Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 16, 2016

WellHeart Inc @ the J P Morgan Healthcare Investors Conference

Reality is stranger than fiction.


Take as an example this year’s J P Morgan Healthcare Investors Conference the premiere event of it’s kind in the world…

At the same time the Conference was hitting it’s stride at the midway mark — the Biotech Index lost a good 10% of it’s overall value and kept on dipping to new lows…

And amid the general rocking it , the alcoholic frenzied parties, the drug ingestion, and the parties at the Asian Bordelos of San Francisco’s Korean town, Chinatown and Vitnamistan — and the general having of a great time between the conference and the official parties and companies’ receptions — it must have been a viral infection that made people sell everything.

Others like me had been shorting the Drug and the Biotech markets wholesale — because when we meet our “comrades in arms” we recognize that they can’t hack it and that they look just like lemmings in ties.

Immediately fear sets in and since familiarity breeds contempt and we talk to them about the falling markets — they all talk and then sell. Some far more entrepreneurial even follow my path and short their own market in Unison.

A very social thing to do. Like catching the influenza virus the fear virus is equally catching. And there had been great winnings and now they gave it all up… to the shorters and the wind…

Considering that we were all in San Francisco and I wasn’t the only one shorting this market — it makes perfect sense.

Herd mentality at full tilt. And that in a nutshell is the story of Investors and their feelings… A bunch of meercats. Lemurs bend on flying off a cliff — should that cliff ever presents itself. Albeit without a parachute.

That’s the effect of fear compounded by alcoholic consumption… and a fistful of drugs.
Ah… but I must admit — the parties at the Asian establishments were heavenly…

On more pedestrian news, I also spoke at the conference about our New Heart Drug the WellHeart that fixes broken Hearts and cures all viral infections of the heart in great therapeutic treatment. I had been assigned a relatively smallish standard room with chairs for about thirty people… on the second floor of the Westin. And all of a sudden when I started talking and did a quick headcount I saw that there were upwards of 75 people standing up like sardines in a tin can.

They all wanted to hear about the great promise of WellHeart Inc and the blockbuster drug that we have under our belt going for FDA approval.

I riffed off the few slides that I had and then I opened it up for Q&A…

The deluge of questions was momentous. Everybody had a couple or three or four and five questions all firing them up in a row.

Mayhem ensued and I talked and talked like a cottonmouth. We kept at it well after the intermission and the next vacant hour all the way until we had to be escorted out of the room when the time was up for the following presentation to begin.

I had a great time and made 75 new friends and bunch of Investors too.

Heady times.


Dr Kroko


Anyway it’s California and the bears are dancing.

That’s my humble answer for the continued volatility of our markets.

For God’s sake the Bear is stiched on the goddamn flag here….

Any Questions?

Anyway — Ping me if you have more questions about the new WellHeart drug.

WellHeart, Inc. = Fixing Broken Hearts under clinical trials since 2005… and will be doing this with the FDA’s approval in the US in the next couple of years too.

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