Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 28, 2016

What would Winston do? QUO VADIS?

Recently I gave a speech at the Guildhall in London in front of the assembled Greats of the Merchant class, the leaders of Industry and Finance, young and old, wealthy and powerful, Tories, and Labour, City Traders and Bankers, Political and Non political, some politicians, and many retired Leaders and Captains of Business and Industry. In short, I spoke to the top of the Merchant class…

And what I simply spoke about in this august temple of ancient Democracy, on this pivotal last day before the “Leave” or “Remain” referendum was to be cast in stone, as in the ballot box — was what my Grandfather would do. In short what would the vote of Winston Churchill be, if he had the chance to weigh on the issues, and to be casting a ballot in the polls, of this decisive referendum…

So this is what I spoke and shared with the Great and Good people of the City of London in answer to the question: “What Would Winston Do?”

With Great Britain at the edges of the European Union we have a unique opportunity to see things clearly before we make a hasty move sidewise. We need to be bold and make progress. Real Progress that we can be proud of. Progress for our People and for the Peoples of Europe. Because history has given us again the mantle of Leadership to lead an enslaved continent out of the bondage of economic tyranny and poverty of thought.

In the long future of Free People to come, this period in time will be celebrated as another Era of Enlightenment all over again. And this moment of Liberty is the spark for this whole era to begin. But before we get there we have lots of battles to fight, because once again we are called to offer our Blood, Sweat, and Tears for our Freedom and for the Freedom of our continental neighbours and allies.

But where do we go from here…

I was inspired and clearly in communication with “Spirito Santo” and correctly called the win of the “LEAVE” campaign that night. I called the VICTORY and spoke as if I am speaking the day after the glorious win of Divine Deliverance of a Free United Kingdom.

But then it was still a solemn night and yet the most inspiring one of my entire life standing in front of the Masters and Apprentices, within this ancient hall of the old English Guilds, where I was inspired by the certainty that I knew what the AngloSaxon soul wanted. And right there I chose to bring Liberty to bear, to help me guide them all to seek Victory and Freedom today through the ballot box, instead of having to go fight for it and receive it through the muzzle of the gun tomorrow.

But I was also raised at the podium, by simply channeling the determination of all the people I had met during those hard working days of the Leave Campaign in London, and that is what I delivered.

The strength of the campaign was such, that I felt heartened and certain of our victory — regardless of the manufactured Media polls, and the fear mongering propaganda, that were all commissioned by the Brussels bureaucrats and their Berlin overlords.

And that is why at that moment I said that our Victory is assured as a counter balance to this campaign of terror. So I said: Allow me to speak now, as if we are today living on the day after the polls had closed and had been counted and we found that we had won our Liberty all over again. Let me speak tonight as if we are already there. As if we have arrived at the promised land and we only need to cherish our hard won Freedom and celebrate. Let us all close our eyes and imagine that moment together and let’s be jubilant now, because we’ve got our own LIBERTY and self determination back, and we wrestled our DEMOCRACY to ourselves, all over again. Let us celebrate that we stole our Liberty back, from those unelected bureaucrats and from their gray overlords of Europe who had stolen it through hook and crook and insidious dealings, slowly but surely, over the last forty years.

That night at the Guildhall, I spoke from the future — so to speak — in order to force this vision of this Future Victory into the minds of all the Great people in the audience. It is a technique useful in improving our Brain Software, by installing this idea into the Brains of people and thus allowing the Future to be plausible to us today. And this exercise helps us to experience this benevolent future without fear and without surprise, as something that has already come to pass… And if we already “experience” the feeling of having won the “LEAVE” campaign, then there is no surprise and people can go to the polls the next day without any fear and cast their ballot the way their heart felt and their mind commanded.

This is an ancient rhetorical method our grandfather Winston Churchill employed often during the hard days and nights of the great patriotic war against the Nazis, even when the bombs were falling nightly from the skies above our heads in London. And that method of ancient Demosthenian oratory, was successfully used to rally the British People, by sharing with them the vision of a Great Future. That Vision is what guided them to fight steadfast and in turn they were willing to fight all the way into Europe to not only get their Freedom but to deliver Freedom to all the other enslaved nations there.

And this time we will not do a half ass job either. We will win Victory for all the Europeans because people are motivated to go to the land of Milk and Honey only if there is Moses at the helm to show them the way. And rhetoric is the way to share a Great Vision of the Ideals of Liberty and Democracy. Then and only then, the people are able and willing to withstand the hardships and privations that will inevitably be part of the great journey this march to Freedom entails. And this is what I was able to do the night before the vote in this great hall of the Merchant class, where they all met to discuss issues of Democracy since the early 12th century.

