Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 17, 2017

Trump supporter or not, here is how a simple shift in the right direction could easily influence the Administration and become a tipping policy point, while at the same time improving your emotional wellbeing…

Now, three days out from Inauguration — whether you voted for President Donald Trump or not — it really doesn’t matter. It does matter though now that he is the President of All Americans, to be able to embrace him and his team as your Leaders for Good and Bad. For the next four years we have to work together and if we do that — rest assured, we will all THRIVE AND SUCCEED.

Take my word for it, because we are already killing it…

The New President Trump has not been sworn yet and the stock markets are up by more than 15% and rising, the jobs have started returning back to the United States wholesale, with Carrier Air Conditioner Manufacturing: 1,000 Jobs, SoftBank Telecommunications: 50,000 Jobs, U.S. Steel: 10,000 Jobs, IBM: 25,000 Jobs, Ford Automaker: 700 Jobs, SAP SE: 400 Jobs, Amazon: 100,000 Jobs, Lockheed Martin: 1,800 Jobs, General Motors: 1,500 Jobs and $1 Billion Investment, Bayer AG: $8 Billion Investment, Walmart: 10,000 Retail Jobs, 24,000 Construction Jobs, and many many more.

And the guy is not in office yet…

See the data and celebrate, because we have really started the New Year on the right footing, and it looks to continue going forward.


Now we all benefit from this — yet, I understand that there are some snowflakes out there amongst my followers, listeners, and readers — who didn’t vote for President Donald Trump and are pining for the Crooked Hillary. And in effort at Public Service I wrote this because it is for those misguided friends that I offer this column in order to help them understand that they should go on living and contributing to they Great Conversation we got started in these past Elections season. I just don’t want them to set themselves on fire while they are smoking that evil weed…

We are who we are. And we are here now standing as proud Americans with President Trump as our Leader because we all want POSITIVE CHANGE.  Indeed we all fought hard for the kind of Change we perceive that our Nation needs, and we just got that, and a whole lot more. So now I am here to tell you that American and the world will go on to a better trajectory and we will arrive at a better place. Yet it is now that we need your input, your assistance, and your help, in order to continue on the path of Change that we can all live with and thrive as a Community of Americans.

And it is precisely for this reason, that we need you and your input, because although there are many ways to create change — they all involve you, as well as the rest of us. Now we all know that there are revolutions that bring about Change and that is exactly what we experienced already by now, but it will take 50 years for the historians to evaluate the impact and the magnitude of this Great Reformation. And we still have a long way to go with this New Administration beyond the rhetoric, because there are even more powerful ways than sudden rebellion, or even bloody revolution, to bring about Massive Change and that is what the Donald Trump election and his Dream Team Administration represents.


Because Change in the final analysis, is all about the people and the issues that you can shift, and move in the right direction. That is what the message of Hope and Progress is all about — far more than it is about the great firebrand preachers, preaching Socialist illogic, and exercising the shock value of their storm troopers, and the newsworthiness of their efforts, to create fake news and impressions.

And perhaps President Trump has succeeded where others have failed in creating a New Direction via Simple Charisma and Dedication to the Cause. And here is an example of how his simple shift of the conversation became a major National push in the right direction…

Although I don’t want to become too political here, because this is more about inducing change than politics itself — we have to be aware that everything is about ECONOMICS. Yes Economics. That old Aristotelian doctrine that Man is an Economic Animal, and that is what allows us to build Civilizations…

Think about it, because there are many people, both in the US and elsewhere, who are anxiously awaiting what the new US president will actually do starting in a few days, and in this pivotal year, as things unfold and his dream team cabinet of wealthy and powerful leaders takes control of the wheel of State, we tend to forget that everybody’s IRA and Retirement Saving Account, or your Investment portfolio is up by more than 15% to 19% depending how aggressive your Investment profile is…

Rejoice for a moment and celebrate that victory.

That is money in the bank for you and yours, although President Donald Trump has not even taken the oath of office yet. Surely nobody really knows what might happen in the future, but this upswing in the Market and the people’s sentiment is Pure Gold in Your and our collective pockets. So my suggestion is that we can all take a chill pill, and enjoy the Inauguration this weekend, and then focus on the ride going forward. Because a ride it will surely be. A fun ride. A carny ride. A joyful ride for the whole family of America where progress and prosperity will become available to all and sundry. A ride unlike all other rides at the carny or at the journey to the promised land.

