Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 25, 2015

“Any harm done to the environment is harm to humanity” –Pope Francis

“Any harm done to the environment is harm to humanity”
-Pope Francis speaking at the United Nations

Pope Francis addressed the largest gathering of world leaders to ever converge in the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan New York today, where he put climate action at the heart of his call for social justice, sustainable development and global peace.

Speaking before the Pope’s address at the UN General Assembly, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Pope Francis’ visit to the US will inspire the global community to act on climate to “ensure a life of dignity for all”. He said: “Like the United Nations, you are driven by passion to help others.” Pointing to the pope’s recent speeches on economic development and the environment, he said: “Your visit coincides with the Agenda to Adopt the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but that is no coincidence.

Climate change is a principal challenge facing the world. This message is critical as we head toward Paris in December.”

In his address which was watched live around the world, Pope Francis called to improve the imbalance of power to tackle climate change, due its impact on the world’s most vulnerable. “We human beings are part of the environment and believe in communion with it. And the environment itself has ethical limits which humans must actively acknowledge and respect.”

He continued…: “Any harm done to the environment is harm to humanity.”

“Every living creature has an intrinsic value its existence, its life, its beauty and its dependence with other creatures. We Christians together with the other monotheistic religions, believe the universe is the fruit of a loving decision by the Creator, who permits man respectfully to use creation for the good of his fellow men and for the glory of the Creator; but man is not authorized to abuse it, must less he is authorized to destroy it.

“In all religions the environment is fundamental good. Misuse and destruction of the environment are also accommodated by a relentless process of exclusion. A selfish and boundless thirst for power and material and prosperity leads to other misuse of available natural resources and the exclusion of the weak and disadvantaged.”

Pope Francis stressed the importance of the UN SDGs and the upcoming global climate talks in Paris, COP21. “Adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the world summit which opens today is an important sign of hope. I am confident that the Paris conference on climate change will secure fundamental and effective agreements. Solemn commitments however, are not enough even though they are a necessary step toward solutions.

“Concrete steps and immediate measures for preserving and improving the natural environment and thus putting an end as quickly as possible to the phenomenon of social and economic exclusion. The ecological crisis and the large-scale destruction of biodiversity, can threaten the very existence of the human species.”

The pope concluded by affirming that human development “must continue to rise on the foundation of respect for the sacredness of every human life.”

Dr Kroko


Seems that Francis connects with people and Peoples from all walks of Life.

And in return, people applaud Pope as being far more human than all of his predecessors because he is a humble person, and as such far more able to relate with others.

“Pope Francis “gets” Climate Change and Humanity’s need to pivot in order to survive… as a species. After all he has been a Chemist in his youth; and as a Scientist He is able to know the difference between Scientific Truth and Falsehood.

He can make also the connections that so many people either deliberately omit or unwittingly overlook, because he can see the patterns, and is also able to connect the dots between faith and life, between economy and ecology, and especially between poverty and pollution.

That’s why what he says matters greatly, and that’s why what he says hurts the feelings of the wrongdoers…

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