Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 25, 2016

What the Brexit holds for You in a nutshell or in a tat inked on your body


What does the ‘Brexit’ mean?




And for us, Americans that means a whole lot.

It means a whole lot because these are our founding values. I have nothing more to say about this on this side of the pond… until You understand the knife fight that takes place in Europe today against this very German occupation of the continental EUrope.

And for the English speaking people this means idea of Liberty and Democracy means everything and then some. Because for the English people, for the highland Scots, and for the Northern Irish – this Liberty means everything.

Everything and more.

Life itself is not worth living unfree.

And for all of us it also means that the power of the British Values, the Enlightenment Ideals, the power of Reason, the Long History of Successful Independence, the Natural Common Law, the Great Unwritten Constitution, and above all else the Just and Transparent Democracy — will be maintained for another Thousand years.

As for my friends who speak of dollars and cents — I say that the Berlin and the Brussels accountant supremos have a good working knowledge of the price of everything and they scare people with it, but we know the VALUE of LIFE.

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness — are not trivial things to be discussed in terms of dollars and cents anymore than talking about the value of Human Life in terms of pounds of weight.

Human Life is not measured in terms of poundage and the weight of meat anymore… We stopped that practice when we liberated the Nazi concentration camps and saw the ghosts of the German insanity walk out as scarecrows and we uncovered the mass graves and the crematoria.

Yet today our German enemies make you think again in such trivial terms about the value of Life of the Human beings of Europe by assigning tolerable daily nutrition values on the starved masses that once again roam aimlessly the streets of Athens, the streets and alleys of Rome, the walkways of Madrid, the concentration camps of the refugees all across Europe and the vast watery grave the Mediterranean Sea has become.

This is what the trivialization of the highest values we hold sacred has caused to countless people across Europe today.

And that is WHY the People of the English Isles, who have been FREE and UNCONQUERED for a Thousand years voted for Independence.

And as one of that lot — I wouldn’t dream of believing like a daft Slave willing to measure the value of Human Life in pounds of meat, the way the Germans measured the output of their corpse factories that came to be known as the Death camps or euphemistically called the Concentration Camps of the second world war.

The new Germans found this method of extermination to be unpalatable today, and not quite politically correct and thus they sought to conquer Europe in a different way and turn whole countries into concentration camps today. Just go see the razor topped concertina wire being deployed across all the borders of the EUroland and you’ll figure it out. You’ll see which way the wind is blowing fast if you get to visit central EUrope today and all the European countries under the influence of the Germans.

And the smart German paymasters of the European politicians make this discussion to be only about economics because then everything can be justified. The value of your Life is the value of the meat hanging off your bones.


Sadly this is the measure today that the Accountants of Brussels and Berlin measure their mastery over the sad and daft poor people of Europe who were asleep at the switch and let the Hun trains pass by and wreak havoc in their countries through the Open Borders of the criminal Germanic Hun influence in the drafting of the Shenghen treaty.

And if you think that BREXIT is anything less than fighting against the creeping Conquest of the English people — You are deluding yourself. But some of us awoke and fought against the looming darkness, before we all went quietly into the long night like the Greeks, the French, and the Italians went — because it is written in the English DNA that we shall be Free.

We are FREE because we are not afraid to fight for our FREEDOM and lest we forget what we hold dear in our heart — we might as well write it on the outside of our body too, as the young English beauty has so eloquently done in the picture above.

We yearn to BE FREE and we’ll fight anyone who claims to steal our freedom. And for us there is no cost that is too dear, if we are to accomplish that.

Now, unlike most people — I haven’t just been following the news about the issue of BREXIT, but I have been campaigning directly with all the Independence minded Brits and English people, and with my friend Boris,. We’ve all been fighting for the Independence of the United Kingdom, and consequently for the Independence of the rest of the European Continent too.

I know intimately the Ins and Outs of Europe and of course I know the insides of the BREXIT campaign, and am now willing to share this with you too.

After the Victory, I just come back from the UK and I can report that this pivotal Vote for Independence is the beginning of the end of the German occupation of Europe, and this I will explain n this article at length.