Because this ride begins inside our friend Donald Trump’s roadster where we are riding shotgun — and like all cool rides it began with the simple premise that we ought to have fun, and to do Good, while we are doing Well.

Cheers to that.


So now we should be quite relaxed and happy with the transition, because time and time again the incoming President Trump has given us clear indications that he realises the difference between election rhetoric and actual real life policy. And as a long term people’s leader — he also realizes that you cannot outrun your people or your promises.

Now, the few people who are still pining for crooked Hillary and her corrupt entourage — are not going to go down quietly, because they benefited massively from the treasonous corruption, and from the famous Podesta largess. These are the participants in their orgy diner parties who feasted on the Lobster risotto ad nauseam, at the Pedophile’s pizza parlor expense. And they gave a Free Pass to all their Corrupt Friends. So if you are one of those criminals and you are now experiencing massive sour grapes, claiming that we should all run to Canada, or run to a No-Extradition Treaty banana republic to hide, or just run out into the streets and become socialist storm troopers, or communist revolutionaries and get started to open warfare against our own government — I have one thing to say to you: “Please put down the crack pipe and stop smoking that shit…” because it will kill you.

And for those others of you that are easily led simpletons listening to these Hillary and Democratic party Crooks and allowing these Corrupt people to excite you to violence — then you are the lobster risotto that this quaffing crowd of demagogues eats regularly, while they consider you deplorable and describe you as expendable, and at the end of the day that is the very reason why they threw you and uncle Bernie Sanders and his BS and all his votes under the bus — and they are doing it all over again now — while claiming to have your best interests at heart.

So go ahead and believe them — but now you know better. Go ahead and follow their advise and come back later to tell me how is that working out for you. And by all means, feel free to follow them, as long as you know that after your services, they will be throwing you under the bus, and will be doing it again and again as long as there are suckers born…

See what I am saying here?

Do you see this writing in marked contrast to the Demagogues?

Do you recognize that you need now to hold onto your high hobby horse, and stop trotting towards the cliff’s edge?

I do. So please for God’s sake, rein in your despair and convert it to positive nation building energy.

Hold your energy and release it for the good, because the moment will come that your energy will become useful in rebuilding this country — and not in tearing it down. So go ahead and drink up your milk and take your vitamins, and grow up to get a job. A real job. Not an agitator $15 bucks per hour paid from Soros in those God forsaken ads for so called community organizers, to go out and block the streets while setting fire to the dumpsters, as found all over Craigslist. No, not these kids of jobs but real profitable and community building jobs.

Instead of the Soros paid Craigslist loser jobs of destroying your community — I’ve got a better prospect for you: Go to the Lincoln Party and get a real job in rebuilding America. Or go to the Trump Administration page that asks for Americans to help rebuild the Country and get a job doing that great thing, by offering your talents for the common good. Alternatively, you can go join the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, or the Marines and enlist to get useful military and civilian professional training to be able to fight for our Democracy, and for our Constitutional Republic.

Go here and you’ll find what I say: Email us and we’ll send you a link to register and upload your resume.

Do this or whatever else you like, but at any rate go get a job.

No excuses no more.


Go find yourself in the big world out there, and learn to navigate your Life purposefully, by learning how to fight, and protect our American family and our Republic and to rebuild our Democracy in a real and tangible way. Go learn how to fight for your Life, for your Family, and for your Community, and not for the BullShit and the Corruption of the Democratic party lobster risotto quaffing banker wanker elites of the likes of Hillary and Podesta losers…

And if you have any questions about any of this — please just recall the FBI investigation of the Clinton foundation, and of Hillary Clinton, and now remember all those Hillary Clinton emails that showed us how she stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, with the help of Debbie from Florida and all of the DNC leadership, and how she made old Bernie to come groveling at the Democratic Convention in order to support her like a lap dog of the rich and powerful in exchange for a lakeside house…

And now these thieves who stole your vote, witch the corrupt Hillary used to raise a billion dollars and after spending it all on circuses like Beyonce and Jay-Z, she lost all of this 1,2 Billion US Dollars, fighting a stupidly run campaign and behaving like an alcoholic drunk moron.

So now we are happy to have a real leader named Donald Trump. Let’s support him and help him do good things for all of us because we need the Change he is bringing abroad.

We are tired from the incessant corruption of the Socialists who are always going down the slippery path of self profiteering in the same way that Hillary stole and enriched herself by her political position, as she used her State department secretary position to enrich herself and her bimbo blowing hubby — while constantly losing ground for America.

