Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 21, 2016

Parallel electoral paths of Lincoln and Sanders

I heard Bernie Sanders speak last night in Seattle and was truly reminded of Abraham Lincoln.

One would ask me Why?


Clearly am not old enough to personally remember Honest Abe — but I’ve seen the movie, and read the books, and pretty much know the Man well enough to treat him like a Grand parent, an Inspiration, and an Intellectual Mentor.

Kinda like my relationship with Bernie Sanders today.

The guy is old, but for me he is Great. I’ve never met a Grandfather and he seems to fit the bill. He is also a giant inspiration and his Truth telling makes him a Giant amongst men. He is certainly my Intellectual Mentor today.

And his similarities with Honest Abe don’t stop there.

First of all both men always said the Truth. Even at their own peril. And they were outsiders to the political machine of their time — even though they identified with the party and caucused with their respective affiliation…

But here is the most interesting and parallel electoral path of Lincoln and Sanders that brought Honest Abe to the Presidency and can similarly bring Truthful Berne to Victory too.

Lincoln didn’t win a single Southern State in the pivotal election of 1860, much like Sanders has not to this day.

Abraham Lincoln may have won the 1860 presidential election, but he failed to win a single state in the South, losing most of them to rival John C. Breckinridge.

He went on to win the Northern states though handily, and it seems to me that the Honesty of the man resonated with the honesty of the Northern voters.

Much like today when Sanders carries the Northern and Western states where corruption of public officials and electors isn’t as big an issue as it is in the South where votes are bought and sold every day for a pittance.

Yesterday these thoughts were swirling in my head and resonated with an arena full of people and youthful energy, that will surely propel us to Victory.


Dr Churchill


And that’s why am running with Bernie Sanders and want  to also ask your VOTE for my Candidacy to the United States Senate, on behalf of the great State of Washington.

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Washington State Democrats

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