Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 3, 2016

That Silverback Gorilla protecting the 4 year old in Cincinnati, is Bernie saving the Democratic party. Should we shoot him too?


The drama of the Democratic party of America is largely it’s own fault, and much like the kid that got into the Gorilla pen and fell into the lap of an angry silverback — is all it’s own doing.

You could call it an accident, or a clear spot of negligence, but the end result cannot be changed. We’ve seen things that cannot be unseen. Once the gorilla was shot and killed — he cannot be revived.

The great big brain intelligent ape, cannot come back from the land of the dead primates. He cannot be reanimated. At any rate what’s the use. To come back for what? To be revived so he can be killed again by a zoo keeper sporting a big game long gun, driving a bullet through his head because an unsupervised kid decided to enter into is crib and his parents went apeshit?

The lesson here — tragic as the loss of the Great Ape might be — is that the little 4 year old kid was saved by killing a great mammalian ape, relative of the humanoids that preceded us in the evolutionary game of snakes and ladders, because of our abject illogical FEAR of the wild members of our family living in the wilds of Nature, without anyone making an effort to resolve this situation peacefully.

Am saying this, because back in 1996 the exact same situation unfolded in Chicago but with a vastly different outcome. The people kept their cool when the toddler fell into the pen, and the big brain gorilla rescued and hand delivered the child to the paramedics waiting at the edge of her enclosure.

Same story different ending. What does this say about us? Have we become more violent? More hair triggered in our fears? More insensitive to our natural world and to the pain of other species surrounding us?

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.01.33 PM

The story by now has been retold a million times so it is all rather well known.

The child was not even slightly traumatized and it was not even bleeding although the incessant dragging around and thrashing in the pool by the silverback gorilla, seemed as if he were treated like a rag doll. In reality it was a game and a way to find what’s what. Because under calmer reasoning and silent observation of this charged and emotional situation — we can see that the kid was never in any real danger. And although we all know how this story ends — am glad the Big Ape didn’t throw this kid against the rocks, and didn’t smash him against the wall, because in the end the Gorilla would have gotten shot anyway. But for all of our crocodelian tears about the lost life of the big brain gorilla — in reality the kid was not in any real danger, evidenced by the fact that he wasn’t even mauled, or injured in any way.

Just our fear got ahead of us… and we took the gun and shot the Big protective gorilla who for a moment had taken  the kid under his “wing” for safety…

Little did he know the next moment that he will get shot in the head. No good deed goes unpunished in this world of ours, that sometimes is full of stupid people.

Stupid people living in fear of nature and then leaving their kids unsupervised are going crazy when they come in close contact with it, and cannot place trust in it’s majestic glory. So we shot the beautiful protective Silverback gorilla because the kid was seen at his mercy — instead of being seen as his baby to protect. And we all know that the kid just got a bit of superficial bleeding and a lesson learned from the proximity with the big ape’s unknown attentions….

But still the gorilla had to get shot lest we get over our fear — still clinging to our old saw that the ape has to be brought down before he could maul the child as human life has to take priority over the life of the primates, in all instances.

But the drama in the zoo captured the imagination of this nation and gripped the heart of all parents with fear. Still attendance on all zoos increased ten fold the day after the scary story unfolded because now everybody wanted to show to their kids the wild animal that was featured on all the TV reports and the silly talking heads shows.

So the zoos had record breaking admission receipts and many more visitors bought tickets, than at any other day of the year, or of any preceding years in this zoo’s history.

Go Figure.

Death of a Giant Ape makes  for great marketing and terrific PR for all zoos and even for the big ape animal sanctuaries.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.03.58 PM

So go ahead and visit the zoo of your city, but please don’t drop the kids in the gorilla pen to see how the giant apes will react. Stick with throwing peanuts and bananas, at the great apes. Not kids. Please don’t throw your kids overboard, because we don’t need to kill all the gorillas for the pleasure of saving the bathing apes’ kids.