Hillary was only minding and working in order to fill up the cash register of her foundation and of her family while causing the death of many worthwhile State department employees and assets overseas, and many international US agents who had to run in dodgy countries, and lost their lives because their real names and positions were compromised through the hacking of Hillary’s private toilet email server. And over the years of her tenure in office, we now know that upwards of 300 valued American Intelligence Officers around the World were compromised and killed. And please don’t forget Benghazi, and the the four valiant Americans who also died because of that corrupt Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her unprotected private server housed comfortably in her basement latrine, where everybody could take a dump unobserved and unhindered, even by a simple firewall…

Last but not least lets not forget Seth Rich who died because he gave to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange all the emails of the DNC machine that funneled money to the tune of Billions to all of the other corrupt Democrats like Anthony Weiner and the likes of jailbirds like him who spend their lives sending dick pics to underage girlies. He paid his whistleblowing with his life and was executed like a dog in the streets of our Capitol Washington DC by Hillary’s hitmen.

After the assassination of Seth Rich [DNC staffer killed b Hillary’s hitmen] the WikiLeaks organization and Julian Assange personally offered a $20,000 reward leading to the arrest of the killers. That sum, added to Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman’s $100,000 reward and the D.C. police’s $25,000, tally more than any other reward offered in such a case in the nation’s capital.

During an Aug. 9 interview on Dutch television and in subsequent media interviews, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks implied that the 28 year old DNC staffer Seth Rich, was killed because he was the WikiLeaks source of emails from top DNC officials showing they conspired to stop Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont from becoming the party’s presidential nominee, and to steal the Primary votes in order to make Hillary Clinton the Democratic party nominee for the Presidential Election. That controversy resulted in Debbie Wasserman Schultz having to resign as DNC chairperson, and it also exposed the massive corruption at the Democratic National Committee that is now led by another corrupt person Donna Brazile who gave the CNN debate questions to Hillary ahead of the debates. And this piece of work now leads the Democratic party along with John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, and some other stalwarts of the Socialist Plantation party of America called the Democratic party…

Yet going back to the noble death of the whistleblower Seth Rich, the WikiLeaks people had this to say when they were announcing the reward for the killers of Seth Rich. Julian Assange said this directly: “We’re interested in anything that might be a threat to alleged WikiLeaks sources and that is why we enter this reward for any information resulting to the arrest of his Assassins.”


And this same message is what Julian Assange also reiterated later in an interview with Fox News Channel, from his hideout in the Equatorial embassy in London, where he is fighting the extradition to the US that Obama conspired to get him because they couldn’t very well “drone him” in the middle of London as Hillary Clinton wanted…


On the morning of his death, Rich had left his favorite watering hole, Lou’s City Bar, about 1 a.m. to walk home, something that normally took 20 or 30 minutes. He tried twice to call his father, who had gone to sleep. He then called a fraternity brother and after that had two separate conversations with his girlfriend, Kelsey Mulka. Around 4:17 a.m., when Rich was about a block and a half from his home, his girlfriend heard other voices over the phone but was reassured by Rich that he was nearly home. Two minutes later, Rich was shot multiple times. Rich died at a nearby hospital.


Security footage from a nearby market showed two men following Rich through a crosswalk by his home moments before he was shot, has learned. The camera only captured the assailants’ legs and Rich after he was shot and fell onto the street.

Police said Rich, who was shot twice in the back, was likely the victim of a robbery, though nothing of value, including his wallet, phone, keys, watch and gold necklace, were stolen.

“The Metropolitan Police Department is committed to bringing the person or persons responsible for Seth Rich’s death to justice, D.C. police told in a statement. “As we mark the six-month anniversary of his death, we urge anyone with information to come forward and help bring his family the answers they deserve.”

The young whistleblower and DNC staffer Seth Rich would have had access to sensitive DNC information through his own access to the email servers and much like Edward Snowden it would have ben easy to get the 30,000 emails onto a thump drive a USB flash card drive, and then pass it on to the Wikileaks Julian Assange. After all, his main duty at the DNC was to build an online system to get out the vote… The system, which combines government data, technologies and formats from all 50 states, allows anyone to check if they are registered to vote and, if not, where to register and how. So Seth Rich being an idealistic American patriot, and a smart Tech geek, had all the access he needed, and the motivation to become the whistleblower of the DNC, because he saw the Corruption engulfing everything the Clintons touched and their paymasters secured for themselves. Plantation politics all over again: Simply the DNC was using all the corrupt mechanisms in an effort to control the American population by keeping them divided and by bringing them to heel…

So maybe it’s time to read those DNC and Hillary and the Podesta emails all over again, and steel your resolve to screw the Democratic party for ever, because these old slave owners never really learn. And also read the Podesta emails also, lest you forget that these people are just a garden variety of common thugs. Petty criminals, and grand thieves of the American vote and of the public purse.

