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By Dr Pano Churchill

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 “WINSTON” A Book in Three Volumes

Volume A: LESSONS OF LEADERSHIP — FAITH IN MY  STAR — I intend to do something in this world (Chapters 1-19)

Volume B: LESSONS ON STATESMANSHIP — KBO — Never Ever Give In (Chapters 20-34)

Volume C: LESSONS FROM CHURCHILL — LET THERE BE UNITY — Let’s reap the fruits of Unity (Chapters 35-50)


By Dr Pano Churchill



Let me tell you a Secret…

Winston Churchill was an illegitimate child.

What in America, we might call a bastard…

He was a black swan, and a black adder to boot.

In his time, people would say, he was so bad, he was barely housebroken…

In my mind — he was not.

Winnie, was definitely not “housebroken.”

Mind you, this is not an insult to the man, nor it is the common harangue, and certainly not the venom that he received all his life, from the ignoramuses, the lesser souls, the jealous men, and from the haters, all around him, especially from all those who could not compete with him in the field of honor and intelligence.

Yet Winston Churchill, was indeed born an illegitimate child.

As a matter of fact, he was the son of a prince.

A prince, who went on to become the King and Sovereign of England.

Yet that King, failed to recognize the seed of his loin.

Now hold on a moment…

Let’s retract a bit, because this is a long story and far too dramatic, to spring upon you, so early, in your reading of this book.

But, make no mistake, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was born a bastard.

Yet he managed to rise well above his circumstances and to live a life of service, as he labored intelligently and diligently towards the fulfillment of his plain ambition: Live a useful life, fight the good fight, lead the “Win” and enjoy it while you can.

As a principle actor in the “charade” his whole extended family enjoyed, (seemingly at his expense), and in order to fulfill the expectations of his Aristocratic era, as a boy coming up through humble means, he chose to join the armed forces, and to engage in book writing, journalism, and public service.

Early on as a babe, he was very much passed around, like baby Moses, who was floated down the river, and was “found” amidst the reeds of the river Nile. Similarly Winnie, prepared himself for high office from the day his governess told him that he was loved, and he believed her — against all evidence to the contrary — and taught him the ways of the world. Basically she was the one to tell him that he had to “Love” if he were ever hoping to be loved in return. This wise surrogate mother gave the child abundant blossom love, and woke in him his self esteem, and it was always this woman, Winnie’s “woom” that showed him how ordinary folk lived, loved, and died.

It was this “Woom” that was his fountain of Love. His wet nurse. His milkmaid. His governess. His daily companion. His night nurse and the angel hovering above him on his long periods of sickness and near death experiences.

This woman was what we term today, as his Au-pair. Except she was as English as they make them. His lovely towering governess, was all of Winnie’s early life and dreams. And he hoped to love her for life as he demonstrated for the rest of his life.

And it was his Woom that taught him to perform acts of selfless devotion. Same as she did for him as she cared to discharge her duties towards her young charge. Duties, that saved little Winnie’s life, from this madcap world, and made him a Man.

And it was her simple genius of love and affection that made her little “Winnie” a Man of the “Commons” with full regard for the well-being, and for the fate of “his” simple, ordinary and yet extraordinary, English speaking People, just as much as he cared for the well being of all Peoples across this God’s Good Earth.

And as God is our witness — indeed — he loved “his” People well.

He loved them, just as much as he loved his own “Woooooman” and he was loved in return.

She taught him well.

And he learned the lesson, as he loved her and her people well enough.

And he led them — well enough too.

This is the “Winnie” — the boy that never grew up, and who was radically and fundamentally different, from your average Joe.

He was indeed a person of his era, yet he was one that was not easy to define. He was certainly at ease, but he was not a Commoner, he was not a soldier, not an officer and a gentleman either. Nor was he an Aristocrat, nor a Plebeian, not a painter, and not a writer. He was not a brick layer, and he was not a Lord, and no Baron.

He was none of that and all of that.

Nor was he anything  in between.

He was all of that and more.

Winston Churchill, was indeed a complex character.

And a fairly unique person.

An eternal brawler, a fighter, a habitual contrarian thinker, an innovator, a problem solver, and indeed a man who was not afraid of failing, and who thus developed a genius for solving the most wicked problems of our world.

As a kid he was given to flights of military fancy, as most kids do when they play with toy soldiers.

But he took the whole childish thing, to another level, when he assembled his lilliputian armies, and attacked or replaced the enemy’s alien charges on his bedroom replaying the battles of Waterloo, or the greatest military engagements in history.

Winnie liked to replay the military engagements with his minuscule armies, made up of tiny painted copper and lead toy soldiers, who helped him learn and understand the workings of military engagements through the replaying of all the famous historical battles the English empire had ever fought.

He played them all well, but with Winnie’s own spin: He often countermanded the orders given by the leading generals and made the battles contrary to historical record, in order to turn the outcome in the opposite way. He changed the outcome of the very battles that were fought long ago …

And this way, he might have learned some useful things along the way too.

Maybe it was his foolish attempts at rewriting history.

Or maybe it was a child’s way — a “childe Harold” — to change the flow of history…

Either way, he learned something there too.

Winston, didn’t care much for policy matters and for world affairs, in as much as he cared for battles and body blows given amongst mortal enemies, same as between enemy nations.

That’s how it started, but his constant companion also taught him how to love his enemy because his “Woom” was a deeply devout Christian person. Not so much of the church going variety spinster, but a deeply spiritual woman that saw Jesus as her personal Savior, and imparted this wisdom to her young charge too.

And that is when Winnie learned how to care for the ideals these national struggles against Evil, represented.

He had received a reservoir of courage, a Love of Man, and an abiding interest in Humanity early on, and thus in adulthood, he became a hugely courageous and loving person, that saw the prospect of triumph against evil, a war of the forces of Light against Darkness, and the clear prospect of Defeat or Victory in everything he did.

And of course, he always took the gauntlet, accepted the fight, fought the contest, and sought to win.

Perhaps for that reason, he was despised by the lesser men, the true blue bloods, the Aristocrats, and all those who occupied unearned positions of authority and power, in the rarefied and heavily stratified British Society of the late Victorian era.

He simply could not abide the fools who blocked the “Progress of Man” when History moved forward everywhere else, and yet, they stood still as they presented obstacles to progress.

He disliked those fools, who were seen as empty shirts, occupying unearned positions of authority, because of the accident of DNA, that precipitated a random birth into the midst of British Aristocracy, into the family Manor, into Name, and Wealth. And yet in some measure he had all these things, but he was not quite “proper.”

He was a bastard, an illegitimate, and people knew that. And even today when everybody within the establishment seeks to rehabilitate Winston — the sniggering voices of the Aristos still call him the “Black Swan.”

No wonder, Winnie got a clutch of black swans when he managed to get his pond built in his own home, the redoubtable “ChartWell” in the lovely Kentish countryside.

This was his retreat where he could relax away from the “High & Mighty” Lords, their courtiers and the bureaucrats, and all the powerful buzzards that sought to tear him down.

Sadly even the  powerful Commoners, were invariably all against hims thinking of him as “different” and somehow they were jealous of his qualities, fearful of his oversized intellect, untrusting of his pattern recognition skills, laughing at his mechanics of innovation, and certainly disdainful of his amazing capacity for idea generation and complex problem solving…

Winston was always thinking…

But he was always acting too.

And by God, he was always writing.

He was writing or dictating his thoughts, whether on his feet pacing back & forth, or while reading his correspondence, or while taking a warm bath, or during breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Invariably, he dictated the writing of books, missives, letters, articles, and correspondences, as if his life depended on it. And at times, perhaps it did…

Winnie, liked nothing more than to make new friends …, and in this particular endeavor is where, he failed miserably.

He failed to win friends, but he somehow — contrary to popular belief and expectation — he managed to influence a whole lot of people…

Obviously he never cared for popular literature and it’s highly unlikely he ever read Dale Carnegie’s book “How to win friends and influence people” was certainly not his strong  suit.

Instead, Winnie lived his life as if he had read the book “How to make enemies and make people hate you.” It is the same book, that yours truly has been writing throughout his life.


Yet it was his crotchety personality that caused people so much discomfort, and led them to run t the safety of the hills away from Winston and his ever-present moments of inspiration that brought forth the mad-cap solutions as he fought against mediocrity, mendacity, and railed against small mindedness.

Ahhh, and lets not forget Winnie’s heroic battles against tilting windmills, against the passage of time, and against the droning evils of bureaucracy.

He fought them all, and he fought them well.

He sallied forth against the adversity emanating not from his enemies, but from his peers, and his non-existent friends.

He didn’t chose to fight his adversaries & public sphere competitors, but he certainly fought his own side, often and vigorously.

And that is why he was always alone.

Yet he lived through it.

He outwitted all of them, and he won.

He earned his stripes, as he fought these long running battles, against the establishment, by taking extravagant risks.

Of course these risks, appeared as a gambler’s tally, to those outsiders who couldn’t see any method to his madness.

And perhaps that is why his inspirational ideas for the Nation to “spring to action” earned the winsome nickname “Winston’s Folly.”

Because that is exactly what they were. And that is why he only earned merit early on, through the diligent pursuit of bravery, fighting losing battles, risking infamy, and his hair raising breakthrough from the Boer jail, as well as his lifelong art of escaping the dual prisons of boredom and quiet desperation, that seemed to be the lot of every other man in the stultifying Victorian and all too British Aristocratic world.

Instead, Winnie, with his solitary “walk” and train ride towards freedom, amongst people bent on killing him and getting the “prize” placed on his head, strengthened and defined him, and thus made him a winner.

Indeed it was all a game to him – but the stakes couldn’t have been any higher. He risked his head each and every time he felt the need to “Live” a large and untrammeled life of value.

And that is only because he worked hard to better himself, and best all those around him, by becoming a far better version of a Leader, than the men he observed ordering the world all around him, and also throughout History.

He figured out that he needed to become the person that could surpass his own character, through the rigors of battles fought exclusively for glory, just as much as they were fought for personal development, as well as they were fought for the liberation and safety of the empire’s subjects. Same as when he sought significance through his risking his neck, when he escaped from that awful Boers’ prison, and he trekked over four thousand miles to finding freedom in the shores of the Indian ocean. “That was a real hoot” is how he described this episode later on, but at the time he was a wanted man — and was hunted down to be delivered dead or alive, with a price on his head…

Well, since Winnie, had a “prize” on his head already, and since most assassination attempts against his life emanated from the Socialists, the Muslims, or the Communists — he was not terribly concerned with concerned with the niceties and the aggressive Victorian pearl-clutching political correctness of his era.

And perhaps that is why everyone seems like he was out to get him.

Ot at least it seemed t him that everyone wanted to get rid of him. So much so, that Winnie always slept with a revolver on his bedstead. Long before he became the Prime Minister, this was his usual first & last line of self defense. A personal side arm to protect his person and his family, always at the ready, either to forestall another assassination attempt, or to stop a crime in the making, or for whatever might happen that would require Winston’s rapid response and armed intervention.

The thing is that there was always a shitload of weird things happening around Winston, because he was like a vortex always attracting all the people, and their desires, and their love or hate, and everything in between, as well as attracting all the elements, and all the forces of nature, to twirl like confetti all around him. Same like it happens with his grandson today. Ho-ho-ho…

Of course, aside form the socialists, the tories, the muslims, the communists, the nazis, the liberals, and the suffragettes; and pretty much all the women of England; there were also some proper English gentlemen who wanted to assassinate Winston Churchill as well. Indeed all of the political calls wanted to be rid of Winston Churchill, but only because he always spoke the TRUTH, unvarnished and unalloyed, and nothing but the truth — and that made him a thorn in the side of the establishment. He was a constant Change-maker & Truth-teller, and this is how Winnie, offered a good and valuable service to the people, and Society at large, without ever shrinking away from his duties. So he worked a lot, and with his incredible appetite for Herculean labors, and for fighting all those battles crowned with terribly losing odds, that he chose as his metier — this is how he built his reputation for being the mastermind of “Gallipoli” and of always and forever wanting to replay that losing battle.

Yet somehow, out of of a life of these awful steeple-chases, he built his lifelong legacy of glorious victory agents the forces of evil, And that is Winston’s claim to fame, that eclipsed both of his famous and infamous “Fathers” and great grandfathers or namesakes to boot, like the incredibly rarefied ancestor, the great military and political genius, Lord Marlborough.  Indeed, Winston, far surpassed his biological father, the King, and his aristocratic yet “fruitless” stepfather, Sir Randolph Churchill, and if anything he truly personified the Spirit of Marlborough.

