Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 11, 2016


This little and seemingly innocuous little statement is what started the storm in the teacup that came to be told to us as the Pocahontas story:

The Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton isn’t ruling out the possibility of an all-female ticket, saying what’s important is that her vice presidential pick can do the job.

“I’m looking at the most qualified people, and that includes women, of course, because I want to be sure that whoever I pick could be president immediately if something were to happen – that’s the most important qualification,” Mrs. Clinton said in an interview with CNN this week…

“There are a lot of people in the Democratic party who bring so many assets to the table,” she said.

“I’m going to really begin to pay attention to that now that we’ve wrapped up the primary process,” she said. “But it doesn’t matter to me who the person is, as long as that person can really do the job that is required.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who many liberals had hoped would launch her own 2016 White House bid, has been mentioned as one possible choice.

And that’s how the biggest shitstorm to hit the Political blogosphere of progressive and regressive Politics got started this week…

Who would have thought this carried so much water?

Speaking for myself, I’d like to see Pocahontas remain in the Senate where she can continue to lead the charge on banking and financial reform and restoring equality of opportunity for all Americans…

Yet we all know that she needs to go on, as we all do, and needs to grow to a higher office, because she’s got lots to offer. And that is one of the reasons that in a show of reciprocity, she endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton for President in 2016 right after HRC’s announcement of the end of the primaries. And she endorsed HRC also for all the other unspoken reasons out there. Reasons like intelligence. Reasons like Reality check. Reasons like pragmatic thinking. And reasons like helping women win at the Presidential male dominated game.

Reasons like this strange one that most rabid Sanderites strangely believe and yet they don’t act upon it. Even if we assume that Hilary deserves all the bile, hatred and contempt thrown at her and even if we completely discount the 20+ years of sustained, sexist, crazed attacks from the rightwing tools; because it is easier for people to believe that she is bad, than it is to believe that they have been influenced or brainwashed by the rightwing Star chamber’s campaign against her — we should still shift her way.

Because deep down you still have to know that voting for her is the only option here since there is simply too much at stake in this election. Think of the two, possibly three Supreme Court nominees, and the issues of war and peace in so many hot spots and flash points across the globe, and those issues alone make this one of the most important presidential elections we will see in our lifetime.

So even if you think Hilary is the corrupt daughter of Satan, we cannot elect that bright orange misogynist with rampant narcissism, and complete inability to even govern his real estate assets and he keeps throwing them in the shoals every so often.

It is conceivable that with trump, the “end of the experiment known as America” doesn’t feel so far out anymore, and because this is just a difficult election, we all simply have to vote our consciousness. Vote for people, you just really need to think that they are at least able to think and act in concert with reality and common sense. And that is something that HRC does every day.

Vote your consciousness and please don’t be so focused on these people’s character cause they both have huge flaws. But best to think about their ability to govern, and how easy will they be to work with Congress, because the US system has some serious checks and balances that they need to navigate. Hilary will probably be far less disruptive to the system and be far easier for Congress to work with, and she her leadership stick will involve compromise and difficult decisions.

Of course much like You — I wish there were better choices… but let’s not allow personalities and assumptions that the Mass Media have pumped in the front of your eyeballs, to rule all of what you’re thinking. Don’t do that because now, more than ever, Americans need to be analytical and accept people’s faults as they accept those of their own, but they should carefully weigh the Candidates’ overall strengths.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 9.11.20 AM

So Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren threw her lot in with H R Clinton. What’s the big deal? We have Free Will remember? And Free Speech. And the Right to Choose whom we like for running mate too…

Then why are you all so upset?

Why am I seeing lately all the little Sanderites in self righteous indignation mode, with full on battle and hate regimental regalia, mixed up with a lot of smoke of the evil weed they all consume — going full blast attacking and trashing Elizabeth Warren for endorsing Hillary Clinton?

Don’t you know that this stupid action is delivering the game to the grabby little hands of the donald?