Of course all these years that they were all hiding behind some kind of cloak of invincibility, lots of water passed under the bridge. But once their emails and their corruption were outed — the American people spat on their faces. Now we await the Special Prosecutor to take charge and investigate their many crimes…


Corruption everywhere, and only the innocent young man had to die for this. And Hillary goes free… Take that visual memory, next time Hillary, Podesta, Pelosi, or even Shummer dare to talk about values, principles, and progress. These are the same people that want to push President Trump, by pressuring him into doing what they consider “the right thing” except that they themselves don’t know what the right thing is even if it were to bite them in the ass…

And by Golly they have plans…

They wake up each day to tell us that it is the Russians’ fault that Hillary is a contemptible person.

And how it is Wikileaks fault that Podesta is a calculating & ruthless operative far worse than Putin could ever be.

And they wake up with wet dreams of the Trump Presidency being delegitimized because their girl is not in the chair behind the Oval Office desk, and somehow they get the New president impeached and through some potent magic or potent crack they smoke — Hillary is going to become the Madame President.

Yet when they wake up they realize that Hillary is just a Madame, and of anyone knows what the Madame’s job is in France and other French speaking territories — then you know that the “Madame” is the overseer of the bordello. In this case the Democratic party. Madame is the female Pimp that handles the whores and the hoes, and manages the house of prostitution. That’s as apt a description of Hillary Clinton as anything I’ve ever said or written.

And these Democrats dare to go to sleep telling us that the Democratic party does not need any change because Nancy Pelosi has decreed it so.

And little old Nancy has decided to be there for the next 2000 years like Debbie Schultz and Donna Brazille and Hillary Clint.. that all want to be there at the helm even if they looks like the mummy of King Tut in the British Museum.

And the favorite game of the Democrats is to lie through their teeth saying that they have several strategies to win the upcoming 2018 elections and to also recycle Hillary Clinton (hear – hear) in the next elections of 2020, and beyond.

What they don’t tell you is that the American Public has spoken and they want change, as this pivotal election proves.

Another thing they don’t tell you is that Hillary Clinton has lost twice now, on vastly expensive Presidential races where she outspent her opponents by almost 10 to 1, and still lost both races simply because she is a bad person and the American people see through her. She is a bad bitch, and that dog can’t hunt. She surely can’t hunt, but apparently she has her canine teeth sunk deep into the haunches of the Democratic party establishment and she won’t let go of her claim to power easily. So let’s see how they rehabilitate her for another shot in the 2020 elections.


No matter how misguided that claim is — the fact remains that this little old lady with her vicious alcoholic streak wants to run again and again until she gets her 8 years in the White House that apparently the American people owe her…

Hillary’s crimes and massive misdemeanors don’t count for nothing in her alcohol addled state, and in her eroded mind. And if her email treason where 5 different enemy states accessed her server and got State department secrets out of it, doesn’t not count for anything — then why not run another few times for the United States Presidency? She is the first woman right? Eventually she will get it right and ride off into the sunset. Her vagina deserves that. The first vagina to sit into the oval office President’s chair. The fact that she is a terrible candidate that doesn’t matter either to her and to her terrible Nazi Socialist friends. And her famous inability to connect with other humans that live on this Earth — does not seem to faze her either.

In the basic reptilian calculus of the Democratic party politics, as long as the DNC can raise money for her and her personal attachment to the Money Bags is strong — she will run forever. For ever, or at least for as long as she can raise a few more tens of Billions of US Dollars. Because based on that concept of Politics is only won by money, she is the golden girl, that the avaricious Democratic party will keep recycling until she is mummified in a glass coffin like Lenin in the Kremlin.


And until that time the libturd Dems have theories of how they are going to take back the White House and the Legislature. One of them is to claim to be riding the moral high ground, while screwing the people and at the same time dry humping the legs of the Big Banks, the Wall Street Sharks, and the Corporate Titans, that might finance her next election to the tune of a few Billion Dollars, all over again.