As for the arguments for the winning BREXIT vote — we all know them from the time when they were just talking points, to the day when they got inked onto beautiful people’s bodies all over the land.

You should get some ink there and send me some photos of your English Liberty Tats too.

Yes, we all know that the results of the BREXIT are in, and we won this round of early fighting, but the war is long and until we defeat the Huns all over Europe, the world will not be free of the ghosts of the First and of the Second World War and the death camps and the factories of corpses that fed our nightmares long past the VE day.

Nor will we be free from the  that were resurrected the moment the High ideals of the nascent European Union were subsumed and overtaken by the Huns and their mindless servants in Brussels and all over the European capitals. Because through the lubrication of German gold all the Leaders of the European Union remaining countries have been bought and their governments neutralized like the old eunuchs titular leaders of the various tribal kingdoms of the Old Court of Beijing during this Chin emperor days of Unity and Glory.

We aim to change that too. And as the European Peoples wake up from their long slumber — they will surely rise up and toss the Brussels Eunuchs aside, in order to find their natural leaders and bring them to the fore. The European People will muster the will and the intelligence to find New Leaders with fighting Spirit, that will deliver to them the Independence, the Liberty,  and the Democracy, that all free People deserve.

And following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, there are now other far reaching implications which we will have to deal with, principal amongst them the task of assisting the project of European Liberation. Because America has to be involved and this time around unlike the Second World War — if we delay too far our entry into the fray for the cause of Freedom and Democracy — we just might lose the fight, because Britain alone cannot stem the tides for long and we don’t need another Pearl Harbor to wake up on this side of the pond…

And yes, we have to be aware that the Germans will fight this new war of attrition, tooth and nail, until the very end. But in the end they will be liberated too. And yet for now, their current faulty leaders, will play their dirty and nasty little games like the brutes that they are — till the bitter end.

So be wary…

That is why there is going to be significant and continued uncertainty over the coming months as the deep German political High Command issues orders that are like the Fuhrer’s orders for the building of the Zigfried line all over again, and for the defense of their Mastery of EUrope to the last man as if this is the fight for Stalingrad all over again.

Let’s understand that this new conflict has to be understood, and the implications have to be worked out, and then the war has to be fought at length…

But History has taught us that Great Britain is highly flexible, adaptable, and innovative when confronted with challenges and eager to seize the opportunities that this new development presents for all of us, and at the end of the day — everyone knows that we don’t run from a good fight either.

We have to survive and we’ve got to make do, by safeguarding first our Independence as island people have always done before us in times immemorial, and then share the message of our Democracy again with an expectant world. That is the point of this exercise and all the rest of the stuff is sugarcoating of the bitter pill of Justice.

I know that we will survive and I also know that we’ll have to go through a rough patch, and a difficult time where our blood, our toil, and our tears will be shed for what I hope is the eventual Victory — because we are not out of the woods yet.

Yet that which remains true today as it always has been, is that we’ll find our way to ultimate Victory because as the old saw goes: Necessity is the Mother of Invention and the Mother of Innovation too.

So now that we won the second Battle of Britain — let’s innovate wildly, because we have to trod down the war path alone, since the rest of the world, and especially the Americans are too afraid to join the fray, lest they damage their fragile economy because they do not yet understand the real causes of this very British Action for Independence.

And mind you the real hostilities haven’t even began since for now, the UK is still a nominal Member State of the European Union, and all the legislation that gives effect to EU law is still in place. Nothing as a matter of law has actually changed as a result of the vote to leave. Instead, the vote marks the beginning of a legal process whereby the UK will notify the European Council of its decision to withdraw from the EU.

And still we are facing all the rear guard and psych-Ops of the Germans and the Brussels establishment hoping to reverse the Popular Vote in the same way as they cowed the Greek politicians and reversed the Democratic will of the people and threw their own people into the German concentration camp willy nilly with hands and feet bound with barbed wire like some modern day Quislings.