And perhaps through this attempt at competition with ghosts of absent fathers, and early ancestors, is how “Winnie” became the Sir Winston Churchill, that we know today.

He did it by simply chancing, laboring, risking-it-all, and striving, hell bent for leather to become the best Man, he could ever be. And then he wrote about it too…

And through his voracious reading and writing he amassed the incredible powers of the analytical brain that he is known for. It was almost like a “Brain Software” immersion — that made Churchill great, and so can the reader of this book, become great by reading books constantly and refreshing their mind and changing their ideas.

We learn something here, because that is how anyone, can surpass themselves, their limiting self beliefs, and also their competitors.

Because although Winston suffered from huge waves of adversity – he put the rigors of his fight, to good use, and that made him a far better man. Although it caused him pain and sorrow, to be despised by his peers, and to be ostracized by society, for being a truth teller — he persevered on his path. As a matter of fact, we can now see that he was always the perennial whistleblower, since he always spoke the “truth to power” and fought against public corruption, and personal failings, with all the rigor he had mastered through his abundant energy.

It is significant to see that while he took everything personally and fought most of his battles alone – he still sought, and managed to find unusual fellows, unique allies, and comrades in arms. And that is how he served his country, his people, and the world, by winning the battle for “ALL” as the first amongst equals, and as the best benevolent democratic leader, any of our liberal Democracies could have ever known.

No better example of that “First Amongst Equals” exists, than the wartime alliance that Winston Churchill long cultivated, and managed to craft, with his arch-enemy the Nazi ally, and Communist Leader Joseph Stalin. Yet he managed to steal Stalin away from the secret German alliance to carve-up Poland, and he turned him into his best mate,  and his brother in arms, in order to join the fight, and work together towards defeating the evil socialist Adolf Hitler, and his Nazi forces of darkness, that by the time, contained all of the Armies of Continental Europe.

And soon enough he repeated the feat of friendship and alliance building by bringing into the partnership, the American President FDR, who became his confidante, and his second brother in arms, and the three Great Men together altered the course of inevitability.

It was the power of Winston Churchill’s great skill at personal diplomacy, and his skillful earning the trust, and building the Alliance of the Three Friends, by giving it his all — that altered the course of History, from what was seen as the penultimate and inevitable defeat of England and her commonwealth of nations, and the subjugation of the whole world to the totalitarian powers of Hitler and his Allies; to the days of VE and VJ victories of the Alliance that Churchill built and that brought us to the sunny uplands, of Peace and Security for the past 70 plus years.

Not a small feat of personal magic…

And maybe that is why after the course of the Second World War was run and nations stood exhausted from bloodletting — Winston Churchill came to be accepted as the Man of the Century, as the most important Man alive, and as the Savior of Western Christian Civilization.

On top of that, the English people anointed him as the Best Leader this World has ever known. By far…

And today, his likeness occupies pride of place in both the White House’s oval office, where it was installed again by the powerful action of Churchillian determination, courage, and foresight, of President Trump — but also and perhaps more importantly in that ancient hall of Democracy, the Great Hall of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. A place of honor, so that all the leaders who traipse through for another Thousand years, they might come to imbue their thoughts with a bit of Churchillian inspiration, and wisdom, to carry on the work of the people, in the centuries to come.

Precious time for the Free World that Winston Churchill’s feats have “bought” for us, that now occupy the sunny uplands through no labor of our own…

Let us then be strong & vigilant enough, in order to be able to uphold this heavy legacy of Liberty, Freedom, and Democracy, as the anointed Guardians, of these “Sunny Uplands” that we have been entrusted to keep and hold for the generations to come…

That is what will surely make the old man smile contentedly.

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This three volume book, is a small and humble effort, to summarize, and utilize Winston Churchill’s intelligence, leadership and Statesmanship skills, and his life’s example, as a kind of “Brain Software” in order to instill in the Readers’ mind, the useful lessons that will instruct today’s Leaders to be the best they can ever be.

Because by reading this book, you are influenced through the writing method acting as a  neurolinguistic instrument, to help bring out the best mental powers, and the best qualities, along with the better Angels of our hearts – all in order to help us be the best leaders we can ever be. leaders of Service, for our Life, for our People, and for our Country; and by extension for the whole World.

Winston Churchill was born into a ducal family, and was brought forth into this world from the womb of Jennie Jerome, his American Mother, inside the magnificent Blenheim Palace of the Duke of Marlborough, in Woodstock, Oxfordshire in 1874. This palatial birth address, and the ducal family name, gave him an opportunity and perhaps primed his passion to make a dent in the Universe. But above all else his focus on proving his cause and his qualities, to his family father, and to his errant biological father, as well as to his careless mother, made him feel like a loveless orphan, and caused him to rely only upon himself — and be driven to succeed by his own hand.

He made himself his own charioteer, and chariot, and proved all others wrong, time and again. He won the race against himself, and along the way he won the World…

Indeed he was a brilliant glow-worm.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 12.54.40 PM

Winston always risked all, and suffered the consequences. Yet while risking everything and failing deeply in the rabbit holes of is own making — he was always saved in the rich of time, from a cruel end, and from certain death, time and again.

Therefore he came to believe that he was destined for some higher purpose, and he acted accordingly, always doing his best and placing maximum effort, in order of his future in service to Humanity, to Western Civilization, and to his Country, in that necessary order of importance. He also did his best in order to reach and ride his Star, to the prescribed destination he sought to reach. His constant practice of Leadership, offered him the pole position in all settings, in order to allow him to fairly compete, and gain distinction through his efforts, to show his talents, and earn his merits, in order to become a prominent member of the British and World leadership class of wise practitioners in the Art of Statesmanship.

He went to military school and became a cavalry officer, and after exhibiting heroism in his battles, he became an elected Politician, and a member of the English Parliament in the House of Commons for most all of his adult life.

As a young man Winston fought in various battlefields all around the world, where he evaded death at close quarters. He never purposefully tried to evade a battle, yet he escaped injury and death, although he was slashed at with sharp swords, he was lanced at, was shot at, attacked with bayonets, and even avoided snipper fire, howitzer shells, bombs and shrapnel — all with a fierce desire to snuff out is life. Yet he survived. Indeed he survived death and injury and all that jazz, in five continents. He survived, just as well as he survived the loveless childhood, the drowning, the fire, the coma, the various illnesses, the intentional ‘accidents’ of his lonely childhood, the wanting to meet his maker early, the swish-sadistic teachers, the “Wanted Dead or Alive” manhunt that followed his escape from the South African prisoner of war camp run by the mean Boers, the daily death toll of the trench warfare of the Somme, during the bloody carnage of the “Plugstreet” of WWI, as he also survived the disastrous campaign of the Dardanelles and Gallipoli, where he failed as the First Lord of the Admiralty, and later he survived his personal ‘Siberian Exile’ back at home in Kent, and he lived through the parliamentary wars, the bitter electoral fights, and even the betrayals of the English people whom he had just saved from the menace of the long dark nights of the evil Huns — the Nazis…

In case you are wondering what Winston Churchill’s personal ‘Siberian Exile’ is — here it goes: It is the period during the interlude between the two worldwide wars, when Winston – the contrarian – was snubbed by all of English Society, and British political classes, and went into an internal exile in his Kentish home at Chartwell, where he wrote books and articles, took care of his family, painted canvasses, and even build various garden structures and house extensions. All the while, agitating for National Defense and rearmament of the British forces. And during this time, he barely kept his parliamentary seat, but he focused on collecting intelligence about England’s enemies, and honing his speeches, besting his writing and preparing his books, brightening up his canvasses, and laying bricks for the structures he built at home while focusing on his family life and his children. Indeed the writing and his speeches from this period are much sought after, because we now see the magnitude and the depth of his preparation for the Opus Magnus of his career — to winningly  lead the Anglo-Saxon people to war against the forces of darkness.

Yet despite of all this work and inimitable successes, Winston Churchill didn’t truly come into his own, until the beginning of World War Two, when he was invited to become Prime Minister during the most salient time, when all others were fearfully appeasing the enemy hoping to avoid war, and occupation, and instead seeking to come to terms with the overwhelming Overlord of Europe, Adolf Hitler.  … Yet this was the time when Winston Churchill came into the leadership, in the face of all those terrible odds, the sad realities, the even sadder facts, the threat of total loss, the  & annihilation, the negativity, the fear, doubt and uncertainties, the constant skepticism, the dispirited masses, the signal lack of courage of those in leadership, the immorality, and the lack of conviction. It was here that Winston Churchill, stood apart. And he spoke that if we only have to live another day, lets make that day count, so that we should dedicate it to the fight, and to the ultimate battle in order to fight the German menace, and keep Liberty and Democracy alive in our World.

And when his leadership and his especially strong message of “never surrender” oratory, was widely criticized by those in authority — the ordinary people took heart and credited this same message with playing the pivotal role in bolstering up their courage in England and abroad, and helped them in holding their own against the powerful Nazi armies. It was Churchill’s voice that led the English people plodding forward, while fighting on all fronts around the World, all alone during the longest two years of the Second World War. It was the Prime Minister’s voice coming over the BBC broadcasts that rallied the Dominions and the Commonwealth countries to fight on, and to assemble and arise the strong alliance of nations that propelled the Western Allies to eventual victory after countless defeats. It was Churchill that brought Russia into the fold of his Big Tent and inside his Alliance, and then he also brought inside America, to the chagrin of the Isolationists and the Appeasers.

And this is how Churchill came to win the war. He did it through Courage giving, and sharing of his own inexhaustible supply of Heart strengthening allegory, all the while imparting backbone to all those around him, through his thoughtful words and manifest deeds.

Because in addition to Statesmanship, Winston Churchill, was wide-ranging in his talents, merits, and diverse interests, and it was as a writer and hard working author, that he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. He only got this singular honor, because he wrote honestly, brilliantly, and effusively. Aside from that first prize, he is considered one of the greatest leaders of History, and he invariably tops the poll of the ‘Greatest Men’ ever. However, his personal path to greatness wasn’t at all easy, pre-destined, or even straightforward, as the above accounts might suggest. He almost lost his life many times, and yet survived and thrived against all odds due to his obstinance, and lion heartedness. Amongst world leaders, he alone survived more than two dozen assassination attempts during his lifetime as a Leader, and just as many near death experiences, during his fighting days and his numerous bloody battles, but also during the many childhood accidents, and his lifelong illness of asthmatic lungs that bedeviled him for ever, and so many other so called ‘accidents.’ Aside form that, he led a perfectly safe life, from his early flying career and aviator pioneering pilot days, with a crash a day, to his bad habits of smoking the stinky cigars, and drinking his fill of alcoholic beverages and champagne to boot, each and every day, and lets’ not forget his peculiar yet defining lisp that he had to contend with, along with his facial scowl, and his completely stinging and “getting under the skin” humor, that caused him much enmity amongst those that get triggered easily, and all those that couldn’t suffer his wit, his zingers, and his squarely logical and common sense criticism of fools on a fools errand…. Yet above all else it was his lisp that acted as his permanent & defining speech impediment, that he used to full advantage, even when he suffered with his frequent bouts of depression, which he named his ‘black dog’ days, and always masked with the V sign he carried as his private yet all too public affront, to any negativity that might surface at times…

Yet, despite all that, and despite his distinguished military career, and strong political ascendancy — he wasn’t at all liked by his colleagues in politics. Indeed he was hated. He was hated the way that abundant society’s jealousy, masquerades as dislike towards Great men, and much like the fact that enmity arises against those deemed FREE to follow their Heart. Indeed Winston Churchill always followed his heart, and his convictions to the benefit of the human rights principles and this allowed him to change ideas, and even political sides, and his party allegiances — more than once. And maybe because he was generally regarded as an upstart, a self promoter, and an unreliable maverick — he was shunned from polite society. Indeed he was placed in “exile” from his peers, and was sent off for an enforced “garden leave” more than once. During his political lifetime he was written off thrice, as a “has-been,” a loser, or as a vagabond, and at least twice, he was fully exiled from Society and Political leadership, for long protracted periods of almost a decade each time.

For the ten years, from 1929 to 1939; the years that Churchill named “His Exile Years,” we ought to recall that Winston was totally banned from the BBC, and was not allowed to even have a single public interview. It was an effective ban because back then, the radio was a government monopoly.

But he didn’t allow this “ostracism” from public life, to affect him, or at least he took care to not allow this ban to affect him as much as people thought, because he was sure-footed and resilient. And because he always knew that he was “saved” for some amazing “Big Things” to come. And sure enough, he bounced back up, with gusto, passion, and perseverance. Of course Winston, always came back stronger, because he chose action over inaction, and he had this n good confidence that his thoughts, his words, and his actions would define his future. He clearly stated that his course of leadership is the same a that which defined Moses as his distant intellectual mentor of the perennial leader, the Man, that Winston Churchill regarded as the epitome of resilience, success, and victorious Leadership, throughout the ages.

