Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 11, 2016

Brexit — What is it Good For?

One of my takeaways from my last trip to England and the United Kingdom…

My visit convinced me that the Brexit debate is a lot nastier, uglier and corrosive than even I could have imagined.

We had a great conference of the Churchill Society inside London’s Chatham House, and the takeaway carefully arrived at through the Science of Chaos & Complexity as well as Emergence theory, was that we are far better off, without the Brussels and the Berlin overlords.

Many smart people and gifted politicians and Scientists graced our podium, but none was nearly as eloquent a speaker as our friend Boris Johnson the London Mayor that recently stepped down to lead the Brexit campaign. He has also written a book about my grandfather Winston Churchill and about the Life of London that are sure to grace my library since he gave both of them to me as a gracious gift for my return to this great city…

Still for Politics, in the whole of the UK and especially in London, there seems to be an overwhelming leaning towards the “leave” camp. People are animated towards the Free Britain and independent United Kingdom like never before.

My friend Boris Johnson paid us a visit at the Churchill Society conference and spoke eloquently and passionately about our need to be Free from the yoke of tyranny that Berlin & her minnie-me Brussels, and her minions have imposed upon the English people.

Boris leads the Brexit block and he is likely to be the next Prime Minister of the UK upon the swift and oncoming win of the referendum.

Of course we are better off alone, yet it’s very likely for this election to go to the wire, and at the very least this will be a fantastic shock-test not only for the European Union, but also for the EURO coin, and for the G10 currency markets in the lead-up to and especially in the aftermath of the vote.

With all guns blazing the traders are aiming at the hapless EURO that stands to be assaulted and tested to the limits, and Mr Draghi, and Mr Schoible of the ECB and Berlin respectively, will surely be caught with their pants down around their ankles and their bottoms up as they are bending down to lift them up.

Much activity will ensue…

All the FX traders and Hedgies on the planet will swarm for some quick action, and as Mr Draghi will be found “wanting” with his tiny “bazooka” the fun will move on to claim Mr Schoible’s head and other parts of his anatomy…

Sadly this image cannot be unseen once registered on one’s head, but there you have it.


Dr Churchill

The Good Doctor recommends a couple of pints of a strong and peculiarly English ale to rekindle one’s indomitable Spirit and energize our humor and thus fully accept that without the Huns — Life will be better.

It’s high time we lost the “special status” that keeps us tethered to them.

Let’s Be Free again in order to become once more Masters of our Domain.

Bottoms Up

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 9.23.41 AM

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