Of course secretly the Dems are hoping such arguments and the sweeping of their scandalous corruption under the rug — at some point resonate with the public, but I don’t see any chance of that. It is not only that I doubt that their policy of appeasement of the extremists while at the same time serving their only God of Money will work, but I fear that the American people are onto them…

And they already know that they have found far better alternatives that the broken slave party of the Democrats from the plantation down in the deep South.

However what I thought what might be interesting, is to try to establish an alternative political party. A new Party, like the Lincoln Party, that will carry forth the ideas of Abraham Lincoln for the New Millennium

I am cognizant of the limitations of any Leader and especially of one who comes from business and has to negotiate the shoals and the black rocks of the Washington establishment swamp, but I am rather optimistic about Donald Trump because he is a complete and powerful Outsider. And he understands much better than he has led us to believe, that some of his radical proposals are better left in the “I need to stand out to get elected” cupboard. And I also understand that he might be on the fence on many more topics than people fear, he has set his mind on fixing to the old partisan doctrines.

So then the obvious question is, how to influence the side of the fence he will in this gradually shifting reality of the Execution of Power — the Executive will move towards?

My high level answer is this. Let’s work together in order to appeal to the basic human emotions that resonate with Donald Trump.

One of them surely is how he will be remembered?

Or what his legacy might become?

I have therefore started an experiment that for now is like tossing a pebble to cause a ripple in the lake, but with enough amplification — it can surely become a wave of awareness. Small ripples moving together, cannot be ignored and this penchant for perceptions might reach President Trump where it has an actual effect.

More concretely: since a few weeks now, I have released a few tweets per day with hashtags like #PrezTrumpLegacy, #TrumpOpinion, and #PresidentTrumpRipples, all presenting the New President with two quite binary options, that represent two main directions for the United States and for the legacy of President Donald Trump.

Some are clever, some less so, and you may not even agree with all of them. But if you like the idea of small nudges turning into a digital push, feel free to join, improve, amplify and even to respond.

So… join up my Tweet stream here: and let’s collect our voices onto a ripple effect to bring about Positive Change.

It is the LINCOLN PARTY Tweeter account:

Of course there are more ways to create change than by sudden revolution, and in the end it is all about the volume of effort that you move forward, and the people that you motivate to follow you, but it is not about the intensity of attacks, or even the shock value. Our revolution protects people and does not cause bloody conflict or killing fields, in the streets of our communities like those murderers did to Seth Rich in the streets of the Capital Washington DC…

Instead at the Lincoln Party, we know and we learn to protect people and preserve our dignity, while maintaining our peace. Peaceful revolution is what it’s all about.

And although this post comes as a departure from my innovation posts, but although this one comes with a different focus — if you look at it from a certain angle, it is still about creating important and uplifting change, in our lives.

Because there are many ways to create change, as there are different shapes our leadership can take — but by and large radical changes are expected to come from non-incumbents, people without vested interests, people challenging the status quo, and certainly coming from people on the ground up. Grassroots change that is…

But I think grassroots change, is even more nuanced than that, because it also has to do with the interaction between different groups, and here is what is important to remember: Be The Change You Want To See In The World.

Because I think, that if you want to create change on a large scale, in the end of the day, it is not about representing that change by standing up on your high horse and from your perceived as morally superior position, share the view of this vantage point with the huddled masses, but it is rather about the people that are being moved in a different direction from their last intractable position…

This people’s conveyance when combined with the movement and the exchange of ideas in this vast Darwinian marketplace of Ideas — could constitute a whole ocean of tidal waves of change momentum.

And that is a movement, and once you are on the move and start helping your country to change directions, it becomes far easier to keep moving faster and more confidently, towards the True North…

That is provided you have a good and uncorrupted compass to guide you.

Dr Churchill


And then shift happens.

Because what do you know?

I just looked up how this strategy has developed and found my last year’s plan for the Lincoln Party and it all came together for our efforts and after sending out more than Ten Million exclusively and personally targeted emails to the email addresses of all the University and College students across the United States of America — we got a few million students voting for Donald Trump.

Geeks know how to hack it … and we are killing it.

That is why the Lincoln Party will become the pivotal force between the big political parties in the next few years.

And as you know it’s not just a small change that we want anymore, but exuberant large and hugely effective CHANGE THAT WE CAN LIVE AND THRIVE IN IT…



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