When we see today’s American President being banned from the Mass Media and being maligned by all the commentators that have a perverse interest in weakening both the American Unity, and the National Power, we can see the similarity to the “Exile” years of Winston Churchill, and to the fact that just before he saved the world — he was the most hated man in Britain.

Yet he carried on, and did what had to be done…

Now, that is a singular lesson in Leadership.

So today, let’s mark his words, as we go forth to confront North Korea and China, over the leadership of the Pacific, and indeed of this World. Let’s go forth boldly, to simply do, what has got to be done today:

“The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to a close. In its place, we are entering a new period of severe consequences.” –Sir Winston Churchill

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It was Churchill’s fierce criticism of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement policies towards Hitler, that awoke Britain from it’s lethargy and brought Churchill back at the centre of British politics, after a decade over-long period of isolation and virtual exile in his own country. Yet, his vision, his brilliant oratory, and his forceful winning personality, gained him the position of Prime Minister when Chamberlain was forced to resign in 1940, after Hitler waged war against Great Britain.

From that point onwards, Winston Churchill lost all the battles that he endeavored to engage with the enemy, until the tides turned in the first victory for the Allies coming from little Greece, a small yet brave country, with ancient freedom loving, resilient, and unafraid fighting men, that stepped up and declared a resounding NOT to the fascists that wanted to invade them.

Indeed the Greeks faced down the superior and well equipped Italian fascists armies of Mussolini and his brigades, and in the midst of Winter drove them back away from their land, into Albania and then pushed them into Italy itself.

It was then that the German overlord Adolf Hitler came to the aid of his erstwhile ally Mussolini who was losing the Greek war, and in order to stop the Italian debacle before the Greeks could take over Milan and Turin, thus reversing the whole European Nazi-Fascist campaign flow in the battlefield.

Of course the fierce Fuhrer that alternatively thought that he was a reincarnation of Iron Bismarck,  Charlemagne, or Napoleon Bonaparte — immediately send his armies South and attacked the flank of the Greek warriors.  But this was a grave mistake putting his Soviet campaign at risk through the delay this caused. A delay that put his armies at the mercy of “General Winter” who as a strong Russian ally, met Hitler’s armies in the Russian steppes, and dealt him a decisive and fatal blow.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 1.01.21 PM

Today, as China advances it’s devious and dastardly cause, through the use of North Korea’s nuclear weapons systems that they have provided to the Pyuongang regime – are simply the covering leaf of plausible deniability for the actions of China’s Red Army.

President Trump understands this matter rather well. And that is proven, by his starting America’s preparations for the inevitable war with Red China. But for now we have to unfang North Korea first, because China is using her to their advantage daily, and because China’s Stalinist leaders have taken the measure of us, and have found us wanting. They think that they can kick us out of the Pacific same as the Japanese thought when they attacked Pearl Harbor and woke up the sleeping Giant. Yet now we have to wake up anew, because due to the last fifty years of US military degradation, a visible decline and corruption of our military power, resembling a collapse, can be seen. This of course creeped up on us due to the inaction and the irresponsible behavior of successive US administrations. So there is nobody else to blame but ourselves.

We ought to note that at the time of President Reagan, we had a strong, responsive, and all powerful Navy, numbering over 600 warships — whereas today we have a far smaller navy made up of 200 barely operating vessels. And to add insult the injury, that today we have all of our naval vessels manned by people playing video games, relying on electronics and satellite navigation to the exclusion of geophysical observation, and unable to navigate by magnetic compass or sight. And it is sad that the new cadets, cannot even steer our warships, through the old fashioned method of celestial navigation, using a sextant and charts, while keeping their eyes open and watching to avoid collisions and being their target bearings. Perhaps we must go back to that method of navigation today because all of our vessels communications, steering and navigation systems have been hacked by the Chinese Red Army’s cyber hackers, and we are laughably at the mercy of the Chinese who through cyber espionage have managed to intercept all of our naval communications, and they even have gone forward and have incapacitated our vessels from being an effective fighting force, since their missile guidance and targeting systems have all been corrupted as well. As a matter of fact the boastful Chinese have caused the guided “crash” of three of our Navy’s warships in a show of Cuber Hacking dexterity, and Chinese Naval Superiority, in what they consider as their own Pacific ocean. As Sun Tzu says: “All warfare is based on deception” and the Chinese Leaders still study the old Master regularly and vigorously.

And this is just a small taste of things to come as a signal of the Chinese military that wants to prove their control over the US navy. That is why they have taken control of the US Navy’s ships’ guidance and navigational systems, and have guided them to collide with  other navy ships, with shoals, with freighters, and with civilian ships as well. This has happened to our Navy ships thrice just in the last three months, and these are only the incidents that constitute the tip of the iceberg, because they were such horrific crashes with civilian vessels, that made it to the news, and yet similar events occurred a score of times, with Navy vessels banging onto each other, and yet the navy has managed to keep them out of the news, under the official secrecy acts.

So if we cannot keep our warships safe from crashing onto each other and sinking in Peace time, how do you think we are going to fare in wartime? And I must assure you that this is not a series of unfortunate or circumstantial accidents — but a direct hit from our commercial partners the Chinese, whose addiction to stealing and subverting our technology against us, is an action that is tantamount to war.

As an example of how low we have gone in our defenses — it is amazing for me to see that during the Obama administration, we have had the five best of our airplane carriers, all tied up together, as a great target for a random attack to blow them all up,  and make us a third rate power in the global military totem pole. As our military has left to wither on the vine over the last 50 or so years, we have seen the steady decline of our influence in matters great and small, and this is just another one of these vast oversights and omissions of responsible leadership that are tantamount to Treason. Our military strategists seem to be forgetting that we need to be always in a good defensive posture, because as Sun Tzu cautions:  “Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the attack.”

Yet our wise predecessors had a law against tying up an aircraft carrier next to another, for the simple reason that a North Korean [See Chinese] nuclear tipped ICBM could take out all five of them with one hit. Sadly, we have forgotten those regulations, in the days of transgender bathroom preoccupation in the White House, in the State Department, in our military, and  in our schools & society.

Maybe Mr Obama and Ms Clinton thought that by tying up our own vessels in their harboring berths, one next to each other — at least they will not be smashing up against each other or against random ships, when sailing the high seas…

That must have been their reasoning, or that our enemies will pick up our cue, and then go ahead, and tie up their own ships as well…

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.34.28 PM

NORFOLK, VA. (February 8, 2013). The first time since WWII that five (*) aircraft carriers were docked together.

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), USS Enterprise (CVN 65), USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) are all in port at Naval Station Norfolk, Va., the world’s largest naval station.

Sources stated that this breached a long standing military protocol in the Navy meant to avoid massive enemy strike on major US forces. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Ryan J. Courtade/Released)

But that is not what China or anybody else is doing, and now the Persians control the straits of Hormuz, while China resolutely controls all of South China Sea, the Straits of Malacca, and the Formosa straights too.

So much for wishful thinking…

Hopefully President Trump will arrest the steady decline of our Country, due to the ever growing corruption, and maybe he will reverse the increasing Armies, our Navy, and the rest of our military forces — now that the Chinese army (via North Korea) can launch either an ICBM nuclear missile and destroy Pearl Harbor, or any US base, or even American cities, at will. Or maybe they will change that plan and instead launch an EMP attack from an atmospheric nuclear weapon detonation, or even by using their weaponized Satellites flying overhead, and thus disable all of our computer, communication, and navigational systems…. and thus sent us hurling back to the dark-ages for a long while.

The recent smash-ups of our warships proved that they can do pretty much as they please with their thirteen million strong cyber-hacking army, and without firing a single missile…. Methinks, now might be the best time for our Navy to learn to navigate and function simply withhold fashion magnetic compasses and sextants, and without relying too much on any technology that can be hacked and thus sabotage the navigational systems and mislead the vessel towards a collision and a sinking. This might be the only safe back-up to our tech-mad video game navy, and our armchair warriors, as they might have to engage their arch-nemesis the Chinese military hackers, in the field of honor.

Let’s learn a lesson from History where forces that relied on low tech beat back the most high tech forces of there day. And I shall go way back from the Vietnam war that proved that axiom that a determined low tech enemy s far superior to the one that had no moral principle and yet processed all the high tech weaponry. Let me take you to the early ends of the beginnings of the Second World War…

Because, back in the days of the string of German conquests in the early phases of the Second World War, amongst the Continental Europeans, it was only the Greeks who responded to the call of duty, and fought valiantly against the invaders. And with their low tech army, without any air-force, and no navy — they fought hard. And in the battle fields — they won. They managed to drive the invading Axis of Evil forces, back and away from their borders, and thus drove the invading Italian armies into their own country. Keep in mind that the Greeks fought simultaneously on two fronts, because Hitler came to the assistant of his socialist mentor, the fascist Mussolini.  This flanking action, of Hitler, caused the Greeks to run out of munitions, people, and bullets, and they declared a defeat. But for Hitler, this was a Victory in disguise. A different sort of defeat, as all Pyrrhian victories tend to be. Yes, Hitler conquered the country, killed the people, expropriated the Jews, stole all the vital foodstuffs, and even took away the emergency national reserves of grain — out of spite – and thus imposed a famine that killed off, upwards of fifteen percent of the population of this small country. The insane Adolf Hitler, the Fuhrer of the Thousand year Reich, said that he imposed this famine upon the Greek people, for “wasting his time” away from the Russian campaign.

Yet the heroic Greeks gave the FIRST VICTORY of the second world war to the allies. And their eventual defeat after the second front was opened when the Germans attacked their flank, it also came t be seen as a VICTORY in the long term because this Greek Campaign delayed the Nazi armies from going into Russia and the Caucasus oil wells.

But it was the actions of the Greek people and their early Victory, that galvanized nations and whole Peoples across the globe, to fight Nazism bravely and unafraid. The spell had been broken…

This first and important Victory, also led Winston to declare that the German mighty war machine was not undefeatable. And it also singularly focused Winston Churchill’s mind, and his scattered attention, towards the South, and towards protecting the Mediterranean Sea, and the vast deserts of the Middle East and her oil supplies, because Winston Churchill understood by now, that as he had to play the long game of defense and patient retreat. The Greek campaign also created the very long German supply lines that gave Churchill the opportunity to disrupt the German logistics, and thus starve the German war machine, from the vital oil supplies of the Middle East, and the Caucasus.

And indeed, Winston played this game well, because much like a long game of bridge, during the first two years of the war, during the air-battle of Britain, and the sea battle of Oran, and although he had lost more battles than himself, or anyone else steeped in History, would care to remember — he was still able to deny access to the oil fields to the German war machine. Still in the midst of Winston Churchill’s despairing defeats, he also carried forth his plan of denying his enemy access to resources, at the same time as he formed his reputation for resilience, and for making a bigger battle for his enemy than for himself. And that precisely, is what brought him the reputation for pugnacity, for strength, and for tenacity — all attitudes for which he is now being remembered, as the winsome English Bulldog.

And for what we all now know as the Victorious Prime Minister of England, the protector of Western Christian civilization, and of the Anglo-Saxon people, along with the numerous and various Peoples of the Dominions, and of the Commonwealth of Nations, and of all the Allies who came together to fight in unison and cooperation, and who after long and terrible sacrifices, came to win the war against the Axis of Evil.

That is how came that Winston not only remained as Prime Minister until 1945 and past the VE day, but he was also given an enforced “rest” by the English people, and how he got to go back home, to recharge his batteries, and maybe come back stronger, in order to forge the Long Peace & Prosperity, up ahead for his people and the World. And this is what Churchill did, by forging the Long Peace, instead of the Long War, after the Iron Curtain of Communism, had been drawn across Europe and around the World, depriving all of it’s prisoners from the benefits of Light and Freedom. It was him that came to call that State of Affairs, the Cold War. And indeed as it turned out, it was a much needed period of coolness and recollection.

A chilled out moment of history…

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.56.26 PM

Still Winston’s most powerful sting came after the Victory against the Nazis, and against the fascists, when his own people “betrayed” him and send him back home packing to rest. He hated that moment, yet he bounced back again, and he fought the next elections, and regained the mantle of leadership in the role of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, all over again in 1951, and served honorably with vision and foresight until 1955.

