Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 19, 2016

A Straw Poll for my Friends, for the Leaders, and for the electors of Washington State…

Am fairly certain that all of you already know that I am running for the United States Senate, on behalf of the State of Washington in these Democratic Elections of 2016.

I am at present fully unaligned with any Political Party and I run on the platform of let’s make things instead of keep on breaking things.

I run on the strength of my continued work on behalf of our Commons, on behalf of the People, on behalf of the Citizens of Washington State, on behalf of the Environment, and on the strength of my record as a Serial Entrepreneur and jobs creator.

Am further running as a representative of the pioneering spirit that runs through the DNA of this state and is now expressed through our strong Entrepreneurial acumen, and through my long and valued record of Entrepreneurial Startups that include the Innovations that brought us Wi-Fi, the Open Source community networks, the Democratization of Medicine, and the Art & Science of starting companies on the fly.

Our basic disruptive and revolutionary Innovations, like the StartUp Master Class, the Innovation Startup Weekend, and the Open Source method of creating StartUps on the strength of Ideas and at the speed of Light — sets me apart from all others in the field.

My work with Thousands of StartUps and with the White House initiative called StartUp America and with the J.O.B.S. Act, makes my impact valuable for all the young people who want to have a smart job as they graduate and seek to enter a vastly diminishing workforce – same as for the mature workers who are made redundant because of automation and jobs lost to other countries and states.

We need to reclaim the mantle of Leadership in Jobs Creation and I am the Man to do this for this State and beyond. That is why I encircle myself with beneficial strong friends and leaders who can help augment my Impact across this whole of the United States, because this Great Country is going through a rough patch right about now, and our State is suffering as well.

And am certain that You who are Leaders and Entrepreneurial Founders surely understand this.

And you also know, that a Good Turn deserves another.


I now seek your friendship to make this happen because You have all benefited from our association for many years and we have all improved the Commons and our Smart Community along with the many enterprises we’ve created.

Therefore it is my turn to seek some measure of your wisdom and now I’d like to ask You some basic poll questions, because You are the most intelligent people that I know.

Still, I fully recognize that You might not have a horse in this race, or you might not even be a Citizen of the United States, or you might not care to bother to vote or to share your opinion…

Still though, I’d like to kindly ask you to spend a moment answering these questions because I value your answers, and because I respect your opinion and enjoy your support.

You are after all a Leader. And to me that is enough qualification for your answers.

And I now ask You the questions we need to answer in the way that provides us with the most useful data, for our path to the natural campaign evolution that is Victory.

Ten Simple Questions:

1) Are you generally satisfied with the two major political parties, Democrats and Republicans, or would you like to see more choices?

2) Are you generally satisfied with the candidates for public office from the two major political parties, Democrats and Republicans, or would you like to see more choices?

3) What is the most important issue facing our country:

4) What’s the more important economic issue facing you and your family?

5) Do you favor term limits for US Senators and Members of Congress because after a couple of terms they invariably become corrupt?

6) Do you agree with the following statement: 24 years is long enough for an elected public official to hold office?

7) Do you agree with the following statement: politicians are beholden to lobbyists and special interests?

8) Do you agree with the following statement: we need more office holders in Washington who come from the private sector and know how to create jobs?

9) Would You believe that a fresh pair of hands in Washington will serve the people better?

10) Would You send me in Washington to do the People’s work effectively?

Send your Answers here: envpar[at]gmail com


And if you want to work with me — now is the time to raise your hand and be counted.

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