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The Impact of BREXIT on the United States and the Special Relationship

Thursday, Jul 28, 2016, 6:00 PM

Columbia Tower Club
701 Fifth Avenue Columbia Center 76th Floor Seattle, WA

113 Churchillians Attending

Let’s talk BREXIT….BREXIT what is it good for?BREXIT and it’s impacts for the United States economy, security, and defense…BREXIT what is it good for?INDEPENDENCE.British Independence, from the Tyranny of an unelected and undemocratic Berlin & Brussels corrupt regime that has takes over the European Continent.Freedom from this autocratic …

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Let’s talk about Economics, Politics, and the Law of Unintended Consequences, of BREXIT and the effects across the world.

#Brexit Is All About Taxation (and Regulation) Without Representation.

Taxation from Brussels and Faulty Leadership from Berlin without any Democratic input from our citizens.

That’s why leaving was a far better choice than staying put in a suffocating relationship.

This is what #Brexit Is All About: Taxation (and Regulation) Without Representation.

The High Cost of Indirect Taxation from the EU to the UK is a horrendous economic burden.

The cost of the U.K.’s EU club membership, so to speak, varies year-to-year, but it averages between 8 and 10 billion pounds—the equivalent of $11 billion and $14 billion—making the kingdom the third largest net contributor after Germany and France. But the costs don’t stop there.

Towering above the contribution to the EU’s budget are costs associated with the bloc’s endless regulations and all the agricultural stuff et al — in what I refer to as a heavy indirect taxation, without any representation.

According to Open Europe, a nonpartisan European policy think tank, the top 100 most expensive EU regulations set the U.K. back an annual 33.3 billion pounds, equivalent to $49 billion. This amount exceeds what the U.K. Treasury collects in Council Tax (a tax on domestic property) on an annual basis.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 12.37.36 PM

Let’s talk BREXIT….

BREXIT what is it good for?

BREXIT and it’s impacts for the United States economy, security, and defense…

BREXIT what is it good for?


British Independence, from the Tyranny of an unelected and undemocratic Berlin & Brussels corrupt regime that has takes over the European Continent.

Freedom from this autocratic regime that imposes on all Peoples of Europe a fascist system of undemocratic and corrupt “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”



The main Reason that Great Britain has been doggedly pursuing it’s own Independence is simply because the British People felt that they were faced with the imminent threat of Economic, Political, and National Cultural Extinction.

That sentiment encompasses the whole of the important main reason for the astounding results of the LEAVE campaign that brought to us the historic Independence movement that BREXIT represents and that the British people are celebrating today.

Everything else follows from that important sentiment.

And the fact that this Referendum was so upside down that confused everybody is an indication of this most important sentiment of the Citizens and the Voting public.

One of my takeaways from my last trip to England and the United Kingdom…

My visit convinced me that the Brexit debate was a lot nastier, uglier and corrosive than even I could have imagined.

We had a great conference at the Churchill Society inside London’s Chatham House, and the carefully arrived at takeaway — arrived at through fact based debate, reason, and the Science of Chaos & Complexity as well as Emergence theory — was that we are far better off, without the Brussels and the Berlin overlords.

We are far better without the German conceived fully undemocratic system of Brussels bureaucracy that we have come to know as: “Taxation without Representation.”

Yet this is what Brussels and Berlin still demand of us…

Many smart people and gifted politicians along with Scientists and citizens graced our podium, but none was nearly as eloquent a speaker as my friend Boris Johnson the London Mayor that recently stepped down to lead the Brexit campaign. He has also written a book about my grandfather Winston Churchill and about the Life of London that are sure to grace my library since he gave both of them to me as a gracious gift for my return to this great city…

Still for Politics, in the whole of the UK and especially in London, there seems to be an overwhelming leaning towards the “leave” camp. People are animated towards the idea of Free Britain and an Independent United Kingdom like never before, and are excited to experience this new moment in their Lifetimes.

My friend the old Mayor of London Boris Johnson paid us a visit at the Churchill Society conference and spoke eloquently and passionately about our need to be Free from the yoke of tyranny that Berlin & her minnie-me Brussels, and her minions have imposed upon the English people. We also spoke together at the Guildhall in favor of BREXIT in front of the Business and Merchant class of Leaders and we nailed it with this most difficult crowd of skeptical individualists… It was a glorious night.

Boris Johnson indeed led the communication effort and offered many many passionate speeches for the Brexit block, and he is credited with a big part of the Win. Today he is likely to be the next Prime Minister of the UK after the next national elections. Yet currently he was elevated to the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs upon the swift and celebratory win of the referendum for the LEAVE campaigners and after David Cameron stepped down and Theresa may became the new Prime Minister.

And the message of the overwhelming vote for BREXIT is that of course we are better off alone, yet it’s very likely for the results of this election to be contested by the regressive elements and the appeasers of Germany and the EU, and still the economic outcomes will be brilliant for the UK and maybe not so much for the EU. Still this is going to be a nasty divorce no matter how civil we attempt to be based on our being able to maintain our calmness, resolve, and composure.

Yet at the very least this will be a fantastic shock-test for the European Union, and also for the EURO coin, and maybe a bit for the G10 currency markets, and the Forex, and the Libor rates, all the way from the lead-up to and the aftermath of the vote, and for a few weeks thereafter. But because of renewed expectations of growth from the upset — the global markets will rally, and rally wildly and thus reach new heights for most indices. Smart investors ride the waves and this is not exception.

With all guns blazing the traders are aiming at the hapless EURO that stands to be assaulted and tested to the limits far more so than the British pound.

Much activity will ensue…

All the FX traders and Hedgies on the planet will swarm for some quick action, and as Mr Draghi and the ECB will be found “wanting” with their tiny “bazooka” in defense of the EUROzone — and surely the EUROstory will end up pearshaped, but there you have it.


Dr Churchill

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