Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 10, 2016

Hit Change, Renew, Refresh.

My Life has been influenced by every single experience that I’ve lived through…

Yet never has it been influenced as much as it has by my constant pursuit of change, renewal, and growth.

Work, school, family, life – were of course all rather important, but far from the ultimate influences on my Life.

Yet they were all pivotal. I leaerned how to change.

Of course many thousands of other influences, and millions upon millions of choices — helped to shape my mind, and continue to do so today — as I hope this process never stops. Cause for me, living a full life means being open to new ideas, experiences, and persuasions — endlessly experimenting with new ideas, arguments, and knowledge. This debuting behavior of always gaining fresh new experiences, even while risking ridicule for testing and trying out new ideas — is called the American Way.

And that is why Innovation is seen as overwhelmingly positive in this country — whereas in other places people feel it is at best a nuisance or at worst an enemy to be stopped.

And since Innovating is my thing and it also happens to be what I aspire to continue doing – we are even Steven…

And as I aspire to constant change, to evolving growth, reaching for an ascendancy to understanding — I am gratified by my climbing of the mountain to reach for wisdom. And eventually to get to the Mastery of things & to the Usefulness for the world and society at large.

It’s rather simple really. No business plan needed.

Give me an understanding heart … any day of the week, over glory, over wealth, and over fame.

And since it doesn’t happen by itself — I work at it constantly because even the mere thought of descending into static respectability, and sclerotic behavior, is truly an awful thing and an appalling condition for me.

Yet some people love it. They like to sit on the couch of their Life, and watch the world go by on the Telly.

To each their own…

I just happen to believe that Dante was right: Indeed the inner circle of Hell is a place where nothing changes, where life is frozen into immobility, and where no one can change their destiny. Mild temperatures included. God help us — because it does not even get hot over there…

I have many friends that would like that because they don’t want to change anything in their lives. They don’t want to change even a bit of their ideas and they invariably fail to see that their bodies change constantly, and they go on and die from cancer laying in bed.

And then I have other friends who climb rock faces and live fearlessly by doing new & scary things every day — and they die on the mountain face; climbing, living and loving every minute of it.

Guess which way I like to exit…


So when people claim that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, or that a leopard can’t change its spots, they just simply choose to shut themselves out of life.

And some others go a step further and spend their whole life in a groove, always seeking to achieve social position, wealth, property, and opportunities — by constantly doing the same thing. And in some cases they succeed by staying in the groove, and in some other instances they happen to even inherit those “goals” from their elders. Failing to see that this is bad enough — they also try to “inherit” ideas and thought frames as well as wealth. Yet they are blind to the fact that they renounce not only intellectual and personal growth, but also much of their humanity that actually seeks change as an integral part of the evolutionary process.

For me, I like evolution in my lifetime. So I’ve always decided fast and furiously – but I try to not take choices that are out there created by society, by others, or by circumstances. Instead, I create the choices that are ideal for any given situation, and that optimize the outcomes. Then I get to choose the best ones by following my inner compass.

I’m willing to take action in the absence of absolute expertise.

How I conduct myself is more important than the success I create on any given day – fact is, we’ll win some and we’ll lose some. I thoroughly enjoy your success, because mine is not a zero sum game. I pay attention to patterns, not isolated incidents. The quality of answers I get depends on the quality of questions I ask. Discipline is important.

So I try new things constantly. Every day I surprise myself. I debut new things once a week, major new things once a month, and epic new things once every quarter. This makes life interesting. And as the Chinese say in their subtle yet humorous way, when they can’t win an argument and they simply want to get rid of you:

“We wish you live in Interesting Times” And I do. Learning is optional yet some modicum of pain is always included. At least  for our daily quotidian…

The latest new venture I’ve engaged into is the beautiful debutante on the cover of this article.
Her name is “The American Venture Company”

With this new venture — we aim to really do this one simple thing: We aim to help Tech and Science StartUps from the Pacific Northwest to bridge the valley of death all the young StartUps face, when they go from the Angel Funding stage seed rounds that we have always been providing — to the proper institutional rounds of the follow on investors, the VCs from the Sandhill Road and from Wall Street.

So our fund is called “the Bridge… and Pi Ventures”

And we want to graduate as many of our Pacific Northwest startups as possible provided that they have a brain on top of their team… We look for good StartUps with a decent functioning team and a good leader. I am not looking for great or perfect…

Perfection is a folly. It doesn’t exist, except in science fiction. Think of it…

So once a day, I take a few minutes to slow down, linger, savor, and absorb. Some people call it meditation — I call it centering mediocrity. You get to the median — the golden rule. Not the other meaning of the word…

And then I get back on the saddle and face all the challenges and slay the dragons and save my people … just like St George does on the icons from Byzantium.

And am always reaching out for StartUps that are like that. Intelligent but not self deluded.

You don’t need consensus to do the right thing. Am saying this because whenever you have lots of well-intentioned people framing a challenge, you get plenty of complexity.

And then you need to simplify anew. So why not avoid this time wasting exercise and jump to conclusion through a straw poll?

It’s far quicker and helps you save your very Life from boring meetings and committees and boards.

After all no amount of motivation will ever cause people unwilling to change to follow through with radical new things. So you’ve got to let go of that dead weight before it sinks you down.

There is no shame to be a grand motivator, but to be a clear Leader is far more than that. Therefore I have no interest in learning a single skill that allows me to live a routine of a life of mediocrity but rather want to engage in a multiplicity of fields that allow me to thrive and use the pattern recognition skills I’m so good at.

And yes — I am a big fan of other successful people, but never envy their path. My success is different than anyone else’s and I never forget that.

Because for me — success is a choice that is created, and not one that is bought, earned, or entitled. It is clearly not sold anywhere – but is carefully chosen.

And to even be aware of it’s arrival — you’ve got to live in the present time. Be the moment. Take chances and follow through with rock climbing even if it’s going to kill you one day.

But up there on the frozen rock cliff — You need to be where your footholds and where your handholds are at all times.  Because … although You only die once — you really don’t want to speed up that process.

Therefore I always am where my hands work, and where my feet stand, and especially where I am on the path to reach a destination — even if only because I want to know where my head will drop down to sleep.

I don’t care what others think of me, or what they think that I do. I simply focus on my own business and on what I have to do…


Dr Kroko


Today is my day to own, to hold, and enjoy. And I aim to make the best of it.

What about You?

What is it that you plan to enjoy today?

Think of it and for a moment stop and look because you could also enjoy our debutante too.

And if you are one who can help us on our mission going forward or have a good startup to share — do pray tell…

Am listening now


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