Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 21, 2016

Help me Help You

“Washington State is ready for a political revolution”

“This campaign is about changing this country”

“Washington is ready for a political revolution”

“Seattle is ready for a political revolution”

“We surely are…”

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke thus at the KeyArena Sunday night, in the largest political rally the Emerald City has seen — even bigger than when Barack Obama spoke here, in 2008.

Candidate Sanders spoke against “a corrupt campaign finance system” dominated by billionaires as well as a “rigged economy” where the few billionaires get all the wealth, and the working people get the shaft.

Senator Sanders spoke first outside of the Key Arena in Seattle Center yesterday, to the overflow crowd of many thousands — before heading inside the Key Arena to speak to the capacity crowd of a full Fifteen Thousand plus, sounding very much like an old fashioned Prairie populist and an Honest Abe Lincoln.

Sanders urged the crowd to think outside the box, and to go out and vote, in order to win. He got people energized with the most popular themes, the progressive Democratic memes, and with sharing the real Economy and unemployment figures that constitute very much the Reality of what is part of the Washington state and Seattle’s political awareness.

Senator Bernie Sanders delivered familiar themes that resonate with all the Voters of Washington state and America.  He cultivated the Unity of our Union and the idea of “E Pluribus Unum” [Out of many One] and he gave us the very reason why He has emerged as the Best Candidate with the most successful and disciplined “message” of any presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat, in the 2016 race.

He simply gave this clearly evident and simple piece of Economic Logic:

“Instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires, we are going to rebuild cities all across America.”

This is what Senator Sanders declared, to ear-splitting applause.

Sanders further said that his proposal for free tuition at state colleges and universities is overdue and that it could easily be paid for by slapping a tax on Wall Street speculation. He promised that the existing student debt will be refinanced with zero interest rates like the banks get from the Federal Reserve now.

He drew the most enthusiastic support from the full Arena of Fifteen Thousand people, than I have ever seen and that is truly evidence of the political revolution taking place in America today: “A political revolution is not listening to what the media says is important but to what we now to be important” Sanders said to immense applause.

The key Arena yesterday was fuller than ever. Even fuller than when the SuperSonics were in the playoffs for the World Cup…

Senator Sanders yesterday urged all Americans to tell the “billionaires” the “PACs”their “superPACs” and the “corporate media” that “they can’t have it all” and to denounce their stooges, the corporate politicians.  Upon hearing these words the whole of Key Arena erupted in cheers and shouts of happiness in agreement with the Senator.

The senator spoke against the TPP and against all the other trade treaties that gave away American jobs when the companies shifted to low paying non union countries just so some hedge funders can make extra money. Same as when Google and Apple reposition their profits to Tax heavens so that they can get away from paying their fair share of Taxes here in America. Same as every topic discussed by Sanders that unveiled the responsibility of the super wealthy, the big corporations, the industrial military complex, and Wall Street, who fail to pay their fair share.

The Senator spoke harshly against the Bail out of the Billionaires of Wall Street after destroying our Economy, asked and received our help. They were bailed out with the Savings of the Working Middle Class, and all of our wealth, and now they still demand and still get the Lion’s share of the profits, and all of the wealth created from our work — because of the corrupt careerists and crony Politicians like Hillary Clinton and Patty Murray, amongst many others.

Both Patty Murray and Hillary Clinton voted for the Wall Street Bail Out and for the devastating Iraq wars, and in turn they both have been benefiting from the “Corrupt Money Machine” and from having their fingers stuck elbow deep in the honey-jar of the private-public trough. They feed and feast with nary a though for the rest of the people.

And both Patty and Hillary, have been at it, peddling favors for corruption for more than 24 years and still want more.
Well — methinks that it’s time to change that.

Senator Sanders was keen and clear on the Climate issue too: “The debate is over:  Climate change is real, climate change is caused by human activity, Climate change is already doing devastating harm to our children and planet.”

Senator Sanders said: “time to tell the fossil fuel industry that the future of this planet is more important than their short-term profits.”

The bet is on that Senator Sanders will easily carry Washington State in both the primary and in the general election.

Sanders succeeds with huge numbers of volunteers at Key Arena and beyond in Seattle and the State.

