Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 14, 2016

To be a Great Leader…

If you want to ever become a Great Leader — You’ve got to promise me that you will practice and preach these three things:

You’ve got to keep calm as if you are always in the eye of the storm — while all hell is breaking loose around You.

You’ve got to keep it simple — Einstein simple. Science the hell out of it, but still keep it jiving simple.

And you’ve got to always be patient, because even in the midst of the earthquakes of unexpected situations, the hurricanes of unreasonable behaviour, and the adversarial strikes of fortune — You’ve got to be patient and wait the storm to pass.

Because as all good sailors know – no storm lasts more than three days.

Got that?

Dr Pano

Promise me then that when walking through the valley of death — You will remain unmoved, knowing that finally all will be well, if you keep it smiling simple, and Buddha like calm.

And now as you promised — Go out and preach this to others so that many more can benefit from this message and succeed in their own lives and works…

Pay it forward and good things will happen for all of us, because the more Great Leaders there are out there – the better the world becomes for all of us.


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