And as a seasoned Speaker — I simply spoke as if I am coming from the Future to deliver a great vision. A bit of a political prophet for a few hours if you will, speaking of a few days forward. And that way I brought the people forward with me, sharing a momentary postcard of the “feelings” of VICTORY and the jubilation of the LEAVE campaign, that allows us to exit the Euro-prison for good. And then I spoke with great feeling and reverence about our ideals, and invited them to come to this “Future” and truly be there with me, and to visit this New Great Britain as FREE people. I simply said: “Let’s all together visit this “Future Britain” and experience the joy of Freedom once again, and the great Future of our misty island nation.”

And I asked everyone to close their eyes and come along with me in this flight of fancy for a “view” of the future uplands…

And that is the moment I knew I had them. That is the moment everybody loved, and that is when they all started smiling with closed eyes. I did this because I know that people will follow you to Paradise and to a Great Dream as Martin Luther King promised. And I wanted to contrast this Great Future not in paradise parlance, but in the language of pragmatic politics of what we can achieve from here on out, when we are again free and unfettered from interference of the unimaginative gray people imprisoned in jails of their own making…

In short I managed through oratory to show them the City of Light. I brought all of them out of the valleys of despair and gloom to a Free London, brilliantly girded with lights, as it sits crowned up on the hill, festooned with flags and banners, and with music wafting everywhere celebratory jubilant crowds gather to dance, drink, and make merry.

That is the future I spoke of.

A great celebration.

A time of Jubilee.

A future that people want to be part of.

Do you understand that?

You see I speak to help people go forward. I speak in order to free them from the fears and paranoia that the Berlin based “REMAIN” campaign and all their Media had spent Billions of Pounds Sterling, in order to sow fear, uncertainty, and doubt, in the British psyche and to conquer the timid souls, and the weaklings, all across Britain and the United Kingdom.

Yet as a serious and able Public Speaker — I was able to dissuade and allay all the fears by showing them the Future in all it’s GLORY. A Brilliant Future to come after we had all voted to “LEAVE” in tomorrow’s Referendum.

And the people loved it so much that old fogies, stiff upper lip and all — teared up and started crying for joy.

They unleashed their emotions, and that’s when I knew that we had won.

This early victory came to us straight from heaven and the people understood that we just had to channel it without fear.

A thunderous applause followed my rhetorical exercise of sharing this brilliant future, as a mental image of the Free People of Great Britain celebrating their Victory.


And after a long silence we all knew where these leaders of people will place their Vote when the polls opened.

And it was clearly evident what vote they will advocate to their families and friends, to their employees and dependents, to their club mates and to their children.

Old Winnie would have been rather happy right about now…

We were all highly emotional and charged so I needed to take advantage of this moment to lead further change.

So the next question I went on to answer was this:

Quo Vadis?

Where do we go?

Where do we go from here?

With BREXIT indelibly written in the Books of History and on the soul of every person living in Great Britain, in the United Kingdom, inside the Commonwealth as well as outside, everywhere the English speaking persons on this planet reside — we should now simply have a conversation and decide collectively which way to go…

We are now and only for a brief moment, the blessed outsider who was once an insider that now commands the vantage point that affords the mile high view of the devastation that Europe is today. We are the lucky ones who can see things clearly because we stepped out. It is the same as when you step out of a meeting to clear your head. Same as in any meeting of a tightly bound organization where some people who serve as the core team — cannot take a breather and step outside of the room for a think, or for a breath of fresh air, or to drink water, or even to steal a moment for a cigie smoke, like President Obama often does when he needs to escape the worries of the oval office of the White House.

These bathroom breaks make us smarter as being both outsiders and insiders who happen to be in the rooms where the decisions are made, yet suddenly we become rather valuable as outsiders and benevolent critics. We become the breath of fresh air when for a moment we step back inside. And this only happens because we escaped the Groupthink of the Insider Core-Team delusion. England, for example, is now both at the core of the European Union, and on the outside looking in, and that makes her perspective rather valuable since nobody else has that privileged view.

Yet this a temporary boon, because soon enough we’ll be the outsiders, who used to be insiders and still have a special relationship with the place like past employees who come to the Christmas party uninvited and unannounced, and when they get the “message” they start lobbying hard for their past privileges or start sowing discord amongst other newbies, and oldies, who are vexed, disillusioned, or dissatisfied by the internal power struggles, misplaced loyalties, skewed reward systems, and in general they try to take over from outside the current conversation and agenda. And in that function the outside insiders, actually help mightily the process of finding wisdom for all, and liberating the Group from groupthink and tunnel vision tragic errors.