You see the thing with the great Apes of the mountains, and those of the lowlands, is that they tend to be all too powerful, and could presumably react in unpredictable ways. But only if you are afraid of them. And believe you me — they sense and they smell fear like you and I can smell patsuli perfume on those hairy hippie chicks. And even when the gorillas don’t mean any harm — the fearful humans project their own fears, and think that the apes might just kill a kid through too much force applied the wrong way. You see — the human fearful reasoning goes — these gorillas are vegetarians and like most vegetarians they are constantly stressed out, hungry, and angry. Think Adolf Hitler type of “stressed out.” He was a vegetarian…

So off we go and shoot them to prevent great harm from befalling the human child. Even though no harm ever came to the kid from his tet-a-tet with the great gorilla.

So the Great Silverback Apes are innocent of any crime and it is our responsibility as the adult bathing apes, to be attentive enough to not let our kids drop in unannounced into the gorilla pen, and then we turn around and shoot them. And this happens each and every time a kid gets the idea in their head that it’s a smart thing to drop-in the gorilla cage unannounced — just to sit on their lap.

But the parents are fearful and do not know nature even if it bit them in the ass — and us humans we have plenty of access to the guns, so we kill the great ape even if he was just babysitting the kid.

You see there is an old saying Gorilla doesn’t ever kill another gorilla. Yet humans killing other humans is the norm not the exception. So we are projecting our behavior and our fear to other primates as well and we kill with abandon

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.05.17 PM

Keep in mind that this Gorilla is a seriously strong and an amazingly smart Great Ape that recognizes humans as their kin. A great alpha male Silverback is certainly not playing Santa Claus in Christmas time, even though some of you would like to see it that way — but he is not about to kill a human child either.

So it is our mistake to kill him in cold blood inside his crib like shooting fish in the barrel. Please Mothers, don’t smoke that evil weed, and then take your kids to the zoo thinking that its all gonna end-up well and even the gorillas are gonna play babysitter games.

Please do not be that half-baked Mother — the current moron — because a simple trip to the zoo might become a nightmare of paranoid proportions. And as the Cincinnati zoo case unfolds we now find out that the inattentive Mother was stoned out of her head on this tragic outing, to visit the caged animals in the zoo with her children.

The silly Mom had this to say on her 911 call: “My Son Fell In With a Gorilla.”

Kinda like what my Mother would say every time that I would fall in with a woman of ill repute, or fall in with the wrong crowd. Does her call to 911 sound reasonable to You or is it just me?

So maybe the “mother” needs to get “caged” for a while now just to have a moment of clarity and vision to see where she went wrong. Yet in my book she deserves to get thrown in, or rather to “fall in” with the apes and live in their cages, just to see how the child felt for a while. That would be just deserts, and just rewards for this dope.

Yet this incident has received lots of debate too, and reasoned criticism of the shooting and of the Mother’s actions, because people are still talking about it and are all visiting the zoos in record numbers in an effort to judge the situation for themselves. Gawkers after the accident is more like it — but there you have it amigos.

And as I received the umpteenth invitation to visit the zoo today, with one of the many yummy mommies I know — am thinking about declining the invite but in polite and political terms.

I did not decline the invite to the zoo because I was busy, or because I couldn’t find an Uber, or because the taxis were not running — but because the zoo is totally unromantic and the caged animals are a depressing sight for me. And if I had a “key” I would liberate all of them and sent the humans packing pell mell.

There is no joy in seeing depressed animals separated form their natural habitat and their families and tribes, to be living in a permanent jail inside our cities eating peanuts, bread, and bananas, that the little kids throw at them willy nilly. Hell, I’ve seen kids throwing pop corn to the tigers and wondering why they don’t eat it. And then they call us the smart apes… Please, for God’s sake stop it.

But that’s just me, and I prefer to see my animals in the wild. I’ve seen them in their natural habitat and they are majestic, proud and far better than us. Just go visit nature people. Even a lowly squirrel is beautiful and free in the wilderness, whereas in the zoo they are pathetic little rats eating peanuts.

Please let’s live nature in the wilderness and let’s free the animals that we don’t or can’t domesticate. Let’s not bring nature to our cities just to keep proud wild animals locked up in tiny cages and inside far too small enclosures, just for our own edification. You can watch all the animal porn in National Geographic and the BBC to get your fill of animals in their wild habitat. Why do we need to imprison them close by to our dwelling places?