The Sanders rally volunteers are not discouraged because they know that the Senator will carry the Northern States and the West Coast, much like Honest Abe Lincoln did in 1860.

Senator Sanders spoke truthfully when he outed the Walton family, the richest family in America, the family that owns WalMart, as the Richest Welfare Family of America.

Sanders declared the Waltons as the Medicaid, and Medicare billionaires, the welfare Queens. He called them Welfare Billionaires, who pay their workers so little that they have to go and get public assistance to make ends meet. This is the family that is also the biggest supporter and financier of Hillary Clinton, and it is Wal-Mart Corporation, where Hillary was a Board of Directors member too, and where she was outed as a Corrupt Oligarch and a Corporate shill, instead of a natural politician.

Bernie also outed the tar sands oilmen, the Koch brothers as the dirtiest political operatives of America who spent upwards of a Billion dollars in local and state elections to buy politicians across the land in these 2016 elections alone.

He outed the profligate and corrupt operators of Wall Street who crashed the economy and then went begging for a Bail Out for their Banks, their corrupt insurance firms, and the Finance houses.

Senator Sanders, outed the Rigged Economy that delivers all profit to the 1% and leaves the 99% holding the bag. He outed those responsible for the Great Recession of 2008 that to this day bedevils our Lives.

Presidential Sanders outed the Republican governors who stop people from getting in the Voter rolls, and who disenfrachise those who seek to register to vote, and who use gerrymandering — because they are afraid of the people’s free will. And he reminded them that when He becomes the President He will unleash the Justice Department against them – unless they choose to go get another job by then since they are unable or unwilling to carry their responsibility and do their job today.

Senator Sanders unleashed a tirade against the thieves of the public water and the infrastructure starting with Flint Michigan where he called for the resignation of the Republican governor over his massive failure and the poisoning of the citizens water supply with lead, and chemically laced water, that was polluted by fracking and industrial effluent toxic minerals.

Sanders promised a “NEW DEAL” for our Economy that will put people back to work and fix our infrastructure everywhere and the public water systems all over the country… From Flint Michigan to your city, town and neighborhood.

The Senator spoke about the economy and the country as a job for all of us. Us vs them. The people vs the 0.1% of the Billionaire class, that is represented by Hillary Clinton, by the rest of the Republican candidates, and by the corrupt Corporations, the fossil fuel industry and the industrial War making complex.

He spoke of the war machine and it’s adherents like the Republicans and the Clinton who benefited from this and who promote more war mongering with their friends like Kissinger and the Dictators of Saudi Arabia, the Oil straw-men, and all the other Autocrats who regularly contribute to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Campaign and all the Super Pacs that support Hillary’s bid for the White House.

Presidential Bernie, similarly outed all of the Republican candidates, and especially Hillary Clinton, for taking massive campaign contributions and Super Pac money from the fossil fuel industry, the Koch Brothers, the Private Prisons lobby, the Wall Street Hedge Funds, the Corrupt Corporate Welfare Billionaires, the Walton family,  and the corporate media — and that’s why these candidates can never represent the Common People of America.

In short, Senator Bernie Sanders, outed all the wrong doers and the Liars out there, and he promised to put them in their proper place and in jail if need be — to restore justice in the US.

In a Presidential form, Bernie Sanders decried “the bigotry and xenophobia of people like Donald Trump.”  He decried Trump for insulting the Mexicans, the Muslims, all the Women, the African Americans, the native Americans, and even the sitting US President Barack Obama — because Trump was the person that led the “birther” movement that spread all these racist myths about Barack Obama’s parentage and religion, as the thinly veiled Racism and Bigotry of the racist leading Republican candidate and all of his cohort.

Presidential Sanders spoke about Climate Change as the defining issue of our generation, and of the need to change from fossil fuels to renewable clean energy in order to address the changing atmosphere, the warming planet and the climate chaos that we are going to leave to our children…

He spoke from the heart about the reality of US needing to live n a Good Relationship with the Environment and with the Natural World. He is in touch with Science and with the People who live here on this planet we call HOME.

This Earth of ours…

As an Environmentalist, I can tell You that Senator Sanders clearly gets it.

