Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 9, 2016

make america great again version 1.0

President Trump ushers in a new light through the cracks of the broken and corrupt system He has been elected to dismantle.

This is the break of dawn, that we’ve been awaiting for. It is for you and you need to love it because this kind of change makes you great, and allows you to be a leader through love, curiosity, and humor.

That’s the value of Change and Progress away for the morass of corruption and despondency. This is the mindset that you need to survive amidst a sobering electoral season, one in which we are sure to have found ourselves experiencing waves of feelings, gyrating from happiness to shock, from sadness to joy, from anger to peace, from shame to guilt, and from Love to Hate.

But in the end, all the feelings are just summed up in the elation of Victory.


We won and I have one message for you: Do not lose interest. Stay engaged because we have work to do, and because this is just a new dawn for America and we have plans to Make America Great Again, and we need your participation.

Yes, take stock of the situation, we need you too. Sure go ahead and make fun of the Losers and have a laugh at their expense but just today. From tomorrow you can’t taunt them, or belittle them, or cause them any anxiety, because they are humans too, and made of a sensitive matter, and have emotional natures, that are breaking down frequently, and are crying suddenly, or at will, and at every opportunity.

As a matter of fact, there has been so much crying going on from the liberals of California, the recidivists of New York, the Soviets of Seattle, and the millennial zombies from the rest of the Blue States, that the new Trail of Tears has in fact become a raging river, and all these crying “pussies” have to be congratulated for solving a giant problem for America: Drought and Desertification have been defeated.

So go ahead and Cry me A River…


You see the President Elect has just now been selected, and already the benefits have started accruing for all of us. He shows up on TV claiming his hard won Victory and there goes the problem of Drought and falling acquirers, getting instantly solved for the short and for the long run. And it’s a human powered, wholesome, organic, sustainable and locally produced, environmentally safe solution to boot.

So now we have decided to have a Great Society program to keep those Liberal pussies crying and the Cucks sobbing, and thus solve the drought problem of the whole State of California, Texas, Arizona, and Arkansas. Hell — we’ll fill up the Mississippi and the Columbia too through the tears of the sensitive crying game participants.

So please keep it coming for a few more months so we can at least go through the dry months of the coming Summer and then we’ll be fine and you can stop crying for the Autumn season and start again when Spring rolls around in 2017. If we manage to keep this in rotation we can really solve the problem long term and you’ll be employed as professional Crying Game Consultants.

Isn’t this a Good purpose for your lives?


Methinks it suits you fine…

So go ahead and feel your emotions, and express them, but do not give in to using tissue, but instead let them roll into the floor until we have a tide that will lift everybody’s boat.

Please do not try to justify your emotions with reasons or actions — just cry and keep on crying, and invite your friends to come cry with you in company.

Misery loves company and so do you love Misery…

But in the event that crying doesn’t suit you — just get up and join MAGA to Make America Great Again.


Dr Churchill


Also please do not make any big decisions today. Please do not leave the country. You are cherished and loved and your crying is very much needed here in your own country to combat the problem of drought in Californian and in many other states, and to fill up our reservoirs and make our rivers navigable again. And Thank You for providing the tears to accomplish this major task, so you know we need you…


And please do not forget to go High, as Michelle Obama and that other crooked Hillary told you. Follow their successful example and not only Go High but also Go big. Make a giant doobie and light up. Go ahead and get fvckin high. Get really really high. Higher than you’ve ever been. Go up and up and up, and when you pass the troposphere and reach fthe edges of the ionosphere and steer for the low earth orbit of satellites and space junk — just join them in circular or elliptical orbits around the Mother Earth.

You see another unintended benefit of the TRUMP leadership giving us the TRUMP bomb to get us humans in space without the benefit of rocketry and expensive space ships and dangerous & highly combustible fuels.

Go ahead and go high on the strength of your Giant Doobie as Michelle says, and let’s put Ellon Musk out of business, because who wants SpaceX if we can get there on our own?

So go high and if you happen to meetup with the International Space Station, knock on their door and give them a message of joy. Don’t forget to share that giant doobie with the occupants of this tiny house in the sky… and she with them the news of the TRUMP Presidency so they can start crying too and solve the water supply problem of the International Space Station.

On your way to outer space, please take along all these people in the photo bellow, because they need to cry a little more, and smoke a whole lot more, and fly many more miles before we meet again.

Don’t worry about gravity, because for these exalted figures lift off is effortless since their heads are already up in the clouds…


Anyway between crying, sobbing, and variously pitched cries for help — please alert them that this is a chance for change. Tell them that this is a new dawn, and gravity does not exist anymore. At least so long as you smoke your magic wand… and do karaoke crying.

This is your moment. Keep on crying. Hug it out. Blame the Aliens for your Loss. Blame your mother if need be — Freud will back you up… But keep on crying, and keep on smoking the giant doobie.


This is your calling and this is your purpose. That’s why you were brought upon this Earth for. Light up Bro/Sis/Tranny/Homo/ and the other 69 special orientations of sexuality seeking to find a bathroom to call their own out there in space.

Methinks — let it rip, wherever you are in your journey. What’s a little more space junk, space poop, and human excrement in Orbit?

Go get it.

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