And by the way — I would have loved to see this story play out differently. I would have loved to see the gorilla tranquilized and the child saved.

And maybe the Mother should have been tranquilized too, with a big dart up her butt for being stoned & inattentive to her little charge.

But that’s just me… and am strange that way.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.05.17 PM

I truly believe that the Gorilla would not have harmed the kid and that is obvious from the photos and the video of the encounter. If you know anything about these apes and if you have seen them in their natural habitat as I have — you get to see their true nature.


They fight for supremacy, but never ever kill each other. And they certainly do not kill a little kid, gorilla kid, or bathing ape kid, like us humans do. They know we are related intimately, and that means something more to them than what it means to us…

So am really sorry that we had to shoot this gorilla because this proves the fear we have against Nature. We fear nature and all it’s iterations in it’s most magnificent wilderness, and even in our own backyard holding pens. We are even afraid of the view of the great ape doing what he does best. Protect the small and defenseless child of the humans that imprisoned him in this sad cage so they can look at him, gawk, feel superior, and throw bananas while aping his majestic looks.

It was a sad day for all creation, but there you have it. People reacting fearfully and freakingly, being paranoid of all wild animals, and projecting their fear to the point that they need to kill the offensive Ape. That’s what happens when stoned parents demand immediate action… and the chorus of onlookers go apeshit and try to force some violent outcome based on their fearful projections.

But if we recall the 1996 incident where a toddler fell into the gorilla exhibit in the Chicago zoo and the zookeepers kept their calm, removed the crowd of gawkers and the parents and then brought in people familiar with the gorillas and the gorilla turned around and delivered the toddler by her own hands to the paramedics…

Imagine that, and think how we could have turned around the situation this week in Cincinnati peacefully and thus could have saved the Life of the gorilla that was surely protecting the child putting his arm around him…

That’s why we need compassion and strength to save our Humanity first and foremost and then consider saving the lives of the other species surrounding us. And let’s remember that Harambe the gorilla, was killed because he was forced to live in a cage for the benefit and enjoyment of others and not out of his own choosing.

Let’s keep that thought in both our hearts and in our heads. Especially at times when we see other primates and relative hominoid species in bondage and needless suffering…

And thus I declined the invitation from my sexy yummy-mommy friend to visit the local Seattle zoo because this type of friendship with benefits, is exactly the kind of thing that might find us being inattentive with her young offspring, and get us in trouble since we might be otherwise engaged when the kid slips in the embrace of an ape, or in the jaws of an alligator or something….

So I reluctantly and regretfully passed up this unique opportunity for some animal action, regardless of the temptation that was pulling my middle foot.

But I digress … because in reality I was not just thinking like an animal, but rather like a political animal, an Alpha male of the political species as Aristotle would have us believe that we primarily are.

Because in my head and in my thinking — the same kind of classic drama of human versus great ape, is unfolding in another zoo. And in this zoo the misguided child and it’s travails at the lap of the gorilla — haven’t been seen yet on TV. Because the kid’s fall into the clutches of the Great Ape, the angry silver back have not been colored in those terms yet.

Let’s fly here with a literary metaphor. An admission of hyperbole and more drama layered upon teeth clattering drama, like a New york cheesecake.

Now this time the “zoo drama”  is unfolding in the Political Zoo of the US Presidential Elections, and the “kid” is the little Democratic party’s aspirations being molested by the angry silver back gorilla named Bernie Sanders, and his weed fueled organizers.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.03.29 PM

Bear with me now because this is a bit like the film “Planet of the Apes” and Cincinnati zoo incident combined, since all the elements of the story are here, and then some.

The Cast of Characters:

The careless and clueless Mother is played by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The errant boy child is the Democratic party and it’s aspirations to win these elections.

The Big Angry Ape railing against the zoo keepers and wildly thrashing about the kid and dragging it through the muck is perpetually angry old man, Bernie Sanders.

And all the people surrounding this Live Drama, are you and I, and all the sundry humanity.

All the people take positions about it, and mouth out their unfiltered thoughts and engage in thoughtless actions. Bloviators bloviate. Talking heads talk. And Demagogues demagogue.

