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Transformational Politics…

Transformational Politics…

As a transformational leader, I’ve had this practice of involving all of my people through sharing an inspirational and inspiring vision of the common future and the goals we have to accomplish or the heights we have to reach.

And it works, because this transformational practice has helped me motivate my people to help built Great Companies, good NGOs, and Environmental Parliaments, all across the world.

Transformational leadership has helped me also “buy-in”  the vision, dreams, and ideas of my people, and all others who assist me to deliver our vision to all of our works and enterprises. These are the same people who always have helped me, by managing the delivery of my vision through building an ever-stronger, trust-based relationship with me, and all of my other “Leaders.”

And this works well in Corporate leadership, and non state actors, but what of Political leadership?

Why not get some transformational leadership in our Politics that might lead us to certain Transformational Politics we sorely need.

Our government is sorely lacking in this type of leadership at any meaningful level interacting with people, besides the President of the country and few leading legislators.

And thus when we come today to admit that we need to improve the competitiveness of our country, our states, and our cities — it seems that we are left short changed. Still our democratically elected government as a meaningful evolution in the history of humanity offers us the means of resolving differences and intertribal conflicts without bloodshed (mostly) but it fails to do much more than that.  Our government today fails to offer true leadership, although we see that it can be an amazing instrument of crowdsourced wisdom when this Leadership is exercised Democratically and Transformationally.

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Yet our political scene doesn’t inspire anyone, and instead it offers a terrible mediocrity playing as respect, that exhausts itself through the error of presenting marginal ideas masquerading as monsters — always seeking to bring about fear instead of growth. These are the things we need to debate coolly, because if we don’t know what are the Thousand Cuts causing our boat to leak — we best not worry too much about the looming “icebergs” since we we will surely not make it that far.

We ought to debate and decide what are the important things to address. But to do this we need vision. Still in my mind, the basic conflict amongst political ideas is a rather good thing to lead us on beyond the choices we commonly make. But the tension between various positions has to be resolved as the necessary pre-condition for our evolution, since we appear to always need conflict to create new ways of being and cooperating that might include and expand both positions, and people from varied starting points.

Great leaders are aspirational and transformational. All others are mere managers, and paper bosses that perform transactions, and keep the wheels running by rubber stamping the herd mentality paper processed towards our certain extinction through the sheer boredom & banality of the evils of mediocrity.

In contrast to everyday politics, transformational political leadership is the very style of leadership that seeks to change things to a better place. It is the shift to a new place. An effort of Moses proportions, in order to take us to a place where the leader collaborates with the citizens and all the constituencies to identify the needed change, and then enacts the movement to achieve that, by creating a vision to guide the desired change through the process of powerful Inspiration and Guidance. This type of transformational political leader always starts executing the change in tandem with committed members of the group of Citizens eager for reform and growth…

And it all starts by expressing the People’s ideas freely, and engaging in unfettered debate.

Transformational leaders are not echo chambers, running tape recorders, or sounding boards for their lobbyists and moneyed funders — but they are the true lions, leading the pride, as they are heading to the promised lands…

All the Great leaders from all the Ages, teach us that they embody the Art of Transformational Leadership through the process where both leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of aspiration, growth, and evolution, by motivating each other to win all victories great and small.

Leaders beget leaders…

Abraham and Moses, Socrates & Pericles, Aristotle and Alexander, Theodore Roosevelt and FDR, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Churchill and JFK, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama — all these transformational leaders were inspired from their elders. They all stepped on the shoulders of Giants… in order to reach the sky.

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Sadly most elected politicians today, are lousy boring people, far more interested in keeping their asses in office than in being inspired or inspiring or even doing anything worthwhile. They are simply interested in the power that comes from facilitating transactions and from the flow of favors. These transactional mentality makes them simple transactional leaders and that in all truth — makes them followers, rather than leaders. They follow the whims of their party whips, the dogma of their hierarchical parties, and the vested special interests and small dedicated constituencies of profit.

These types of transactional politicians historically have been perfectly suited, completely inauthentic, and fully disconnected from the People and from the purpose of being in office. Yet we must admit that these Transactional politicians are the trailing result of our own cultural evolution. Clearly we get the candidates we deserve. Especially, if our feelings towards our politicians are shadow projections, a way of dealing with the parts of us inside that we fail to accept. And we tend to elect politicians that are not just like us… but rather like the worst of us, since the median shadow projection is quite base.

Yet now it seems there is a positive shift where people are asking the questions of Reason at the highest levels of government, and this is a result of the shift in culture, because purposeful and transformational government is collaborative, always asking the inclusive and integral question: “How can we do politics in a way that we can all win?”

