Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 4, 2016

American Angels

Angel Investment is scary business:

Are You Ready to Become an Angel Investor?

But the scare is manageable too…

As for your fears, the uncertainties, and the doubts — Freudian psychologists are a dime a dozen and it might help to find one and start paying up to have someone listen to your freaking out self…

I  personally recommend a Jungian one.

That is if you can handle the sexual innuendo and the absolution of your Mother from all the blame you pile upon her for your Life…

But if you can go on without safe spaces, snowflakes, and if you can handle micro aggressions and politically incorrect behavior and talk — you’ve come to the right place.

Come and Get it.


Dr Churchill


So now if you’ve got balls — join us.

Join us if you want to cut your teeth in Angel Investing, or if you have already run some rodeos on this field, and now You really want to strengthen your chops.


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