Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 24, 2017

A giant HURRAH for Conservative Populism with President Trump — Now let’s see what the Future actually holds…

The peculiarly strong dose of Conservative Populism under President Trump is amazingly effective…

And it has clearly brought us well beyond what we expected thus far.

Yet this abundantly successful application of Conservative Populism is not exactly a new idea…

So let us look now at the Future of this amazing political discovery that my great grandfather pioneered — Lord Randolph Churchill (Finance Minister) who always run on a Conservative yet populist platform that was also followed by Winston Churchill, his son who sailed through political parties setting his rudder straight to benefit the populace and thus created a Conservative movement that propelled him to the Premiership twice, and also propelled him in Parliament and in Society’s love of this combative English bulldog…

So now a good cheer is in order to Conservative populism, and to Sir Randolph Churchill, whom Donald Trump fully emulates in his conservative populism, in his political ideology and in his fiscally conservative leadership in America today.

And Cheers to the American public markets that have for the first time in history scaled the peak of 20K in the Wall Street’s Dow Jones industrial index.

Well Done for the New President and for a renewed America.

Making America Great Again has already started in earnest.


And the victories of Conservative Populism will not stop here now, but will continue to carry the day with Yours truly and with many others of the Lincoln party that is based squarely on those principles.

So as I am gazing intently into my Crystal Ball — I have to be reminded of all that came TRUE from my earlier predictions about this era of massive CHANGE & HOPE for a GREAT AMERICA again.


Yet for now I can only say one thing:


We are finally entering a State of Grace as a country, as a People, and as a Nation under God. And it is under his watchful eye that we shall thrive.

He says: Bring God to your Community, your family, and your heart, and you shall see the Power and the Glory becoming yours too.

And don’t forget that God puts dreams in our hearts and writes a destiny over our lives. And if we trust Him enough to take Him at His word, we will find ourselves on a journey toward the fulfillment of that dream. Today’s Dream is Make America Great Again and in that we all share in the bounty of the Grace that awaits this Great Nation of God Fearing people living and thriving upon this Earth.

So let us all be Grateful for what we’ve now got.

Let us become grateful for our wonderful new Leader, and for our fervent wish to get together in order to build the Future, we wanna live into…

Let us all be grateful for what is to come…

That is my dream today for all of us.

God Bless.

Yet, if we travel back to June 16, 2015, the day Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for President of these United States, we were all racked with doubt, uncertainty, and fear.

Yet somehow I saw through the fog of all this and publicly threw my weight and that of the collective might of the Lincoln Party behind Donald Trump and through the Grace of God, I was able to say this: “Donald J. Trump will be our next President”

Immediately I got attacked by the Media and by the Propaganda machine of the Losers. And naturally, everyone at the Communist State of Washington, and in the Soviet Republic of Seattle where I live — all attacked or laughed at me, and told me I was insane.

Major TV channels like KING TV refused to sell me advertisement and Air Time in contravention of the rules of Public Broadcasting that they should be adhering to. My friend the Producer of KING TV in Seattle stoped talking to me after telling me that Hillary Clinton and the incumbent and heavily corrupted Senator Murray were her special friends, and as women they have to stand with each other, and create a wall of pvssies to block Trump and people like me from changing their well ingrained habits of cronyism, corruption business, and small time old girls network.

My private club cancelled my scheduled Speech there because the libtartds from the patty Murray office descended upon them and threatened the silly little boy Manager of the Columbia Club, and he folded like a pvssy and cancelled my speech.

Of course true to form, and conformity, all my Seattle friends were already wearing Hillary pussy hats and drinking strong cocktails in advance of her certain Victory. They all screamed in unison, that never in a million years Trump would ever become the President. They said this on and on ad infinitum and ad nauseum, until they truly believed it. Of course the massive propaganda in support of Hillary Clinton helped bolster their enthusiasm and it allowed them to remove their disbelief of the many crimes and murders of Americans, Hillary was responsible for…

But I did not waiver, and told everyone, that they will be proven wrong, sooner rather than later, and I even bet expensive dinners all around. Betting money and things is against my principles and against my faith but a good dinner goes a long way towards educating my errant friends whose ear I shall have for an hour between appetizers and desert…

So there you have it.

Today, Trump is in the White House and Hillary is in the outhouse.

My literary friends, my Seattle mates, and even my distant family there — all hate me, and sadly they are loath to pay back their dinner-bet with a packet of saltine crackers, let alone indulge me with an expensive dinner… where they will have to suffer the ignominy of listening to me about “WHY WE WON” which is also the title of my upcoming book…

But such are the Libtards. Foolish at best, criminals at worst. And there is no between setting. The default setting is Fools.