Winston Churchill spent the remainder of his days writing, painting, and speaking around the world, and he died of a stroke ten years later, in London in 1965, aged 90 years young…

His final words were “I SIMPLY DID WHAT I WAS TASKED TO DO”

His position in the British national psyche, in the Western Civilization, and in the history of the World, is so significant that his story didn’t end with his death. His funeral was also a unique and historical event, as tributes poured in from all over, where Liberty still reigned…

“He will always be remembered for his courage, his principled stands, and for his indomitable sense of humor — both in victory and defeat — as well as for his resilience and capacity to endlessly work and fight.” — Dr Churchill

His was the largest state funeral ever, with thousands of dignitaries attending his funeral eulogy, and hundreds of thousands of people attending the procession, with many flags of nations held by hundreds of patriots from all around the world crying for the loss, and recalling their Freedom, and with many millions more people watching on television screens worldwide.

Winston Churchill’s funeral procession is best remembered for the unexpected tribute paid by London’s dock workers, who lowered the jibs of the giant ship cranes in respect, as Churchill’s coffin passed along the River Thames, by barge…

Cranes lowered at Churchill's funeral

This tribute was his greatest honor because it was unbidden and spontaneous. And perhaps because it was a sign of respect from the Common Men, the laborers and the levelers, whom Winston Churchill — the bastard — loved all his Life.

And perhaps because he fought all his battles on behalf of their Liberty against the oppression and coercion that all forms of socialism sought to enforce upon their lives, and enslave them for ever…

In some measure of respect that is why he fought all of his battles…

To make the Common Man and the Common Woman FREE and at LIBERTY,  in order to allow people to be able to define their own destiny, and fulfill their potential based on their own free will.

Now you have been fully informed about what tis book is all about, because the reading of it, works much like successful neurolinguistic programming works, and Success Coaching for your Brain, and Yourself. Reading on to the three volumes, works for you as a software download, and as a tool for updating the Operating system of your necktop computer, to make you the best Leader of people that one can ever be.

Go ahead and become the unbridled person, and the Great Leader, as this treatise on Winston Churchill can teach anyone to become…


Dr Pano Churchill




“I Have Faith In My Star…”

“I intend to do something in this world”

Winston Churchill’s Political Thoughts and Advice for Action in the days leading to the End of History…


This first book of this trilogy, is strictly about leadership and STATESMANSHIP.

Statesmanship according to Churchill is the Art of Leadership, the Art of Politics, the Art of Power, and the Art of Victory — all rolled into one, and expressed through the exercise of power by the person that leads the nation, steers the ship of State,  and in the rarest of cases, the fate of the World.

And this comes straight from the man who was described as the Greatest Man of the World, and the Architect of Victory — the man responsible for the Allied Victory in the Second World War. Yet, just as importantly we ought to remember Winston Churchill as  the Thinker and the Doer responsible for the Peace following the bloodletting, because he was indeed the person responsible for the innovative policies that kept the Peace as well as for most post war institutional innovations that kept the Peace .
So here we offer some Leadership Lessons for the Masters of Political, Economic, and Military Arts.
Pivotal lessons that need to be learned by those that are tasked to lead our people in the fight for the Survival of our Republic, and to lead our people to Safety amidst the carnage of the Wars of Civilization…
This is the book of Pursuit of Victory in the Wars of Civilization, that are waged today and also tomorrow.
Global wars fought are fought today over the ideas that control our future. Yet today, the carnage stems from the lack of Western or American response against the viral Cults of Islam, Socialism, NeoLiberalism, Economic NeoConservatism, Globalization, Cultural Marxism, & Political Correctness — but we also know that the real threats to our Existence are not yet visible to us.
—Dr Pano Churchill

“Everything Always Changes”

“A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives”
–James Madison

“I had the patriotic conviction, that given great leadership of the sort that I heard from Winston Churchill in the radio broadcasts to which we listened, there was almost nothing the British people could not do.”
–Margaret Thatcher

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.31.58 PM

“Half a century after his death, Winston Churchill’s legacy continues to inspire not only the nation whose liberty he saved, but the entire world and the civilization for which he solemnly and valiantly fought to uphold. His words and his actions reverberate through our national and international life today.” –Dr Churchill

Churchill was above all a patriot with plenty of lessons to teach the world today, and above all else he demonstrated through his own Life, Career, and Courage in the face of Evil — that Great Men can determine the course of History based on their courageous risky actions. Winston Churchill showed us again how amazingly resilient people can transcend human limitations and through introducing and engaging in world changing and Status Quo shattering events — they indeed change the flow of history and the very nature of the World around us.

Indeed it has always been that single determined individuals are the ones who change the flow of the Universe as we know it. And indeed I also firmly believe that by standing up to accepted ideology, commonly held beliefs, and popular misconceptions about the flow of History, we are all nominally drafted to change the World we inhabit, through the force of our Character and the Strength of our Personality. And although most people never do anything of that magnitude — according to Winston, this is exactly what all Great men do.

“In the dark days, and darker nights when England stood alone–and most men save Englishmen despaired of England’s life–he mobilized the English language and sent it into battle.” –John F. Kennedy

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 6.33.33 PM

This is what JFK, the 35th President of the United States, said as he made this remark upon signing a proclamation conferring the honorary status of a United States citizen, upon Sir Winston Churchill, on April 9, 1963. Winston Churchill is one of only eight people to be made an honorary citizen of the United States of America, and the first to receive it in history. It is also important to remember that Winston Churchill’s mother was an American, Jennie Jerome…

“Winston Churchill knew in his heart of hearts, that Britain was not just a place on the map, and himself was not just another Englishman — but both represented a hugely distinguished force in the world, with a destiny to shape events, and a duty to stand up for democracy, for freedom, and for our civilization. That is why in 1940, after France had fallen to the German Nazis, and before America, or even Russia, had entered the war – he said this in one of the most severe speeches that came to be known as the Finest Hour speech: “Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him all Europe may be free – and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands.” Churchill was confident that freedom and democracy would win out over barbarism and tyranny in the end, if we were able to stave off the menace of the Huns long enough, and if we are able to be bold enough in shoring-up our defenses, in mobilizing our natural allies, and then all together moving on against the dark and resolute enemy.
And indeed after a long time of prevarication, doubt, fear, uncertainty bloodshed, and lives lost — it did. But when the English people along with the rest of the world were going through Hell — he was the only one wanting to go on… And now, with every affront to freedom in this century, we must remember that courage and resolve in the last century.” –David Cameron

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.10.55 PM

“Churchill was best defined in the time of his life that crowned him as the valiant fighter, the serene Statesman, and the wise Architect of Victory, during the salient years of the Second World War. Yet he was a far more important man than his valiant battles shaped, because in his thoughts, in his principles, and in his ideas, we have come to define what we consider as Constitutional Liberal & Democratic Republic today, and for the ages to come…” –Dr Churchill

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.59.39 PM

“Remember him, for he saved all of you: Pudgy and not very large, but somehow massive and indomitable; baby-faced, with snub nose, square chin, rheumy eyes on occasion given to tears; a thwarted actor’s taste for clothes that would have looked ridiculous on a less splendid man. He worse the quaintest hats of anyone: tinted square bowlers; great flat sombreros squashed down on his head; naval officer’s caps rendered just slightly comic by the huge cigar protruding beneath the peak. On grave and critical occasions he sported highly practical Teddy-bear suits few grown men would dare to wear in public. He fancied oil painting, at which he was good, writing, at which he was excellent, and oratory, at which he was magnificent.C.L. Sulzberger

“He was a great man. … He was, of course, our enemy and has always been the enemy of Communism, but he was an enemy one must respect, an enemy one likes to have.” –Josip Tito

“The great aristocrat, the beloved leader, the profound historian, the gifted painter, the superb politician, the lord of language, the orator, the wit — yes, and the dedicated bricklayer behind all of them was a simple man of faith, steadfast in defeat, generous in victory, resigned in age, trusting in a loving providence, and committing his achievements and his triumphs to a higher power.” –Adlai Stevenson

“I wish I knew as much about anything as that young man knows about everything.” —H. H. Asquith, in response to Churchill’s questioning him in the House of Commons

These are some of the words of praise from Churchillian the world over, and my writings come to add to their powerful cannon, albeit with the unique twist of neurolinguistic programming that allows you to become the best leader you could ever be.

And that is the reason why, this unrecognized grandson of Winston Churchill, has spent the past five years compiling this Opus Magnus, for the benefit of my contemporaries that are sadly bereft of Leadership today. And because they all cry for the need of Leadership, of the very sort that can “Save Humanity” all over again, and lead us into the sunny uplands on the road to the White City, up on the hill. The “City of God” that is promised, through the constant pursuit of betterment, and perfectment for the Union of our Republic, and for Liberty, Freedom, and Democracy.

This is the goal that history, has reserved for us. And we only have to best ourselves, if we are to get there…

Dr Pano Churchill

United States Senate, Candidate on behalf of the State of Washington. September 21st 2017.


Chapter One

Churchill’s wartime speeches are Homeric in their memorial value of the events described and the pathos echoed within. Indeed they were all like poetry brought alive when spoken by this man anxious to use beautiful verse, rich in symbolism, with carefully incised line breaks and verse settings, to mold the emotions of a nation and indeed of a whole world. This was to make explicit what had been latent heretofore, and it was also to teach and put some courage in the hearts under the breastplate inside all of the men. Churchill, received the 1953 Nobel Prize for literature on account of his written and spoken words. In the English-speaking world, his poetic phrases and rolling flourishes have achieved the familiarity and renown enjoyed by the great books, such as those often remembered passages of the King James Bible, the well thumped Book of Common Prayer, and the always onstage “kingship” plays of William Shakespeare. These excerpts or verses have the peculiar and potent faculty of recurring to our minds and reposing there, in times of trouble; or when they seem relevant, poignant, or simply useful. And they are associated above all with fortitude, staunchness, and stoicism, salted with a little gallows humor.

The humor that Winston was most often associated with imminent demise of self and country, and when all that’s good about us perishes and withers away. This mirth brings ashore a sort of imperishability that descends on human beings, in moments of epiphany and when christened with divine grace.

Often times it was just humor and fortitude that kept him going on through the gates of hell and back…

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 11.39.05 AM

That moment of Grace was Churchill’s highest honor. His connection to what rests above. His best known and courageous stand in favor of conventional people of sensible wisdom, whom he championed even though he always was the Contrarian in the House and inside the Cabinet. And indeed his self contradictory mixture worked well. Because as Isaiah Berlin said: “After he had spoken to them in the summer of 1940 as no one has ever before or since, they conceived a new idea of themselves which their own prowess and the admiration of the world has since established as a heroic image in the history of mankind.”

In bidding a gracious farewell to his predecessor that came to be known in history as the Appeaser, of the Munich agreement fame, PM Neville Chamberlain — Churchill nobly called him “the packhorse in our great affairs.” Accepting the compliment, Chamberlain pointed out that the line comes from Richard III and not, as Churchill had alleged, from Henry VI. But no matter. The thing is not to be right about Shakespeare. The thing is to be Shakespearean. Blood, toil, sweat, and tears” and some damn fine poetry always ready at the disposal of a Great Leaders, and a bloody good Statesman to boot…

In the flush of the “finest hour” in 1944 Laurence Olivier produced and starred in his patriotic movie version of Henry V. This film combines Shakespeare, Saint George, and the Almighty all bonded together against the threatening Continental militaristic power. In evoking the Agincourt scenes Olivier not only showed the ruthless massacre of all civilian and military prisoners, but indeed showcased an English military victory against a far superior numerically enemy fighting in his own territory. But lets tell the truth here: Who today amongst you cares about the true foundation of Henry’s opportunistic claim, or about the heaps of dead on both sides, or the eventual ruin of his plan for the mainland?

Yet I am sure that you all care about the disposition of the battle of Britain, and the struggle for eventual Victory in Europe and around the world from the Anglo-American alliance against the Nazis and their minions.

So this is the proof of Poetry’s point smashing through the breast plate and killing the Nazi propaganda machine and piercing the heart of the artless colonel Hitler. Poetry as emanating from Winston in his fabulous speeches is victorious. And it is also glorious even when set besides, the marvelous story of Henry V and the battle of Agincourt. A battle that is a pure evocation of the Feast of Crispin, the five-to-one numerical odds against the English at Agincourt (“we few, we happy few”), and the splendid words in which the terms of surrender were twice refused, as well as the glorious and seductive notion that sacrifice and wounds are to be envied. And that after the victory at Agincourt… “Gentlemen in England, now a-bed — Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here.”

