Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 12, 2017

Liberal Bias

It appears to me that Liberalism is inversely related to the distance people have from the problem…

Think about it.

Just think in terms of this Refugee Crisis that we are undergoing now.

All the Hollywood elites and the Democratic establishment are crying about the plight of the Refugees but you would never see any destitute Syrian refugees in the streets of BelAir or Malibu and certainly none in the Hamptons and Connecticut suburbs where the Big Whigs of the Democratic party like the Clintons, live and play.

Ever Wonder Why?

Indeed liberalism is greatest the further away one feels from the problem and the least the problem affects this person directly.

And while the Liberal Democrats who are mainly atheists, are crying crocodilians tears and are going out wearing pussy hats to demonstrate against the United States Immigration policies and are clamoring about this grave Human Rights issue — it is left up to the Christian Right and the real Compassionate adults, the Christians to actually help the arriving refugees and also to raise funds and volunteer to help the Syrians across the great migration journey towards exile and perhaps safety.

Make a note of it.

I’ve been working with several groups that I fund, on helping Refugees in the Eastern Mediterranean world since 2001, and have never received any help from any Liberal groups.


Nor have I had any non Religious volunteers join up the Charitable work that we do.

In contrast we had many Christians of all faiths, Jewish folk, Buddhists, Muslims, and even pagans — but we never had any Liberal Democrat Atheists join our life saving mission.

Wonder why that might be..



Dr Churchill


And although we never present ourselves as a religious group of any kind — we’ve always had young people from conservative religious upbringings swell the ranks of our volunteers through the simple belief and conviction that all good deeds are answered on Earth as in Heaven.

And we are happily trudging along putting one foot infant of another and helping all those in need. We do not discriminate but we choose to help all those Souls that come alive out of the ruins of Syria — a simple country — that the NeoCon liberal Globalist Democratic elite of this country has destroyed.

And up until the day when the Hollywood elites, like my friend Amal Clooney and George, start inviting refugees to live inside their mansions — and call me over to document their living conditions — I shall not believe a word these hypocrites are saying.

After all they are trained actors, to tell BS in front of a camera. Don’t believe a word they are saying because now they are mouthing more BS that is written on the script they are reading, for the role they are paid to play.

As for me — I put my money where my mouth is.

And if you want — please do come and give us a hand.

We need plenty of help.

And as for PHI — indeed People’s Health International, does God’s work and us Humans can only help carry on…

God Bless.

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