That’s how the people are going apeshit… Especially the angry Ape Berner organizers, who are all going Apeshit as the lost Convention days and the lost Election dates, approach. And some of these angry silverbacks of the human variety, going apeshit, are acting out their hostility, as if they know the math, and both the score and the background story, and as if all of them have become experts in the incessant battle as it involves the drama surrounding the life of the “child” in the gorilla cage.

But in reality these smaller apes, are only following the Alpha male, the great angry Silverback gorilla, Bernie, that is killing the “child” by tossing it around like a rag doll and smashing his head on the rocks.

The child in question, being the Democratic party’s bid for the White House. This kid is about to expire under this conjoined assault. And the big ape is going to pull a Ralph Nader on us  … and open up the way for the yellow Orangutan to molest all os us…

This “child” is the whole ambition of the Democratic Party and it’s progeny. This is what the big Ape is tossing about. And he is going further in his assault by indulging the sheer anger of his old age, and the feeling of getting passed by & falling deeper into depression about the circumstances of his “solitary existence” away from the natural habitat of the jungle he belongs to. This is Bernie, theGreat Ape that is also attempting to erase his nature by being a constant tosser, instead of chilling out and staying cooperative to save the “kid.”

As for me — am alerting everybody because the life expectancy of this “child” gets shorter by the second of each passing minute…


Harambe the Gorilla is already gone, but the child has to stay alive in our instance of this story…

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock…

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.03.58 PM

The clock is running out because the longer the child stays in the clutches of the angry white gorilla and his fully baked cohort, is getting thrown around by the other apes aping their alpha male in their belligerence. And this spells doom for the “kid.”

That is the Doomsday scenario that the Sanders weed fed machine is generating against the Democratic party’s bid for the Presidency, and the chances of this metaphorical “kid” making it out of this cage alive – become rather slim.

And as the great apes, the gorillas, and even the yellow hair orangutans gather round — the shorter the life span of the “kid” gets. The Yellow Orangutan is only too happy for the Big Silverback Ape to kill the kid, so he can then coast to the Presidency unopposed.

But let’s all remember Harambe, and his sad fate to be shot in the head inside his crib because another small ape fell in his lap and he chose to protect him.  This little ape was a bit different and of the human variety — the so called bathing ape kind — and then some more of his people freaked out and shot him on the noggin…

And the world’s best authority on gorillas, and primates, Jane Goodall had this to say, when she wrote this letter to the director of the Cincinnati zoo after the killing of the silverback gorilla called Harambe. Based on her long term experience with primates, Goodall said it looked like the magnificent lowland mountain gorilla Harambe, was actually protecting the child that fell into his enclosure…

Let’s remember that magnificent specimen of mountain gorilla, the rare silverback and his regal demeanor, and let’s draw appropriate conclusions about our Political Future as well.

They shoot Gorillas don’t they?

What a drama and what a beautiful story this has become…


Dr Churchill


So the choice becomes rather stark in this drama, with only two choices remaining, much like the Cincinnati zoo keepers had to make:

  1. Should the zoo keepers shoot the big silverback gorilla with a silver bullet on the head?
  2. Or just tranquilize him with a big dart full of narcotics to put him to sleep till the convention rolls around?

That’s the whole sum of the extent of our choices, and we should be deciding and acting upon them pretty quickly, since the kid is completely terrified, mauled, cowered and bleeding; and time is running out because when the yellow Orangutan gets hold of the child — it will surely be lights out.

At least this is the story that our fear tells us.

The better angels of our heart though — tell us a completely different story…

Of this am certain, as night follows day, and as Stoners can Drive. Because we all know that all baked people have excellent driving skills going down the highway at the excessive speed of 35 miles per hour, while doing Algebra about the high cost of Mary Jane in their heads, munching from their Doritos bag on their lap, and snapchatting their girlfriend — all the while talking trash to their mate riding shotgun, about sports and politics.

It’s a real zoo act, best saved for the next circus that showcases half baked and half formed human apes, and clowns with big red shoes and red noses.

And this situation, could go either way…

But please remember this: The big brain silverback ape means well. And maybe, just maybe, all he wants is to save the party from itself and not just the glory of being in the news all the time by occupying the bully pulpit.

You get my drift.

So keep on smoking dudes — your best decisions are always behind you.

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