Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 26, 2015

All Saints

All Saints …  and Second Chancers.

Adversity flows through the essence of the human experience.

Adversity within and adversity all around us.

Yet we deny it’s existence and trudge forward to our predestined end.

Am here to say that it doesn’t have to be this way…

And although society as a whole, and our educational and entertainment systems have been cultivated to convince people that our “True Reason” for being here is the collection of money, breads & circuses, procreation, and a regular paycheck — am here to tell You that it doesn’t have to be that way.

This structured way of Life it’s merely an illusion. You don’t have to believe that it’s the only path, or that it can’t be beaten. This monoculture is nonsense. And yet the few who see that, and try to help others “see” are beaten back as Socrates’ cave paradox describes all too well.

And then we extort the ones who somehow really manage to “escape” this cultural destiny. From factory schools to factory jobs, to factory families, to factory deaths. There has to be a better way…

But what does it take to change that and rejoice in our humanity?

A second chance at Life. That’s what. And it does happen sometimes. Maybe more frequently now than ever before, because…

Sometimes people do get a second chance at Life….


We all do.

But very few of us take the cue to change our ways.

Paul of Tarsus was one of the few who saw the signs by going blind. He was off on a wrong path and he was dumbfounded  or thunderstruck and got to be blind. Once blind he could see the writing on the wall. He had to become blind, in order to see…

Maybe old Paul lost his sight and got vision instead. He truly “saw” after that. He reached for his higher self, as a member of humanity by listening to the better angels of his heart. He whispered good things to his shadow self — setting in motion the wheels of “vision” and stressing the intellectual component of redeeming our values upon this earth and through this mortal coil we all occupy. 

We are all imperfect human beings but why not strive for better than average?

Today I see friends of mine who similarly get blinded, or sideswiped, or become dead and then are “saved” often through the miracle of modern medicine, and then — they come back from the dead, to resurrect and live “Lives of True Value.”

Death changes all of us. Especially when it strikes near. The closer death gets — the more serious the imperative for change…

Listening to your inner voice is akin to remembering the purpose you are put on this Earth for. maybe you get to remember the reason, and the “why”, or the “what” you are here to accomplish. As a guide you can always remember the story of Amazing Grace shining upon a slaver Captain whose life was changed upon the black rocks of oblivion.

And if you hear the story of all the so called Saints, and of the Righteous people upon this earth — you know that they were all, what I call “Second Chancers”




You know who You are…

And perhaps more importantly — You know where you are.

Now Be Courageous and do the things You’ve been put upon this Earth to accomplish.

Because not everyone is given a second chance….

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