because in between you might want to spot trends and invest in other people’s plays as an Angel and thus vicariously support the ecosystem until you are ready to  throw your hat in the ring again.

StartUps offer the only path that gives you the opportunity to shape the Culture Around You, in ways that you’ll be most proud of. For example you can built a culture where talented people come together and make work fun again because passionate work doesn’t feel like work. There’s nothing more rewarding than feeling excited about waking up to ride, walk, bike, or transit into the office in the morning, in order to tackle the next big challenge the world has thrown your way…

You will find that a lot in startups; and then you’ll even get to shape the whole culture around you. And if you are lucky — once in a Lifetime you might get to really really change the world. Not n the mundane way most StartUps talk about changing the world but in a real way. Like in providing wireless internet and getting to call it Wi-Fi instead of 802.11agdbfec or some other engineering IEEE alphanumerical insanity….

How Fun is that.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.02.31 AM

Contrast this to the new MBA graduating class entering a huge organization and stepping into a predetermined culture, set-in-stone, with existing rigid practices, inalterable customs and old people’s values. Values like attaching scanned documents to emails instead of cloud links… And that is the least of your problems when working inside large dinosaurs, whereas when you join a startup, it often means that you can directly contribute to the creation of the business culture, and the growth of the business, by offering ideas, valuable contributions, and by executing practices that can get ingrained as best practices and thus help shape the working philosophy of the company and employee culture — long term.

Plus that when working in an Environment of Innovation the creative types, thrive and this is the most rewarding thing about startups for the ones not yet “flattened” by corporate drudgery, life choices, or lack of imagination. In a creative StartUp, you get to disrupt any old industry that stands in your way — and you get paid to do just that. So if this is what you find yourself doing for your day job when you start working with a team of people that are highly passionate and enthusiastic — then why not be a “Pirate” today in your own StartUp. It’s addictive and rewarding because this StartUp lifestyle becomes second nature and can spark inspiration and innovation on every level of the company — so much so, that nobody wants to join the “Navy” anymore and this will lead to truly innovative ideas and developments that can help the business stand out against competitors in the greater industry that you are already disrupting massively.

But even if you are not normally creatively imaginative, disruptive, or innovative — being part of an entrepreneurial team of a StartUp will somehow make a “Pirate” out of you and in my mind that is the best way to learn how to innovate, and solve Big problems because entrepreneurs are the Great Problem Solvers out there. And they are also pretty good teachers as people to learn from — since they first identify a problem and then go head-on to find a new efficient way to solve it. If you just want to observe them you’ll see that they can teach You by doing… and you just need to practice careful observation and methodical iteration.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 9.56.09 AM

This will come to be rather useful when you are starting Your Own Venture, since joining a startup gives you the opportunity to start learning what it takes to be your own boss, all the while making personal and financial sacrifices willingly, since startups pay you back multitudes in various economic and non economic bottomlines. They ocasionaly pay you back in equity and share options that are worth billions, but most often than not — they pay you back in opportunities and knowledge, because they teach you how to take charge of your own life-path, career, and venture.

So if you’re toying with the idea of solving a big problem, slaying a monster, or just one day being your own boss — working in a startup is the ideal place to educate yourself on how to set goals, execute strategies, take your product to market and implement strong business operations. Do that because You will also be required to take on executive & administrative business tasks, which will actually equip you with greater business know-how.

You learn that there are lots of details in any enterprise, and if You have to find a niche in the market, solve a giant disruptive problem, or just name the company, design a logo, find co-founders, teammates, office space, legal entity, find a banking relationship, seek Angel and Venture Capital, select an insurance carrier, and make partnerships, set up bitcoin machines, and attend to the myriad of thousands of business activities that one takes for granted in a larger company — you not only become master of all trades, but You are able to see the bigger picture as well.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.06.03 AM
There is a Startup lesson in all of this, and I think that is to never underestimate the power of working for a startup organisation, because Startups will equip you with very valuable learnings, hands-on training with the tools of enterprise and with plenty of experience in growing your skills, knowledge, and even executive responsibilities rapidly.

And that’s something that’s very difficult to come by in a medium or large sized organization.

So if you want to be part of a great StartUp — come join our American Angels Accelerator in Seattle.

You’ll become a CEO, StartUp Founder or Co-Founder right away.

So come taste the Victory in a StartUp created next Weekend in Seattle, and later on, in many places across the US.

San Francisco and Portland in October.

Bosston and New York in November.

LA and Miami in December.

And then we’ll circle back to Europe and Asia too…


Dr Pano


Catch us if you can 😉

You might earn something…

And you might learn something too.

Here is your once in a Lifetime chance:

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.03.20 AM

Come Become a Leader here and now:

Life Sciences Accelerator StartUp Weekend @ WeWork in Pioneer Square Seattle

Saturday, Sep 19, 2015, 9:00 AM

138 Angels Attending

Check out this Meetup →

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