Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 25, 2016

The Lincoln Caucus…

Today is the best time to think of what you can do for your country because Memorial Day is the only day of the year that we get to remember, and honor, all those young men and women, who shed their blood and gave up all of their tomorrows, so that today, we can have our Liberty…

Freedom is not free. The tree of freedom needs to get watered with blood frequently, for it to survive.

Just think of that.

Think of those who died in the cause of freedom, and also think of how you could contribute to this country of ours today, so that we get to keep these hard won freedoms, that so much blood, sweat, and tears, have been shed — and so many young lives have been given, to our Republic.

So thinking of these weighty matters on this most important day as I am preparing to give a speech to the Veterans in a local cemetery in Seattle Washington — I am reminded to tell you to rally up and be counted.

And in the event that you are tired of the mess in Congress, tired of corrupt partisan politics, and tired of the general corruption seen all around us — I ask you to join and support the Lincoln Caucus.

I ask you to stand up and say proudly that this country, and our government, belong to all of us; and not just to the crony government squatters, the bureaucrats, and the wealthy lobbyists & campaign contributors.

You know that we need to claw back our country from the claws of the DC vultures, the insiders, the lobbyists, the narrow minded establishment, & the partisan political parties.

This is our country and we’ve got to do good for it. We have to upset the apple-cart of those vested interests who think they own it.

We must take control of our Republic because we need to innovate and better our Democracy – same as we do in our own work, our family, our business, our community, and in our own life.

We need an economy, a budget, a tax code, a health care system, and a system of justice that works for all Americans. We need to refresh our American Revolution demanding that government represents us all, not just the politically connected. We need a bigger economic pie where more Americans have a bigger piece of that economic pie. We need strong American leadership, not just wars and retreats.

Given the serious crises this country faces, we cannot expect the career politicians who created the problems in the first place, that they will now come around and become righteous so they can solve these problems for us. Instead, we need to take the initiative by taking head-on the big bureaucracy, the big government, the big banks, the big unions, and the big businesses, because we are free to restart and innovate our American Revolution since we are not tied-up to lobbyists and special interests.

We created the Lincoln Caucus because we recognize that we don’t need a permanent political class that thinks it’s entitled to rule over us. We only need citizen leaders who’ll put principle and people, before party.

And as Lincoln said: “If we stand together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.” It’s time to Reboot Washington.

God Bless America.

So join the Lincoln Caucus, because over the last thirty years we’ve gone crazy in this country with divisive and partisan politics that only serve the beltway insiders and the special interests but never the people.

The people that make up the Main street normal America are rather upset that the “establishment” has grown fat, lazy, petty, conventional, and causing American failure.

The people recognize that America deserves better than that. And that the DC vultures deserve a dose of radical and major disruption.

And the best, perhaps the only way to disrupt the establishment is by innovating like we do with the StartUp businesses, and using whatever works to change the political landscape and disrupt Washington DC politics as usual.

We can even begin by stealing what works and make an alchemy of it. Think of it like an amalgamation of the successful tactics of a lot of the Donald Trump show and the Bernie Sanders’s Cheech & Chong bag of tricks, and Hillary Clinton’s pragmatic machine blietzkrieg, and put it all together – albeit with some really strong and clean, fresh candidates.

We are looking for candidates who are not wooden and are able to go on to campaign honestly and be elected as Lincoln Caucus Candidates for America. Do you know anyone to recommend?

But let’s first teach you some tricks of the trade… because we need to use whatever is out there. Take for example Mr. Trump’s vulgar approach to politics as a terrific extension of the middle finger to the establishment of Washington DC, but also as a terrible political and governing paradigm. Same goes for the Sanders-style socialism, with free weed for all. But if someone turned the critique, passion and disdain shared by these two movements into a new one — they could change the system in serious and meaningful ways.

And this can only be accomplished by an outside force that can knock Washington out of its rut, and take over the bully pulpit of the presidency, along with a healthy movement of new Senators, and Congress people. This is the only place to start because the governing body is the great lever that has the power to lift the Republic out of the ditch establishment politics has driven us into.

