Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 31, 2016

Lincoln Party is the Third Party…

To the Bernie Sanders Crowd falling in lockstep behind the fascist DWS:
To DWS head of the DNC who manufactured the Clinton victory:
To the Democratic National Committee:
To the Democratic party:
To the Rank & File Democrats:

Last night through Hook & Crook, through fear & deception, and through intimidation & criminality — you anointed Hillary Clinton with your nomination for President of the United States.

I couldn’t fail to notice that she was dressed like the Pope in an all white pantsuit…

She runs on a chromosome alone and thus thinking that if she represents herself as a biologically unimportant chromosome — she might slip in the position of the President and sit down on the chair, unobserved.

Or maybe she is thinking that when this Presidential thing falls apart as it will surely do — she can then campaign with her corrupt sidekick the Muslim Huma, and Debbie that does the Democrats in tow, for a position in the Vatican. Really she wants the Top post and she will break a random Italian glass ceiling, in order to become the first Lady Pope.

Please don’t laugh and don’t snigger here because Hillary is truly multitalented and gender fluid and she can pull a Kaitlin Jenner in the opposite direction if she can steal the Nomination for the Pope position.

Just see this amazing woman that she is able to walk and talk at the same time. Maybe not much of a walk but surely she is a talker around the podium and she spoke at length while her daughter dressed in a woman-in-red dress, galivanted around the stage, and gyrated to the music. And then Hillary embraced the genius journalistic wonder “red-child” and talked and talked and talked — while her husband went to sleep under her melodious voice singing badly written national lullabies.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 4.11.38 PM

So, let the record show that in the face of at least 4 federal investigations, email scandals, and the unraveling of America’s remaining trust in your candidate; set against the backdrop of a neo-fascist opponent who has demonstrated he can beat her, your Party leaders have failed to heed the concerns of your constituents and have thereby imperiled the safety and stability of our nation and world.

As this threat has become imminent, you have continued to put forth your support for the most vulnerable, flawed, corrupt, and polarizing candidate in the Party’s history. You have the power to ask her to step aside and raise up another member of the Party. In spite of the acute urgency of the situation, you have chosen not to intervene.

You have systematically, deliberately, and unlawfully undermined the campaign of the most honest, decent statesman of integrity of our generation – the one candidate who has consistently proven he is the only one who can effectively stop the terrifying prospect of the ascendancy of Donald Trump. Moreover, you have done so by providing covert support financially and logistically for Hillary Clinton, in violation of your own Party’s Charter, Bylaws, and the laws of the United States of America.

We – the people of the United States – and particularly those who continue to stand in support of Bernie Sanders hereby hold you fully accountable for your decision, conduct, and the subsequent consequences.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.28.49 PM

And as Hillary will grow the government against the Constitution and despite the Tenth Amendment — we will have to fight her, because the old Document that guides our decisions says, this in the very last of the Amendments of the Bill of Rights, the Tenth. This Tenth amendment is as exceptional from the others as it gets. In fact it declares clearly:

“The powers not delegated to the United States

by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the

States, are reserved to the States respectively, or

to the people.”

The essence of the Tenth Amendment is that the States individually reserved all the powers which they didn’t collectively delegate over to the federal government.

And that is what we have to safeguard from the claws of Hillary and Billy the kid who didn’t know what his middle leg was doing.

We are in for a fight.

Yes, as we are all too aware, Hillary Clinton was officially anointed this week as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee for the upcoming election. She was chosen by the party to be its nominee long before the race ever began, and it used every means at its disposal, both in plain sight and behind closed doors, to ensure that nothing – least of all the will of the people – would prevent that from happening.

Yet even though she may have won the title, she lost any moral legitimacy to the position that the title represents.

It is a shameful, hollow victory; one that has stained the democratic process in its callous and brazen willingness to subvert that very process by whatever means necessary in order to triumph.