But for you dedicated reader and friendly voice of followers and supporters — here you are, listening today to what I think will happen in the next Eight years under the Trump Administration.

So, here are my thoughts:

Keep them for the record, and for comparison as we go along, because these are my Top Predictions for the Trump Presidency, up ahead. And if you want to bet another dinner on my predictions failing — be warned You shall lose because I have a near perfect record.

It is a fact that we are entering today a major inflection point in history and the right wing throughout the world is ascendant. With Trump in power I think this trend will only accelerate. The EU will realign into blocs and there will be massive turmoil as things sort out over the next several years. The French will go back to the Franc. Germany will shift right as the refugees create social, crime and fiscal issues. NATO countries will invest much more in defense and will be forced to build up their armies.

Today, we hear that the leader of ISIS Al Baghdadi has ben captured by US forces, and as his silly caliphate of terror ISIS, gets destroyed, his erstwhile followers are going to disband and will try to wage their misguided war in Europe through many more terror attacks, that might lead to a New Crusade against them and against their homelands…  Hence, last thing I would recommend anyone at this point in time is to invest in Middle East, in Europe, or in China for that matter…

And you might as well forget the Emerging Markets for now too, because they are brimming with crazed fundamentalists seeding bombs like apple seeds, all over the place…

Mark my words, the World is gonna become a far scarier place now than it ever was and before it becomes calm again after we eradicate these snakes and their well hidden eggs from the face of this Earth.

President Donald Trump met with a dozen American manufacturers at the White House this Monday, pledging to slash regulations and cut corporate taxes, but warning them he would impose taxes on imports if they move production outside the country. Trump Vowed to Cut Business impacting and General Regulation by 75 Percent. President Donald Trump, led the meeting with invited business leaders and members of his staff in the Roosevelt Room at the White House January 23, 2017 in Washington, DC. Business leaders included Elon Musk of SpaceX, Wendell Weeks of Corning, Mark Sutton of International Paper, Andrew Liveris of Dow Chemical, Alex Gorsky of Johnston & Johnson and many others.

President Trump, who took office on Friday, promised to bring manufacturing plants back to the United States – an issue he said helped him win the Nov. 8 election – and has not hesitated to call out by name companies that he thinks should bring outsourced production back home.


He asked the group of chief executives from companies including Ford, Dell Technologies, Tesla and others to make recommendations in 30 days to stimulate manufacturing, Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris told reporters.

Trump, is a Fiscally Responsible Republican who took over from former Democratic President Barack Obama, was expected to sign executive orders later on Monday to renegotiate the free trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico, and to formally withdraw the United States from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The new president told the CEOs that he would like to cut corporate taxes to the 15 percent to 20 percent range, down from current statutory levels of 35 percent – a pledge that will require cooperation from the Republican-led U.S. Congress.

But he said business leaders have told him that reducing regulations is even more important.

“We think we can cut regulations by 75 percent. Maybe more” Trump told the assembled business leaders, great and good.

“When you want to expand your plant, or when Mark wants to come in and build a big massive plant, or when Dell wants to come in and do something monstrous and special – you’re going to have your approvals really fast,” Trump said, referring to Mark Fields, CEO of Ford, who sat around the boardroom-style table in the Roosevelt Room.

The meeting ran longer than expected. Trump left briefly to attend to a phone call, and then reconvened the CEOs in the Oval Office, Liveris said.

Fields said he was encouraged by the tone.

“I know I come out with a lot of confidence that the president is very, very serious on making sure that the United States economy is going to be strong and have policies – tax, regulatory or trade – to drive that,” he said.

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Trump told the executives that companies were welcome to negotiate with governors to move production between states, but said those businesses that choose to move factories outside the country would pay a price.


“We are going to be imposing a very major border tax on the product when it comes in,” Trump said.

“A company that wants to fire all of its people in the United States, and build some factory someplace else, and then thinks that that product is going to just flow across the border into the United States – that’s not going to happen,” he said.

Liveris said the CEOs discussed the border tax “quite a bit” with Trump, explaining “the sorts of industry that might be helped or hurt by that.”

“Look: I would take the president at his word here. He’s not going to do anything to harm competitiveness. He’s going to actually make us all more competitive,” Liveris said.

Trump was scheduled to hold a meeting later on Monday with labor leaders and U.S. workers, the White House said.

Between winning the presidential election in November and taking office, Trump hosted a number of U.S. CEOs in meetings in New York, including business leaders from defense, technology and other sectors. He also met with leaders of several labor unions, including the AFL-CIO.

Trump, a real estate developer who had never previously held elected office, has particularly focused on manufacturing, lamenting during his inaugural address on Friday about “rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation” and vowing to boost U.S. industries over foreign ones.

