Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 28, 2016

Maverick Tunes

Whoever calls me a maverick does me no small favor…

Indeed they actually hurt my chances of being a real maverick.

Now why do I say this?

Because today is Mozart’s birthday…

Mozart was born some 260 years ago on this day and he has given joy to the world ever since.

And if you look for a Maverick with as capital — that He was.

Mozart was baptized on 28 January 1756, the day after his birth, at St. Rupert’s Cathedral in Salzburg as “Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart”.

Otherwise known as Amadeus [Latin for Theophilus] Mozart.

Or Gottlieb Leopold Mozart…

Or Wolfgang Amadeus..

Or simply Amadeus.


And people complain that I have many names.

And they don’t understand why…

Let me tell you:

When you transcend language and tribal barriers — you end up translating and transliterating your names to fit; and that causes the plurality that often times confuses small minded folks.

But no matter what you call Amadeus — you truly speak of his divine nature. The nature that has given us the “Song of Paradise” as was described by his contemporary bishops.

So if I ever get to be able to give one hundredth of the pleasure he stirs in my soul to other people — then I’ll gladly accept the title of Maverick…




Next up is Bethoven.


Not a maverick by a long shot


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