Here’s how the Lincoln Caucus proposes that we do this:

First we choose strong non Politician candidates, that come from outside of the beltway and the political system. Voters are beaten down, are upset, and are bubbling with anger. They watched as the two parties choose selfish spats and rhetorical maneuvers, to pretend that they work without ever doing anything of value. The current political parties rarely dare to do the right thing, and they don’t even try to do the hard things, and certainly not anything important. Mr. Trump has shown that the people want a true outsider, even a deeply flawed one. Thus we must give the People what they want.

And the way to win is not to go railing against Big Businesses, Big Media, Big Government, Big Establishment, and Big political parties — but to reform all of these for the benefit of our Society and the for the Future of our kids…

Sure, Sanders is right that the system is rigged against normal people. Everyone outside of the extreme GOP establishment seems to agree on eradicating corporate welfare and tax-avoidance tricks for the super wealthy, but we need to foster business innovation and create wealth by creating a greater pie with a larger slice for all. Let reform the Tax code and simplify it so that we can get by with little tax paid by all equitably. Let’s plug the loopholes and tax the scofflaws and the tax dodgers. Just go read the Panama papers for fresh ammunition on legal tax dodging and see that we don’t need to keep raising taxers — we simply need to make the system more efficient in collecting taxes for all. Then go read the March 26 Economist cover story, “Winners Take All,” on how America’s small businesses are getting shafted by the lack of true competition and by the way that Big Business kills Innovation and takes advantage of the current patent laws and the USPTO corrupt system.

We know all that and that is why the Lincoln Caucus will take this business a step further and force the tax dodging ultra wealthy Corporations to forfeit their loopholes and their quasi entitlement benefits and we will guide them to start contributing their fair share to this country that has given them so much. And then we go railing against the DC establishment and the corrupt beltway insiders.

Surely everyone loves socking it to Congress and the lame old men and women squatting there for quarter of a century, half a century, or even more — with nothing to offer except favors for the lobbyists and the special interests in exchange for campaign contributions. We’ve got to get these bums out of the office. We’ve got to make term limits for all office holders and elected representatives a priority right up there with campaign finance reform. We have to mandate that lawmakers go home after serving a couple of terms, instead of profiting off their service to the country for ever. Also we need to force them to get outside of the D.C. government bubble by holding months-long sessions in different sections of Normal America.

We believe that what Winston Churchill my Grandfather would do or what Lincoln would do could very well serve us as the Moral Leadership Compass that can help us steer our World forward.

Let us ask this: WHAT WOULD WINSTON DO?

And let’s use his smarts and geopolitical knowledge fully.


In his time same as today there was a massive shift in Geopolitical Power…

Today it’s different but just as strong headwinds blow against our sails…

Everywhere in this world this change happens, and it’s a change that carries everything except that it’s not about Geography and maps…

In all 215 countries on this earth today this shift is happening and is disrupting all the Power Structures all around.

It’s actually a giant shift in all countries of the earth but it’s a Geopolitical Power Shift from the leadership hierarchical structures — the rich, the powerful, and the ones who controlled society — towards the citizens and the people at large.

The Hierarchies are losing their Control. They lose the power of their controlled power networks, they lose the media, they certainly have lost the social media, they have lost control of the internet, and now they lose the real government power, by always trying to control the white space in between everything.

Liberty without Security is fragile. And Security without Liberty is Oppressive.

We need to take the Innovation focus as the core of our Strategy of building the future.

More than 50% of America’s GDP comes from companies that didn’t exist 30 years ago but we still think and educate or children as if this is still the Victorian industrial society, or before.

Today the change comes as the geopolitical shift goes towards the citizens and the networks of citizens, and the mobile internet will accelerate the shift further, because the ability of the Power hierarchies to control the flow of information has largely been diminished.

Future pyramid power structures are more like the web as movements are citizen centered and not a cult of personality. The institutional basis upon which we govern ourselves is now based on people and upon the networks…

Security is not against Liberty, but in balance with Liberty if we are to think that the Internet will remain open and not a patchwork of intranets… and the same parallel exists for the future of government…

In our GDP $8 Trillion US dollars comes from companies that didn’t exist 30 years ago… That’s fully half of the US economy and our Gross Domestic Product each and every year, and yet we still cling to the notion of supporting the old behemoths and the old industrial corporate concerns, because we haven’t realized that the old power industrial military complex has lost it’s silver spoon. And yes, they themselves, have not realized it yet either.

