Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 13, 2016


Wisdom is like a diamond, and is only found by seeking the light that is refracted towards multiple vantage points… do da da etc.

You do think You are smart right?

Let’s examine the evidence….

Would You be comfortable admitting that You know nothing?

Or maybe if you think about it…

Do You know the meaning or the value of Nothing?

You are probably specialized and you perform an Executive job rather well…

Maybe You are a noteworthy Leader.

Or not.


So… the question remains:

Where does knowledge come from?

Study, iteration, method and application. You’ve got that in spades… but if we break it down a bit, you start falling through the cracks.

Data comes from singleminded experimentation.

Knowledge comes from but a single perspective.

Specialization comes from single minded focus.

Yet wisdom only comes, from multiple & multi-disciplinary global perspectives… often looking at the world through a diffusing lens.

And that is the perspective of Cybernetics.

Otherwise known as Field of Complexity. Or wisdom seeking Philosophy. Or even globalism. Or for most of you, simply known as gibberish.

Yet it is this alien perspective that allows us to perform Information Arbitrage and gather wisdom that helps take proper decisions, and win wars.

Today as we enter another Golden Age, or an Age of Peril — we need to think about these things. Challenges abound. Solutions are scarce…

Yet with the growth of artificial intelligence and robots, there will soon be plenty of time to contemplate and think things through. Maybe because there will no longer be enough “regular jobs” for all of us — we might start thinking for a change. Still our so called “Empty Time” must not be filled with marijuana smoking, sensory pursuits, and drinking, to have a “Good Time.” Instead it should be treated as the most useful time to be utilized for the understanding of the World and our Place in the Universe, and for the deep understanding of “How to yield Meaning” out of this vast “Void.” People will still need food, clothes and shelter, so now we will need to provide gainful employment and satisfying lives for all, and that should include the specialist labour of the Philosophers. That will sort things out. Because thinking people with clear lucid minds are the only people that can multiply the positive difference from our present day faulty Decision making to the difficult Complex Decision Matrix of the present and the challenging future.

Plato spoke of the Philosopher Leader… and maybe this solution alone will unlock the door to enable our people to survive and thrive. So we urgently need to find the time to seek wisdom…

And how do we get to start thinking about wisdom, or how do we get near enlightenment?

We educate ourselves and do research in order to come up with fresh solutions to the world’s problems, or we all get stoned and fall in bliss?

Now the current learning, university, R&D, Think Tanks, DARPA, NASA, and all of the “wisdom industry” may argue that they already have plenty of knowledge and are doing research around the clock…

But they have not attained wisdom or anything near that.

The “Enlightenment Industry” along with the other cottage industries of the various churches, and of all the religions, scurrying along the mystical paths, the brotherhoods – sisterhoods, the masons, the builders, the rotarians, the governments, and even the modern druggies, ayahuaskas, and LSD practitioners, or the mushroom and glue sniffers, the silly stoners, and their assorted super-medicated purposeless seekers, running, crawling, walking alongside all other such esoteric pursuers of filling up the great “nothing” — have got exactly Nothing in return for their efforts.

In terms of Wisdom… they have even attained negative value as if that’s possible for the poorly educated to understand…

But who has?

Maybe none.

That would be what Socrates would say.

Yes. Mr “Nobody” has got the value of “Nothing.” Socrates understood the meaning of “Nothing” and he tried to share this with us. How profound. Indeed the old Foggy, might have been on to something…

His own admittance that he knows “nothing” — is actually the wisdom advantage of truly knowing.

He simply stated that he knows “Nothing.”

And in the old Stoic and Pythagorean tradition of using the word that accurately describes the thought, but in a manner to shield the knowledge from the “poorly educated” — Socrates spoke truthfully.

He said that he knows the “Nothing.”

A play on words, like a Stoic cruel Anagram of “Nothing” like Ulysses called himself “The Nobody” to the cavemen. Socrates said clearly that he knows the “Nothing” and that is a revelation in and of itself.

He stated that he knows the Great Void.

He knows the negation of Existence.

He knows the “Empty Space” and the Nothing of Infinity. In short our Universe and our very own selves that is made up mostly of nothing and empty space with a few atoms floating in between like dust in a ray of sunlight streaming into the morning room.

We also need to understand and become familiar with the “Nothing” the Empty Space, like Richard Feynman did, when he said that we are so desperate in trying to fill up the vast Emptiness, with our own conceptual inanities, and our constructs about Gods and Deities, and all kinds of fantasies, because we cannot fathom the vast emptiness of the “Nothing.”

Because we cannot understand the openness of existence into the Great beyond that is made up of empty space.

But “nothing” is not the same as empty…

Nothing is not empty. Got that?

Because we cannot “see” the vastness of the oceans of “Nothing” that surround us — we choose to make up operas and drama about anthropomorphic creatures living on the mountaintops or in the clouds or up in heavens … ad infinitum.

Let’s cut that crap out, and start understanding that the “Nothing” is fully Real.

