Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 2, 2017


Somedays we meet with extreme hate, or ignorance, and right then we are faced with a choice…

Take the high road and turn the other cheek — or fight back and cause war, bloodshed, enmity, and chaos.

Hard as it is to resist the temptation to fight — we need to allow the proper authority and the divine law, to bring about Justice as befits the crime.

Hardships and suffering come to all. And they all come in different forms but all are as strong as the person can bear…

Just keep in mind that they are not meant to break you but to shape you.

And as for the singular lack of compassion some of our enemies exhibit — they are simply blind, because God is watching and he smites and blinds those he is willing to lose…

And then there is a word for it. Perdition. We suffer, yet our enemies are heading towards a fate far worse than anything we wish for them.

And never mind the darkness — because the morning dawn is never further than a few hours away.

We have just got to get through that, for if there is no dark night of the soul anymore — there can be no brilliant sunlit dawn to be found on the sunny uplands.

And if there is darkness that isn’t lit with the flickering light of the candle of faith, then there is no morning of hopefulness either.

Yet we all know that you never feel completely sad, completely indifferent, or completely happy — instead you just feel…


Dr Churchill


And then you forgive and try to forget…

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