And of course the Core Team of the EU, the German Overlords, and the hundreds of thousands of EU dependents in Brussels and in all the European capitals, will fight us to the death, because on the opposite side of England today, sit the EUROpean Union stalwarts, made up of deeply invested corporate insiders who never ventured outside the box their masters threw them in. And these are gray bureaucrats like the central planners of Europe all closeted in Brussels, and at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, along with the puppet EUROpean nominal national leaders, those PMs all of whom are seen huddling with their secret, and not so secret overlords in Berlin and Brussels respectively. That’s where the puppet masters live, and that is where the puppets make the pilgrimage to take direction, dictation, and the “means” of driving their people like old time slaves to become “willing” fodder for the austerity machine of “Germania Uber Alles”

And these puppets are all the so called Transactional National Leaders, Technocrats, and Bureaucrats, who are quite aware that under their command, and during their watch — a historically unprecedented economic dislocation has taken place within the EU during the past ten years, that includes massive asset and property bubbles, banking crises, massive wealth transfer to the top 1% of the Society, and large-scale unemployment. This massive unemployment is pronounced in all the periphery countries – with over 50% youth unemployment in Greece, Spain and Portugal, as well as the lack of any serious controls of the EU external borders to prevent an influx of unparalleled numbers of illegal immigrants and economic migrants.

However, the same EU central planners who oversaw this disaster — are in complete denial about the fact that these problems have been caused entirely by their own misguided and disastrous policies. As a result, they argue that the solution to such problems can only be further concentration of powers into their hands … This United States of Europe, an undemocratic leviathan that the European Peoples never wanted, is the culmination of the much repeated mantra of “ever closer union”.

And that is a faulty wiring in their head, because they don’t understand that there’s also a third position in any community or organization, like the EUropean Union. The position of those who are at the edge of the inside and have the privileged view always. These people are within the organization, but they’re not subsumed by the group think, and are not beholden to the fractious games people play. These folks or groups of people, or even whole Peoples — function and work best at the edges of the system. They are always better at synthesizing and creating at the boundaries, creating network effects, building bridges, synthesizing solutions, and causing entryways to appear where there was none.

Great Britain has always behaved best and played her top game, like this on the edges of the inside, taking up this third position on the edges of any assembly of nations, and of any alliance that she’s ever been part of…

I posit the Theorem that this was the case even when at her most glorious she stood as the head of the Commonwealth, that was her own Empire in the making.

The point is that nations that live at the edge of the inside of core teams, firm alliances, and strongly cemented assemblages — not only have crucial roles to play, but are vastly beneficial to the core teams, and to each other when in association with them. Mercantile empires are thus created. That is the essence of Great Britain. We need to trade with all and sundry and choose to do it at our own terms and we will have no petty Brussels and Berlin bureaucrat, telling us not to do it, why to do it, or even how to do it.

As the early Americans soon found out, when you live on the edge of any group, you are free from its central seductions, but you are also free to hear its core message in very new and creative ways, and thus you can understand events better, grasp opportunities, and consequently map your own charts, plot your own course, and draft your own destiny, regardless of the course of actions and stimulations that your “Core Team” group might think necessary to strictly define as their own events in the course of history. And that why they had a tea party and decide to split from King George and his moronic rule… and to find their Freedom loving Republic with Democracy and not Monarchy as the pivot of power.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.01.07 PM

And that is why it’s called Freedom. That is what the English people today understand intimately, being unconquered and running a Parliamentary Democracy for a Thousand years, and that is what the Framers of the Constitution of these United States also understood when they cautioned the future Americans to make No Long Term Alliances with none, but to freely Trade with All nations of the globe, so to avoid fatal encumbrances.

It is truly a testament to the enduring value of this wisdom for free trading nations that a People at the edge of “Core Team of the EU” can see what’s good about the group, what’s bad about the group, and also what’s good and bad about the other Peoples out there, and even more about the rival groups. Because it is good to say to them once in a while like Casus said to Brutus: “It is not the fault of our Stars but it is the fault with ourselves”

And what I am saying is that a great nation has to know how to move between these variable and always shifting positions, because a People at the edge of the EUROgroup, can be the strongest reformer of all inside the group, and for that their value is unassailable. These People, have the loyalty of a faithful insider but they also maintain the proper distance that affords the correct judgment, the critical outsider can bring to bear. And that unique perspective speaks volumes in the current debate about which way Europe and Great Britain ought to go.

Great Britain and the United Kingdom always had an authentic inner experience of what it meant to be this pioneering seafaring and Democratic, Freedom loving People. This love of Freedom is what allowed us to also built America from the values we learned from England, applied in the New World — when old Blightey failed us. We could be utterly relentless in bringing America back closer to ourselves precisely because our devotion to Old English ideals was so fervent, but we lost the chance when we deligitimized ourselves and the effort…: “Taxation without Representation”

Sounds familiar?

Now it is the turn of the English island people to fight against the Tyrants dressed as bureaucrats and technocrats from Brussels & Berlin, because we cannot stand another moment of “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”

America developed amazingly well, borrowing the same principles that we forgot for the last fourty years, when we allowed others to drift from our Destiny, forgetting that the People on the edge of the EU-core, know best how to take advantage of the standards and practices of the European organization (pick&choose) but should not be imprisoned by them.
And we shall similarly do well too.