It is because we get the balance with Liberty that allows us to do this. It is Liberty that allows us to Innovate, and avoid the trap of security paranoia that stops us from doing anything else that is interesting besides what is accepted as established method. By narrowing the barriers to all the segments of our society for inclusion we are getting the Macro Economically significant numbers of CHANGE in all facets of our Society. Economic Growth and Security comes from getting the balance between Liberty and Security right. Something like the Golden Medium. The golden rule, the golden path of the middle. The Peace Treaty Accords of Northern Ireland, in 1998 – the Good Friday Agreement of Peace and Reconciliation has been a really important cure for removing the malignant growth of violence and conflict between the Catholics and Protestants in the Emerald isle, and for the whole of UK and England… And it took far more Innovation in crafting that Peace Accord than any previous agreements and that is why it held fast for so long and so firmly got embedded into the Irish society that to this day the wanton bloodletting has been stopped… We succeeded with the Good Friday Accords because we were having the experience of South Africa to learn from and we engaged in peace & RECONCILIATION.

It was this kind of political Innovation a first in International Politics, that made it possible to include Peace & Reconciliation and a strong regime for victims’ restitution to allay the fears of violence and to stem the bloodshed.

This kind of Political Innovation is necessary today if we are to include all of the segments of the dissatisfied citizens into the Political and Societal process and the best way to accomplish this is by including them into our Economic processes and turn them into stakeholders of our Economy before they will lay down their arms and seek inclusion as shareholders in our all too human enterprise…

And to accomplish all that it is far better to stay active with big hairy and audacious goals that always remain unfulfilled because they are always a few steps ahead of the litany of the possible…

That is why I councel all of my friends to go forth and to seek unreasonable achievements and set for themselves big audacious goals.

Because that is what makes us fully humans and superhumans at the same time.

Let us not go quietly into the night. Hell let’s not even go quietly into the twilight either… As a matter of fact it is far better to stay completely out of the Gray Twilight. Stick to the Light and we’ll sort all of our problems together. The light of day has amazing properties and much needed disinfectant qualities against the regular corruption of the Politics as usual today.


“It is far better to dare mighty deeds, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much, nor suffer much, because they dwell in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat. “–Theodore Roosevelt. [Spoken thus more than a century ago]

And as Goethe said: “Whatever it is you want to do — begin it…”

Let’s remain Fearless and Go Forth to Succeed and Prosper by being a little bit more human, and a little bit better humans too…

And let us take all of our decisions out of a spirit of Growth and nothing else.

Let us maintain our Idealism and our inner Light undiminished, and let us go forth unhindered by the challenges of Security that we face today, because our Liberty is our only guiding light and our Innovation is the greatest lever we have — to lift up this Earth from the morasses of iniquity we are wading through today…

Let’s find a way to make progress in all matters that lead to war because working for Peace is a far more difficult proposition than prepping for war ever was…

Let us begin with our current adversary China:

I believe that we should study the internal Politics of China first in order to find the best ways to address the segments that make her great — or not so great…

And then let us engage her accordingly:

Take for example the three key dimensions of China’s power dynamics:

1) The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) old and new leadership models, 2) President Xi Jinping’s Policy Universe, and 3) China’s “Great Power” Strategy.

CCP’s Old and New Leadership Models: the current Standing Committee of the Politburo consists of nine families of Beijing with deep political lineage originating from CCP’s inception.

Among these nine families, three groups – good (relatively), bad, and ugly – compete for power in directing, diverting or disrupting the course of domestic reforms and a fourth cluster wield behind-the-scenes influence.

