Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 1, 2016

Brain Software – The Ultimate Resource

Brain software and the improved brain power that it effects, is the ultimate resource on this planet. This has been verified as being totally TRUE by any strenuous scientific and physical test.

Think about it…

The power of the mind endowed with the Brain Software of Free and unfettered thinking, as expressed in new ideas and the resultant innovation, is all that has propelled Civilization forward.

That is the Brain Software we need to be installing and reinstalling, in our heads, in order to survive and thrive as a person, as a people, and as a species, that truly aspires to become the rulers of this Earth and the Galaxies beyond, all the way to the ends of our Universe.

Let’s unfetter ourselves from the bondage of religion and allow our minds to fly free to the unknown to bring back useful knowledge and valuable energetics.

Limitless Success is what is accomplished by installing my Brain Software in your head. You should try it some time…

Yet when I first posited this Thesis of mine, about Brain Software and necktop computers, and the immense power resource within them, that is more powerful than any resource on Earth – some twenty years ago – I was attacked.

And I wasn’t only attacked by the religious zealots, but by the smart scientists as well. The attacks from the religious backward people that keep their societies riveted in the strange teachings of the goatherders of the 6th century, were well expected. But the attacks from the offended scientists and from well read physicists — were not…

Now that was expected, because every time we expand knowledge and move forward the progress of science and civilization – some Luddites or fearful of being deposed old-thought scientists, and of course the regular adherents of steady same couchsurfing comfort — suffer greatly when faced with CHANGE.

Yet today, a couple of decades onwards — many leading physicists, brain scientists, and ordinary neural progress advocates, have come around and have accepted my “thesis” and my Brain Software as the much needed tool to enhance and expand our Resourceful Reality. Because I believe that they have now started to see what I see — namely — that our reality is never constrained by resources, but rather by our lack of Imagination, Mindfulness, and Resourcefulness.

Clearly, this is no surprise, because we all know this internally and we can understand it, when we think about it hard and long. We can easily come to realize, that what exists between our ears and what resides inside our head cavity, is the most powerful resource this planet has ever known. Provided that we start using it in that resourceful fashion…

There is more abundant “Energy” inside our heads and through the capacity of our minds, than all the fossil fuels and renewable energy this planet has to offer.

On this — mark my words, read the book Brain Software and come back to tell me how you applied it in your own Life to make a monumental success out of yourself.

After all, the Human Mind is the source of our Thriving Existence, and it will continue to be so — if we maintain the upgrading of the brain Software that we apply to run this neck-top computer that we all have.

And conversely, when we use old and dysfunctional software in our heads — like some of the old religious software that was founded in the deserts of the Middle East by shepherds and goatherders, that we still install in the young people’s heads around the world — we end up with “jihad” against our Civilization and against our Progress. We end up with Dark Ages non-thinking and full on ignorance that takes us back to the Stone Age.

Methinks that it is best to endow ourselves with the Brain Software that will enable us to move the needle of Progress toward the kind of Mental and Physical Liberty that will allow us to move forth in both Science and Society, so that we can innovate our way out of the strenuous issues that we are faced with on our path to continued and thriving existence.

After all, our “Existence” is still a Big Challenge when we hear and experience the cult of Ignorance most all Religions are steeped into. We need to combat that closed mindset, with all we’ve got to avoid a dismal fate of Humanity sliding into the Hades of Oblivion and permanent Insignificance as a species and as a People.

So I wish us Good Luck

Now go ahead and read my book “Brain Software” and decide for yourself if it’s the best way to improve your Life and create your Legacy. You’ll see that it is the best way to upgrade your Brain by installing a better type of Software in your mind, and by extension in our global brain so that we can surely improve the collective Mindset and face the future boldly and limitlessly…



Dr Churchill


Now regarding “Brain Software” — surely You can buy the book at Amazon and other internet booksellers like B&N and more, but for my friends — there is the download link where you get the digital version for FREE and thus we save the trees too.

Here you go:

Now if you were to think of my other important Physics Thesis, as I expressed it in the pivotal Annual Physics conference in MIT back in the day that I actually went there… “Tomorrows Physics, is today’s Metaphysics” we might be onto something substantial.

But I suspect it will be a few more decades, if not centuries before this other Thesis of mine, becomes accepted reality amongst the Cognoscenti of the Physics community, or the wider world of Science…

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.44.51 PM


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