These traitor leaders have to face the firing squad, as am sure some will do when this story gets fully uncovered and the extent of their traitorious behaviour becomes fully known. Treason against the State, is a capital offense. This holds true in all the books of Law across the Earth. Remember that next time you know your Leader has been bought with German gold… and you let it pass.

But what the daft Huns failed to realize is that when they smothered the innocent Greek people by buying up their Political Leaders wholesale (All of Them) and then put the Greek people in the chains of poverty and slavery through a barely survivable Austerity diet of fear and hunger — they also showed to the World their unbridled, and all too German naked ambition, to conquer Europe all over again, and their design to enslave the EUropean people for their own use — much like their broken Fuhrer Adolf fvckin Hitler did some seventy years ago.

And that is the real reason why the British people woke up. We have a love for the underdog. We stand up for the bullied and beat back the bullies. We hate Dr Strangelove, Dr Goering, Dr Mengele (Dr Death), and Dr Schauble in equal measure, and we really dislike it when we see them beating down the weak and kicking in the teeth of the fallen children, the elderly, the defenseless, the women, and the innocent.

What’s wrong with the German psyche of Rapists and Murderers wanting to become Rulers of Europe all over again?

Don’t the Huns ever get the message?

This giant Fvck You, the BREXIT vote represents should be a giant Divorce Letter to the German overlords of Europe. Does anybody hear this for what it is in Berlin?

This is a wake up call to all the EUropean Peoples who finally come to recognize that Safety does not commeasurate with Liberty. You cannot give away the Liberty of whole Nations in exchange for some measure of economic safety.

Liberty is not to be traded for anything.

And at any rate even the individual Liberty cannot be given away willingly. Slaves become only the deluded ones.

And as we all know those who wish to trade Liberty for Safety, deserve neither, and they get neither. They only get further degradation and debasement, and they end up as Slaves and Dead.

And here is what the German rapist must remember: When a country like Greece and Britain votes NO to their stupid Austerity policies and to their Broken Union — they should listen and respect that clear and resounding NO and not try to turn it around by placing the People in a stranglehold and squeezing tight the air out of them till they faint and then the Germans can have their way with the Damsel in distress. This is what happened to Greece and Ireland, Portugal and Spain, and now the freakin Huns apply this technique to the UK…

NO means NO and all the civilized people must respect that because otherwise they are simple rapists and murderers, like when a girl screams NO and the rapist continues his rape and penetration. We have laws against that kind of behaviour but we also have direct divine punishment. It’s callled KARMA and she’s a terrible bitch when she comes after you….

And we also have the Community of Democratic Nations that will punish the Rapists for their Crime. Because the Germans are not afraid to discuss the collective punishment of whole Peoples even though that is a crime according to the Geneva Accords that guide behaviour in times of war, let alone “Peace” or rather “PAX GERMANICA” shutting down the light of Freedom throughout Europe.

And if the Germans think that by buying the Greek politicians they are squared up with the Law — they’ve got another thing coming. Many other things coming, like what the VW is going to get when they chose to screw with the United States and the EPA, in the current emissions scandal and in so many other cases they Huns try to screw us over.

But let’s also recall Xenophon’s Anavassis to see how new people will rise in places like Greece to challenge the Germans and that further politicians don’t own anyone else’s Liberty to trade with the Good Germans for some measure f Gold…

Liberty does not belong to anyone of us to give it up. And it certainly does not belong to temporary political leaders like the current crop of European minions, who willingly trade it away like so much shite, and like the fear they hold inside their heads.

That is why when we initiate the formal process of withdrawal from the European Union there will be many more European states jostling and maneuvering into position and running for the Exits — same like when someone screams Fire inside a crowded and darkened theatre.

Because there is a real fire burning in Europe today…

And you need to wake up and smell the tinder because that which is intended to be effected by negotiation and agreement is going to come out of the nozzle of the gun, given the complexity of the relationship between the German led EU and the independent UK and all the other nations that seek to leave this SLAVERY regime that reminds all of the death camps and the corpse factories of the second world war.