Here are the identifiable groupings according to a power and influence scale:

  1. Good: Hu Jintao, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang
  2. Bad: Wu Bangguo, Li Changchun, He Guoqiang
  3. Ugly: Wen Jiabao, Jia Qingjin, Zhou Yongkang
  4. Retired Party Barons: Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Zeng Qinghong

We get to know them and then we get to defeat them. That’s how we do it…

In providing a new outlook on a new style of great power relations between the United States and China, we posit a best case scenario of détente as a model of balance of powers, and a worst case scenario of American acquiescence to China’s “legitimate security interests,” acceptance of China’s current political system, acknowledgment of the legitimacy of China’s territorial claims and deference to Chinese views on international rules and regimes.

Either way the Chinese are our nemesis for the foreseeable future and their client states are going to bring the flash points…

Good Luck trying to defuse those bombs…

It is also time to take the global radical Islamic Terrorism as a real threat too, because from our long history we can learn from the Leaders of Byzantium and from their folly to allow themselves to be lulled to sleep by their multicultural acceptance and their wish to utilze the Gazis those fast horsed Muslim Fighters, whose sole mission was to spread the Koran, the Sharia, and the Uma – to be placed in the service of the Byzantine Emperors whom they soon overthrew, slaughtered all the Christians, when they took over the greatest City on Earth Constantinople – capital of the Greek speaking Roman Empire.

We shall have the same fate, if we do not pay attention to the warning signs and to the visible blood-red colored writing on our walls. The Islamists are at the gates and many of them already inside our City walls… But we are smarter than the corrupt Byzantine Emperors and their courtiers and generals and mercenaries. And by the way – not only we have their example to draw from, but we also have strong technology, and that’s how we will deal with them:

We have tools that can defeat the Jihaddists but we are not using them adequately…

Tools like AI & Big Data Analytics, and Cyber Security expertise that has placed us squarely on the front of all the Powers in this world.

Which brings us to another big question: What are we getting from the United States government’s massive investment in big data?

Of all the challenges facing the world, few are as important as stopping terrorism in its tracks. In just the past few years, extremist groups like ISIS have grown in number and marched across the Middle East, spreading violence and unrest wherever they go. The acts they have undertaken are shocking and disturbing to much of the civilized world, and many countries are realizing the urgent need to stop these terrorists before their war continues to spread. Luckily, the tools to fight extremists are more varied and effective than ever before, including one that might not be thought of as a key in the battle against terrorism: big data. Many in the business world have already seen how useful big data is, and governments and intelligence agencies have quickly adopted big data analytics to identify, track down, and eliminate threats. Though the technology is still in its beginning stages, big data is already proving to be a vital component in the fight.

Knowing exactly how the military and intelligence agencies in the U.S. and abroad are using big data is still a tricky endeavor. Military strategies and techniques are justifiably kept classified, but based on how big data is used in other industries, one can reasonably surmise how it is used in the War on Terror. To better fight an enemy, it’s important to understand them first, and few things can help in this matter quite like big data. Much like businesses use data to understand their customers, the military can use data to figure out what motivates terrorists. Once backgrounds and motivations are properly understood, the data can then be used to discover more about terrorist networks, going beyond who supports groups like ISIS and learning more about who acts as informant, who supplies them, and who finances them.

And to do this it takes an innovative fresh thinking approach and a set of fresh clean-faced candidates for this to happen:
Of course the candidates have to be authentic and capable of having a rolling, candid, transparent conversation with the voters in person, as well as on social, and conventional media. And they got to come from amongst the people because the American Voters aren’t dopey and reason always trumps boasts and bragging.

The American voters want an unvarnished look at their future representatives, at their future president, future senators, future congressmen and women, and at their personality and ideas. They can tolerate uncomfortable truths. But they have to come from someone comfortable in his or her own skin. If voters trust the person isn’t full of it, they are clearly willing to think differently about issues.

Exploiting this ideological ambiguity is key to success with the voters.
The ideal candidate would write a very specific agenda in normal, conversational language, not whatever nonsensical language today’s political class was taught to speak. He or she would engage voters daily on social media, with fun and flare. (Think Trump with impulse control and better spelling.) The candidate would inundate voters with transparency and specificity, even when it hurts. And exploit cable TV’s addiction to whatever is hot and new. Mr. Trump has shown how technology has made money less important in modern politics.
The new candidates have to exploit the fear factor. The candidates could be from the military or immediately announce someone with modern-warfare expertise or experience as running mate, or their second in command, or as their chief of staff.

