Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 20, 2016

Sanders wins Nevada on a positive campaign

Another big caucus day and primary night this Saturday, where the Democrats go to their caucus sites in Nevada, and the Republicans go to the polls in South Carolina.

And here are some things to remember:

Senator Bernie Sanders running on the best possible way as an intelligent human being is today poised to win both the Nevada caucus and the South Carolina primary.

Hillary Clinton runs the Nevada Caucuses on a slate of negative Ads offering a scorched earth campaign against Senator Sanders. Incidentally the same Manager who run her failed 2008 campaign against President Barack Obama in Nevada is running her negative campaign again today.

No wonder her chances are about the same as last time now that we see her replay her failed 2008 campaign against the current President — being played out as she bitches, barks, and moans, against her quietly outspoken and white haired rival – kind grandparent Bernie Sanders.

Yet as Sanders soars – Hillary roars, and attacks. It is sad to see that Bernie’s rival Hillary Clinton is sinking into worse depths of despair and rage because her entitlement is threatened.

And as she is becoming more and more desperate – she is making the worst possible mistake again. She is launching an all-out negative campaign of dirty tricks, black ops, hateful and scare mongering Robo-calls, and an all out Blietzkrieg Attack against him.

And that is very much the recipe of the Nazi military machine when attacking and subduing the French and the rest of continental Europe. And indeed it worked with the French and the German allies and weaker states rather well.

But when they tried the same against Old Blightey – otherwise known as Great Britain – they stumbled.

Not because their vast and overwhelming military odds didn’t play in their favor, but because they didn’t have the honest Leadership and the strength the Free Fighting people of England had. The Germans didn’t have Winston Churchill to lead them but a preening screaming bullying idiot. A real canary, Hitler was… but not much more. A corrupt deeply hateful and low self esteem leader that took pleasure in screaming lying, scheming, murdering, and stealing, and one who should have been in prison long before he ever ascended to the steps of the Reichstag in Berlin.

And that is the basis of the German Blietzkrieg’s failure against a free and independent Democratic people of the United Kingdom. Everybody got together under the umbrella of the energizing Leader Winston Churchill. And that type of leader is what Senator Sanders is. Trust me” I know… Which brings us to today and the Hillary Clinton Blietzkrieg against Bernie Sanders who is a student of History and a student of Winston Churchill – the Architect of Victory in the Wecond World War.

Hillary, is not counting on the metal of the Leader and the mettle of the people who support him. Thus she is making the same mistake today that Hitler made in underestimating the English and as it happens this is the very same mistake she made when she attacked Barack Obama in 2008 in an all out RACIST attack with Billie Clinton calling the current President “a coffee boy”

But that’s another matter…

Further because Clinton today has the lowest ratings for trustworthiness, whereas Sanders’s ratings are high — a Clinton attack against Sanders will surely backfire in ways that will be rather entertaining in the days to come…

Even worse for Clinton, the problem is that she has never articulated an uplifting and exciting reason for voters to back her, and her negative attack against Sanders will drown out any positive message she may have, if she has one.

Clinton’s attacks against Sanders sounds strangely similar to her attacks against Obama in 2008. She is charging — among many things — that Sanders does not offer a realistic program, which is both condescending and wrong and an insult not only to Sanders, but to the large number of Democrats who are with Sanders.

What a presidential candidate should do is offer a panoramic vision of how America can become better, mobilize support for that vision, seek an election victory with a mandate, and then negotiate with Congress from strength and make the compromises that must ultimately be made to win the most dramatic possible reforms. That is what important presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy did. That is what Sanders is doing.

What a presidential candidate should not do is identify with the status quo and oppose dramatic change even before the first ballot is counted and attack the change candidates as naive or unrealistic. This is what Clinton is doing with her negative attacks against Sanders.

Sanders proposes a healthcare system based on Medicare for all. Is Clinton criticizing all the Democrats and independents who agree with him? Would she have attacked Presidents Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson for proposing and enacting Medicare in the 1960s?

Sanders proposes a free public college education, paid for by a transaction tax on Wall Street speculators. Is Clinton criticizing young people and their moms and dads who would benefit greatly from a free public college education, or is she criticizing voters who favor a modest and fair speculation financial tax that would ask wealthy individuals and Wall Street firms to do more, to pay their fair share to help the next generation of students learn?

Sanders proposes bringing back the Glass-Steagall Act and breaking up big banks. Is Clinton attacking as naive and unrealistic the huge number of voters who favor breaking up big banks? Would Clinton have criticized Franklin Roosevelt as being naive and unrealistic when he pushed the original Glass-Steagall Act to passage in the 1930s?

Sanders proposes an increase in Social Security benefits at a time when those benefits lag far behind the cost of living for seniors. Is the Clinton attacking the senior citizens who deserve better than the status quo, in which this year seniors receive no increase in Social Security benefits at all?

Sanders is tapping a deeply held yearning in the electorate for big change and a nobler politics, and when Clinton attacks him for it, she is attacking the voters who demand this change and aligning herself with the lobbyists and special interests who oppose the very change and reforms that most voters want.

So as Sanders soars, Clinton attacks him, which gives Sanders the upper hand as Nevada caucuses vote and we all see the Victory Senator Sanders so richly deserves.



As the caucus in Nevada comes to a close we will see Senator Bernie Sanders winning by just staying firm, keeping positive, and challenging his opponent on a Positive Slate of Issues and progressive Ideas.

Sanders never run a negative campaign in his Life and this shows the way forward for our Pragmatic Democratic Politics.

Congratulations to Senator bernie Sanders for his Respect for the People.

Now is the time to go caucus in Nevada and then to go see what the Republicans are doing as they exit the polls in South Carolina.

And if you think that a few decimal points mark Victory from defeat and disagree about Sanders winning Nevada — you really don’t understand anything about Leadership.

Because Victory is all about leaving the Field of Honor with your head held high, not running away with your tail between your legs like the cat that ate the canary…

That’s the leadership lesson here.

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