Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 18, 2016

Leadership Material

A few words about being a Leader.

For those who don’t know. And for those who think they know. Those who practice benevolent Leadership don’t need to read anymore. You know who you are…

Here is some early material about it:

Leadership is all about new ideas, synthesizing concepts, and making them all happen without micromanaging.

It’s process of Emergence and some of us can do this far better than others.


Leaders, whether historically necessary political leaders, or not, are a species into themselves.

The ones powerful today, and even the ones who have fallen from grace… all are demonstrating an extreme usefulness to our people. It’s like the dancing bees that return to the hive and demonstrate to others where the place of “wine and honey” is, so they can all fly out and harvest the

The legends that history still looks on as darlings of the now even when their bodies are just dust and atoms back into the Universe.

The ones whose name has been presaged by “Great”

Leaders like Alexander the Great, or Cyrus the Great, or Solomon, or the Great Lincoln, and Mohandas Ghandi, or even Winston Churchill who stole VICTORY from the claws of the darkest hour of defeat when “Old Blightey” stood all alone in the World fighting against insurmountable odds and winning against the Nazi Juggernaut.

There are many more Leaders I estimate as Great and include the Great writers who open up windows to the soul and the imagination…

Idea men and women, scientists, doctors, superb teachers, visionaries, social entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, even movie superstars, can be great Leaders…

Great Rockstars, financiers, entertainers, musicians, math whizzes, and even software crackers…

Great Inventors and Innovators.

Entrepreneurs of the internet and mobile communications…

Ordinary Inventors and great innovators…

Great Business People that make Industry tick and tock…

Amazing representatives of the people.

All have this little thing…

They all have this one trait in common:

They all appear at first to lie outside the ordinary all too human experience.

They are called outliers, gifted, different, lucky and even super-smart…

But to be perfectly blunt with you they aren’t.

They are just products of history, time, and community.

They are the right person at the right time that was bold enough to persist and persevere and work things through.

They are the made men of opportunity and legacy.

Their success is not exceptional or mysterious.

It is grounded in a web of advantages and inheritances.

It is not deserved, or not.

It is in some cases earned, and in some cases dumb luck.

Yet even if it is just plain old Fortune masquerading as lady lucky – it is critical to remember that they made it themselves.

All the Leaders out there are not products of leadership classes but of diligent practices and imaginary reiteration of what works.

They are all critical champions of making and fashioning themselves and their image into who they are by seeing what resonates and what works.

Thus after careful consideration – the outlier, in the end, is not an outlier at all…

He/she is just a very grounded human being with a vision and passion bigger than life.

And they know that all it takes is to walk alone in the face of terrible odds and steal Victory from the Devil.

That about sums it up.


Dr Pano

Now you know…

But you still have got to have an understanding heart.

Because you’ve got to be a compassionate person, in order to be appreciative of other people’s qualities, and so you can develop an eye for spotting those same qualities that make another person special, so you can lead them to succeed.

That’s how you help develop other leaders out there, who could carry forth the mission — whatever that may be.

Great Leaders need lieutenants even more capable than themselves. That is why they help to uplift everyone, because even when others are at their lowest ebb, it is possible to help them restore their self-belief by delegating and setting them out to lead on their own.

That way by keeping a firm, clear vision of other people’s goodness, potential, and specialities — you can help them manifest their destiny and above all else, they can turn around and help you lead others to wherever it is that you are leading all of them to.

Do this by edging your people closer to the Vision, and offering them equity in the mission.

Do this by taking a gently encouraging approach, like nudging – so you can be sure they never react negatively, or backtrack, and thus you can continue to help them by never giving up on anyone.

In short:

Help them help You.

So as am thinking about my next electoral battle for the US Senate, in order to save our Republic and Democracy from irrelevance and to help create jobs in the great State of Washington — come along and be counted because I can and will lead you to a better place.

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