Her campaign’s collusion with the DNC (not to mention her corporate media allies, lobbyists and tech industry cohorts) to undermine Senator Sanders’ bid for the nomination – to any rational, thinking person who’d paid even the slightest bit of attention to the unfolding race – was as obvious as it was incensing. The party’s hierarchy, working with their establishment counterparts at state and local levels, did everything they could to sabotage and stifle the Vermont Senator’s burgeoning campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.46.55 AM

This subterfuge became glaringly apparent through a whole host of underhanded practices. From planning debate schedules to ensure the lowest possible viewing audience; widespread voter suppression through registrations being dropped, party registration being changed, or receiving incorrect ballots; manipulating voter registration rules; forged signatures on voter registration sheets; scandalously high discrepancies in many states between exit poll results and actual voting tallies (disparities that were not evident in either the Republican primary or the 2008 Democratic primary); officials conspiring to paint Sanders as an atheist, as revealed in the recent WikiLeaks email dump; and the list goes on…

Perhaps the saddest aspect of all of this is that so many of those previously disenfranchised, disaffected and otherwise alienated or jaded by the political process saw in Senator Sanders’ campaign a light in the political darkness. They saw a man of principle, someone who had spent a lifetime remaining true to his beliefs and his word, and someone who wanted to rid the system of its corporate, insider cronyism and make the country and more fair and just one. And now those same people who fought alongside Sanders are confronted with the cruel reality that those corporate, insider cronies came out on top…once again.

However, as dispiriting as that reality may be, it could have been worse. Had the Democratic primary been fought fairly, on a level playing field, with no establishment deck-stacking involved and Clinton had still clawed her way to the nomination, there would be very little solace to be had in the notion that voters simply liked her and her politics better. As bitter a pill to swallow as the actual outcome is, at least one can take some comfort in the knowledge that she didn’t win on merit, she won through fraud and deceit.

If, as many like to say, politics is a sport, then Hillary Clinton is the political equivalent of a state-sponsored, doped-up Russian athlete.

The only upshot is that we are now back in an 1860 moment when the Third Party Candidate Abraham Lincoln run and the People liked him. He was anointed with nothing but their vote, and he won. Am certain that the people’s vote was not wasted, as History later confirmed in a rather large way.

We should remember that and go for the Lincoln Party Candidates:

Vote for Value not for Convenience or Fear.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 3.27.42 PM

And if you don’t want to vote for an upstart — then vote for anybody else including the Donald or Jill Stein, except the hilly-billy from Arkansas, because Hillary Clinton didn’t win the Democratic Party nomination – she simply won the game of trickery, collusion and fraudulence that modern politics in this country has devolved into. And while Sanders’ bid to clean house ultimately failed, it opened the eyes of many millions of voters to show just how corrupt the system has become.

Right now many of those voters are crestfallen and many more are just plain angry. But there are many fights that lay ahead, and when they come, those same voters will be going into battle with their eyes wide open.

Regardless of what happens from here on, America owes a great deal of gratitude to Bernie Sanders. His legacy will be of the man who exposed corruption inside the two party system, dared to challenge the limitations the so called experts put on grass roots activism and building a national campaign with only small dollar donors. He challenged the notion that you have to be morally bankrupt, lie about the issues or ignore the issues to play the game. He also challenged the notion that you have to play dirty in your campaign.

No matter where we go from here, Bernie Sanders will always be the man who launched the revolution. But now that he has tapped out, deciding to play a different role as a leader in the Senate who can help actual progressives get into office down ballot. He has left it up to us to decide if this is true a moment of change in America or if we slink back to the establishment and settle for the candidate they hand picked, cheated for, and lied about, in order to get the nomination.

