Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 22, 2017

TALE OF TWO WOMEN and a giant Fvck You to Madonna and another Fvck You to the assorted dusty cobwebbed pvssies rioting for Hillary in Washington…

Cher, Steinem, and Madonna railed against President Donald Trump yesterday at the first ever unsexed women’s convention in Washington DC and in major cities across the country…

But along with them we had the unholy alliance of Islamic fundamentalist women, ISIS supporters, ultra feminists, plain hard core criminals, and the fascist Left, that all came together simply in order to protest a New President. It just so happens that the New US President Trump does not possess a vagina — and that drives these morons bananas.

Linda Sansour, and Donna Hylton, and other assorted criminals also led the women’s march off the proverbial cliff…

Although it is admittedly fun to watch as thousands of impatient and impotent women walk about with vaginas on their heads — vaginas that they have forgotten how to use properly — they also embrace the criminality of radical islam and plain old Murder and Mayhem…


Because amongst the usual organizers of the Femdom movement of irrational feminists playing Identity Politics, is also the Sharia Law proponent Linda Sarsour who is exactly the opposite of Freedom and Dignity of America.

It has now come out that the Organizer For DC Women’s March, Linda Sarsour Is a Pro Sharia Law Islamic Radical, with Ties To Hamas and a proponent of violence and slavery against Women.

And although approximately 200,000 people participated in a ‘Women’s March’ in D.C. last Saturday, few if any of them knew that the Co-Chair of the event and the Co-organizer of the Women’s March, was Linda Sarsour, a Pro Sharia Law, Militant Muslim and Terrorism supporter activist.

Linda Sarsour, who was the co-chair of the Women’s March has also viciously attacked emancipated women, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Brigitte Gabriel, on Twitter and in other Social Media with impunity.

It is truly shocking to see how this so-called women’s rights activist and the leader of the Women’s March, really thinks and how she likes to treat other women, who happen to disagree with her.

Brigitte Gabriel is a Christian from Lebanon and an anti-Islam activist. She survived a bomb attack during the civil war in Lebanon and shares her personal story and knowledge through her non-profit, ACT for America.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a beautiful Somali woman from the Netherlands who has suffered through horrific female genital mutilation because of Islam’s barbarism. The Gateway Pundit has reported on her personal story and struggles here. She is a very brave anti-Islam activist and calls Islam the real ‘war on women.’

Linda Sarsour is pro-Sharia law with ties to the terrorist organization, Hamas as TGP reported earlier this week. Sarsour attacked these two women because they call out Islam’s abuses towards women and non-Muslims. Clearly she hates women and wants to see other women suffer. Sarsour is not for women’s rights and the women who marched with her and support her should be ashamed of themselves. She supports the enslavement, abuse and female genital mutilation that is sanctioned under Sharia law.

She deleted the tweet in a panic, however; I have the archived link proving that it is indeed real. Click here to see archive.

Linda Sansour unashamedly advocates for Sharia Law in America and has close ties to the terrorist Palestinian organization, Hamas. What more do you want from a girl next door?

Linda Sarsour is very vocal about her support for Islamic Terrorist Organization Hamas, and for their Gaza Theocracy in Palestine, and of her utter hatred for Israel and for the United States. She has ties to the terrorist organization, Hamas as the Daily Caller reports:

Linda Sarsour, one of the organizers behind Saturday’s Women’s March, being held in Washington, D.C., was recently spotted at a large Muslim convention in Chicago posing for pictures with an accused financier for Hamas, the terrorist group.

Sarsour, the head of the Arab American Association of New York and an Obama White House “Champion of Change,” was speaking at last month’s 15th annual convention of the Muslim American Society and Islamic Circle of North America.

While there, she posed for a picture with Salah Sarsour, a member of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee and former Hamas operative who was jailed in Israel in the 1990s because of his alleged work for the terrorist group.

Linda Sarsour is very active on Twitter. She is pro Sharia law and a couple of her tweets even have a seditious tone to them where she romanticizes Sharia law and hints at it taking over America whereby we would have interest-free loans, and credit cards…

We offer a sack of nice steaming BS for dinner, if you believe her.


The fact that an Islamic radical faction was one of the organizers of the Women’s March is laughable at best. Islam is the religion of Slavery, and the only cult responsible for the worst abuses of women and children not only throughout history, but at present day. Islamic supremacists who wish to impose Sharia law in America have infiltrated various leftist movements in order to appear as an oppressed minority.


