Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 14, 2017

Martin Luther King & Donald Trump: The Parallel Lives of Two Great Leaders & Our Great Expectations…

Martin Luther King and Donald Trump are birds of a feather. Yes you read that right…

Indeed both men are driven and singularly minded towards the Success of their respective Endeavors. Further, they are identical in their full dedication to their objective cause, and they manage to coalesce people of all stripes around them, and to lead them forward to the achievement of their Big Awesome & Hairy Dreams, for the advancement of Society in the direction where they see the Horizon of Justice emerging, like Sunrise breaking through the darkness that had befallen us before their arrival in the scene…

These two men re so alike because they are both strong Merchants of Hope.

And they both have lifelong Success to help them along, in that they have proved their bonafides well before they came to the political scene.

Certainly both Trump and King have offered to the World their vision before their moment of National Prominence, but now it has become an unavoidable conclusion that what is that they want to achieve is inevitable.

And they put themselves on the line for their dreams. Yet their dreams are bolstered by reality of organizational and management of their MOVEMENT THAT MAKES CHANGE INEVITABLE. Because first they offer their vision up for inspection any the people, and their acceptance came as a product of introspection by millions of Americans who fought for a place in the Sun. And as it turns out, both men have been chosen as the Great Leaders of Earth Changing Movements that were already in motion, but suddenly were reinvigorated and were put on the “March” once their Leaders arrived at the scene.

I speak of parallel lives not in any detail of personality, but in the general outlines. Both are Big Family Men. Both are lifelong Republicans, and both are religious Church going Christians.

These two people, in their similarities they also share a very important distinction, in that they are both huge and unapologetic disruptors of the Status Quo and that is why they are both hated by so many small minded people who want to shut them down.

Yet they are both respected, and at the same time revered by many more people than their detractors, because they have given their all to the Cause of Human Pregress.

Both men are also Social and Political Innovators, because they have innovated in the Political, Economic, and Social scene — since they entered their Leadership phase, and started to upend the apple carts of the vested interests along the way, thus earning the preference of the FBI, CIA, DIA, and all other agencies and the major media, to shut them down.

Both men rose from the challenges of their own respective times to take command of the imagination of a stricken nation asking them to lead them to safety and freedom. In the case of Dr king, the Freedom sought was that of Social Justice, and in the case of President Trump the Freedom sought was that of Economic Justice.

These two individuals are also Politically Incorrect in ways that the conservative society hates and deplores. And yet the People Love them exactly because they were and are Politically Incorrect and Choose to Tell Truth to power rather than follow the enslaved social convention and the serfdom decorum of the sheeple at large.

And it so happens that both men are natural Speakers and Great Leaders in bringing about change of a magnitude not seen since FDR, or even Abraham Lincoln. Their powers of Oratory and Rhetoric are immense and well respected, because both men studied the subject of Public Speaking long and hard, and hove now achieved the status of Mastery in the Art of Public Persuasion through reasoned Speech. And by observing their public speeches, you cannot fail to see that in large measure this Public Speaking and their Organizing acumen, is their winning streak…

So this makes for an interesting mix of comparisons that lead to deep similarities between the lives of the two men and that is why in the ancient tradition of Latin Senatorial Authorship, I choose to compose this Parallel lives work.

Mainly because their parallel lives are quite stunning in that both Trump & King are alike in respect to fully embracing their place in the History of this Nation, and in their explicit understanding of their Purposeful Impact through their targeted actions.

In short this is their mutual power of utilizing masterfully the bully pulpit for bringing about a sea of CHANGE to our world.

Both men lived lives fully focused on the historical significance of paying attention to the real people’s voices, and constructing policy pathways that are carefully crafted to mirror the needs of the American people into reflecting the Change this Nation needs to embrace in finding a New Course to Greatness.

So follow me along on this path and you shall see the same patterns that I have seen, and you will understand why the American people manifested this President Donald Trump at this time, same as they had manifested Dr King in another time of trials and tribulations.

God listens to his people.

And before you go fetch your pitchfork — please hear me out, because the election of Donald Trump as the next US president, is just as historically important and as significant as the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s was. And that historical necessity is what spawned Dr King as the firebrand preacher who led the Million Men March to Washington. Same as Donald Trump led the many Million Men March to take back Washington and the White House for the American people.

Because very much today like in the Civil Rights Era — we are going through a period of profound political and economic change around the world, and we are almost certainly unprepared for it. But Change will come regardless, and we best enjoy the ride.

Sadly now, at the same time that the American people enjoy their hard won Victory and bask in the glow of History, seeing the sharp light of Civilization — the pitch of battle cries and character assassinations arises from the harping voices of the perpetually depressed, the malcontents, and the establishment shills, who all wail like sad marionettes, pulled lower & lower by their shadow puppet masters, and by all their corrupt Mini-Fuhrers who want to protect the Status Quo by misleading and misdirecting all those who have expressed frustration with the lack of economic opportunity available to them.

