Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 16, 2017

Our Invitation to the Presidential Inauguration & to the President’s Ball because the Lincoln Party delivered the votes of the University students & of the College population..

Dear Friends,

Dear Lincoln Party supporters, workers, and volunteers — we salute you.

The amazing work that we all did and the huge number of votes that we brought to bear in support of Donald Trump and Mike Pence, really made the difference.

Now we shall have a True Leader in the White House with the awesome Dream Team to help our Country recover t’s standing around the world and it’s balance and harmony here at home.

The unprecedented number of votes that the Lincoln Party raised from the young college educated and from University student communities throughout the United States helped tip the balance on favor of Donald Trump.

And these efforts are being recognized and we have now been officially invited to participate in the Inauguration ceremonies.

President Elect Donald Trump has invited us to the Inauguration ceremony and also to the Official Presidential Inauguration Ball this Friday, January the 20th  of 2017 and we invite all of you to celebrate alongside us and to work even harder in the coming days to make American Great Again.





Dr Churchill


Let’s Love our Country as best we can, and let’s heal the divisions the Losers seek to create by being magnanimous in our Victory and Grateful for the Hand of our Loving God that helped see us through the time of trials and tribulations and we arrived to the other side of the Valley of Death – stronger and happier in our Victorious fight.

Thank You


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