And in this instance of BREXIT we have learned the EUropean Union rules well enough to know how to break the rules properly, and how to escape the bondage that the German Rule Keepers sought to enforce. Our position was not to really break them at all, but to find their true purpose, and when we found out that there is No Purpose to the EU, except domination and subordination of the European Peoples by the resurgent Huns — we sought to abolish the unjust Union. And History will reward us for this mightily as the defendants of Liberty for all of Europe.

But the Germans and the Collaborators across Europe have already fighting us with Psychological operations and espionage along with Sabotage and undermining of our Currency and Commercial credit. Seeing as we have taken a beating in the value of Sterling, and commercial paper along with the downgrade of our Credit rating we can see the fingers of the ECB and the Deutche Bank behind all of these moves — in a dastardly effort to break the will of the English people and like they did with the Greeks, to make us alter our resolve and turn the “LEAVE” vote to a “maybe another time” policy, or even God Forbid, to a “REMAIN” course of action…

They did this to the Greek people when they shuttered the Greek Banks after the people of Greece voted overwhelmingly to leave the Austerity European Union with a 62% majority, and yet the German Junta forced their puppets, including the Greek PM Tsipras, and the Minister of Economics Varoufakis, and the rest of the Ministers from SYRIZA party to a complete turnabout a political surrender and a horrible repudiation of Democracy. As a result of that popular referendum, that was repudiated by the self destructive actions of the puppet Greek leadership, that has been documented as having been bought, and brought to power with German gold — the Greek people today suffer the worst Economic Depression since time begun, and yet they still maintain and enforce a policy of severe and catastrophic Austerity with families being fed rubbish from the trash bins every day. Yet in my mind it serves them right for having that kind of storebought puppets as leaders, instead of heroic champions of Independence and National Dignity.

So we need to be prepared to suffer through some of that as the first skirmishes of an undeclared economic war, that is evidenced by the sabotage of our Economy through the subterfuge and the criminal Blitzkrieg that the German Economic War machine has launched against Great Britain and the United Kingdom since the Victorious BREXIT vote took hold. And above all else we need to select New leaders that are True Transformational Leaders and not transactional little leaders like little Davey the resident leader of “REMAINIA”

And I am really speaking here to anyone who can still hear, and who can clearly see Europe for what it truly is today. A vast prison and a shrinking continent acting as a German lake to dump their commercial output and draw surpluses from. Am saying this in full confidence that the people of Trades, Professions, and Services here at the Guildhall tonight, understand this well enough. And that is because we’ve seen what the Germans and their Allies did to the Greeks these last few years because they also dared to seek their Independence but were decapitated and lost without leaders. Their guilds, their trade unions, their services and professions, were all duped into getting to power weaklings that roared like lions spending the German Gold to get themselves elected and then betraying the very People that brought them to power in the first instance.

Having seen this drama played out many times before — we need to be prepared for the very insidious and unfair economic warfare that has been launched against our shores. A German attack against our currency, against our values, against our Credit is imminent as soon as the Victory of the “LEAVE” campaign arrives, and we need to be ready to fight and repulse it.

But we don’t mind. We don’t scare easy. We know how to fight and we will unleash our inner dragon to assist us, because with St George and the Dragon, along with our Victorious Spirit, we will defeat this serpentine enemy. The serpent’s egg from 70 years ago has spawn this current crop of Nazis and we have to take them on once again.

And fight we will…

We will fight them on the Banks. We will fight them on the Stock Exchanges. We will fight them on the Equities markets. We will fight them on the FOREX floors. We will fight them on the Bond Markets, and everywhere where there is value to be gained. We shall not give up a single Sterling without a fight and in time we’ll beat back the Huns at every turn. But we will never surrender. We will not succumb to the enemy. And if need be, we will fight them with our hands and our weapons. We will fight them with our cybermachines, and will fight them with our arsenal and with our navy. We will never surrender. We will win this fight and we will come out the other side better than before.

It is in our DNA to be great warriors, and inventive fighters and we also have great reason to fight because we want to be FREE. And because we’ve seen what happened to those people that chose to go quietly into the German night. We’ve seen the devastation that has been brought to Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and so many others — so that the Berliners can eat cake and drink their golden snaps celebrating themselves as Masters of the Universe do.

We will fight to the death because we shall never become slaves like the modern Greek-lite traitorious leaders of that ancient and brave country allowed themselves and their people to become… since they chose not to fight.

This is a simple choice, between Freedom or Death. Either way we WIN. We will truly continue to fight to win the Freedom of all the other Europeans who are now watching to see which way this fight goes, sitting on the proverbial fence.

We will fight for all of Europe.

We will inevitably have to win all of Europe, because as People on the edge of Europe, both geographically and spiritually, we are involved in the winds of constant change.