And if as students we had learned the truth by studying proper history, then we would know that people change history — not politicians. Transformational people and aspirational Leaders make History and change the lives of all of us… or put in another way: “This change didn’t happen because politicians just decided it would be a good idea… It’s this dynamic of people pushing from below. They’re willing to let people think about mild reforms and little changes, and incremental changes, but they don’t want people to think that we could actually transform this country.” —Howard Zinn

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Hopefully in the future politicians will be willing to become at least facilitators of the discussion about aspirations and about achieving the Human potential, by transforming our body politic and then the government will become a cooperation, and a union with the people. A group of people serving all others. And that alone will make for a more perfect Union in these United Sates too.

We all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day — but how many of us remember that it did actually collapsed in a day. The day the Barbarians were discovered inside the walls of the city running the show at will. And those barbarians were the inbred corruption and cronyism that destroyed the Republic like a rapidly metastasizing Cancer — the rot of corruption — that killed the Greatness that Rome had once upon a time, been.This would be a good lesson to remember… if and only if — we truly want to stem the tide and stop the rot from taking hold of the insides of our Republic today.

Yet to do that it takes truly transformational leadership. You could see the process taking place in South Africa’s transition to Democracy post apartheid. Nelson Mandela managed this impossible leap to “One person – one vote” peacefully and without bloodshed. An impossible dream. And yet he did it largely because He was a true transformational and aspirational leader, and was able to show people another way of being. He projected a New Vision for a better union of all people living in South Africa equitably, and the country itself living peacefully amongst the Society of Nations as an equal member. Mandela was a Lion of a Man, full of consciousness, strength, and humility. He had transformed himself fully before he transformed the whole Society of South Africa. His take on this is simple: “For all people who have found themselves in the position of being in jail and trying to transform society, forgiveness is natural because you have no time to be retaliative.” –Nelson Mandela

But we need to always remember that Consciousness is the key here to get you to an evolved world view. Because transformational leadership is a prerequisite to evolving one’s consciousness, actions, and life, towards an evolved and integrated worldview. Only when we manage to transcend our inability to see the “Other” we might become smart enough to accept that it does not always have to be “us versus them.” And that’s only the beginning, because then, You really begin to “see”…

Eventually we will get transformed towards a new equilibrium where there is no message of hate towards others but rather a World of Cooperation. This Human Progress, will allows us to experience and eventually put down our anger, in order to move into generative transformational leadership and inclusive creativity. That would be a cultural revolution worthy of the name…

It takes a very small percentage of people to enact a cultural revolution. A small number of Transformation driven Leaders acting as politicians, can change the purpose and structure of government. The transformational leader will further Society’s goals as a model of integrity and fairness, who sets clear goals and has high expectations of us too. The transformational leader encourages others by providing support and recognition. He isn’t afraid of stirring the emotions of people, and He gets his people to look beyond their self-interest, by inspiring them to reach for the improbable, if not for the impossible Goal.

That’s the kind of stuff dreams are made of…

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Still to transform people we can only do that when we embrace and honor them where they are. By meeting them where they are, we stand the opportunity to move them forward, and win this game of chess, by transforming our Politics and shaping our Future.

And only through the exploration of integral theory and conscious evolution we will learn to live and lead out of “want” and not out of “obligation.”

That is Transformational Leadership. To inspire and motivate. To change the minds of people. To cause them to act. That is to lead…

And to get there, we need to be inspired by the embodied spirit and to be motivated through the consciousness of people representing this evolutionary worldview, and then we need to lead them to an understanding of how to act, but also how to Lead & Bring others along the path.

Then and only then, the possibility of evolution, arises.


Dr Kroko


As an example of Transformational Politics, the 2008 election marked a shift in the base political appetite, by demanding Authenticity, and Change, as demonstrated in the election of Barack Obama.

People choose authenticity over capability and trusted hands, as seen in Obama vs. McCain in 2008, and again Obama vs. Romney in 2012.

Today, that clarion call of Authenticity and Change is heard again, in the elevation of unapologetic unfiltered candidates like Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump.

No matter what your feelings about the two men are — the fact remains that they both are, and can be, truly Transformational Leaders.

Whether they will materialize as such, remains up to You…

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As for our part to inspire and transform we’ve created the Churchill Society to foster dialogue and debate that will certainly lead us onwards towards the sun.

Feel free to join us at :

Churchill Society


  1. Completely agree but I find that we are now living in another one of Churchill’s quotes… “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.” I think we’re still trying out more more extremist ideas from the right before we’re done,


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