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HAPPY INDEPENDENCE = Invitation for RealPolitik, Business of Finance, & Trade Leadership Conference Talks on BREXIT and it’s U.S. impacts. On July 28th in Seattle

Dear Friend,

   Happy Independence Day.
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As a token of our Independence let’s help our friends across the pond, to gain a modicum of their own Independence as well. I am fairly certain you’ve heard of the LEAVE campaign that I fronted in the UK along with many other notables and of the Great Victory we won in what is now called euphemistically BREXIT but in reality represents the greatest boost to British trade, Independence, and Financial growth — in the last Hundred years.
Brexit is exactly that, and here is an Invitation to participate in a High level Think Tank discussion this July 28th in the Pacific Northwest’s Premiere Social Club “THE CHURCHILL SOCIETY” that holds this event at the venerable Columbia Tower Club of Seattle:
 It is very fortunate that at the 28th of July during the best Summertime season for the Pacific Northwest — we have organized this Great Conference at the coolest venue in Seattle, where I will also Deliver my Speech and I want you to be there.
Here is the Information at the Churchill Society page to read all about it:
And here is the meeting list to place your RSVP:
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 Those of us who are active Fund Managers shall join me and next morning we’ll board my boat and have a sailing cruise in the Puget Sound for the day and sail to Port Townsend where we’ll spend the evening with a dinner celebration so next day we will drill down to discussing Financial Strategies in order to benefit from the upheaval to the Status Quo and the interruption to the placid bond and equities markets that is caused by BREXIT and it’s risible impacts and unintended consequences.
  We’ll certainly do  a lot of work that day and the next, but we’ll also enjoy fresh organic and wild seafood and the bounty of Nature from a well known young Chef, at the Victorian harbor town, where we’ll settle to enjoy all the charms and recuperation that the surrounding natural forested preserve can offer. This is a high intensity One Day Fund and Family Office Finance and Investment Conference, but of course there will be breaks and leisure time so that we can all partake of the various planned events and activities and also open times for improvised and unscheduled swims and suntanning on the beautiful beach off the main harbor over the next couple of days that most people will choose to stay over at one of the old Captain’s homesteads dating back to Victorian era when this little gem of town was the Commercial, Trade, Finance and Economic Capital of the Pacific Northwest.
  Yet going there to talk about BREXIT and our Special Relationship for a Common Economic destiny — let us remember that CHANGE is GOOD and if anything it is the Real Constant of our Universe and of our own Lives. So let us be the Contrarians and the Agents of Change that buck the tide of popular Media that consistently paints this momentous event in the History of Great Britain as a black swan.
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   Instead, let us be smart, and opt to go in the opposite direction of the mass of lemurs sleepwalking off the cliff in a Socialized European Continent, and let’s drive our Investments to the benefit of our Funds and Freedom, and thus support British Independence because this is not at all about Common Shared Prosperity in Europe but about a Naked Power Grub against the Free People of these Misty Isles…
   Today on this Independence Day Celebration — let us not forget that it was not bureaucrats and accountants that won this Freedom for us but rather Merchants and Men of Means, along with the People of Trades and Professions that saw the opportunity for Independence and courageously grabbed for it.
    We need the same kind of Leadership today on both sides of the pond and of this divisive debate that holds far too much in the balance.
      Looking Forward to seeing you all there.
        Dr Pano Kroko Churchill
   On behalf of the great State of Washington
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