And that’s the Trump gospel that rings up the Stock Market bells of Wall Street each and every day. Let’s reduce the overabundant REGULATION and let’s reduce the onerous corporate taxes and we are Free to GO CREATE JOBS & WEALTH.

Yet we ought to go back to the jungle right now.

Let us examine the initial question to see if we can glean some New Prophesies from these overall developments.

So this is how I foresee the US under President Trump today.

I believe that President Trump being aware of the Islamic push in these United States with the Saudis and the other assorted Emirs who funded ISIS, now funding the growth of Islam in the United States — He will react and stop them.

The Saudi petrodollars are coming to the US and having built a total of 7,890 mosques and still financing a building program of another 12,000 mosques and meddresses scheduled to be built inside the United States and their minarets to go up in the next decade — we are facing an existential crisis of the Christian Faith. Because the Saudi Wahabees are the sponsors of Jihad worldwide and having these snakes inside the United States will cause us grave harm sooner than later.

The placement of these mosques in disadvantaged cities and unkept neighborhoods from the ghettos of Oakland and Detroit to the inner city of New York and Los Angeles — these mosques engage in massive persuasion and conversion of the poorest of people whom they entice with constant bread & circuses at the mosque and even health care, & mosque paid housing — all offered freely from the Saudi government coffers swelling with the Dollars that the US pays for their bloody Oil and Gas. And the same happens with all the Oil revenue extracted from the ISIS controlled Oil & Gas fields as well.

The chicken come home to roost because Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Hillary not only allowed this to happen, but they also benefited form that relationship too.

That all will surely STOP now, under President Trump and General Mattis.

Obamacare will be repealed; but there are considerable differences in the plans that would replace it. My guess is that we are going to get substantial relief for small businesses and move towards more significant health savings accounts. There will not be a single mandate for an insurance company to cover all sorts of things. A 55-year-old woman is not going to have to purchase insurance that has prenatal care in it. People will have much more ability to tailor insurance to their own personal needs. This should help a great deal on costs to individuals and businesses, but it won’t deal with the overall cost of the system.

I also predict Dodd–Frank is going to be restructured and it is very likely that the new DOL rule on fiduciaries and ERISA plans will at least be postponed if not significantly changed. On a personal note, there are parts of the DOL fiduciary rules that make sense, and I support them. But it appears to me that DOL was trying to make a one-size-fits-all rule that was just a bridge too far.

I believe corporate taxes will be reduced to 15% or maybe a bit higher. Personal taxes will be reduced. All executive orders by Obama will be reversed. Most of the massive regulation Obama put in place will be cancelled.

I also predict the SCOTUS vacancy will be filled immediately. The Supreme Court will get a conservative justice right away and Ginsburg will try to hang on until she dies in office to try to deny him her seat. She will not last 4 years. Trump will get at least 2 and maybe 3 judge picks. The Supreme court will decide by what strict constructionists think the constitution says not the left wing politics of Sotomayor. It will be much more pro-business. Antitrust cases will go away. Sanctuary cities will lose funding and the border will somehow be secured with Border Patrol materially increased and gang members arrested and deported.

I believe there will be a revised NAFTA but Mexico will suffer a lot because many US companies will not move plants there until they see what revised NAFTA says. Mexico takes a big hit. The Pentagon and US defense contractors will be big winners. Defense spending will ramp up by huge numbers. The military will add over 200,000 people over the next two years. Weapons spend will dramatically increase. This will add a lot of new jobs between the additional military and the added jobs in defense plants. Private equity on the other hand will take a big hit with carried interest going away and this will make a small part payment for the tax cuts. Estate taxes will mostly go away. Cops will be respected again and racial strife will end as Trump tries new ideas to build charter schools, and rebuild the ghettos. There will be no more honoring the families of the thugs the way Obama and Hilary did. He will honor the cops. The downtrend in crime will get reinstated. Transgender anything and their special needs bathrooms will fade out of fashion and that mass hysteria will surely go away.

I also predict the military will be told to go win wars, and not be social experiments with transgender soldiers. Rules of engagement will be changed to kill the enemy instead of cater to political correctness. There will be an infusion of another 5,000 US soldiers into Iraq and more into Syria to back up the destruction of ISIS. The bombing campaign will be stepped up to what it should be. By September 2017 I believe ISIS will have been defeated. They will try to carry out major terror attacks, but now the world will call “Islamic terror” what it is and there will be a more aggressive fight and coordination. Putin and Trump will get along perfectly as Putin will soon realize he cannot push Trump around like he does Obama and he will work out a modus vivendi because he knows he has at least 4 more years to deal with a new US president. The Iran nuke deal will get torn up and Iran will find itself back under sanctions. The Germans will scream but Merkel is now in a very weak position so she will not be able to stop Trump from re-imposing them at least for US companies and anyone wanting to do business in the US – especially banks. This will be world changing. The Saudis win big on this, Israel wins huge. Developers win because the EPA will be defanged. Climate change legislation is dead and the Paris pact will be defunct.

