Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 20, 2016

Christianity and Quantum Physics

There are many remarkable connections between the teachings of Free Will Christianity, and the findings of Science, and especially Quantum Physics.

As a matter of fact — Free Will Scientific Christianity and Quantum Physics are aligned totally with each other…

Here I aim to show you these interconnections that persist and inform our intelligence and successful outlook towards a politely strong faith, and a positively lived Life, that will lead to Happiness, Success, and Glory — without ever compromising any of our values, principles, or attendant beliefs.

Yet if we want to get some important and informative guiding answers to how we attain all this — we must first ask some leading Questions that will work wonders in clearing up the cobwebs of popular culture and denial of Reality. Imagine the power of words diving not fresh pathways into your brain, like the popular late 80’s nlp system reasonable brain software upgrades.

These questions will be a guide to help you start thinking through and soldiering on above all of the objections of your monkey mind, and overcome the reptilian selfish instincts, so you can lead yourself towards a conversation that will grow onto your deep consciousness, and lead you into redemption.

Redemption in this case means intellectual salvation from false values, and stupidities of pop culture.

And it is this Socratic dialogue method that will lead us forth, by allowing us to sort out our True Beliefs and drive us to an astonishing exploration in the philosophical realm of the physical and ethereal sense of these fascinating questions that define Humans as Gods and vice versa…

Let’s begin by asking yourself this:

Do you have Free Will?

Is there a Divine Force above your understanding?

Where do you think that force resides?

Why is it there?

Does it inform or guide our actions?

What about our Free Will?

Did the universe have a beginning?

Is our universe one in a series of infinite universes with no end and no beginning? Is the concept of a beginning of time fundamentally flawed?

Might our perception of time in fact be an illusion, a phenomenon created in our brains that has no ultimate reality?

Is there an intelligent force akin to a God out there?

Is the stunning fine-tuning of the universe, which has produced just the right conditions for life to evolve, a sign that a “principle of creation” is at work in our world?

If such a principle of creation undergirds the workings of the universe, what does that tell us about whether or not there is a divine Creator?

How does the radical interpretation of reality offered by quantum physics conform to and yet differ from the Free Will Christian conception of reality?

What is consciousness and how did it evolve?

Can consciousness exist apart from a brain generating it?

Do you have a system of beliefs?

Is there Faith outside of you?

What is Grace?

Is there a God?

Do you ever find yourself in a State of Grace?

Is the stimulating journey of discovery these questions arise into your brain a positive thing?

Are you easily led towards both the fundamental teachings of Christianity?

Or do you gravitate more towards the discoveries of contemporary science of Physics as streams of thought and revelation?

Is your Free Will the final arbiter of your Actions?

That about sums it all up.

Now rest…

And think in the background…

And perhaps after a while You can answer these three questions too:

Does this exploration given freely to You as an offering, alters your heart & mind, by offering a vital new understanding of the many ways in which Physics and General Basic Science along with the Philosophical underpinnings of Free Will Christianity, confirm and complement each other?

Does this seem to be fresh knowledge of our spirits and novel understanding of the world?

Do you think that Physics and Christianity can be mutually enlightening and empowering?

Now let these thoughts germinate…

Tomorrow you’ll have your answers fully.

Sleep on it, and Merry Christmas.


Dr Churchill


Yet for now — just enjoy the power and the beauty of this time of the year and the message of giving to others…

Or never mind…

You will understand the power and the beauty of this Christmas as the message of giving selflessly of one’s self to others by allowing the Questions above to come together n a Personal philosophy into your head…

The world is your oyster …

Trust that and think positive thoughts for the future.

And even if the past didn’t turn out exactly like the way you wanted it — this doesn’t mean that the future won’t be better than you ever imagined.

Just set your mind to it.

And join American Angels to make your dreams come true…

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