Linda Sarsour supports the utter abuses of women under Islam, as well as child marriage which is sanctioned under Sharia law.

So under that regime of crazy Islamic pseudo feminists — thousands of purple pussyhat wearing older females that were apparently representing what it would like like if they were able to be wearing their vaginas on top of their heads, were marching across the land hoping someone will finally grab them, and maybe show them a Good Time.

These nasty cases of head vaginitis suffering women listened to uber eager Hitlerite Madonna bristling with anger and venom against the patriarchy and especially against the incoming President Donald Trump….


These women are so upset that their little pony Hillary didn’t win the Presidency, that they have turned on their hysteria, and have unleashed all of their freak-out hobby horse energy, trying to destroy whatever Good America stands for. And as usual they start by destroying themselves. First they make an effort to choose their Leaders carefully… because after Linda Sansour, they also chose Donna Hilton who is another piece of work and similarly a woman to make a home with…

Donna Hylton speaking at the Women's March on Washington, Jan. 21, 2017 (Photo: Screenshot)

A leading black feminist and featured speaker at the Women’s March on Washington – who speaks on women’s issues and prison reform – is a convicted murderer and kidnapper who was part of a seven-person gang that abducted, tortured and killed a 62-year-old white man.

Donna Hylton was convicted of second-degree murder and two counts of first-degree kidnapping on March 12, 1986. She had been an accessory in the gruesome murder of Long Island real-estate broker Thomas Vigliarole, whose body was found locked inside a trunk in a Manhattan apartment in 1985. Vigliarole had died of asphyxiation. He was starved, beaten, raped, burned and tortured. Hylton served 27 years at New York’s Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for the crime.

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In a 1995 feature published in Psychology Today, Jill Neimark described the bloody crime:

The victim was 62-year-old Thomas Vigliarole, a balding real-estate broker cum con man whose partner in crime, Louis Miranda, thought Vigliarole had swindled him out of $139,000 on a mutual con. The two men had sold shares in a New York City condo and meant to pocket the money for themselves, but Miranda hadn’t gotten his share. …

Miranda had hired Woodie George Pace, the kind of man who boasted about putting an electric drill through victims’s hands, to help him. Woodie and a former girlfriend, Selma Price, who became known during the trial as “the fat lady” (she literally weighed almost 500 pounds, and had to be taken away in a special van because she couldn’t fit into a regular car), had been implicated in a similar kidnapping and torture in 1981. “Selma,” recalled detective [William] Spurling, “admitted she sat on the victim and beat him. She was so fat that sitting on him would have been torture enough.”

Ultimately, Miranda would ask for a ransom of over $400,000 – even after the victim had died. He never got it. Maria Talag, who according to Donna called Miranda her godfather, invited Donna [Hylton] and two friends, Rita and Theresa, to participate in the crime. Their cut was to be $9,000 each; Donna wanted hers to pay for a picture portfolio to help her break into modeling.

Donna Hylton (Photo: LinkedIn)

Vigliarole had originally believed three girls in the group were prostitutes who would have sex with him. But the girls drugged him and took him to a Harlem apartment that had been prepared for his arrival.

“The closet door had been cut, a pot put in it for use as a toilet, the windows boarded,” Neimark wrote. “For the next 15 to 20 days … the man was starved, burned, beaten, and tortured.”

When Hylton’s friend, Rita, was questioned about sticking a three-foot metal bar up Vigliarole’s  hind end, she reportedly told detective Spurling: “He was a homo anyway. … When I stuck the bar up his rectum he wiggled.”

Donna Hylton with feminist Gloria Steinem (Photo:

Hylton and her two girlfriends took turns watching Vigliarole. Hylton reportedly delivered a ransom note and film to the victim’s friend, who managed to jot down a portion of her license plate number.

Detective Spurling, who interviewed Hylton, recalled: “I couldn’t believe this girl who was so intelligent and nice-looking could be so unemotional about what she was telling me she and her friends had done. They’d squeezed the victim’s testicles with a pair of pliers, beat him, burned him. Actually, I thought the judge’s sentence was lenient. Once a jailbird, always a jailbird.”

In her Psychology Today article, Neimark says Hylton claimed she didn’t know the real-estate broker had died. But then something curious happened during the interview.

