Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 11, 2015

Climate Change and Governmental Policy Dependency

Today I want to talk about the subject of Carbonomics…

This is the title of my latest book about the Economics and Politics of the Climate Age.

In summary, the premise of the book is that the future is in our hands and we can choose whether this century will be our swan song or whether we manage to absorb the knowledge learn the lesson and shift to a clean No Carbon economy.

We have to mature as Human Beings and come to understand our Responsibility and take Leadership for our Future. Once we accept responsibility for our actions causing Climate Change — the rest is easy.

Am saying this because we are not hapless bystanders, but we rather are the leading actors in this play of Life. And our actions make the difference between Life & Death for us, and for most other species sharing this Earthly ecosystem. We now know that we live in a time of a great despeciation, called the Anthropocene Era, only because “Anthropos” (=the human being) lives a Life of a constant “Taker” bespoiling the Commons and trashing the ecosystems we are part of.

We use available resource Energy in a very inefficient way by burning up every bit of coal, oil, & gas we can lay our hands on in a very low Carbon Intensity ways, that waste upwards of 98% of the energy locked up in the fluorocarbons that are an incredible storehouse of energy.  A storehouse of Energy created through compressed sunlight and biomass that took Millennia to create and yet — we just burn it all up in a second without much thought or effect.

How Wasteful…

Yet we go on to live a precarious existence where we are dependent on every living thing and every species of Life — while all the other species of this Earth ecosystem are clearly not dependent on us and would probably thrive if we were to step off the planet.

So I come to call upon us that with every breath we take and with every action we perform in this Circus of Life, we need to create value to replenish the value we take out so to reduce the Climate Debt to a manageable level.

All Business needs to account for all externalities, and engage in Biomimicry in order to get our resources and products on a cycle from Craddle to Craddle.
And we can do this through our daily choices, through our Leadership as Investors and Business Leaders, CEOs, and shareholders alike — so that we will positively determine whether we have an influence towards our Death, or whether we can earn our Redemption and Live On.

We certainly live in interesting times and is good to remember that this thing could go either way.

It is singularly our choice and that of the Dominant Business Paradigm whether we will provide the saving grace for our Living Ecosystem or whether we will tilt our planet towards dystopia, oppression, warring states, and constant hatred of one another, religious rancor and killing between Peoples, and a wasteful lopsided Economy full of wasted resources, mired in depression, corruption, and constant terror.

Or we put our face towards the sun and set our steps forward. We can collectively and through common understanding take the positive steps with equitability and justice in our mind. And it is those of us that can take the right steps toward progress that will allow all of us to go on living in a planet of peace, social justice, equity, and growth.

Yet it still is our Choice….

But not for long.


Dr Kroko


It is up to Business to shift our ways and sort this problem through Technology, Science, and Innovation.

Yet Capital is what s needed to lubricate the skids to launch the Solutions that will cure our Climate and Ecosystems alike.

We need Business to step up because No amount of Public Policy will manage to disrupt our set ways and only Innovation can change the catastrophic path we’ve taken…

On this as in most other things I agree with Thomas Jefferson who declaimed the dependency upon government as a non charitable thing… and no good for anyone.

“Dependence begets subservience, suffocates…virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.”

–Thomas Jefferson

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