Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 9, 2016


People often ask me where do I find the Courage to do what I do?

I answer with a simple rhetorical retort.

part of the Socratic Dialectic method is to answer by asking a better question:

What is Courage?

This makes people think…

And the answer usually arrives to them automatically.

Courage is all about shifting…

Courage is about taking steps and moving on.

Courage is taking at least one step forward.

Courage is taking any number of steps forward into an area of difficulty.

Courage is taking forward steps without a solution in mind.

Courage is taking forward steps when one does not know if anything useful will come out of it.

Courage is moving on without anything of value becoming available.

Courage is taking forward steps – trusting that whatever help you need will be found along the way.

Courage is to simply have the Power to Change.

Courage is listening to the Heart.


Dr Churchill


Take that first step…

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