People are scared. Terrorism is today’s World War and Americans want a practical narrative not a “theory” for dealing with it. President Obama has established an intriguing precedent of using drone technology and intelligence to assassinate terrorists before they strike, but when there are too many collateral damages and collateral killings — it causes blowback, and we need to invest further in it and perhaps perfect it with surgical aim.

A Lincoln caucus party candidate could build on death-by-drones by outlining the type of modern weapons, troops and war powers needed to keep America safe. And make plain when he or she will use said power. Do it with very muscular language—there is no market for nuance in the terror debate.

Let’s learn from the mistakes and boisterism of both Trump and Sanders, and avoid that palaver like the plague. Anger has its limits. The fringe can win primaries but it can’t win national elections. You draw in the 40% of people who don’t vote, or the big blocks of dissatisfied independents with a call to a higher purpose — not with bullshit. In this case, the purpose is cleaning up the mess the leaders of the two parties created.

Let’s use the Internet revolution for the greater good.

Let’s use the social media for the common good that today allows us to tweet our every thought, snap our every mood and Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or geek out every little bit of our fantasy, but it hasn’t done much to create a sense of shared purpose and destiny.

Sure, we have breathtaking technology to find a ride, get a room, or get a date, with the swipe of a finger across a smartphone screen.  Yet those same innovators that fix us all up with smart Apps, could help create a “National App” to match every kid who needs a mentor with a mentor, every person who wants to volunteer with someone or some group in need; every veteran with people and companies who want to reward his or her service with thanks, help or a job. Also, call on Silicon Valley technologist to do tours of service to bring data solutions and efficiencies to our aging governmental systems.

Right now, millions of young people are turned on by a 74 year old pot smoking socialist scolding Wall Street; and millions of others by a reality-TV star with a view of women harkening back to biblical times. So why not recruit Google’s, Facebook’s, or Twitter’s innovators to make a national appeal and a search for fresh talent? And why not choose the collective movement of Innovators to head a Lincoln Caucus like a Third-party movement? Maybe we can even convince people like Ellis, Bloomberg, Gates, Allen, Bezos, Zuckerberg, and the Alphabet Google guys, along with the legion of lesser known Internet and Software developers, to help fund this movement with the billions they planned to spend on other people’s and political parties & PACs campaigns and lobbying efforts, and then give them the platform to advise the Senators, the Congress people, and the new President, on how to innovate our government,  strengthen our Constitutional Republic, and freshen our Democracy — all in order not to save our Empire, but to help the whole world live in safety and progress so that the human race can prosper and also get to move on from this rock and spread across the Galaxy and beyond…

But to get there we have to be smarter than the present educational systems allow. SO let’s talk about education:

How to reform our Educational system that after many Teacher’s Union complacency — it has become the patient of our Society. We can do far better than that, and we are starting by supporting exceptionally good schools, charter schools, and all alternatives to the Common Core mess that the crony government squatters have brought upon our children to make them unable to read past the fifth grade level, and completely incapable of following STEM education initiatives.

We have to strengthen our defenses both for the Climate Change threats and for the visible terrorist threat of our lives.

Our families need a stable, safe environment to grow and prosper. We seek to stabilize the Environment and provide jobs through the Clean and Green Economy initiatives, because the future generations expect from us a level playing field to be able to pursue and achieve their version of the American dream.

Thus the new century challenges demand that our nation’s defenses and our armed forces are scientifically endowed with the best technology the Innovation world can offer and with effective strike and respond forces spread throughout a stable world.

Naturally we believe in diplomacy, and the pursuit of peace but we have to have a long and strong lever to be able to shift the Eartha and maintain the power of the US in the world.

We promote ideas and policies that make the United States more successful than it is today. We believe in creating opportunities for success and not for complacency. And we know that this work requires a thriving free-enterprise economy that provides jobs, encourages innovation, and rewards the All American entrepreneurial spirit, and the Freedom of Competition that makes all of us far better.