The thing is … that he was always there. He never shirked his duty, and he was always there holding his post as if the Life of the nation, and the safekeeping of Western Civilization, was his private “Thermopylae.” Churchill personified the eternal guardian, like the ancient Spartan King Leonidas, with his 300 fighting men, who fell to the last man to prevent the Persian forces of darkness from engulfing their beloved Greece. In his death knell, Winston said this: “I did what I was tasked to do, and nothing more”

And even after his long and tumultuous career proved that — he was still riddled with setbacks, as he came to the front again and again after each defeat, and as he showed up on time again and again — in order to stop all talk about surrender. Treacherous talk from those lesser men, appeasers of Hitler, fearful of the unstoppable Nazi and his war machine. But Churchill showed up, and declared that we will fight on, and we will never surrender. And from then on everything turned magically alright. Even the many defeats, setbacks, fiascoes, and dishonors added in some numinous way to his stature. Because here was a man who had taken part in a Victorian cavalry charge at Omdurman, in the Sudan, to avenge the slaying of General Gordon by a messianic mullah, and who had lived to help evolve the design and first use of thermonuclear weaponry. He was not a figure in history so much; as a figure of history.

Winston was always able to see the silver lining in a gloomy cloud, and his humor was indefatigable, as when he was invited by Adlai Stevenson to contribute something to the English-Speaking Union, and he gruffly replied, “I am an English-speaking union.” Indeed in anyone else this would have been solipsism, rather than humor, mirth, and charm, commingled with a certain biological truth.

As he was a visionary in whose World we still live in today — we best remember that we occupy a Churchillian vision of the future. A vision of his, going from his time and moving forward.

Think of this.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 11.30.12 AM

We live inside Churchill’s world today, because in 1940s he had effectively founded the Anglo-American “special relationship” this Union of fraternal brothers to fight the Socialist and the Communist menace successively in the biggest military engagements history has ever seen to this day…

It was also Winston Churchill that helped us win the Cold War in full form, as he stated in the University of Missouri, in 1946, where he offered his “Sinews of Peace” speech. It was there that he offered the humble and yet prophetic beginnings of the enormous specter of global effort that seemed to guarantee the continuation of Democracy and Freedom throughout the World, and thus helped secure the United States place in history, as the dominant superpower. Yet he also maintained through his Doctrine, Britain’s continued role as a superpower, or at least as a superpower’s much needed partner, lieutenant, and wing man.

The Truman doctrine was indeed straight out of his brain and it was even phrased as if it came from him: Contain Communism wherever we encounter it. These are fighting words, from Churchill himself, but delivered from an American. And this is mild and reflective in comparison with the overall Churchill influence in the United States’ military class and the leading elites. The aftermath of September 11 only reinforced a series of tropes that were already familiar to students of political rhetoric, as President Bush proclaimed when the bombing of Afghanistan began: “We will not waver, we will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail,” echoing what Winston Churchill said, somewhat more euphoniously, sixty years earlier: “We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire.” Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had outdone his Churchillian predecessor Caspar Weinberger, when he announced to the staff of the Pentagon on September 12the this: “At the height of peril to his own nation, Winston Churchill spoke of their finest hour. Yesterday, America and the cause of human freedom came under attack.”

Only a week earlier, this time speaking in favor of a missile-defense system, Rumsfeld had informed a Senate committee, “Winston Churchill once said, ‘I hope I shall never see the day when the forces of right are deprived of the right of force.'” On September 25th when asked whether the Defense Department would be authorized to deceive the press in prosecuting the war, he unhesitatingly responded: “This conjures up Winston Churchill’s famous phrase when he said … sometimes the truth is so precious it must be accompanied by a bodyguard of lies.”

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, laid the groundwork for his own plaudits, by announcing, just after the aggression of September 11th against New York city, that he was reading a book about Churchill’s wartime premiership “and nothing is more inspirational than the speeches and reflections of Winston Churchill about how to deal with that.”

Ronald Reagan hung a portrait of Churchill in the Situation Room of the White House soon after taking power. The first President Bush allowed Jack Kemp to compare him to Churchill during the Gulf War, while the second President Bush asked the British embassy in Washington to help furnish him with a bronze bust of Churchill, which now holds pride of place in the Oval Office, again after an eight year hiatus in the rubbish heap where some ignorant ex-Prez had relegated him along with any notion of American Power and Moral strength…

“Thankfully President Trump in his first act after being sworn in office — asked and received another Winston Churchill bust, and placed it in a place of honor again in the oval office so he can receive inspiration and learn a measure of Statesmanship from the old Winnie and his steady gaze to the future.

The exile years of the wilderness., are for now over.

The wilderness of the rubbish bin from the hateful O’s administration are over.

And the recycling thereof of ideas and strengthening common sense is complete.

Oh … the irony … is palatable.

Or better yet, how life imitates history, imitates life, and vice versa, yet again, and again, ad infinitum long after his death, is a Shakespearian comedic drama worthy of the Bard, and of the Theatre on the Round.”

 –Dr Churchill

In this book I want to define the Art of Statesmanship as Winston Churchill saw it, when he led the world to Victory, and to the “sunny uplands” and throughout his Life, but also back in 1925, when he was the first person to see the clouds of the coming Second World War, amid the rising Socialist party of Germany.

And I describe here the ways and the means of his practice of Statesmanship, as he sought to protect us. Because he saw that the need to protect the people and also protect their leaders from the inevitable follies that nuclear proliferation warrants and the foibles of the fatal consequences that shall befall our civilization if nuclear war, and the resultant nuclear winter, gets unleashed. Those are the inevitabilities that might be visited upon our innocent and undeserving of terror world, that will surely arrive through the awesome powers of destruction and death that we have developed since that time of his involvement in the development of Nuclear Atomic weapons of Mass Destruction and Annihilation.

Today, with the proliferation of Atomic weapons, his predictions have all come to pass, with some, still unfolding now — and ongoing forward, and perhaps forever bedeviling our capacity to live in Peace.

Yet Churchill always sought to protect us through the power of Reason and Prudence as we address the issues emanating from the militarized nations that seek to gain nuclear weapons capacity like Iran and North Korea and the other seven candidates in nations like Germany, Turkey, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and some other less public ones.

What shall we do?

Let’s deliberate on that…

Do we have the capacity for prudence in order to judge what we need to do amidst shifting circumstances?

Think of what this means for a minute.

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Think of what actions we have to take to stem that. Think of the declarations we need to make to do the right thing. Think of the actions that our Leaders have to take in order to do the right thing.

This is fundamental Statesmanship and we learn how to do the right thing by studying those actions of this Great Statesman and his explanation about the consistency of principle behind prudent Public Policy.

But when you seek to learn the Art of Statesmanship — you have to study what Churchill called the time in which we live, the time of mass effects… and the details of what Churchill thought.

Do you even wonder what he meant by that?

Churchill, explained this idea about living in the time of “MASS EFFECTS” fully, when he wrote the essay with almost the same title, in early 1925, “Mass Effects in Modern Life” and when he also organized a lecture tour based on those novel ideas of his. Winston Churchill traveled far and wide in the United States to drum support for the looming second world war in Europe as he had done earlier before the first war. So he traveled again and he spoke and expanded on the ideas of this essay during his American speaking tours of 1929 and 1931. That is when he visited extensively the United States and he spoke in many places all the way from New York to San Francisco in the West Coast in order to alert the people and the leaders to the incoming war and to suggest ways of averting this catastrophe before it engulfed us all. And it is here in his insistence to soak of the Union of Christian Anglo Saxon people facing the terrible stormy clouds of Global Mass War; that we see the prophetic spirit of Winston Churchill. We see Winston now transformed like a new Oracle of Delphi, wanting to inform us of the terrible things that lay ahead. The most terrible fate of hate, destruction, and death, that at that time was waiting in the ‘wings’ to put on her appearance when her time was due.

And yet Winston Churchill told us that these horrid events were not only preventable, but where also wholly avoidable. But although he traveled far and wide, and he spoke alerted the whole world that the Dystopia he foresaw and described in his talks can be averted — his opinions were dismissed as mere poppycock. He was dismissed yet we now know that his Oracle was REAL, and the vision he offered was good medicine that if applied to the nations’ psyche would help people rally together and find ways to reduce the angst and take away the militant passions and thus return our world to a more reasonable path towards Peace and Understanding, amongst the soon to be warring nations of Europe and the World…

But nobody was prepared to listen to him… and although he exhausted himself in speaking on this subject all over England, the United States, and Europe — his advise was not heeded by anyone in authority.

Of course this is easily understood because once you have Peace — it is easy to take it for granted. But when war starts breaking out — it is impossible to revert to that earlier stage of Peace and put that terrible ‘Genie’ of Death & Destruction, back in the bottle. Because when the God of War ‘ARES’ unsheathed his long sword — many men’s heads had to roll away, before his blade gets lubricated enough with human blood, so it can reluctantly slide back in it’s long sheath…

But let’s now go back to Winston Churchill himself, and hear all of this in his own words. His own words polished after his careful edits, in his 1925 essay that he was preparing for his American Tours of 1929 and 1931. In some ways Winston’s 1925 essay was meant for publication in the United States and indeed it was sent out to the Publishers but nobody picked it up, because they thought it was ‘too esoteric.’

Yet it is this very esoteric essay that I have chosen to follow this book’s introduction, because in it, Winston says simply this: “Something very important has changed in the relationship between human beings and their surroundings.”

And he goes on to state that: “Therefore, something has changed in the relationship among human beings.”  Because the exercise of human power over nature is actually the exercise of some human beings over some other human beings when we think about it in terms of Statesmanship. And that is the Exercise of Power, and indeed that is the thing that makes Power benevolent versus malevolent.

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You can summarize this book with the word “POWER” and it’s proper application, or exercise thereof. I wrote about Statesmanship and Power because after so many years of writing and speaking about Leadership; I’ve come to realize very much like my Grandfather Winston Churchill, that today our Power not only has grown to have massive effects upon Humanity, but it has grown to have massive effects upon the very planet we inhabit.

Think for example the awesome power of Nuclear Atomic Weapons that can destroy all the people of this earth in one clean fell swoop. Or think of the awesome POWER of the carbon economy and of the human induced Climate Change that can easily also wipe out large swaths of humanity’s geographic footprint and many communities, countries, civilizations, that have been developed in the span of many Millennia of human toil.

That’s the Power I want to speak about. And I wrote this book so that it may serve as a good algorithm to guide you in the complex calculations for the ethical and principled decisions of those great leaders and the Statesmen amongst you.

Myself much like Winston Churchill, came to see this awesome power, and it’s fearsome effects early on. And Winston knew about the EXERCISE OF POWER far better than most — because he had exercised power, and he had the instinctual authority that comes from his DNA and from the epigenetic RNA, existent within his blood-cells coursing through his veins as they are coming down through History, in a the long line of breeding that Leaders of Men and especially Royals come from. Think of the Queen Bee, in the beehive and you can readily see why Winston was different, and why his ideas, his writings, and his example of Leadership are recast here in the light of today’s views of one of a kind.

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He also had the ‘Power’ to discern the future, the foresight and the sensibility of Visionary Leadership, because he based his natural powers of Aristotelian observation of Nature and the phenomena of times past as became known to him through his constant study of the historical record. From the day that he was a 20 years old youngster fighting in foreign wars, he noticed how our military powers had become extremely powerful. This was confirmed in his battles around the world, where he realized that our new powers allowed us to do things that we’d never been able to do before. And a lot of these things centered on the warpath of sowing abundant death and destruction.

Well before and especially during the first world war, he participated in the development of the ‘Tank’ and of the new battle ships. And he was the biggest proponent of military aviation growth the world had ever seen because, Winston himself was a pilot and easily recognized the power of Air Superiority. Sadly the general staff wouldn’t listen to him, but efforts were made as long as Winston was around. Yet right before and especially during the second world war — he also participated in the development of the newest and most effective, yet horrible new massively deadly weapons systems. The Atomic bomb development was also part of his unremitting pursuit of new technologies to hasten the end of the War. Mass destruction at an unprecedented scale was upon humanity.

Yet as Winston participated wholeheartedly in the development of Atomic weapons and nuclear technology — he also recognized their awesome power for death & destruction, and therefore, he asked the important philosophical questions that ought to guide all of our leaders today and ever. Or at least we hope they are guided. At the very least we hope that they read this book, or Churchill’s history, in order to be informed, and able to apply their Power thought this knowledge…

Because a Statesman is nothing but a True Leader exercising ultimate power — and therefore, he has to answer this Question of justice and human values:

Is it Right to do what we do, simply because we have the Power to do it?

How we are going to apply this heavy knowledge on the issue of Iran, or North Korea, or on any of the other ‘claimants” that are advancing their Nuclear Weapons programs today, and we seem powerless to stop them?