When my friend sugarcoat words and speak about the old political idiom that enabling policy must be the priority for the Government now, with industry and business needing reassurances, and ministerial clarity on priorities for all the industrial sectors and services — I say let’s man the barricades and dig the trenches because this warfare is no different from what humans have been waging since the beginning of tribal conflict.

War is the Father of us all and the longer we remain asleep to that reality – the easier will be for the Huns to slit our throats.


And I do know a thing or two about how to avoid financial disasters, and how to enable political revolutions, and wage war because this one is the latter kind of event. Brexit is so far from a financial disaster, it was with amazement that I looked at the headlines of the New York TImes, the WSJ, and the London Times, the Telegraph, and the Daily Mail, this morning.

Brexit + The United States = This is not bad for the United States. As a matter of fact it is rather good. War always rejuvenates economies and wakes up people from the slumber of recession, depression, and from the complacency of slowly eroding Liberty.

Admittedly war is not good in the human sense that when you see your children carted off in paper coffins to be returned home, but it is always been a great economic event for these United States, because for the next five years, British companies and the UK are going to be gearing up for the conflict while also negotiating all sorts of trade deals and solving anew trade issues, like trade tariffs, taxes, customs, etc.

Meanwhile, almost all of the relationship with Europe changes for the United States overnight and that is why Obama threw his caution to the winds and stepped into the BREXT debate with both feet. He thought to listen to the Wall Street fearful monkeys who told him that they need stability and safety for the US companies. But he was wrong once again to put Finance above Human values. Obama was clearly wrong to place Democracy bellow the interests of the Banker Wankers and the Wall Street Big Banks. Now he will be remembered as the lackey of the Big Banks and the baby President who couldn’t shoot straight let alone see straight. That’s how President Obama will be remembered on the other side of the pond regardless of all his other actions. Hell how in the name of God did Obama threw his lot in with the likes of Tony Blair and Co.?

Only he knows and now Donald Trump will take advantage of the chaos. There’s really nothing else to say here.

One more thing: Belatedly the EUropean Union will probably try to stimulate the impoverished economies within the EU now that there is one less backstop to do it. That is the only option Germany now has left to hide their naked power grab within the EU. To share some of their surpluses with the Austerity nations and to mitigate their criticism and to quell their revolt

And for once, the US can sit in the sidelines fully because now it’s all up to Germany to tie the noose around it’s head as it always does in the end. Sadly the Germanic traditions dictate like in the Ring of Nibelungen that they have to take all others down with them to the bitter end…

That is why those closest to the German reality are gearing up to run for the Exit before the flames reach their hair…

But is this going to end badly for the UK?

Probably Not.

And maybe it will end up being a terrific opportunity to create new growth. Like any economic situation, in the face of uncertainty — Opportunity resides.

Out of chaos we’ll not only built order but we’ll built new life to boot.

We just have no idea how it will play out but this is the key point here, yet we know it will be a positive boost to our Economy and our Innovation and Technology sector. Both areas where the AngloSaxon culture of DIY, and MAKERS, with deep scientific domain expertise along with tinkerers and engineers — prevail above all other cultures.

Surely, some UK companies with heavy and stable commerce within the EU will have reason for concern. But they have no worry anymore than another rough day at the hands of the markets. And the UK taxpayer, citizens, and the Exchecquer in general, might do better if they don’t have to worry about bailing out the countries that are the German victims of the Hun’s Savant efficiency of saving the Banks and killing the people in places like Greece.

The key takeaway from the BREXIT is that there is no accurate prediction right now that is valid. Everything is hypothetical. And just like most people predicted incorrectly about this vote, anyone making a prediction about the UK economy over the next five days, five months, or five years — is probably dead wrong, on both sides.

But… the fact that the US markets are down on this issue is just another sign of fear of change and dramatic response from the hyper ADD sufferers who happen to operate the EDFs and all the market trading makers’ desks out there.

But in reality nothing changes. DO you think that Gill Google have less searches? Less advertisements? Will Japan and Detroit sell fewer cars? Will people across the US buy fewer homes and white durable goods?