College campuses will no longer have the threat that unless they find a bunch of young guys to charge with sexual whatever they lose funds. PC on college campuses will be pressured to end although for quite a while there will be protests and other such things. Today professors are telling students they do not have to take exams because they are so upset. This is exactly what is wrong with American colleges today.

Overall, the entire world will change in massive ways. We will see if for good or bad. The tide of anti-socialist, anti PC, anti-diversity, anti-entitlement, anti-establishment of the past 70 years will wash across the world and Trump is simply the ultimate example of what had already been happening with Brexit and in Europe. As far as the stock market- it will rise further. Taxes will get cut, the Supreme Court will not be activist, anti-trust will end, some type of infrastructure program will be instituted, defense spending will jump, banks will be free to lend, regulations will be drastically reduced, and corporate profits will rise.

My thought process in getting to the above predictions is as follows:

Firstly, I spend a lot of time observing trends and traveling, and talking to real people on the ground all across the country at all walks of life. I do not read the NY Times nor do I watch NBC or CBS or CNN. I talk to lots of real people who are doing whatever they do day to day and try to glean tidbits and connect the dots. Any of you can do the same and probably better than me. I just try to disconnect myself from what the talking heads are saying, and the latest fad of political thinking, and try to see it from a distance with some objectivity.

If you listen to the media you might have the impression that the Trump transition team is in complete disarray. Not the case at all. They have broken the transition process down into over 30 departments and have created a “landing document” for each department. The analogy they are using is that this process is like planning an invasion, and they are going to hand the landing document off to the “beachhead teams” who will then execute the plans. This is being done for every department and my guess is that some of that thinking has been going on for years, and now is ready to be implemented.

In the process, Trump’s management style will most probably be going to drive the media (and admittedly, much of the country and the world) nuts. Trump will have people in his entourage competing to give him the pieces of information he needs. In his business organization, he sets the vision and then hires people to execute that vision; and then he goes back to doing what we have seen him do so well, which is to create the brand and image. Basically, he is bringing in people to execute his vision, and he’s going to expect them to get it done. He will jump in when he thinks he’s needed or when he can add something to the process, but he will mostly be paying attention to his team’s performance. There is going to maybe be more than the usual amount of personnel turnover in the first six months. The media will be writing about how Trump can’t keep people and about all the chaos in the White House and other parts of government. But from Trump’s perspective, and given his management style, that’s not necessarily bad in terms of his longer-term goal of changing things.

To close, I believe that the biggest problems are going to maybe consist of dealing with the entrenched bureaucracy. It is highly likely that Congress will pass legislation that requires any department making a ruling that could cost over $100 million to get congressional approval for that rule. Given the recent ruling by the Second Court of Appeals that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) does not meet the constitutional requirement for government oversight and that the law concerning it has to be changed, it is highly likely that the CFPB will be overhauled and reformed.

Congress has been passing literally hundreds of pieces of legislation, knowing full well they would be vetoed and never see the light of day. Not all of these will be brought back up, as the Republicans were counting on Obama vetoing them. But I think we will see a great deal of legislation passed in the first six months to one year. These are bills that have already been through committee and have enough support to get action.

Dr Churchill


What is the Bottom Line?

As you may or may not know, there are three main New World Order centers on earth. The Word Bank, The Federal Reserve, and the Religious leadership as the spiritual influence. That makes New York, Washington, London, and Wall Street as the financial centers of the world, and Washington DC as the Military Industrial Complex of the world. Thirteen families (think) they are running the world along with approximately one million co-conspirators, human and their human-like hybrids, produced through intermarriage that results in major defects on the babies and mongolism, due to lack of gene variations.

All these centers control the media, the [501(c)3] churches in America, the intelligence agencies, the Political parties, and all of their minions that appear as “selected” or vetted puppet leaders.

They are all assembled at DAVOS and now will be agitating mightily against President Trump. Will Trump be forced into the New World Order Cabal by the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg and Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)?

I certainly doubt it and I believe they are all in for a big surprise they could not even fathom.

This is indeed an incredible time to be alive.

What makes me particularly happy is that the New World Order plans are falling apart, and THEY ARE VERY TICKED OOF ABOUT IT TOO…

Globalization is dead on the water and will soon go the way of the Transgender movement and their pedophiliac bathrooms.

Straight down the toilet….

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