We have not acted on this nuclear proliferation treaty forcefully since the second world war… But Why?

Why are we hamstrung and we choose to do nothing when we see the looming clouds of the Nuclear Winter rolling in?

Why do we choose to do absolutely nothing when we already know and have been alerted by the Nuclear Scientists that have done all the calculations that show to us in extreme detail through complex cybernetic computer matrixes of Artificial Intelligence, how are chances are diminishing with each new atomic warhead manufactured?

What about the vital knowledge about the inevitability of Nuclear Winter and the Total Annihilation of the Human species if these weapons were to be used and a nuclear exchange between superpowers got started?

Aren’t we all fully assured of the full destruction of our Civilization because of the proliferation of the nuclear weapons and their multiplication of readily available usage by despotic and evil powers, in the face of the slightest provocation?

What would Winston do when faced with these same issues today?

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 11.33.26 AM

What would he offer as his advise and prudent counsel for us to do?

And what would be his “principled stand” to take, in order to stop this madness before it gets out of control?

Are we courageous enough or have we lost our backbone in the process of political division?

Are we now finally ready to fight for what is right?

Or are we some kind of appeasers looking for another Munich Treaty with Hitler that will bring us both War and Shame?

Are we chicken shit?

Or are we to get some courage and strengthen our backbone and go full blast against the enemies of Peace and Prosperity, and make a heroic effort to fight them fully, and win the fight against these apocalyptic doomsayers and their merchants of terror and mayhem?

And after we do this and obtain the much sought Victory and thwart their ambitions for nuclear weapons — are we strong enough to stop at the Moral Red Line in order to protect ourselves and our people from the stain of Shame and Evil?

Or we are going to use the full measure of our Power and annihilate our opponents that are truly defenseless against our mighty armies and against our weapons of Mass Destruction, or are we going to be magnanimous in victory as we’ve been n these long years of creeping defeat?

Take a moment to think about these…

And if you have any pretense of being a Statesman — try answering these questions fully, and honestly.

Think about it.

And if you don’t have the answers — ask the Classics. Ask the ancient Athenians, for some guidance, because they lived through it, and had to answer these questions for themselves, and also had to correct their own course — after they had taken the wrong turn.

Ask History to inform your mind and guide your hand because this dilemma is not new…

This is the Age old question that even the Athenian Leaders, and their Citizens’ Assembly had to answer again and again, hundreds of times when they had got it terribly wrong; and even when they had got it right. And although that was a couple of millennia ago, when Athens enjoyed her Supremacy and her Empire and her Alliance were at their full height — they got it wrong many times and that led to their downfall. The Athenian downfall during the Peloponnesian War is well documented but the specific action that I speak of is the most important one for the Exercise of Statesmanship.

Statesmanship is like Captaining the ship of State. And in this method we see that the Athenians after their army with their leading Generals, sailing in their finest naval fleet; had sailed under their most masterful Admirals against the neutral city state of Delos — they procured what appeared to be a fine Victory. But after the battle they showed no compassion for the weak, the injured, the vanquished and the surrendered Delians. Instead the Athenian leaders were merciless, and the conduct of the Athenian Generals & Admirals against the surrendered enemy — brought to Athens, something else besides Victory. They brought a lasting Shame. a distinct and bloody shame in the eyes of Gods and Men.

Because Yes, they brought Victory, but their victory was tainted with a strong dose of shame stemming from their subsequent merciless behavior of arrogant conquerors. Shame to the Athenians became the rallying cry, and the byword of the ancient World then — because the Athenian victory was accompanied by dishonor in the destruction of the city of Melos, the slaughter of all the men, and even the youngsters who could hold weapons, and the sale of women and children into slavery. That was an act the Athenians, saw afterwards as being too far beyond the pale.

Indeed the Battle and the Siege of Melos occurred in 416 BC during the Peloponnesian War, a war fought between Athens and Sparta. Melos was an island ‘city state’ in the Aegean Sea roughly 110 km east of mainland Greece. At the time it was populated by Dorian people. Though the Melians were of the same ethnic group as the Spartans, they chose to remain neutral in the war. In short order, to retell the story from the beginning,  Athens invaded Melos in 416 BC and demanded that the Melian fighters surrender, and pay tribute to Athens, or face annihilation. The proud Melians refused, and after a siege the Athenians captured the fortified city of Melos, slaughtered the men, and enslaved the women and children.

In the History of the Peloponnesian War, the contemporaneous Athenian historian Thucydides, described the negotiations between the leaders of the Athenian invaders and the rulers of Melos succinctly. In summation: The Athenian emissaries appealed to the Melians’ sense of pragmatism, citing the Athenian army’s overwhelming strength and their “reasonable” surrender terms, whereas the Melians appealed to the Athenians’ sense of decency. Neither side was able to sway the other and the negotiations failed.

This dialogue is frequently cited by political scientists and diplomats as a classic case study in political realism. It demonstrates the foolishness of pride and hope, and it clearly illustrates that trivial, selfish, and rather pragmatic concerns, are what always drives us to war, and to the eternal conflicts, that we all experience as human beings.

Thucydides exemplified the dialogue thus:

“Athenians offer the Melians an ultimatum: surrender and pay tribute to Athens, or be destroyed. The Athenians do not wish to waste time arguing over the morality of the situation, because in practice might makes right—or, in their own words, “the strong do what they can, and the weak suffer what they must”.

The Melians argue that they are a neutral city and not an enemy, so Athens has no need to conquer them. The Athenians counter that if they accept Melos’ neutrality and independence, they would look weak: Their subjects would think that they left Melos alone because they were not strong enough to conquer it.

The Melians argue that an invasion will alarm the other neutral Greek states, who will become hostile to Athens for fear of being invaded themselves. The Athenians counter that the Greek states on the mainland are unlikely to act this way. It is the independent island states and the disgruntled subjects that Athens has already conquered that are more likely to take up arms against Athens.

The Melians argue that it would be shameful and cowardly of them to submit without a fight. The Athenians counter that it is only shameful to submit to an opponent whom one has a reasonable chance of defeating. There is no shame in submitting to an overwhelmingly superior opponent like Athens.

The Melians argue that though the Athenians are far stronger, there is at least a slim chance that the Melians could win, and they will regret not trying their luck. The Athenians counter that this argument is purely emotional and not a rational risk-benefit analysis. If the Melians lose, which is highly likely, they will come to bitterly regret their foolish optimism.

The Melians believe that they will have the assistance of the gods because their position is morally just. The Athenians counter that the gods will not intervene because it is the natural order of things for the strong to dominate the weak.

The Melians argue that their Spartan kin will come to their defense. The Athenians counter that the Spartans are a practical people who never put themselves at risk when their interests are not at stake, and rescuing Melos would be especially risky since Athens has the stronger navy.

The Athenians express their shock at the Melians’ lack of realism. They say that there is no shame in submitting to a stronger enemy, especially one who is offering reasonable terms. They also argue that it is sensible to submit to one’s superiors, stand firm against one’s equals, and be moderate to one’s inferiors. The Melians do not change their minds and politely dismiss the envoys.”

Winston Churchill had studied the Delian war and it’s moral tale and also knew all about the resulting battle-siege, and he remembered well the above Melian Dialogue, which describes the negotiations between the Athenians and the Melians before the former launched the siege which is also remembered for the senseless violence the Athenians visited upon the vanquished enemy.

He remembered this story and he shared this tale in Teheran in the end of 1943, where he met with both of his cohorts, Mr Roosevelt and Marshal Stalin to plan the ending stages of the fight to end the second world war. And it was here that he expressed his opinion that “MIGHT DOES NOT MAKE RIGHT”  and that he intended to fully protect the German people after they sued for PEACE and offered terms of unconditional surrender. He went to bat for that principle in the great Allied Conference of Teheran, at the very moment when the other leaders wanted to extract a tribune of blood against the German Officers’ corps and the German leadership similar to what Stalin had done when he turned against the Polish Leaders in Katyn and executed more than One Hundred Thousand of them…

Indeed both Roosevelt and Stalin suggested that in order to not have to face Germany in a couple of decades in the same battlefields of Europe — they would have to “decapitate the snake” after the war. They both said that is what had to happen, in order to cut down the possibility that Germany will rise again to become a militaristic power…

When Churchill heard this “scurrilous talk” he went ape-shit-crazy and rejected this idea completely out of hand. He was mad, and rightly so. He was red faced and livid. He not only jumped our of his chair at the dinner table, upon hearing this, but he left the dinner altogether.

Indeed he was unequivocally opposing to even contemplate this proposed war crime, and vast genocide against the vanquished. And he clearly said so, when this mad plan was brought up at the three leaders’ last dinner in Teheran. This obviously scurrilous talk, was apparently started from Stalin who said that after careful consideration, he wanted to cull and execute 50,000 – 60,000 German officers immediately after their surrender at war’s end — in order to retain Peace for a long time.  Mr Roosevelt agreed with Stalin, and both turned to Winston who had turned beet red, and had gotten so incensed that he screamed in horror at his war partners’ planned crime against humanity — and he fled the dinner table in disgust never to return again.

We now know that Stalin had already applied this awful ‘pacifying’ technique to the Officer’s Corps of Poland where he executed in cold blood all the Polish officers that had been captured by the Red Army and many civilian leaders — in the forests of Katyn.

In addition all the Polish leadership of any kind, that had been found inside Russia’s half of ocuppied Poland — was executed. The whole of the Officer class of the captured Polish army was lined up and executed by the Red Army’s security apparatus in the snowy forests of Katyn and beyond.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 7.48.55 PM

This was the legacy of Soviet communism early on.

This was the prelude to the atrocities committed during the war; but it is important to remember that these massive murders were carefully planned and executed well before the onset of the second world war.

As of today there have been found a lot more than the 22,000 men who we thought were executed and their bodies thrown in the various mass graves of the Katyn and nearby forests. Yet this was the fate of the vanquished at the onset of the Second World War in a show of Barbarism that was to presage and even give us a solemn warning about the awfully inhuman atrocities. the mass murders, and the extreme genocide, that was unleashed during the war.

Yet for now this was the fate of Poland, the country that was split between Stalin and Hitler, in a shameful agreement of  ‘thieves’ that Winston Churchill denounced. Indeed he tried to help Poland early on, and he asked the British Royal Air Force but they said that they lacked air power in the face of Hitler’s Luftwaffe’s air superiority. And he then asked the Army hoping to send the British Expeditionary force to help the Poles against their attackers. He was rebuffed. And what Winston Churchill feared, came to pass. Poland fell in days, and her Leaders were all executed. Same as happened in the earlier ‘Great Purge’ otherwise known as the ‘Great Terror’ that the Russian state state security apparatus had unleashed. The immediate result of their plan was that when the Polish patriots were captured — they were executed. At least another 111,091 Polish leaders and ordinary civilians, were executed during the “Polish Terror’ visited by the NKVD from the years 1937–38. This was Stalin’s action against the undefended Polish people already living inside Soviet controlled Polish territories, east of the country’s proper borders. Indeed a whole lot of terror and death was unleashed for no apparent rhyme nor reason — except for the sowing of the seeds of hate and death. You and I both know that revenge will be sought. And at some point in the future, BLOODY REVENGE shall become the national mantra leading to more wars, for the generations to follow, and surely a national enmity for eternity, has been engendered, and written in granite..

This is also the one and lasting shame, of the once proud and very popular throughout Europe — Red Army. This shameful crime of genocide also represents an eternal shame for the Russia as a nation and as the Mother of all Socialist Republics. To this day is a stain and a national shame that at long last, the Russian Duma tried to deflect in 2010; some seventy-one years too late — by admitting to this terrible crime against humanity. Hoping to regain some sense of honor and a measure of righteousness, is why the Russian Duma belatedly assigned the blame for this genocide that predated the Second World War and augured the vast blood letting to follow. Now finally the Duma alerted the world to something we have all known for the last seventy years — that Stalin and the Communist leadership of the Politburo are to blame and that all the Russian Officers and their Men that actually executed these faulty orders — are somehow blameless because of following orders. Seems to me that the “Good German Officer” that was simply following orders; has been defanged as a defense of the status quo.

Finally it is in that context where you now might be able to understand why Winston Churchill stormed out of the Teheran conference’s last private dinner, when Stalin brought up his predilection for foisting ‘terrible terror’ upon the vanquished — when he was asked about his future dealings with the German Officer Corps, and the German leadership, after war’s end.

And this is what Winston Churchill expressed at that fateful evening in Teheran — same as he privately thought of his murderous colleagues when he recorded the never published calendar journal entry of this malevolent dinner discussion about Germany’s future in Peacetime:

“When you only have a machine gun in your political philosophy repertoire, surely every problem looks like a target for your bullets.”

