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China Innovation and the world…

When I was called recently to discuss the process of Innovation in China with an audience of the biggest American and Chinese Tech company executives, and people that have significant businesses in China — I chose to make it a circle talk or a roundhouse discussion about Innovation on a Global Scale…

This talk took place at the time that President Xi was also in Seattle visiting the US, towards strengthening the business relationship, with an eye on appeasement of state conflicts, and resolving competing global influence amid realpolitik tensions in the other Washington where he was heading next…

Seattle’s China-US Tech Summit, was the proper forum to discuss Innovation and it gave me the highest honor to address the titans of Tech and the leaders of Business in our World. From Jack Ma, to Tim Cook, to Satya Nadella, and all others. These are the people leading Ali Baba, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and all others, and are amongst the best and brightest the world has got…

Naturally a significant amount of my talk about China included the discussion about the actual expression of Innovation through the creation of Startup Businesses and Consumer orientated Technological Innovation…

Since this is my expertise, and it also happens to be my firm belief, that new business creation, takes over society’s interest, and causes general progress — I focused on that, as a way to share the tools of common economic growth between our two countries. And where China is concerned things have changed drastically in the last seven to ten years. From a country whose entrepreneurial culture was one of copying and imitating foreign trends and building copy-cat businesses — today we’ve made inroads in all the areas of business innovation because I hold frequent Innovation Weekends in China’s best Universities and in the most active StartUp cities, and we manage to turn out fresh conceptual businesses in Tech and Science.

Fresh and novel startups in all aspects of the word…

These are the companies that will literally take over the world of the Future — well before State actors even know it…

Therefore that was the essence of my discussion: “How to enhance Business Innovation in China” for our mutual benefit…

Because in the future the conflicts amongst State Actors will be supplanted through commercial competition, and one can only hope that these forms of commercial competition are going to replace armed conflicts in our expression of human achievement. In political philosophy this Innovative Conflict Resolution practice for Resource Allocation and Economic betterment, is somewhat similar to how the practice of playing football with the populace watching it on TV, has in many ways replaced and supplanted intertribal conflict and has allayed the physical conflict through televised “bread & circuses” competitions.

Similarly in Innovation during the past, we focused on the opening of the “bamboo curtain” through the Internet, blogging, and micro-communications, and these were key here, because that was an area where the Chinese Wall was the highest… But now 30 years after Deng’s opening of the bamboo curtain, we are seriously in for a surprise. A positively optimistic surprise of how open the Society has become, and how easily accepting of all the trends that shape our Innovation and StartUp Culture…

The transition towards a global digital economy in 2014 was brisk in China and the Pacific Rim countries. By year’s end, the seven biggest emerging markets were far larger than the G7, in purchasing power parity terms. Consumers in China and the Asia-Pacific region were expected to spend far more online last year than consumers in North America. The opportunities to serve the e-consumer were growing along with the digital technology and the rise of the Innovation Entrepreneurs. Innovation expanded opportunity all around if you knew where to look.

These changing rhythms in digital commerce are more pronounced in China than any other country in the world today… and the thing to remember here is that the Digital Economy is a global economy.

These thoughts were pre-eminent in my mind because I was speaking of my “on the ground experience” of leading Innovation & technology development through my Innovation StartUp Weekends in China.

As a matter of fact — I was the first Master teacher to lead what we commonly call Startup Weekends in China, and thus not easily dissuaded from doing things of high scientific and technological merit in China, that led to the creation of Great Tech companies.

Nor am I shy about offering these new tools to the Chinese University graduates, since I firmly believe that the new Startups always create a better world within, and without, any system of governance.

Still when I spoke in Seattle about the Strategic initiatives for the creation of new internet, mobile businesses, technological enterprises, and other Tech StartUps in the current fields of extreme science — for my annual Innovation Master Class StartUp Weekend in Tsinghua and Shanghai Universities.

It is times like this that am naturally drawn to the comparison between the two cultures of the most advanced economies of our world. And my metrics are not the commonly used socio-economic measurements but rather the more arcane experience of how we create high value enterprises through science and technology and the available tools to do this in both countries.  And admittedly we do spend a lot of time creating companies since this is the biggest part of my business life. Angel and venture investments are just that…

We create companies. Pure and simple. All the other stuff is externalities… Yet we forget that Innovation, Freedom of Thought, and Unfettered Scientific pursuit, are the biggest part of Success that rightfully follows our process of company creation.

Am saying this because in my mind, the freedom to think and pursue both scientific progress and human evolution, is the most important element of a society’s drive forwards Society’s constant and ephemeral need to address the issues that might enhance our future.

And in that respect the two countries couldn’t be any more different….


Dr Kroko


The rest of the discussion was highly privileged so I guess You had to be there…

But one thing that is now released is that in an effort to bridge the gaps in relations at the subnational level is the educational exchange that resulted from many years of intelligent work to built the bridge between two of the Schools that I’ve offered my Innovation Teachings in the form of StartUp Weekends…

Tsinghua University and University of Washington have come together in order to create the Global Innovation Exchange, as an open institute dedicated to educating the next generation of innovators from both sides of the Pacific…

So today these two great schools have created a joint venture to built an Innovation Technology incubator in the Seattle / Bellevue area called Spring city. This Innovation Technology Incubator is similar to the Innovation StartUp Weekend Master Class that I offer around the world, and in those two Universities in particular.

Yet one has to feel a bit of gratefulness, as this is my gospel in action, because the process of Innovation via the StartUp creation, is already starting to pay dividends in the form of this great partnership between these two leading research universities, who’ve come together in order to pursue solutions to some of the biggest global challenges.

Lofty Goals eh?

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 1.20.26 PM


The link bellow leads to the Innovation StartUp Weekend in Seattle past month and if you want to participate in another Innovation Master Class across America or around the World, simply join the AMERICAN ANGELS and we’ll inform you of the next Innovation MasterClass StartUp Weekend.

Link is here:


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