Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 26, 2016

Bernie the Progressive

In today’s Washington State Democratic primary, we have a stark choice to make…

We can either make the choice to vote for the Progressive Bernie or we can just go and support the Reactionary Hillary.

To me it’s like technology. Either we take the latest smartphone, or we can take the old clamshell mobile phone.

Sure the old analog clamshell flip phone is well trusted because it worked well and it doesn’t have complicated programs.

It answers calls alright but it doesn’t get email. It rings alright but it doesn’t get ringtones. It has a names list but you can’t search it… And although it has the familiarity and you’ve got tons of ease and experience using it — to keep on using this flip-phone circa 1996, does not make you sexy. In fact it makes you downright ridiculous. Because it brands you as a Luddite. Or an old fogey who goes out for a fun night at the pub where you are supposed to be playing the “Dr Who” who refuses to change, and has lost the Tardis box.

And who now thinks he can really do it all, with the Star-Trek flip phone. A throwback to some old “spiders and cobwebs” times. And it’s not even Halloween. Sad really….

And in the Pacific Northwest — You don’t wanna be sad. With so many people battling sadness even the fish and the salmon are medicated. So go ahead and take your Prozac or whatever mood lifting Meds you take, and go out to the Primaries today to vote for Bernie Sanders, because He is the only reasonable human being out there and the only progressive Candidate — in this race of clowns, shills, liars, and religious fanatics.

Go vote for Bernie for real reasons because he is truly a progressive choice here.

Keep in mind that Bernie has over 40 years of consistent leadership and progressive voting, and he wants to enact social policies similar to the European top ten Western countries.

These are countries that top the prosperity index list of countries. Places like
the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, and the rest of the Northern European and the Scandinavian countries…

Let’s vote for Bernie today because we can at least give some air to our issues and we can offer a bit of hope and motivation to all other progressives to keep up the fight at any cost since the grass roots people — where the change is going to come from anyway – cannot afford to be poor anymore and the young people cannot afford to be hopeless for ever.

So Go Bernie today and come see me later if you change your mind…



And even if you are one of those ganja pipe smoking sceptics — go see for yourself and touch the wood — because according to Real Clear Politics taking an average of polls for the potential winner of the General Election in November: in a Republican nominee vs the Democratic nominee matchup — Bernie gets the Birdie.

Bernie can win each and every Republican nominee because, Bernie beats Trump by a ten times higher margin than Hillary ever could. And with $hiLIARy, that is a really “Big If” since if she were to even try to beat Trump or Cruz — all her dirt will come to the surface. Hell – she might even get indicted before the party nomination for her role in all her scandalous affairs.

Now no matter how much legal “evergreen” you smoke in Washington state — am sure you can see that Bernie is truly, the only Democrat that can beat all the Republican candidates. Bernie wins against Republicans, whereas Hillary loses easily to all of them because of her nasty baggage. With all her lying, her incredible amounts of dirty money that own her ass, and her coming indictment, never mind the future scandals with, God Forbid Bilie, back in the oval office getting his whistle blown, and with all her future crimes against our National Security — we would all be screwed. And some of us of course would get “blown” but that’s a bridge too far.

And there are many other practical and realpolitik reasons for us to say: “Let’s Go Bernie” because the base of Bernie Sanders support is young. And is a base that is well distributed in the Northern states where as Democrats, we really need big voter turnout to win all of the swing states.

And am not just saying this because Sanders will easily win them, but because the Southern states haven’t voted Democrat in 50 years, and that’s why they voted for Hillary since they see her as the hidden Republican that she truly is.

Let’s go Bernie because that is the only progressive choice…

And because You know that we cannot trust Hillary. You know we cannot trust Hillary because she and her Wall Street Crony Capitalists, her Bureaucrats, and her entourage will enact and follow policies more like those of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump only good for the 1% of the 1% — before they even start to understand the world as we and Bernie sees it.

And if you are the general Democrat, who gets all jazzed up about all the Corruption, and who hates the Broken Establishment that lords it over us, and who gets incensed at all the injustice of the Economy out there — let’s go vote for Bernie today.

Let’s go vote for Bernie, who has no ties to Wall St, no ties to the prison industry, no ties to SuperPacs, and no ties to the evil Lobbyists.

Because today we all understand that we must get money out of politics and get the AMerican voters to come help us overturn the evil Supreme Court decision that allows SuperPacs, Hedge Funds, Corporations, and the Wall Street, to own our Politicians and control our Democratic politics.

That’s why I vote for Bernie and You can too…


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