Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 22, 2016

R U Resourceful? R U Surviving? R U Effective?

A good friend of mine lost his grown up daughter – a Medical Doctor to suicide, and now this 87 year old man, has got to go back in Life and raise two young granddaughters on his own…

He is grieving but has no time to think of essential processes, and instead he is just plowing ahead to take charge and take care of these imponderable things that upend our lives and cause much distress, as death seems to always do…

I admire this man.

In other news: Almost $17 trillion of equity market capitalization has evaporated in the last 6 months with over 40 global stock indices steeped deep in bear markets despite the world’s central banks going into money printing overdrive over this same period.

How brilliant are all these morons at the Central Banks, and at the FED, as well as the ECB, and CBC, and all the central banks worldwide who stand frozen and unmoved in front of this massive tsunami of destruction.

I don’t admire these men.

I don’t admire them because they don’t care about their job and it’s repercussions.

I don’t admire them because they leave us all behind with nary a thought about our blood, sweat, and toil and they traipse over to snowy Switzerland for cuckoo clock discussions and holidays on ice.

I don’t admire them because they abandon all of us to deal by ourselves with this deluge of the shattered markets and the spoilage of so many good companies… And because as it often happens the broken pram is thrown away along with the good babies inside, and it is left upon us to search and rescue for our friends amongst the wreckage…

In my Life, at least within the highly competitive Venture Capital crucible — it is crucial to have a tethering line grounding you to reality, lest you get cut off, and enter what we jokingly call NASA tunnel thinking.

It’s like in the movie “The Martian.”

You’ve got to survive before you thrive…

And then make plans to escape the red planet.

Now — you wouldn’t think the VC life is like that but mine seems to be…

One has to be really resourceful and highly intelligent to be able to survive this journey and get back to Earth.

And today, reading a post about the 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People acted as a reminder to me that I need to touch upon all areas of my Life even when the time is precious little…

1) Always make your best effort. Always do all that you can do. Fight on.

2) Think Long Term. Aim to create a legacy, and that is a good guide to doing the right thing on the short term as well…

3) Do three things each day and do them well. First things first. Prioritise

4) Be magnaminous in victory and graceful in defeat. To win is not to defeat

5) Enjoy the journey. Be the process. To act is not to achieve

6) Lead from the front. Find Synergies. Co-operate, don’t fight

7) Prepare and think ahead to do the work needed to achieve results. Always it is preparation that reduces work ad ensures positive outcomes.

And above all else think like Victor Frankl and set out to survive with a smile, because you’ve got a reason to live for…


Dr Kroko


We are all hurting in some way or another.

And I know your burden is always greater than mine or anyone else’s…

So I heartily recommend that in those difficult times it’s important to read my bedside companion:

Man’s search for meaning… by Victor Frankl

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