Senator Sanders came here to Seattle on a rainy Sunday hoping the sun will shine in the West and the Northern states with the coming Spring and in a similar way to Abraham Lincoln who lost all the Southern states in 1860 to the political machine — Sanders will carry the Northern and Western States to Victory all the way to the White House.

And the Sun came out and shone brilliantly for all of us, and for all those thousands upon thousands of people who were waiting outside the filled up arena, brimming to capacity with more than fifteen thousand people inside, and about seven or eight thousand people listening and huddling on the outside…

Now we must admit — these are huge numbers for the usually reserved Seattle people who are reticent to go anywhere near where there is a crowd of more than two folks…

Yet Senator Sanders really brought out the people, the Truth, and the Sun, in the usual Seattle Spring time weather, that is full of gray, reserved politeness, and liquid sunshine, dripping slowly from the skies.

Indeed it was a beautiful Day in Washington.

After the rally, the speeches, and all the handshaking — it was a little later when I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets ever driving along Hi-99 and looking out at the Puget Sound and the shinning green islands of the Salish Sea.

This excellent rally by Senator Sanders places him on the Leadership position, starting with Idaho, Utah, and Arizona, on Tuesday, followed by Washington’s caucuses on Saturday, and the upcoming caucuses of Alaska, and Hawaii.

Senator Bernie Sanders has been holding the biggest rallies of all the US presidential Campaigns in America these days.

He is definitely the People’s Choice for the Presidency of the United States.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had three massive public rallies in Washington State this Weekend — while Hillary Clinton has spent the past week largely in Billionaire’s homes with cocktail circuit fundraisers, attended only by her lobbyists, the people who own her, and the super wealthy, but none of the ordinary people and the real voters. She is always hanging out with the Three Cs: The Corporate, the Corrupt, and the Corrupted. Yesterday it dawned on me that Hillary is the real Republican candidate and when the Democratic voters finally understand this — they will surely send her packing. When the People get the same realization as I have — it will cost her. At least all her lying duplicity and corruption will discredit her in these elections, even before the indictment comes down from the Justice department for her corruption and her mishandling of State Secrets and Money of the State where she “lost” Six Billion Greenbacks from the Department of State Budget…

Still we all know that Hillary just follows the money, and stoops low to sniff the money bags. It’s surprising she would have lost this much cash from under her nose. Hillary is far from being the people’s choice because she is the Corrupt and the Lying voice. She is the Lobbyists’ and the Corporate Shills’ choice, and she is the pawn of the Corrupt and the Corrupted… who throw dollars down her chute, as if she were a pole dancer in the Vegas strip.

Instead Senator Bernie Sanders who raised $43.5 million last month, purely from ordinary small donors, people and citizens like You, me and all the rest of us, who send in their contributions via email, from the website, and the snail mail of the US postal service.

Compare this with Hillary Clinton who raised $30 million for her Clinton campaign just from a dozen Big Oil and Big Business donors, like the Corporate Welfare Queens the Walton family that owns Wal-Mart., and the Koch brothers

Whereas Sanders is fueled by a nationwide network of small donors that is a wellspring of cash that makes other campaigns salivate — Hillary Clinton is fueled by greed, corruption, and oligarchy.

Now You put the two of them side by side on the scales of Justice, and then see which one has the requisite Gravitas to be the next President of these United States. Than you can go out and vote this Saturday and thus take your own pick , and make your own selection of who should be the next President of these United States of America.

Senator Bernie Sanders is obviously thinking big for the people and is calling all of us to think outside the box of the Democratic delegate county.  “This campaign is about redefining who we are as a people.”

The crowd last night as confirmed by the Key Arena operators in Seattle Center was over capacity at 15,000 people inside with eight thousand outside. This confirmed Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign estimates as the biggest political rally in Seattle by far in recent memory.

As for the machine…

The machine went home to mop the floor.

Namely the laughably retarded WA state Democratic Party made itself the object of giggles over the giant Sanders rally, because these daft and corrupt politicos — they were hosting a good-bye potato feed for retiring U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott Sunday night at the Museum of History and Industry.  Hardly anyone noticed except the crony capitalist career politicians the state party is made up of.

To make them even more laughable the party sent out a cautionary note warning of “an event” at the Seattle Center predicted to attract 5,000 people and possibly tie up traffic nearby.