Because at the end of the day — mark my words — this conflict is not about politics and Ideology, but it truly is about ECONOMICS.

Aristotle taught us a couple of Millennia back that Humans are Economic Animals, first and foremost. And we see this today because the malcontents and the maladjusted depressives, are all crying because their puppet masters and their plantation owners have convinced them that they are drowning by simply shifting the discussion through the mass-media they also own, towards a politically ideological division, by shifting the discussion to opaque politics that creates Serfs of the Mind, in an effort to control the disenfranchised population in order to keep the people who believe that Political crap, enslaved to the plantation politics of the Democratic establishment.

Somehow President Trump, much like Dr King back in the day — is the only reasonable person out there, who says the complete truth, and wants to fight the cancer of public corruption just as much as we do. That is the medicine we all need. This awesome TRUTH telling today is what Dr King had called for, in his last talk asking us to face ourselves in the mirror of Truth, because this is the necessary ingredient for our Republic…

And with Donald Trump this message is the same like in King’s speech. It is simply this: The economically disadvantaged people who have been literally robbed from the economic elites of their rightful place in the “table” should be listened to.

And that was always the case with Dr King as well, when he spoke against the Economic Inequality that brought about the Societal Inequity. Same like Donald Trump speaks today, Dr King was the only voice of Reason in a crowded and sharply divided fighting room, where all hell had broken loose and the security services, CIA, FBI, DIA, and all other establishment tools were conspiring to discredit or even kill him…

That is exactly the same thing that the same vested and moneyed corrupt special interests are doing today to President Donald Trump.

Do you begin to see the parallel patterns emerging now?

And that is not where the similarities stop between the two men… because both Donald Trump and Dr King fought hard against all odds to deliver the message of HOPE & CHANGE that they recognized as a historical necessity for our nation, for our society, and for the very times we live in.

Further parallel is that as an Act of strength of Will, both Trump & King were willing to expose themselves to mortal danger in order to bring about the awesome historical change, society, the times, and the people — all demanded of them.

And as you can see from the outcome of these elections, the American people did not wait for Donald Trump to come to the scene in order to vote for him, but they actively organized and rallied against the bullshit of the corrupt Democratic party and it’s god awful candidates. That is why the Dems have lost more than 1,000 elected positions in these last elections, regardless of their loss of the Presidency. Because the people didn’t just vote for CHANGE — they voted against the MASSIVE CORRUPTION, and they voted for a Revolution.

And they supported the relationship between Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement, by participating in there massive Civil Actions, the Rallies, and the Direct Vote efforts, that the Save America Movement patriots did not have to wait for Donald Trump to arrive at the scene in order to boot out their Plantation Masters, their Slave owners, and their Serf Political Masters of today’s Democratic party.

Rosa Parks did not wait for Martin Luther King to tell her what to do, and where to sit on the bus, nor did the young College educated people of today wait for yours truly to rally behind the Lincoln Party, nor did the American workers and the Real Patriots wait for Donald Trump to tell us what to do. We all just self identified and chose to work hard, to rally, to organize and to spend our surplus wealth in order to perform small and great daily miracles and thus discharge our duty to our Republic.

That is what the people did at the time of Dr King, same as we do today by fighting the best way that we can — and then hope & pray for positive outcomes.

The fact of the Universal longing for Change Leadership, is that awesome leaders like Donald Trump & Martin Luther King will always arrive to lead us. This is the historical significance, at the confluence of Social Power, and the inevitability of the Universal principle of the constancy of Change, as based on the strength of our Common Prayers.

And now as we prepare our speeches, and choose our finery, while selecting our most beautiful companions for the Presidential Inauguration Ball — we take special pride in selecting this moment to reflect upon what has just happened.

And we need to do this in order to detox from this nasty knife fight against the unscrupulous thugs of the Democratic party establishment apparatchiks and their paid assassins. We Won, and now we need to debrief, and decompress because we have just been through the most contentious Presidential election in American history, and the retreating rear guard skirmishes, the assassinations, and the parting fusillades have not quite stopped yet. This time is even harder to put our differences aside, because much like the time of Martin Luther King walking across the bridge of Selma and through Alabama, the white plantation owners of the Democratic South still regard their “colored boys” and their “nominal Vote’ their own property. To adjust for the times — just replace the word “SLAVE” with the word “SERF” and that will explain to you that todays’ slaves are the Debt Serfs, and the “PayDay-Loans” customers that populate all the ghettos, all the blighted metropolises, and all the poor neighborhoods of this Country. And the proof that these people regardless of color are Serfs is that they overwhelmingly vote Democrat against they own personal economic interests. And Trump quite rightfully asked the black communities of this country and all those serfs living in crime ridden and violent neighborhoods, drinking poisoned water, eating poisoned food, and breathng poisoned air — a simple question:


Indeed a great question.