And we know from long battle experience that when you strike at the “King” you best finish him off, or she will come back at you with all she can muster. And the same goes for the snake that seeks to strangle you or poison you with her deadly bite. You must decapitate the snake to render it harmless.

As the Freedom fighters from the outside of Europe we shall fight to liberate all those inside the vast prison Europe has now become. It is our duty, to step in the breach and help the Slaves of the system, who are so deep inside the prison-cave that they are totally confused and disoriented by the lack of light, by the minutia and the trivialities, by the prison rules and the jail warden’s petty regulations, and the prisoner processes, and all that rubbish that is designed to keep the convicts eternally busy, playing the game of snakes and ladders and not going anywhere — except staying locked into the jail’s status quo. A Status Quo that knows how to wear down whole nations and keep them in line working at the chain gang. Europe is that vast jail-cave now under the German boot of efficiency, and away from the cathartic light of day — and in time we will all be called to fight the snake and “kill” the king in order to liberate the Continent all over again.

That is WHY as English people we should remain fierce in our resolve to LEAVE and FIGHT ON, immediately while the Economic War is on, because instead of being the outsiders who are throwing bombs and dreaming of far-off transformational revolutions — we are fast becoming passive observers seeing the constant incoming bombs as the comings and goings of the community, instead of as Acts of War.

That is the danger of Conditioning, and we have to accept that we are now involved in a process of transformation, not as pawns, or prisoners of a “EUROLAND” system of conformity and efficiency — but as Free People and Masters of our own Destiny.

And to do that we must fight because this war is a war of attrition and we must keep on moving in the right direction. There is no fear but fear itself. Our Economy will be just fine. Our Sterling will be even better than before even after the shellacking that it has received in the coordinated hands of the FOREX departments of the ECB and the Deutche Bank, along with Dr Schauble, both wanting to increase the political costs to the United Kingdom, along with sowing the germs of fear, doubt, and uncertainty amongst the electorate of the English people. But we all know all that. And we also know that our Economy will be far better Outside the faulty European Union. And the cheaper Sterling will make our Exports go further and we’ll be selling far more abroad. Surely we won’t be buying too many Mercedes and Beemmers, or VWs, and that’s fine because we can buy the motorcars we manufacture locally, and thus help the local economy further produce great quality and design. So our overall economy will improve because economic growth and national income are almost entirely determined by a factor that is decided at home — namely the amount of bank credit created for productive purposes and the commerce and trade of the manufactured products and services that result out of the productive activities we undertake. We get our banks to fund our own factories, our own software shops, our own businesses, our own energy, our own Innovations, and our own international trade, and we all win. Industry and Commerce will thrive again. Under the despicable management of our affairs under the European Union rules, this locally spent bank credit has almost dried up, or at least it has sadly been very small, inside the UK in recent decades, thus much greater economic growth is possible and quite probable as soon as the proper steps are taken to boost our homeland bank credit for productive purposes within our borders and not for daft ventures like the Canadian Tar Sands, or the German Desert Tec projects, or in financialization moves in risky derivatives of packages of shite, far and away…

Thus the disastrous and fearful argument of immeasurable political costs and dire economic consequences because of Brexit, is totally and irrefutably bogus.

As for the the question of the size of the impact on our GDP from entry to, or from exit from the EU, or the eurozone, it has been studied carefully from the Bank of England under advanced quantitative analysis, and has been found to be negligible. The conclusion is that this makes no difference to economic growth, and everyone who claims the opposite is not guided by the facts.

And unlike the Greek banks, our Banks and Financial institutions are all set for the assault because we expected as much from our German brother, and the Bank of England run these scenarios and prepared us for these eventualities. We were forewarned by the fate that befallen the Greeks and thus we were prepared for the assault of the Undemocratic European leviathan. Sadly our German friends are just Binary machines, like the soldiers of the Empire in Star Wars and are utterly predictable in these Economic Wars and Domination Games.

But having made the Liberation of Europe a binary Zero Sum game now we must play to win it for all the other ones too. This is going to be far more fun than playing the Footie at the World Cup games.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.02.36 PM

So please do not begrudge our LIBERTY but go get the modicum of yours.

Go get your own Liberty…

It’s a far tastier treat than any good Ice Cream you might have tasted in your entire Life.

This is what I have to say to all of my European colleagues and friends who are bombarding me about my views on the BREXIT situation and asking me as to where we go from here?

Quo Vadis?

Where do we go?

Clearly the English are more interested in being Searchers, Seafarers, Pioneers, Explorers, and Mavericks, than being a nation of agriculturalists and multigenerational settlers, prisoners of their diminished horizons.