That’s what you do. And that’s plain stupid.

As a matter of fact, am starting to feel sick from the behavior of some fellow Sanders supporters because I also wanted Bernie, and worked with him to deliver the State of Washington primary, and from the beginning had some serious doubts about Clinton but none of us is perfect.

As for the doubts I still have them, though not in comparison to Trump, about whose complete lack of honor, trust, and mental qualifications — I have no doubt at all.

But what is really disturbing to see, is how quickly some Sanderites, Ludites, and Levelers, are turning on Senator Warren, who has been a consistent fighter for progressive ideals, and who has been a Guardian of the people against the crooked Ponzi scheme players of Wall Street and the Big Banks.

Elizabeth has been a serious advocate of justice and equality. And indeed she did not endorse Clinton until after the election was mathematically over. Of course I would have preferred that she’d waited till after the Philadelphia Democratic convention, but her poorly timed action, does not take away her street cred for the fight she has been waging for all of us.

Pocahontas did not “betray” anyone’s ideals or politics. She did what was politically expedient at a time measured to be proper so as not to hurt the causes and the progressive politics and ideals that she supports.

So in conclusion, I recommend that we simply must stop these circular firing squads.

We need to stop demanding perfection and assuming that we always know better. This faulty meme that every public official is corrupt and on the take, is a right-wing conservative meme and a false flag operation. It is a red herring. And it is expressly designed to destroy faith in government and it’s people — so the wall street schemers of the markets, the big banks, and the massive corporations, can run completely rampant, unregulated, and unfettered, towards our common doom.

I am keeping this post to friends only because my friends are fun to talk politics with, but the general public is not. I am not for Hillary, but am against Trump who is one of the worst Presidential Candidates in the nation’s history.

By far.

That is saying something because I supported Bill Clinton in the past, and thus I also came to know and meet Hillary; and in all of our conversations I have found her to be suave, smart, and inspiring. And indeed honorable…

Admittedly, she isn’t perfect.

But neither am I.

By the way, I liked Sanders better, but it is time to get on Hillary’s team double quick because this race is pivotal for the whole world.

We are interviewing and choosing a solid person for the POTUS position and we best get it right.


If we continue this tragic round robin executions and character assassinations — no one qualified will run for office, ever. Except maybe the idiotic people with absolutely no chance of success, or the career crony lobbyists, and those bureaucrats that are truly on the “take” and their family and friends members of the circle of the corrupted.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 9.11.54 AM

And our politics will end up like the politics in the island where “Lord of the Flies” happened and we’ll all destroy ourselves. Except that in our story there will be nobody to save us… No navy big enough to carry all of us out if we burn our ship of state.

You have read the Lord of the Flies — haven’t you?

So my suggestion is to sit down and talk with the Candidates and thus get to know your future public officials intimately, and see how you can help them help you. So that we can further our common goals.

I know that most candidates are good, decent progressive people, as is Yours truly.

And that’s why we run for office as privileged Messengers, as Montaigne would say.

But what about You?

Do you feel that you are perfect?

And do we always agree?


Does this mean I am always right?

Of course not.

Does this mean You are always Right?

Clearly not.

Does it mean that we are both wrong?

Some of the time, yes.

But most of the time, not.

So let’s agree to disagree but we can still work out our differences and make correct decisions without dissing each other.


Because of that we have to simply work out the way to increase the likelihood that we are both right, and then simply choose the best decision possible on most issues.

That’s Politics. We simply have to accept that. And then we have to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Because the Candidates simply represent the People and are nothing but a mirror of the Electorate. A mirror of you, always hoping that we are better trained to listen to the better Angels of our Heart…

So this scurrilous attack on today’s “Pocahontas” is taking our eyes off the ball, and handing the game to our opponent, who will be happy to pick us off, one by one. When did we all become so self-righteous that even a progressive with a near 100% voting record like Elizabeth Warren has become the enemy?