“She slipped verbally, and said in an almost irritable way, ‘He [the victim] was going to die anyway, so …’ and then she caught herself. I just looked at her. All her previous protestations that when arrested she’d had no idea Vigliarole was dead were clearly lies.”

Imagine that piece of scum leading the Women of America forward to a better place…

Just imagine.

Yet even amongst this choice crowd of deplorable nasty women, Madonna stood out, as a real Slut Class Act. She started bitching and moaning the moment she got hold of the microphone, and right aways began by saying: “Fvck You Trump” and “Fvck You Men” and “Fvck you All” in her incoherent and clearly slurred speech, delivered to a crowd of liberal pussies.

Madonna also threw out some fresh bait for some crazy liberal radical to undertake … starting by asking for volunteers to go blowing up the President, and the White House.

Always drunk Madonna, was serving this awful helping of incitement to riot, violence, and hate, yesterday by saying: “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House, and I know this won’t change anything, but we cannot fall into despair. We’ve got to blow Trump up…”

If you recall this is the Queen of Free Blow-Jobs. At least this is what she promised to those men or women who would vote for HILLARY CLINTON, in exchange for Madonna’s virus infested lips and tongue licking your cock… So if you have voted for the little horsey named Hillary, and if you are immune to the STDs of Madonna, then call 1-800-COCKSUCKER to collect your blowjob from Madonna’s potty mouth.


So yesterday, this silly person, began her remarks by addressing the crowd of an estimated 30,000 women (and few gay or metrosexual men) in the nation’s capital; by alluding to Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States, saying “Welcome to the revolution of love, to the rebellion, to our refusal as women to accept this new age of tyranny, where not just women are in danger but all marginalized people, where being uniquely different right now might truly be considered a crime. It took this horrific moment of darkness to wake us the fvck up.”

She later said: “To our detractors that insist that this march will never add up to anything, fvck you.”

She then repeated the FVCK YOU ALL for a third time.


Clearly despite their assorted & collective hysterical bitching, Madonna, Steinem, Cher, and all the other assembled nasty liberal women of the left are classy, inclusive, tolerant, well behaved, well dressed, clean, peaceful, and prayerful.

They are such perfect Mothers that the Children Protective Services people, should look into their abusive parenting immediately, especially now, that these crazed fembots can’t take it any more and they want release… via a rigorous fvcking.

And to get right down to it and simplify their demands — that’s exactly what they want and what they ask for, and one hopes to God, that’s what they will get…

Maybe we can find some volunteers to take one on, for the team — but I doubt it. So we’ll have to hire illegal aliens and Mexican workers to do the dirty deed under the influence of an immense amount of Viagra mixed with LSD, so they don’t have to see what, and whom they are doing…


We will have to find some few dedicated men that will do this out of abundant acts of Mercy… and for that we appeal to the religious community of the Monastic orders of the Catholic faith who are full of men willing to sacrifice themselves.

But aside from the logistics of organizing the massive fvckfest necessary to begin to liberate these women from their suffering — I have some serious questions to ask of Madonna and of her unsexed cohort of cobwebbed pussies and Sahara-desert-dust coated vaginas:

1) “Where were was your outrage when Bill Clinton was killing Christian women and children in Serbia, just to cover the Lewinski scandal?”

2) “Where was this outrage when Hillary Clinton was killing women and children in secular Libya?”

3) Where was this outrage when Barack Obama was killing women and children in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and even in Christian secular liberal Syria?

4) Where is your outrage about Hillary Clinton and Obama funding ISIS, a group that treats women like goats, exclusive property of men, and it persecutes and kills gays after immense torture?

5) Where is your outrage when Obama and Hillary supported and co-funded the plan of Saudi Arabia to create mosques throughout the United States, and to proselytize new Islamic adherents amongst the poor and underserved?

6) Where is your outrage that Hillary supported the Saudi plan to impose Sharia Law in these United States, starting from the several ghetto communities in the worst blighted cities across our land where they were allowed to strategically place their well heeled mosques in exchange for contributions to Hillary’s Clinton Foundation of Corruption?

7) And lastly this: Where was your Courage screwed on, when Billy Clinton was assaulting and raping all these bimbos and then Hillary pounced upon them to destroy them in her famous Bimbo eruptions?