As constant travelers and political outsiders we are threatened by those building barriers and regulating the living daylights of everything. Because a People on the edge of the ‘Core” a true outsider/insider neither idolizes the group and their groupthink, nor demonizes the outsiders. And only such People can see the different groups as partners in a reality that is both paradoxical, and complementary as well as fast unfolding in unfettered evolution.

And after the BREXIT vote we all found out that the jubilation was met with rebuttals and fusillades from the “Settlers” and the prisoners, who very much like those chained on the walls of Plato’s Cave — they hate and begrudge the Freedom of others, and wish to kill them rather than admit that Liberty and Freedom is possible for all of us.

Yes, there are downsides to being at the edge of “THE CORE TEAM” as an outsider, and being Free is a hustle. You’ll have to walk alone and be happy with it. But you also might encounter the People who are Free like you and can have Free Association and make partnerships at will. Sure, the trolls and the haters will hate you because they are jealous bitches. Look at the internet flaming wars already coming from the german slaves of all political stripes that try to paint BREXIT as some kind of racist expression instead of the LIBERTY for all vote that is and it truly represents. Weak people and bureaucrats attached to a dying status quo will attack you because they hate your Freedom and know they can never have it being chained to the machine. And still some errant souls will even seek “rent” and even want to make you pay for the Freedom that you earned yourself.

We need to deploy some well chosen missives of British humour against these daft silly folk, and we will make an arrangement through the Ministry of Silly Walks, to get them to walk again the goose-step under the Wagnerian muse.

Now picture that.

Picture that, and still try to manage to stay calm, while laughing at their faces, because that’s when the bullies melt away. But yourself, you stay your ground, you keep strong and steadfast because you can never lose. One can never lose, when fully committed to the cause of Liberty and Democracy. You may be disrespected and defriended, but you were not loved in the first place, anyway — so don’t bother. As a matter of fact the People that are completely stuck at the core-team of the EU, are the most afraid of all, and will be the last to gain their freedom after everyone else abandons them. They are so invested into this sinking ship called Europe that they just might go down with it.

But the English People know and understand the sea, and they know when to leave a sinking ship, in order to live and fight another day. We are Mariners and as such we always enjoy the salty breeze that fills our sails, but not the watery grave. Same as we love the pure air of the Highlands, the clean water of the unspoiled streams, and the distant view of the outside world but not the rocky soil that makes graves of fallen soldiers hard.

We love to look at the endless sea without Horizons besides the disappearing point that bleeds the sea into the sky. And now we have set our compass to sail FREE. We now can sail freely wherever we want free from rules and regulations made against our Liberty.

But we also feel for the poor People imprisoned on the inside of the European Union today, and we know that as leaders, we must help them see the light of day inside their dark cave prison, because today they cannot even see their horrendous reality — let alone entertain thought of Liberation. And much like the prisoners facing the wall inside the “Socrates Cave Paradox” these European Union insiders, leaders & Citizens alike, tend to think in strict dualistic terms: “Our Core-Team versus Them. We are Good – They are bad. It’s either this or that. Friends and Enemies. They have lost the nuances and the gradations of life. They have lost their humour and rebellion has gone out of fashion under the unsmiling gray that has fallen all over their heads obscuring the very light of day.

And you can’t blame them, when all the European Media is owned by the German Banks directly and indirectly, and all the European Prime Ministers are owned, bought and paid for, or appointed by Berlin. As a matter of fact the transparency organizations AJ4FD, Transparency International, and Greek Oxygen, all have evidence of the wholesale Corruption of the Political Class of Greece and of the wider Europe through the use of German “Gold.” And that doesn’t stop there because the rapacious Germans have also bought up all the Media of Europe and thus control the information flow of propaganda, ideas, and knowledge. And they are doing it rather well.

Of course this is a Repetition of History, and we know how to play that game too and how to respond because the past always gets repeated, albeit in a slightly different way.

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For those of you who might remember your Oxford history books, you can reread the book “Anabasis” by Xenophon, to see what the Ancient Greeks did when the Persian Host decapitated their Leadership, and how different that lot was, from today’s soft and docile enslaved mini-greeks.

Same goes for all the nations of Europe that shiver and shift exposed to the frozen death winds of Teutonic breath; unprotected without the cloak of Strong Leadership, but having only traitors, and German puppets at the helm of their ship of state. That is how the people of Europe are kept in the worst type of bondage — the mental kind. They are slowly cooked like the French boil their frogs, and are conditioned by their Media and their sold out leaders to the belief that they are chained to invisible caves of the mind, with the invisible chains of despondency and depression. The chains of the Mind are the worst kind. The European Nations have all been relegated to living inside the dark cave of the mind that Socrates and Plato described in the “Cave paradox” and this is what the EUropean Union has become for all 500 million people of this ancient continent.

Methinks it’s time to awake. It’s time to be Liberated once again. But first you must grow a pair… because you need cojones of steel and the Courage of the Ages to fight the enemy headlong. Otherwise just stay riveted in front of the TV and get to learn the outcome of the battles from the Telly.

