Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 25, 2016

China’s Belligerence

A defense blueprint released by Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Thursday urged Beijing to stop its military intentions in the South China Sea, where China is building artificial islands, arming those islands, and deploying nuclear tipped missiles, thereby altering the balance of power and seeking to usurp other countries’ legitimate territorial interests.

This seems like a precursor to war and all the neighboring countries are concerned and are gearing up in preparation for a conflict that is not too far off. With China acting like a bully and chocking off the trade routes — it becomes incumbent that others have to weigh in forcefully if they are to have a stake in the situation and in these vital territories.

Australia is the first nation to directly confront China over their wanton island military constructions, and they warned that it would have a “major impact” on the stability of the Pacific and Indian Ocean region over the coming years.

In military response Australia’s government is strengthening its U.S. alliance and treaty of mutual security and is plowing ahead with a 10-year, $340 billion military expansion.

In this phase of Australia’s military preparations amid the rising regional tensions with China’s military muscle-flexing and with it’s appetite to exclusively own the key trade routes of the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean, the new round of military and naval build up will surely escalate further as the other nations, all China’s neighbors — are starting to focus on their own military build up to defend against this naked Chinese aggression.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.54.00 AM

Still Washington recommends caution, but supports the Australian military, naval, and Air Force buildup…

Beijing claims that the world’s uproar is unfounded.

Most Sino observers recommend quiet contemplation to allow things to unfold, before we discern which way the tea leaves fall.

Something akin to Meditation…

Useful idea, but useless Realpolitic application.


Dr Churchill


I recommend:

“Speak softly, yet carry a large stick and be prepared to use it dexterously.”

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