Rarely in the annals of politics has a political group, and a corrupt political party has stooped so low, and has shown itself to be so far out of touch with reality and with the Voters as the WA state Democratic party leadership did last night when they had a failed cocktail party elsewhere at the same time the biggest political rally was going on in the key Arena with more than twenty Thousand people in attendance.

The corrupt leadership of the WA state Democratic party and all the career crony capitalists masquerading as politicians — they deserve to be thrown to the wolves come election day.

The people and the voters have already spoken.




I love Bernie and his truthfulness and that is why I stump for him and speak for him — but above all else — that is why I am running for Senator on behalf of this great State of Washington.

And the whole of the Pacific Northwest will get to hear Bernie speak because this Monday, Senator Bernie Sanders will speak in Boise – Idaho, where President Obama drew an overflow crowd of 14,000 when he spoke back in 2008.

Let’s see if the Senator breaks that record…

Hillary Clinton instead will speak to about 28 people who are her Top Donors, and who pay her $ 50,000 each to drink fancy cocktails, socialize, and rub hands with the Hillary. Perhaps that is why Hillary Clinton lost badly to Obama here in 2008 — as she is going to lose again in 2016.

Sadly the state’s Democratic machine and congressional delegation are all tied up to the corrupt and money hungry Clinton campaign machine. These corrupt career politicians are Patty Murray D-WA, Mayor Ed Murray, Maria Cantwell D-WA, Denny Heck D-WA, Dow Constantine King County Ex, and all the other minions of the DNC, and of the Clinton money machine. They all together tried to have a counter party at the same time as the Bernie Sanders rally, and all they got was to eat their words, amidst the mountains of potatoes they were eating by themselves with nary a voter on sight. Well Done Boffos — the Machine will fest on you too. But their justice will come soon enough. They will all get booted out of office soonest, because the people will drop them like hot potatoes. At any rate this is all that they deserve for being corrupt and complicit in trying to mask the will of the people and of the Democratic base. They like Dynasties and their people being for a quarter of a century in office making money and forgetting about the people… so the people will forget about them too.

And this proves where the difference between the honest Abe campaign that Senator Sanders runs and the slimy Hillary Clinton campaign that she runs with the Corporate, the Corrupted, and the Corrupt Politicians only.

The two campaigns couldn’t have been more different and their paths to the future more distinct. Sanders points to the Future boldly, whereas Hillary points squarely to the past with all her corruption baggage, her lies, and her shame riding shotgun…

In conclusion:

Let’s all remember Candidate Sanders who also calls me “The Candidate” as he said: “This campaign is about changing this country.”

We are ready to change this country for the better because the Future belongs to us and we need to be fixing and creating things instead of breaking things all around us in this country and around the world.

So come give me a hand to do just that.

Let’s stop the endless wars. Let’s grow Humanity. Let’s grow some Friendships and Positive Alliances. Let’s just grow…

Let’s usher in a new era of Understanding, Peace, and Kindness.

And Love.

Why not?

Let’s all love each other like some other teacher said long ago.

And I dare say:

“Help me help You and together we will all win.”

Help me help you…

So come join the Washington Progressive Democrats right here and hang out together:

Washington State Democrats

Seattle, WA
848 Democrats

To guide and support Washington State voters in their pursuit of Democracy and Progress.We are Democrats from the State of Washington supporting Democratic Politics and have …

Check out this Meetup Group →

And remember that Washington Democrats go voting in the caucus Presidential primaries this Saturday morning.

Just Show Up

Sanders called for a “record breaking turnout”

And I am calling You to register to vote and come stand with me, and vote on the 34th district of Seattle and beyond in the great State of Washington.

You can find your own caucus in your own district here:

By the way, You can register right on the polling station [the Caucus] on Saturday when you show up to vote.

Easy Peacey.

Thank You

Also Bernie likes to say that when people stand together, anything is possible.

And in this campaign, our supporters by giving small amounts of money they are taking on Wall Street, pharmaceutical interests, and those people who profit from the destruction of the planet and form War and from People’s pain all around the World…

Let’s give a little to Bernie’s campaign right here:

And if we keep on giving, and keep on going, we can win this nomination for sure.

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