But the Ones who have the HEart and can muster the Courage and who are awake enough to see — this invitation will resonate.

Come Join me… and fight for the cause of Freedom.

Let’s disrupt the German War Machine once again.

Let the play of Light and Darkness commence…

Because we all know that before sunrise — we stir. And in the early twilight, some of us have the capacity to awake with brilliant thoughts of Free Will. And in that space between dream and sleepy wakefulness, that is the beginning of wisdom. That is the true moment of realization about our station in Life. And that is where we can find our will to fight the sadness of our inability to fight the European Overlords, and their tendency to be inimical to Freedom. As a matter of fact that is the moment of No Illusion, and your memory of Liberty can come from the very memory of that moment kept alive throughout your day.

Today as it has always been the case of the European people it is the choice of first becoming aware and awake to the fact that you need to fight the natural tendency to belong to the group, in order to avoid the vicious evils of GroupThink and the bondage of Austerity.

You must try it sometime. Because to be Free you ought to become AWAKE in the mindscape of Freedom.

First You think FREE, then you become FREE.

Still with BREXIT much of this has changed already…

Movement of Ideas, People, and Migration routes across the EU will also change, both because the internal EU rules on mobility will no longer apply, and because mass emigration from Europe is a symptom of the EU’s vast failure that itself led to the Brexit vote. The terribly insincere Austerity policies of Germany that wanted to create surpluses for herself and deficit for every other nation — led to the massive unemployment that it turn made people seek food and shelter elsewhere.

And sadly here is where the UK has made the problem somewhat worse by cutting back on basic public services, at the same time as it absorbed the enormous intake of economic refugees from the EU’s Euro catastrophe. I can’t count the number of young Spanish, French, Italian and Greek workers I’ve met in London, who are here, because there are no jobs in Euroland. In that sense, the UK has given Brussels a safety valve for its own policies that have led to 50% youth unemployment, but now they will have to go back and change their countries from within and for the better. And having been exposed to the peculiarly English sense of Freedom they will hopefully infect their moribund societies with the virtues of LIBERTY and DEMOCRACY once again.

I am certain that these young people will be the Freedom Fighters of Europe. The partisans of tomorrow and the fighters for the Liberation of their countries against the German yoke.

This mass unemployment is an inevitable consequence of the Euro, as Wynne Godley foresaw in 1992, in one of the most prophetic articles ever written: “If a country or region has no power to devalue, and if it is not the beneficiary of a system of fiscal equalisation, then there is nothing to stop it suffering a process of cumulative and terminal decline leading, in the end, to emigration as the only alternative to poverty or starvation.” –Wynne Godley, “Maastricht and All That”, London Review of Books, October 1992.

Other main changes I expect from Brexit are a long overdue material shift in the power balance away from London, it’s technocrats, and its elites, and back to the once working class regions of the United Kingdom. These people who have been the victims of a globalisation that, when it was first championed by Margaret Thatcher and then by Folly Blair, was supposed to have either no victims at all, or “losers” who could be easily compensated by the “winners”.

However, as even the IMF fully admitted, globalisation under the banner of Neoliberalism was certainly not a victimless crime, and compensations to losers have remained theoretical constructs rather than actual policy. The losers have now struck back politically. Their blow may have been messy — by mixing independence, jingoism, and xenophobia, with a justified frustration of an economic system that humiliates whole People, and a political system that ignores the Citizen Voters. Yet the most important take away is that political leaders need to understand the root causes behind that terrible bodyblow the Citizens armed with the powerful mallet of the Vote — have delivered to the Establishment, rather than simply denigrating its wielders as jingoists, reactionaries, and racists.

I say this because the English speaking people standing at the edge of the “Core EU Team” as outsiders are more likely to see the wholeness of the situation and the many beneficial solutions of the BREXIT today> That is why we voted for it. The People are wise and that is what Democracy is built upon.


We voted for BREXIT because we are able to see where we truly are and also see how we can both win, out of a difficult situation. Those differences that might seem superficially opposite, are actually in a complementary lined-up relationship within some larger processes taking place in our amazing world. Processes that are pregnant with promise and opportunity…

But to get there, we all have to forsake this broken Union together and start fresh all over again.

Dr Churchill

When people are afraid, defensive, or threatened — they have no tolerance for the People at the edges of the core. This is what happens in Europe today with all the nations that are tied up to the German leadership. And that is why they are jealous of the Freedom of the English people that they are afraid to demand for themselves, fearing the uncertainty of Liberty away from the safety of the German jackboot pushing down their throat.

And the German jackbooted thugs know this quite well and deprive these nations of their rightful leaders by installing puppets and Quislings, and thus fully control the Peoples of Europe. And as they are aware that this is an undeclared and fighting war brewing on — instead of giving any measure of Liberty to the People, they demand more purity, more ideological uniformity, more cohesiveness, and more rigid loyalty with lock-step unity.