But this is a private note from Winston’s private and deeply personal memoirs that were not to see the light of day ever. “Ever is forever.” And indeed during his time this would have been considered terribly inconsiderate and could be sen as the ultimate expression of politically incorrect behavior. Yet this is what happened and although some from Roosevelt’s side have tried to describe the conversation as an attempt at misguided levity, in order to unite Roosevelt with Stalin, and also introduce some humor in the rather serious proceedings. Yet we now know that this was the real deal amongst powerful and amoral men wanting to kill tens of thousands of humans, at the mere whim of their powerful stroke of a pen affixing their signature in an order. But to sensible Winston Churchill, this was pure and unadulterated EVIL, and had no place in his all too human reservoir of faith and service. And indeed because Winston Churchill, never lost sight of the reason why he was in this giant fight of Civilizations, his desire and fervent wish to combat EVIL and do GOOD in all of it’s very many manifestations, was still very strong and unadulterated. So he was not going to ever be involved in this genocidal act of hate and revenge, and he was not even going to entertain the thought of it, or even to allow his erstwhile partners to engage in it on his name, or not…

He was not even going to discuss it and ‘bloody-hell’ he was not ever going to allow his “erstwhile partners” to discuss that horrible idea either, and so he stormed out of the dining room. And so he reasoned with them later also, because the duo of Stalin & Roosevelt, brought this matter to him again and again, in order to discuss it in a serious manner and gain his nod. So Winston had to give them some self serving reasons that the two leaders of his Allied Powers could embrace for their own self interest. And he told them in a very undiplomatic way that it was a singularly “Stupid” idea, not only because this was a most horrible evil, but also because their reputation was going to be rubbished, and that he was the only man STRONG enough to save them from themselves.

He didn’t even bother to tell them that their reputation had to be protected by their own correct and genuine actions, if his own wish to protect them was eclipsed.  And he was far too mad to tell them that he himself was hoping that his colleagues had the balls to receive the benefits of History’s review of their actions as ethical and moral. What he told them was that in order for his own cause to be helped, and for his own country to be held up as an example of Virtue as befits Great Britain for posterity, and as part of that Grand Alliance — the Troika of the presumably Three Great Leaders of ethical and great leadership for the Free World (never mind Stalin’s Russia) must remain morally defensible and upright, as a beacon of what is good and just with our World.

Nothing less would do.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.54.53 PM

Winston pressed ahead with his advantage, when he asked both Roosevelt and Stalin this: “How would you be able to sleep at night with this order to summarily kill many thousands of men who were presumed innocent as they had either surrendered of had been captured in the battlefields?”

He also asked them to think about the nefarious reasons that their order might have been issued for.

And then he made sure to remind both of these Great Leaders, his wartime partners, about his promise of what he was going to do in order to keep his own honor and his nation’s dignity — if they were to commit this dastardly war crime. And here i a stern voice he clearly told them, that he would denounce them both. He unequivocally stated that History will judge them harshly and that he Winston Churchill would never go down that road with them. He also said that he would have absolutely no choice but to record and write about this sordid affair in one or more of his own history books after the conflict had ended.

And using soft yet firm words, he managed to bring about reconciliatory answers that turned away the wrath of Stalin and Roosevelt, before any grievous acts were committed against innocents. Churchill risked stirring up the full menacing anger of his colleagues, by telling them that we are better than this, and if we are world the fascists and the national socialists had destroyed with something far better — we could not even be allowed to think like this. And his is how Winston Churchill came to hold the high moral ground in this World defining conference of the “Big Three” that was to define the post World War era, and the destiny of all nations, and of all Peoples, across this God’s green earth…

Yet at this point one would never expect this much hate to have entered the heart of Roosevelt, even though we already know that Stalin had no qualms about any of this, and indeed it was his original proposal to execute about a hundred thousand German Officers and Leaders after the war had ended and Germany had surrendered. Roosevelt tried to limit that to between fifty and seventy five thousand German officers… Churchill was incensed and left the room.

What a horrible thought… let alone deed.

Yet one must understand that this was the mindset at this horrid and horrible time about the consequences and the meriting of Justice approaching the beginning of the end of the second world war, when the Germans had resorted to terrible murder and horrible privations, against innocent people and justifiable REVENGE simply meant trying to protect the various national memories all over Europe during the closing phases of the terrible war to end all wars, or start us on the path to the very last one, the one to be fought with atomic weapons that will extinguish all life from this earth.

The enmity was deep, the hate virulent, and the days rife with new unimagined horrors that were performed by the Germans and were discovered everywhere as they left these places in their retreat towards Germany. Imagine that…

Yet that was also the time of the fast development of the new weapons of mass murder. This was incidentally the time of the development of the Anglo-American nuclear bomb, that Winston Churchill wanted to quickly bring to the operational theater of battle, so that he can hasten the end of the war and limit the number of casualties by lobbing one against them to cause them to surrender quickly.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.33.33 PM

Yet these times of hate and horror were not to end so soon. Hate had taken roots in the hearts of men and even the three great leaders where not immune to these vices of war. After all we all know that: ‘Violence begets violence. Blood spilled begets more blood spilled. Gushers of blood and horror, beget more of the same.’ And nowhere is this more exemplified than in Marshal Stalin’s wanting to execute the whole lot of the German High Command and the Officer class, and sadly the US President Roosevelt — perhaps trying to ingratiate himself with this Communist butcher — signaled his agreement to this dastardly act, and the obvious war crime. Now we all know in retrospect, that had this been allowed to happen, it would have stained the Anglo Saxon Alliance and our Western world for eternity, and would have robbed us of our Christianity, of our Humanity, and of our pretenses to any Righteousness.

We would have lost our Dignity.

And of course Winston Churchill wouldn’t have any of that. His principled beliefs in human rights, his honorable conduct when in defeat, as well as when in victory, and his Christian charity, formed the basis of his ethical leadership — would never allow for any of it, and therefore would not condone even the thought of it, let alone the reasonable discussion about such a crime against humanity and gentlemanly conduct in war.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 1.00.31 PM

Clearly the very notion of this massive crime of consciousness, was revolting to the honorable straight shooter in him, but above all else it was anathema to his Code of a conduct under which he had always conducted his Life and his Leadership in War and in Peace. Yet he also knew the fate of the Delians, same as that of the Athenian Generals and the Admirals who ultimately paid the same price because instead of just a simple straightforward, and honorable unalloyed Victory — they brought the fates of hate and dishonor back home due to their waging war against the innocent, and then following their victory with the most vengeful and heinous action against the vanquished. It was such a dishonor, that when the honorable people of Athens felt the weight of SHAME upon themselves because they had inflicted such stain upon the Honor of the City, and had the blood of the innocent upon their heads and that of their children — they turned against them. The tide of the war had now also turned against Athens and the Athenian Assembly, and perhaps, they looked for scapegoats. Yet after the Sicilian campaign where the Athenians suffered a catastrophic loss — they went looking for those “Evil Men” that had angered the Gods, and for those Men who were Cynical against their fellow men — and punished them appropriately. It was not difficult to find the culprits that brought this bad ‘Karma’ to the City… So the Athenians summoned the Leaders of the Campaign against Delos to appear in front of the Assembly, and judged them harshly. Indeed the Athenians judged their own victorious yet cruel Generals and Admirals, in a rather karmic retribution of Divine Justice, and they voted to punish them with DEATH, dislocation of their property, demolition of their homes, and eternal exile and DISHONOR to their whole extended families. Karma is a bitch, but there you have it… The Arc of Justice in our Universe is long; but it does not tarry, and it always arrives unbidden by subterfuge, time, or circumstance.

And this was a good reminder of all that.

“Ohhh, how the mighty have fallen; how the Generals have been slaughtered, and how the rich had become exiles and paupers.” This ancient Athenian lament in poetic form is an often used and a rather instructive story too, coming straight from ancient Athens that all the modern Democracies and Democratic Republics of today, measure themselves against to in some degree, or another. And it was this lamentable story, that the wise and willy Winston Churchill, recounted to his two war allies, speaking as colleagues during the next morning’s breakfast meeting, and he made sure to share that last historical anecdote about the ultimate fate of the Athenian Generals — with both Stalin and Roosevelt — just to remind them that nobody is above the purview of Justice, and divine law, and that the Fate of Man is always changeable. And that Good Fortune is an especially fickle mistress, and need not be tempted… And he also said that whether one believes in the existence of God, or of the Divine Laws, and the Natural Laws, or not — they all still hold true, and retribution is just as swiftly taking place, as gravity does when you step outside a third story window from a building… regardless of your belief in it or not.

And he also didn’t flinch from moralizing as he counseled both about Magnanimity in Victory. He explained that this is far more important than even Victory itself, as a great leader, none other than Julius Caesar, always practiced and preached to his Generals, and to his friends, and foes alike. And he went on the theme of Moral Power, and Soft Power, being a far better deterrent against the vice of war, as he said that long lasting Peace can only be achieved, after winning the war, by observing that most famous of Churchillian principles: The great principle of “NO REVENGE”

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.32.35 PM

This is how Winston managed to hold back the arms of all the Allied forces from turning their fury upon the enemy almost a year and a half later — long after the Teheran conference had been a distant memory — but when the Allied Victory finally arrived, and Peace with Germany was established in Europe, and justice was visited upon the vanquished through the proper means of tribunals for the War Crimes that were committed during the yeas of this most evil war.

This is the vast monument to Humanity that Winston Churchill represents, and although it is never spoken of — that is exactly the reason, why no crime of retribution, or revenge, and certainly no mass executions, ever took place in occupied Germany by the victorious allied troops. It is a story that some day needs to be told openly to teach other generations to come about the Ethical conduct of the Allied leaders — even when they strayed in anger, and were brought back by one of them…

We surely owe this Man a debt of Honor, and I propose that we anoint him with the title GREAT, but I am not going to be blowing my own horn here as it where… because for Winston as it is for me, virtue, always represents it’s own reward.

But we still have to honor grandpa Winnie for that act of brave conviction; because he was not afraid to alienate his partners and allies when faced with a moral dilemma that was insurmountable for his Consciousness. Winston Churchill had made damn sure, to instill the fear of God in the hearts of both Roosevelt and Godless Stalin — so that all three Allied Powers would watch over each other in the aftermath of the war, and in the early days of Germany’s shared allied occupation administration. Further he sought to it that all three powers would agree to follow the Geneva Convention Accords to the letter, about both military and civilian administrative conduct, in times of both war and peace under the allied administrative occupation of Germany, and in all other areas of their global reach. And this last benefit is one that we all enjoy today when our fortunes turn as either combatants or as civilians and we place ourselves in harm’s way. In subsequent years, the establishment of the United Nations, and the establishment of just and lawfully protected Human Rights, soon followed his efforts to that end…

Of course because Winnie had also put the fear of God into agnostic Roosevelt, and even murder hardened Stalin, by his polite, and yet utterly serious threat of exposure to the World — he was holding both men by the short hairs, and he could pull them hard his way, should any atrocities occur in occupied Germany under their command. Of course, as we all know — threatening powerful men with exposure, is not always effective, and it creates inimical friction, but Churchill was always known for speaking “Truth to Power” softly softly, and he was always so damn “polite” about it, that being the intellectual heavyweight in that troika of the three wartime Leaders, he somehow got his way.

“A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” –Proverbs 15 KJB

For a while he was resented if not hated, by both the American and the Russian wartime leaders, because as men they felt slighted and perhaps inferior when they measured themselves against the magnitude of the Churchillian granite edifice this man represented. But the natural superiority of Leadership that Winston and his Moral Cause represented, did not allow them to revert back to their earlier position, and invariably they followed his cue. And that is why in the subsequent Allied Conferences of Yalta, and Potsdam, he was slightly shunned by both of them, because they had less than noble goals in their mind, and wanted to hide their more or less sinister plans from the Churchillian searchlight of virtue and consequences. And indeed his two wartime allies treated him shabbily but he in no way felt injured — because he made certain to not allow them to get away with “Murder.” Indeed both Stalin and Roosevelt, couldn’t have failed to notice that Winston not only advocated for the absolutely correct causes of the Western Civilization, but he always had done the right thing consistently, and they knew it. He of course had his own special powers, that along with the force of Divine and Natural Law, assured friend & foe alike, of his Special Secret of Statesmanship and Providential Leadership that ultimately always led him to Victory. And in the final analysis, he knew both men well enough, and he knew precisely the points that he needed to push and where to probe them towards doing the right thing in the midst of an uncivilized and vastly barbaric war against the Huns, and against their fascist socialist Axis of Evil. Winston was a Diplomat of high esteem, and through long practice in the Art of subtleties, and force — he knew how to ‘massage’ his message, so it lands properly, but he also knew rather well how to manage the application of “Carrot and Stick” and the “Push” to get under their skin in a firm and convincing penetration — as he saw fit.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 12.59.59 PM

So his direction was respected by all of the Allied Powers and Commanders. And in this important matter he was always thought of being magnanimous to a fault, when dealing with the vanquished foe; and in maintaining our dignity when we have been found to hold the upper hand. And indeed his treatment of the defeated German army and it’s officers, has been credited as the single greatest gesture and the only major asset in ushering the long period of postwar Peace for Germany and for all of Europe. That one action of humanity not only saved the lives of countless German officers and German Leaders, but it also gave them the necessary motivation to maintain the Peace and work for the country’s and Europe’s development for this many years of European Unity. And even though I do not agree with many aspects of the German State’s deep economic hegemony over the European Union in it’s many administrative actions against the lesser members — at least I am proud that Winston’s design for that Peace has held firm for so many years hence. Because Winston Churchill built a great Peace through his gentlemanly ethos, through his magnanimity, and through his open hearted Christian belief in the power of forgiveness.