Then we might be on to something akin to wisdom, and as for me — this is the ultimate wisdom of Socrates and the Stoics throughout history, and today. Marcus Aurelius spoke of it and so did Rumi, and Niels Boehr. Einstein, and Richard Feynman, were too full of themselves to get this but they got close…

But now I am telling you that this “Nothing” is all full of Wisdom and it also happens to be the very “key” to understanding. The thing is, that you simply have to think in order to get it. You’ve got to sit back and contemplate…

In the 1990’s Bob Williams of NASA pointed Hubble telescope to a patch of empty space for a deep space look and something amazing happened. Wisdom ensued through fresh knowledge that disrupted all that we knew before about the speed of Light limitation of Space/Time travel. Yes to me Space Travel is a problem of Time Travel… but that story is for another time….

See here Professor Williams helping us overcome an all to human Limitation. The speed of Light…

Maybe now is time to rethink the value of “Nothing” and think anew the meaning of Life.

The pure contemplation of “Nothing” is the key to understanding the “beyond” and it has been the Philosopher’s Stone since age immemorial like Socrates taught his students, and through them spoke to us and for that matter to anyone who understands Philosophy, Cybernetics, and the True Science of Space.


Dr Pano


Wisdom is vastly different than knowledge…

Columbus had the knowledge to cross the Atlantic. But nowadays we have much more powerful knowledge that enables us to cross the Atlantic faster, safer and more comfortably.

In the same way, we currently have the basic knowledge to get out in the great “Nothing” of space and time.

But it is time for us to acquire much more powerful knowledge to really get out there in a way that we can travel faster, safer and more comfortably.

And to gain more powerful knowledge, one of the best things we can do is to look at the big picture.

A person up on a hill who sees a situation from a 3-D perspective will come up with much better solutions than the people on the ground who only view things in 2-D.

So what the world of Science, Research, and Government, needs right now, is more ecumenical interdisciplinary researchers, who look at the big picture with unfettered eyes.

We need more smart people who can recognize patterns, connect all the dots that are already on the map, and discern a course of action out of Nothing. People who see beauty in the “Nothing” and make wonderful music and poetry out of the invisible patterns of the seeming emptiness of space. In short we need more Philosophers…

People who analyze things from multiple perspectives, and broadcast their findings in multiple interdisciplinary channels.

People who simply can turn data and knowledge into wisdom.

Most of us are not aware of this fact, but the Second World War was won through the philosophical thinking of men like Winston Churchill the Architect of Victory…

Winnie understood the Big picture quite well and had the Wisdom to reflect light in all directions. Just like a diamond…

Yet he was able to see the truth from many different perspectives and to accomplish a splendid Globalist view through his all immersive data rooms [Surround Map Rooms] and through the utilization of arcane and exotic scientific disciplines to assist him.

Think of the Bletchley park “Research Collaboratory” and the incredible efforts of the British Intelligence gathering throughout the world and of the varied BBC broadcasts to all the world, from all over the world, as well…

That’s how Victory was won.


Now we all know that we have different callings and differing passions, and we know that not everyone can or should work on the big picture, or in wisdom seeking.

Yet on an individual level, educating ourselves and starting to do what we love is the best thing we can do to change the world, and if we find the ones able and willing to study Wisdom, or Cybernetics, or Philosophy — we should all assist them to that pursuit because these people they may very well become the Beacons of Wisdom that will save us all in times of Crises…

Let’s cultivate the Philosophers amongst us because we sorely need them in this age of stoners, stupidity, and self medicated mediocrity.

The poorly educated that surround us, think they know it all. And they are fully convinced that somehow they are smart because they consume weed, and lubricate themselves with alcohol, and can use fancy words and acronyms to hide their ignorance, and they are never going to admit that they know nothing…

And they are so certain that they know what they don’t — that it’s a comedy of major proportions like Cheech & Chong going to college. Useless lot… I was informed of this in my recent trip to San Fran where everyone I met in the smart industries and the Technology StartUps aspired to be going to the Burning Man and smoking the crack pipe full of exotic variants of medical marijuana. Hipsters full of weird coffee and weirder marijuana populate the Silicon valley these days and that’s why we have the travesty of the dead Unicorns otherwise known as the Unicorpses…

But these are our people and we do have to make progress with them, or despite of them, because — do trust me on this — we will run into hard times. And we’ll find difficult Crises ahead galore. Trust me — we shall not run short of challenges or difficulties. History is full of these moments where we thought we had it all, only to come crushing down the next moment. The stoned harpsies out there who speak of a continium of abundance must look over their shoulders for the coming T-Rex before they become breakfast of champions.

Have you ever been to the Burning Man to see the waste of today’s youth, and the manifestation of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and the adoration of the consumption of “Soma” and it’s terrible side effects of destroying a whole generation if not two or three in a row?

Rather Sad. A daft lot of “tools” gone to seed. Smart people turning themselves into idiots, and paying folding money to accomplish this feat. Especially at the time their talents are most needed…

Today that the bonfires of our vanities are burning hot, and produce too much smoke, and people inhale it to get stoned — it’s hard for us to be able to see, let alone understand the patterns forming and deforming momentarily. Yet we need to see, think, understand & reconsider today’s path, because as we find ourselves challenged, and in a difficult position, we might be unable to find wise men like Old Winnie to help us find our way out of the woods…

And then woe to us.

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