We support economic policies that promote growth and create opportunity for all Americans and also reduce the debt and trade imbalances that might hamper our children and all the future generations.

We advocate and deliver policies and programs that encourage economic expansion, by ensuring honest growth and economic advancement for all by creating far greater & better access to trade and economic opportunities than what we have today. We must  reduce government regulation, interference and taxation towards the business and the job creation StartUp sector because we strongly believe that increased market freedom strengthens the economy and the incoming income tide lifts everybody’s boat.

We believe in outcomes and measurable data and factual information as the metrics of the debate about what direction our government takes, because our ability to grow our economy and our capacity to innovate relies upon a growth orientated education system, and therefore we must optimize the quality and accessibility of advanced educational opportunities for all.

This is the Lincoln Caucus — the Innovation Party, that brings all American together.

Who on this bountiful land is against innovation?
Especially when winning campaigns is always speaking about the future?
All we need is a batch of fresh, honest, & good candidates.

Are you game?

Dr Churchill


Happy Memorial Day, and hope that your memories of the fallen, will be great ones; and hopefully these raw emotions will motivate you to do your part for this great country of ours.

As a Veteran of many of those unspoken wars, that our country prosecutes on a daily basis around the globe for your safety and security — am proud to salute the flag today, and to remember those fallen comrades who died in service and honor in faraway places, and were buried where they fell, without the fanfare, nor the pomp and circumstance that mere ordinary soldiers have enjoyed in the known and open battlefields…

Still the “quiet services” of this great country, that we served unfailingly throughout our youth, are just as important as the three main armed services that you see parading around today. Only we the few and brave, the cold & quiet warriors, have to be far more circumspect, and quiet about our tours of duty. We have to keep silent about the battles we waged that gave us so many pivotal victories that we can’t even count, let alone recount in public. We had victories in pitched battle battlefields that tipped the Great War of Ideology in our favor and we also had many quiet contests that were just as vivid and just as bloody as the Great Wars for the individuals involved. Still we can’t brag nor boast about any of this because the greatest work and the greatest feats of Courage are always performed quietly for a Grateful country so the the American people can sleep safe at night…

So I offer this Memorial, to all those “unspoken warriors” that gave their all, and shed their blood and their ,own lives for this country of ours. I remember all of you and honor you for ever. May the earth that covers your earthly remains be a light cover of your mortal coil for ever, or till we meet again.


And I offer the wish for a Happy Memorial Day to all of you, in the hope that your memories of the fallen will be great ones, and hopefully these feelings will motivate you to do your part for this country of ours.


Are you interested in helping save this country and preserving our Freedoms?

If you are moved, please email me at envpar[at]

As for my Candidate Statement here it goes, because I campaign for the United States Senate on behalf of the Great State of Washington:

I invite you to vote for me because I want to do good for this country.


If you’re tired of the mess in Congress, tired of corrupt partisan politics, I ask you to support my candidacy for the US Senate.  Stand up and say proudly that this country, and our government, belong to all of us; and not just to the crony government squatters, the bureaucrats, and the wealthy lobbyists & campaign contributors.

We need to claim back our country from the DC insiders, from the narrow minded establishment, & from the stale political parties. This is our country and we aim to upset the apple-cart of those vested interests who think they own it.

We must take control of our Republic because we need to innovate and better our Democracy – same as we do in our own work, our family, our business, our community, and in our own life.

We need an economy, a budget, a tax code, a health care system, and a system of justice that works for all Americans. We need to refresh our American Revolution demanding that government represents us all, not just the politically connected. We need a bigger economic pie where more Washingtonians have a bigger piece. We need strong American leadership, not just wars and retreat.

Given the serious crises this country faces, we cannot expect the career politicians who created the problems, to solve them. Instead, I will take on big bureaucracy, big government, big banks, big unions, and big businesses, because am not tied-up to lobbyists and special interests. We don’t need a permanent political class that thinks it’s entitled to rule over us. We need citizen leaders who’ll put principle and people, before party.

And as Lincoln said: “If we stand together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.” It’s time to Reboot Washington.

God Bless America.



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