And this rather perceptive line of questions proves that Donald Trump very much like Dr Martin Luther King is an agent of Positive Change. And it also proves that both men are a product of their time and they are creatures that were specifically “created” to save us from bitter feuds and from our voluntary serfdom that has enslaved all of us, because when one man is a slave — we all become that and worse. When the protective cloak of Lady Liberty is drawn asunder from covering even a single black family — we all lose the provision of her Grace. And that is what makes it far more important than ever to bind the wounds of our nation and to bring together Americans from all walks of life on the road to Liberation from the Serfdom that the Democratic Socialists of this country had imposed upon all of us.

And for this I remain optimistic about America’s future, because of the rising tide of Rebellion against the ideas of the Democratic party’s plantation politics.

Indeed we are going through a period of profound political and economic change around the world, and American citizens showed that deep desire for change in voting to elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. We have heard through the democratic process in these United States the frustration that so many people have with the lack of economic opportunity and the challenges they face.

And we have heard the same voices through the same democratic processes in Europe and in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Now methinks, that we finally need to begin listening to those voices.

We have just been through one of the most contentious elections in memory, which can make it even harder to put our differences aside. But that makes it more important than ever to bind the wounds of our nation and to bring together Americans from all walks of life. Recognizing that our spiritual, political, and even racial diversity are a core strength of our nation, we must all now find ways that we can converse and communicate with the singular aim to come together as fellow patriots, in order to solve these most serious challenges, we collectively face as a nation.

Today, I call to leaders from across the public, private, and even the nonprofit sector, to start collaborating in order to find meaningful solutions that will create economic growth and greater opportunity for all, in order to create wealth, jobs, and prosperity that in turn will create the surpluses necessary to be able to help all others…

Because America works best when we come together with clear leadership, borne out of real business and leadership expertise, coupled with the political will to take on difficult challenges and get things done.

No one should ever doubt the strength and resilience of our country and our democracy, and nobody should stand in front of our locomotive of Change wishing to derail us.

To wish to derail our President and our common Economic progress is akin to wanting the airplane that we all fly-in, to crash & burn. That’s a really daft idea, and you should be discouraged from pursuing this errant course of action. As for those who promote this stupidity — you should be asking yourself right about now this:

What is their real motive for practicing and preaching this treason?

The Lincoln Political Party has a proud history of supporting our Republic within our colleges, inside our Universities, in our Startups, and in our Communities and our Great Nation. We’ve managed to get out the vote to few million young people that voted for THE CHANGE that Donald Trump represents in our world. And we only succeeded in this Herculean labor, through your outstanding efforts, applying the theory and the practice of “Do onto Others, as You would have them do onto You”

It is these simple Christin principles, and the perseverance of applying them in helping people — that in turn has helped us built this great political brand, and a strong political party that can help elections pivot in the right way. We are Innovators after all and we are always going to choose Liberty & Light over the forces of darkness.

Yet, we still have a lot of work to do in order to built a great Leadership Political Party, that will continue to lead the discussion amongst honorable young people who will thrive, as we continue to focus on helping to serve our country. And through your personal and selfless devotion to our cause, same as Dr King and Donald Trump have exercised — we will continue to help address the important public policy issues of the day and correct the underlying economic challenges in the United States in order to help liberate the American people from Economic Serfdom and Servitude, while at the same time striving to liberate the slaves from the very real bonds of slavery throughout the world.

And as of now, I’m very optimistic about America’s future and the role the Lincoln Political Party will continue to play in bringing more Victories to our people for the benefit of our Republic.

Because as we support President Donald Trump, we will all work hard to thrive together while liberating all of us from the tyranny of the Serfdom that we’ve been delegated to by the establishment of the Democratic party, and the plantation owning elites that want to keep us in painful bondage.

Wake up — it’s time.

Dr Churchill


And as we help our Nation address our challenges and move forward together, we have to invite you to hear our Song…

Our Song is the classical song of the “March To Washington” and for the Song of the Lincoln Party we always look to Beethoven for the spirit lifting “Ode To Joy”

And if you care to hear my speech — please remember that I always preface my talks with a simple Question:

“Do you believe that we live in the land of the Free and the home of the Brave?”

And depending on your answer to that simple question, you get to stay and hear my lecture, or you get to leave and go home to cry on your cups…

So on Inauguration day come hear me speak. That is only if you believe that we still live n the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE.

Choices, choices, choices.


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