Everything You Need To Know About the Economics of the British Exit from the broken European Union and you were afraid to ask…  is explained in pairs of two words:

Nothing Changes.

Not Yet.

No Difference.

Nada Variante.

Nothing, except that actually there’s also nothing going on of interest and there is certainly nothing more than this that You Need To Know about this subject.

But what does a Brexit actually mean for You is to be determined by your reaction, and that’s entirely and largely up to you…

Because on the face of it it means almost nothing. But you have to stay calm and don’t do anything. Let your stocks as they are. Don’t bother with them. Don’t even look at them. Forget about their values for a few days…

For instance, because nothing really changes today, or tomorrow — let sleeping stocks lay. And even next month. Or even next year. Stay riveted for the long haul. That’s how you gain advantage on the stock market. Be a long term value investor…

Yet Everything changes and everything remains the same.

The actual official exit might take place in two years, or longer…

That’s all this BREXIT vote means.

And the UK has to negotiate with each individual country within the EU on tariffs, trade restrictions, passport and travel issues, etc.

That could take more than two years…

Each individual country they have to negotiate with and apparently that’s what “Union” means in Europe. So it’s a pretty loose union. And when they negotiate, some sides will win and some will lose and it will all balance out.

But the opening salvos of the war have been shot.

Yet let’s hear Albert Camus again on his ideas about Europe, after the successful BREXIT referendum:

“L’Europe, à cause même de ses désordres, a besoin de l’Angleterre et, si misérable que ce continent puisse apparaître, il est sûr que l’Angleterre ne pourra se sauver sans l’Europe. Les préjugés ou l’indifférence que vos hommes politiques nourrissent souvent à l’égard du continent sont peut-être légitimes, ils n’en sont pas moins regrettables. La méfiance peut être bonne en tant que méthode. Elle est détestable en tant que principe : il vient toujours un moment où le principe contredit au fait. Les faits disent que pour le meilleur et pour le pire l’Angleterre et l’Europe sont solidaires. Ce mariage peut sembler mal assorti. Mais un de nos moralistes a dit : il est de bons mariages, il n’en est point de délicieux. Puisque le nôtre n’est pas délicieux, faisons au moins qu’il soit bon, car le divorce est impossible”.
–Albert Camus, “Conférence faite en Angleterre”, 1951

“Europe, precisely because of it’s disorders, needs England, so miserable that the continent may appear, it is certain that England will not escape without Europe. The prejudices or indifference your politicians often feed towards the continent may be legitimate, they are no less regrettable mistrust can be good as it is detestable method as a principle.. there always comes a time where the principle contradicts, the facts the facts say that for better or for worse England and Europe are interdependent This marriage may seem mismatched But our moralists said:… it is good marriages, it is none delicious. because ours is not delicious, at least do it right, because divorce is impossible.”
–Albert Camus, “Conference made in England” 1951

So where Great Britain goes the rest of the Continent has to follow and thus we expect to have to fight the Good Fight to liberate the rest of the enslaved nations of Europe in due course.

That’s where the Blood, the Tears, and the Toil might come in handy.

Let’s get started…

One foot in front of the other and before long we’ll liberate Athens, Madrid, and Rome too.


Dr Churchill


And when you see people tattooing the British Exit Victory, the Union Jack, or the English and Great Britain “Victoria” onto their bodies — like this young beauty here has — You know that they really really mean it, and that somehow this is going to be a day to remain alive in History for a long time to come.

Happy Independence Great Britain.

Let’s ink this Tat on our ass. Lest we forget. And to have something to show to our German asses across the channel.

Enjoy your newfound Liberty for the whole of the United Kingdom.

Share your joy of leaving the sinking ship of Europe here… and send us a photo of your new BREXIT tats.

Don’t forget that ink tattoos are good for the skin, plus that when strategically located — it really makes you be True Badass.

Your Thanks is appreciated here.

Pass it on.

Pay it forward.

Share it if you believe in the Cause of Freedom…

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