So now — I have a special FVCK YOU, for Madonna and every single person that descended onto DC in protest of a man that has not killed a living thing in his life, and that has just got in office for the first time in his Life, whereas the Hillary, these women want is a known War Criminal and War profiteer. And that sums up in a nutshell, the depth of the nut jobs that protest the President Trump and our peaceful process of Power Transition in our Great Democratic Republic.


Is that the America these crazy feminists want to build for their children?

Ahhh I forgot these crazy bats have no children of their own… lest they stretch that vagina beyond hope, but they torture all these children they “adopt” or buy from poor parents who have no other choice to feed their remaining brood.

And of course when these Super Feminists buy some children from Cambodia and from some poor and destitute African family living in countries of Africa with no rule of law… the fawning press back home makes them look as if they perpetuate some act of Mercy, instead of just trafficking children.


And apparently that is what they want for America too. They want to traffic minors for their sick enjoyment, like what they did with Pizzagate…

Lay off the minor bitch…

Lay off because your behavior constitutes child assault and exhibits your sick taste for pedophilia.

Aren’t there any prosecutors listening out there?

Am asking, because somebody’s got to slap the book down on Madonna, and charge the bitch with that crime.

Even, if the Incitement to Riot and violence does not stick, the child abuse will surely do.

Dr Churchill


And according to my friend, Bill Richie who had the terrible misfortune of having been married to this alcoholic bitch for a few moons: “Madonna is really a lot like Hillary Clinton: Violent, a mean drunk, corrupt, and manipulative as hell.

By the way, he says that she could use a Good Fvck, because she didn’t have any since well before the last century ended…

Any Volunteers out there?

Let me know and I’ll give you her private number to hook up.

She also has an account at Ashley Madison, if you are interested to pursue the dusty desert of her dried up vagina.


You got to get your Black & Decker to do this hard job, because there is no rest for the wicked… but electric drills could be of great help.

And before anyone rushes out there to accuse me of being Anti-Feminist, please be warned that I am more feminist than any man you’ve ever known…

And my Good Will works for women have not gone unnoticed, because I’ve put more women out to Space and in perpetual orbit than NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Russian Space Agency combined…

And I’ve accomplished that without the benefit of launchpads, noisy spaceships, explosions, rocket fuel, etc, but just with my awesome rocket and ny expert use of navigating the female body in the bedroom.

As for my suggestion to “Go Fvck” Yourselves — don’t be alarmed.

This “Fvck You” is not swearing at you, but rather an anti-hysteria incantation and a fervent wish to give you release, in order to help you find your mental health and well being balance all over again, because you are getting stark raving mad without a Man to give you release — and we decided to help you.


Every woman needs a Man now more than ever, because mental health is so precious and elusive at the same time. –Karl Jung

After all it is a well known fact that Mass Hysteria in women can be cured with vaginal stimulation to the point of release. –Sigmund Freud

Pills, anti-depressants, copious amounts of weed, stimulants, the rabbit, giant dildos, and all other professional tools help too, but sine you hadn’t had “any” for so long — you’ve gone well beyond what the “Rabbit” can do for you now.


Only heavy machinery, and industrial rated “Black & Decker” or “Caterpillar” jackhammers can go through that wall now.

And before you start bitching and insulting me with your hysterics again — please remember that TRUMP didn’t build that wall.

You did.


And from where it’s located — I doubt that a bigger Hillary government can help you with that one…

I want to wish you Good Luck with that jackhammer, and as always please stay sober because You should not be operating heavy machinery under the influence of alcohol, or weed, or even under the influence of your peculiarly strong misconceptions…


Contrast these deluded women, with the women who are real winers in life and not whiners.

And if you want any lessons on how to comport yourselves in a classy manner so that someday you can get laid — provided you control your emotions, and manage to shave and be generally washed, sweet smelling, beautiful and sexy — here is an example of a Real lady that so happens to have a great sense of fashion and decorum as well…

Maybe the hijab is a whole cover up for women who are lazy about dressing, like men going around in gym fatigues, or furniture coverings — but in America maybe women can learn how to dress and how to be classy again, under the influence of our First Lady.

Allow me to introduce you to our First Lady Melania Trump, a true fashion plate, and a real lady apparition, and perhaps an aspiration for all American Women of Substance and Style…



What do you see?

Feast your eyes on this photo of our First Lady, and realize what a difference Melania Trump makes when compared with the barking bitch throwing swear words, and violent threats at our Leader.

That’s who the walking hysteria, that happened to be the erstwhile ex wife of my friend Guy Richie — represents…

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