Please folks, get real. Even the donald whose botoxed face does not usually move — is laughing at you. Let’s not lose all the momentum we have built with Bernie because we are bitter losers and now we go and start attacking our friends instead of our real political enemies. That too much like Lord of the FLies and it’s unfit for smart people like You.

Please wake up.

And as the great poet Dylan Thomas says: “We are not going to go quietly into the night” but we’ll rather do as I say: “We will usher in the fresh brilliance of Light in the Morning to shine on all of our morrows and take away our sorrows…

So join me here to stop the Haters and get the real Democrats and the real Progressives along with the Real Republicans to join the LINCOLN CAUCUS because now we have an amazing opportunity for this fall:

One is to win the White House, and two is to win back the Senate, and thus put a dent in corrupt political parties and ride over the obstructionist house, and also make real progress in many important state races.

And this means potential victories for minimum wage laws, climate policy, clean energy infrastructure, work place equity, tax code reform, health care, and justice for all Americans.

We need to fix a broken system and many smaller systems in sequence. That’s the critical infrastructure we need to address. Let’s embrace this historic opportunity, on behalf of our fellow Americans who struggle and need real reform, and let’s fix our house.

Surely pure idealism is wonderful and can provide a road map to an improved future, but we can’t bitch & moan, and constantly be pouting when the perfect world doesn’t appear overnight.

Let’s not make the Perfect the enemy of the Good. Especially when by doing so, we play straight into the hands of those who favor the yellow fox demagogue trump for President who can dim our country’s lights for ever. That’s why North Korea likes him. And the Chinese love him. Because they like an enemy they know that they can defeat…

The Chinese are way smarter than what we give them credit for. They have seen how often Trump throws in the towel, through his constant and frequent bankruptcies, and they know his psychological profile. They surely know this man is one they can browbeat into submission and that is why they like him to be the next POTUS.

So as intelligent adults, we have no reason to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

On another issue — I think Pocahontas would be a great choice for VP for a number of reasons, none of which have to do with her exemplary ability or integrity, but Hillary could very well make a great President, as the first woman there and as the first overqualified person for the job. Lets not forget that she was a heartbeat away from the President for eight long years already, and as Secretary of State she did a good job too.

So we should like Hillary Clinton for President mainly because of her credentials. And for the same reason we should accept Pocahontas, if she were selected for VP, because of her credentials too.

As a matter of fact, we should encourage Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren to go on, even though she would be dearly missed from her daily beat at the US Senate of which I hope and pray to become one of her many amazing colleagues — but because she will be elevated to a loftier perch from which to preach her unique and much needed gospel.

And that would be a great chance and a good thing to see.


Dr Churchill


Some fellow progressives and Libertarians say that this contest is a new low for america because we now have a race between the two most disliked candidates in Presidential history. And both parties primary message seems to be ‘don’t vote for the other candidate.’ And that is a real low for America…

But I don’t believe that.

Never would I trust the donald and his little hands with the Presidency and the fate of the Free World — hell the world whole — as much as I would trust Hillary Rodham Clinton’s capable and truly tried hands.

So don’t get fooled and just go ahead and help Hillary win this contest.

Because some times in Life we have to do the Right Thing even though we are not as happy about it as we would be had we been stoking the hot bowl with the best Jamaican ganza and sucking up the cloud.

So suck it up and get ready to vote come November, and by the way — do keep the convention in harmony, because that’s the only testament to your maturity.

And I agree with you — Politics sucks.

But after careful analysis, I have to say that it only sucks because today our political leaders are so uninspiring.

Yet here I am… seeking to inspire and lead you.

But I seek to lead differently, because I know how to lead from the front, and am fighting the battles you sent me to fight, as a Transformational Leader and not as simpleton office holder…

Am a true leader and not a little itchy bitchy transactional bureaucrat.

Got that?

Let’s think of that for a change…

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