Welcome back to “1984” in the German ruled Europe of 2016 where the triumvarite junta of Dr Scauble, Frau Merkel, and Juncker (the bomber), after hearing the Victory of England in the BREXIT vote, they are hastily tightening the bonds and buttoning down the hatches of the Panzer Tanks where the Europeans are chained.

Tall order that all three heads of the Unelected European Junta came out today pressuring the Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron and claiming that what Europe now needs is more cohesion, more Austerity, and stronger Political Integration. More bondage. More Misery. More Austerity. More death camps for the weak, the invalids, the different ones, and the ones who don’t toe the german line.

How is that message resonating with those weak souls, and the fearful ones who want to define and reshape EUrope from within, and who are voting for the weird Republic of REMAINIA? If they thought that things can’t get any worse — they should go to Greece to see the people eating dinner out of the garbage cans.

And yet in the absurd world of Brussels, and in a surreal move reminiscent of the last Fuhrer, the EURO-Junta now demands that all the people of Europe must become more like German slaves than ever before. They should all huddle together under the German tent, and they should start behaving more like little toy Nazi soldiers, sleepwalking blindly toward a common grave.

It is cruelly sad but methinks that the total annihilation of Europe cannot be far behind…

And from seeing behind the facade of the pompous Brussels and Berlin pronouncements coming from the triumvarite European junta of Juncker, Merkel, and Schauble, as they dictate stronger bonds of political integration for all remaining members of the EU and they unleash economic warfare against Britain while rushing to lock-up the Exit doors for the remaining European nations in order to keep them within the fold of this fast burning theatre of the Absurd — I cannot but wonder: Where has Sanity gone?

Where has the famous German Common Sense gone?
Methinks that they clearly didn’t get the Message from the tsunami named BREXIT. They are swamped but they don’t know it. Or they refuse to know it. They think it is more profitable to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic now that the Iceberg named Great Britain has ripped them a new one, than to take to the lifeboats.

What to do? German captains are famous for going down with the ship following faulty ideological maxims since time immemorial. They like to commit mass suicide and they don’t mind taking the rest of us along for the ride to the sweet hereafter.

Except that we didn’t sign up for that trip… when we envisioned a United and Democratic Europe seventy years ago, in the words of my unimitable Grandfather Winston Churchill, who said that a New Europe must be born from the ashes of the last World War that was once again started by the German Nazis.

But aside form the cheap thrills, this is the beginning of the end of German Europe and you better believe it.

Or maybe they can’t read the writing on the wall… that BREXIT wrought. So please, allow me to translate: The campaign to LEAVE the EU concentration camp of Austerity is the expression of a Freedom loving People reclaiming LIBERTY for themselves and also sending a message to the wider world that whatever may come, we are ready to fight for our Ancient and God given RIGHTS to be FREE and to ELECT our own LEADERS, because we seek leaders that can transform our DESTINY into the DREAMS of our Fallen Fathers, and not petty bureaucrats that negotiate the price of rope to hang ourselves.

And we trust that our European friends and the oppressed people of the Continent — will surely get this message too, because history has a way of clearing up the cobwebs of the retarded minds rather forcefully. Even the real Nazis met their own maker soon enough, but it was the Brits who cleaned their clocks first. Today’s trio of jockers are in line to have their clocks cleaned sooner rather than later. But before we have to live through another big bloodletting fest that war invariably is, we best behave as students of history and not some kind of Master Race of infallible idiots.

Because now more than ever, we need the English People who have the courage to live on the edges of the “Core team of the EU” because they love the European Peoples as partners in Peace — so much, that they are not hesitant to critique them as a friend, and as the Socratic Gadfly, to question the central unelected and therefore unaccountable European Authority. And that is why the English, dauntlessly insist to the rest of the EUropeans, that they too can live up to their truest selves.
Because the True Self of any People is FREEDOM. Free WIll and Liberty is the very Soul of Europe and that’s what this FIGHT is all about. It’s about our birthright of Liberty and Democracy…


But Liberty is our birthright and it is the very agreement this nation was built upon. After all a Nation is an agreement between those who have died, those who are alive, and those yet to be born. And the Liberty we were given by our Forefathers we shall dutifully pass on to our children and those children yet to be born… living up to our side of the bargain happily.

Now let’s not hear it from me, but from Pericles speaking at the burial of the Athenian dead, during the first year of the Peloponnesian war, a couple of Millennia ago, during another time of trials and tribulations for Democracy.

Pericles wisdom is succinct and to the point, just as relevant today as it was Two Thousand years ago:

And that is the message of BREXIT to the bondaged and enslaved Europeans:

Be Brave — Revolt — Demand your Liberty

“We got our Freedom — now go get yours”


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