This is about the issues and its about leadership. Hillary Clinton has a long record of being on the wrong side of the issues highlighted by the revolution. Sure the establishment has sold her to those who don’t do their research as a progressive, but when you break down her record issue by issue, she fails the progressive or even compassionate test time and again. Pro Free Trade, Pro Fracking, Pro Offshore Drilling, Anti substantive regulation of Wall Street, banking, insurance, big oil, chemical companies (GMOs, Pesticides). She has fought for the rich and powerful and allowed the poor and middle class to get hammered by unfair taxation, outsourced jobs, stagnant or shrinking wages, runaway housing, energy, education and healthcare costs. She was a part of promoting Bill’s policies that sold private prisons, mass incarceration of predominantly the poor communities of color, free trade, deregulation, etc. Many other issues found her sitting on the sidelines when those fights needed champions like the fight for gay rights, gay marriage or the spread of HIV, fight for a living wage. She screwed up all of the Middle East and North Africa single handedly and has destroyed most all of Africa for America and delivered it lock stock and barrel to the Chinese, without a fight.

And lest we forget that she is the candidate most likely to take us to war all over again, and she already has started her work of flooding the world with weapons of mass destruction and mayhem. And so long as someone gives her some more money for the Corrupt Clinton Machine the CGI — she will sell her own Mother or the nicest nuclear weapon to you. It’s a nice BIG racket if you can have it. But I must admit, you have a good business going on right there lady.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.20.21 AM

But I have a question for you now;
“Don’t you think You should hang a red light above the door to help people find the entrance to the den of inequity for a “Happy End” good time — easier?”

And so it all ends.

So it ends at least as progressives looking at the issues tend to despair. ANd it’s understandable to despair with this Evil choice of the God-Awful candidate — I must remind them that there still is one champion left in the race. Jill Stein has a nearly identical record on the issues as Bernie, albeit not the legislative history. She will fight for us and not corporate owners. When asked why she was staying in the race even though Bernie was carrying nearly her entire platform, she told the media, because the party will never let him win. They will cheat him out of the nomination and when that happens he can join me or I will be there to continue the fight.

Sure the conservatives who reject Trump have an option as well in Gary Johnson, but lets not confuse the two, because Jill carries Bernies’ entire agenda, Gary Johnson has a few areas of overlap with legalizing marijuana and keeping the nation out of wars of choice and military interventionalism, but on nearly every other issue (economy, environment, regulation, safety nets for the poor, sick, elderly or unemployed, government involvement in healthcare and education Johnson has fought on the wrong side.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.22.38 AM

If the revolution is to continue we need to continue to reject business as usual and crony capitalism. We need to expand our choices and lead the growth of the 3rd parties. Start with getting both into the debates and then see if we can strike Gold twice in one election. We grew Bernie from 3% in the polls and nobody understanding the issues or challenging the establishment to the most popular politician in Washington. Bernie has broken down those barriers, we just need to continue growing and continue rejecting the corrupt two party system. It helps that the two parties gave us the two most unlikeable, untrustworthy candidate in our nations history.

And that is something we have to fight against and root for a THird party candidate.


Dr Churchill


But we still have a lot more work to do and many miles to go before we sleep…

We have to engage many more young voters and educate them about the Lincoln Party.

We have to register more first time voters under our banner.

We have to not be afraid to tell people that we are still fighting for real change.

And we have to tell them that we are going to overwhelm the establishment at the polls — regardless of fear, regardless of any uncertainty, and regardless of doubt.

Let’s fight on against the Fear and the relentless Doubt that has been sown amongst us by the fear mongering machine… of the fascist DNC.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.48.47 AM


As for the children — here is the takeaway message from this debacle of Democracy:

Dear Hillary and followers –

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

You just set the worst historic moment in American history.

You just taught every little girl across America that it’s okay to cheat, lie under oath, and bully others in order to be successful in life.

You taught them that it’s okay to tell a young child to shut their mouth when they’re protesting about what matters to them that you obviously ignored.

You taught them it’s okay to use your gender as a means of landing a high profile career. You taught them it’s okay to take away freedom of speech and expression. You taught them it’s okay to change your position on a policy to get a vote. You taught them that if you have money and influence, it’s okay to use it to bully others…

Mrs. Clinton, you’re a disgrace to America and American Women.

You and your followers DESERVE a Trump presidency. I will do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen but not by voting for you. You lack too much of that stuff called integrity…



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