And it can also be seen today as he is revered in Germany — amongst the still living German leadership of the deep state who know the stories well, and recall that it was Winston Churchill who also ensured that the Allies would behave magnanimously towards the vanquished foe, even in limiting the number of defendants to be sent to the Nuremberg trials. Yet other ignorant people still blame Winston today because after the war had ended, in their favor — the Allies, needed to sow the seeds of lasting Peace and even the Nuremberg trials were only allowed to proceed once it was established that they would only prosecute war criminals and no other military officers, or civilians, of any kind.

And we have this to learn from Winston Churchill’s gentlemanly behavior, and from his forceful conduct towards his more belligerent and vengeful allies: ‘It was worth it.’ It was totally worth it’ Indeed it might have ben the most brilliant yet secret fighting maneuver that Winston Churchill executed; when he stood up to fight against his erstwhile partners and allies and when he exchange strong words — as he did, when he fought bravely against both Stalin and Roosevelt, in the cause of the German Officer Corps lives,  but far more importantly in the cause of preserving our own DIGNITY. The dignity of the Western World. The amoral statistician Stalin and the political animal Roosevelt, could not understand Winston’s moralizing — but they fell in line behind him on this most important issue. And thus Winston Churchill’s Ethical Leadership prevailed in that most important and pivotal issue and he helped us go on unstained and unblemished to occupy the most difficult field of war to be achieved. That of the Moral High Ground,

And through his long and tireless efforts Winston Churchill saw to it and helped us remain unstained by the SHAME that bedeviled the Germans and the Red Army, so that we can go on and face our Maker and our People unflinchingly.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 12.52.02 PM

Winston Churchill did this for us and thereafter have been NO MASS GRAVES and no genocide ever performed by our side of RIGHT & REASON. That is the magnitude of Leadership that Winston Churchill offered to the Allies, and to all of our generations of Western Leaders, by preserving our collective human dignity, in the aftermath of this horrid war and inhuman mayhem — when we had Victory and the MIGHT to what we pleased to the weak and vanquished foe. He saved us. He alone and at long last put a stop to that always turning wheel of revenge and retribution. He reminded us that it is Christian to forgive. His ‘modus-operandi’ always was this simple statement: NO REVENGE, that he always kept saying.  In that often quoted, and yet just as often forgotten or misunderstood quote of Winston Churchill, one would think that he was some kind of Christian Dalai Lama, or even an extreme peacenik. Far from it. He was simply wanting to preserve our innocence and our RIGHTEOUSNESS. And because he was always gifted with Vision and Foresight, and we all know that he had not got a single bone of malice in his heart, or in his body — He simply couldn’t suffer fools who looked at hateful revenge as a solution. And what he hated most, was the banality of Evil, when directed against the powerless, the weak, the surrendered…

Indeed Thucidides, this titan of military history and leadership, had finally found a most worthy student in Winston Churchill.

Well Done Winnie.

Well done old man…

And from Winston’s subsequent magnanimous conduct as the Architect of Victory and the Designer of the Peace — we can discern hidden somewhere in there; the impact his reading of T had on Winston Churchill who knew the story of the Athenian Leaders and their eternal shame of their war crimes against the people of Delos.

But the reason the debacle of the Athenians from their Delian victory is far more resonant today; is because it is taught as a classic case study in political realism to illustrate that selfish, and pragmatic concerns, could ultimately motivate a country to easily and unquestioningly slide into war and conflict, and engage in unimaginable horrors in the name of warring conflict while seeking the ultimate spoils of Victory — the vanquishment of our enemies.

So I ask today, same as Winston asked, and as so many other Leaders have asked before me: ‘DOES MIGHT MAKE RIGHT?’

Otherwise the question can be stated as: Does having an all powerful bomb makes it right to drop it on the human beings even though they might be our enemies? 

And if we are going to do that — what level of justification requires us to do this dastardly and evil act? And to make this dilemma even more relevant for today, let me restate the Question: ‘Is the fact that we have nuclear weapons enough justification to use them against a weaker enemy that does not possess those same weapons?’

The relevant myth goes as follows: The ancient God of Olympus almighty ‘Zeus’ had concealed the power of ‘Fire’ from the human beings because he feared the misuse of it by simple minded humans, that might set the world on fire. And to a certain extent he was right because when the humans conspired to steal fire through the help of Demi-God Hephaistos who ‘secretly’ gave the gift of fire to the Humans; Zeus knew. And he called the leader of the humans to give him some wise counsel: “You humans make sure to use this new fangled gift of fire, with homily and with equanimity.” Make sure you use it for good purposes only and doubly make sure that you share this gift of fire with all others.”

This is a true story that was told many years later about Churchill’s experiences during the second world war when the “New Fire” the discovery of the Atomic Power, was making humans as powerful as Gods. Human Gods that had the breathtaking power to bring about unbelievable feats of catastrophe that cannot even be grasped by the human imagination, let alone to be understood by simple human minds.

And that makes the basic Questions about Good & Evil, about Justice, and about Right & Wrong, as well as about Natural and Divine Law — really poignant. Especially now at it applies to an honorable Leader. Because Winston Churchill also saw that the use of prudence, during the effort to deliberate carefully about the issues and the requisite choices and the risks thereof, is the only way to avoid the wrong choice that might bring about the loss of any claim to Righteousness and therefore the complete loss of Human Dignity.

Winston was deeply concerned about this. And that is why he always surrounded himself with people who could easily have been his ideological enemies and they were certainly competitors with differing points of view, if not complete opposites. This way at least he ensured healthy debate and the receipt of wise counsel of different opinions from men who were also striving for the Country’s, for the Commonwealth’s, and for humanity’s best interests.

That shows how brilliant Winston Churchill was as a Leader. And today you can even understand his life through his various and multiverse loves and his thriving intellectual pursuits, and many turns of mind, amidst his contradictions as well. For example: He loved science but he loved his religion too; he was a pilot but he helped to invent the tank; he was one of the leaders in the development of aviation, including military aviation, but he loved the fleet and he sought to modernize the Navy at any cost; he was involved in the invention of the nuclear bomb and yet he didn’t want to expand it’s usage besides the laboratory; he was a hopeless romantic and yet he could be as ruthless as can be, when the situation demanded; he was a monster at times to the people around him, and yet he loved all of them to bits; he was the worst at party loyalty, and yet he was the best Parliamentarian there ever was; he was truly the best Statesman Britain, England, the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, the Allies, and perhaps the whole World — has ever known, and hugely beloved by his people in wartime and yet he lost the election immediately upon declaration of Peace and the cessation of hostilities. And that heap of contradictions says a lot about the man, his turbulent life, and his many gifts, but most importantly it says tons about the inner struggles that Winston had to fight each and every day to be the man that other can rely upon and to even think of him as a sensible fellow, and thus allow his vast contributions to reach our very needy, and much lacking, human species… in it’s entirety.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 6.58.02 PM

Above all, Winston loved people, because he grew up loveless and forlorn. And he was resilient because he always recovered from the throes of death and defeat. Yet he also delved deeply into thinking about the Aristotelian Ethical approach to the Art of Governance of Human Beings. This is what made him a Master in the Exercise of Power. He wanted to live a “Just Life” and also he wanted to personify the grand question of ‘Justice’ in all it’s contours, because he had studied Plato’s Republic and  wanted to apply all of that incredible amount of Ethical leadership knowledge, to his own Life, to his own party, to his own government, and certainly into his Administration of the Cabinet, the British Empire and consequently the World — at that pivotal time in history.

Winston exhibited all those talents in his global practice of Leadership and he stayed true to this axiom, over his rather long life, and over his fateful exercise of power towards the whole world — especially at that pivotal time of the all consuming Conflict, that was spreading death & destruction all over the globe, at an unprecedented rate.

Winston Churchill really cared about the people and therefore loved the other specialized  discipline that we now know as the Art of Management of the Human Capital. He needed this talent and he sought to gain the requisite knowledge because it is this knowledge, that makes this world go round. He also sought to manage the Resources we need to take care of our people and he did this without fail. Just recall his admonition to the department of fisheries for ‘utmost fish from the sea’ in order to recall his care for the people’s nourishment in the traditional ways of plenty of ‘fish n’ chips’ for the populace suffering under the German Bombing Blitz’ and all the privations and the rationing of foodstuffs during the war years. Or just remember his Scientific Pursuit in the development of greater agricultural yields and fertilizers to achieve self same. IN some great ways the miracle of feeding India from the Agricultural revolution harkens back to some of his most radical ideas. Once his ideas were applied the development of Progress took off like a shot. Remember the development of the tank in order to save lives from the death toll of the trench warfare, and also shorten the war, and hasten the capitulation of Germany?

Winston Churchill truly was one of the few men in power that understood the EXERCISE OF POWER at difficult and demanding times; as the crucible melting point that produces the metal of those Great Men tasked to Govern having first conquered THEMSELVES, and then, the ART OF LEADERSHIP, and lastly the ART OF STATESMANSHIP.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 6.53.51 PM

We know he personified that Golden type of Leadership. We know he sought PEACE because he fought in the WAR. And we know he sought progress for Humanity because Winston Churchill pushed forward always for both the Humanities and Science, because he thought Britain and the free countries, and all the rest of the World, simply couldn’t live without it. He also pushed for the Arts, because he definitely knew that Civilization couldn’t live without it…

He spoke often prophetically; saying that the World couldn’t feed themselves without further scientific development. On the other hand he saw its implications. You can understand his life as a man who, from an early age, saw this problem of the transformation of human affairs by the massive acquisition of power by human beings.

Then the question is: how are we going to control that power so that it is used for good?

That’s the question he asked all his life.

His thought about that was, you need a way, both in war and in peace, to keep this power from getting out of hand. In war, to keep it from destroying, to use an expression he used once about the hydrogen bomb, from “destroying everything we’ve ever known of.”

In peace, you need to find a way to use it so that people are not controlled and engineered and ordered about in every way.

Churchill’s life can be understood as a quest to achieve those things.

And he was also the Oracle that foresaw the horrors of the coming World War of the 1940s and having fought in the first one and having sen the horrors — he tried to find ways to keep the Peace. But he was speaking like someone who had seen the light while nobody else had, and therefore was dismissed early on when as a young Parliamentarian he spoke and fought heroically about this subject.

But a prophet he was…

That much is certain.

So please read on, as the story unfolds in this three volume book that teaches the Art of Power, the Art of Leadership, and the Art of  Statesmanship — taught through the lens of Winston advise for today’s world leaders in a nutshell as ‘What Would Churchill Do Today in this Complex World?’

This is a book seeking to turn-on your special powers of the Oracle. Powers that allow you to see the coming future in vivid colors and hues. The same powers of Prophesy that Winston was often described as having in spades. The powers of Statesmanship and the capacity to anticipate the events to come down the pike, so that we get prepared and don’t get blindsided by the Damoclean sword of History. Yet we ought to let the learnings of this books, serve as an important primer, and an addendum to the necessary knowledge, that the Great Leaders ought to possess in their Exercise of Power through the study of correct and ethical conduct when in Power and certainly in all of our Leadership positions.

And I am not just saying this but I am echoing the hostile editors who read the drafts of this book and came to ask me unbidden, if I am trying to compete with Machiavelli’s and Sun Zu’s books. And of course I am not because we live in entirely different times, but I am in competition with my Grandfather, and also in cooperation with the Great old man. So much so that though his lifelong example of Leadership; together we will teach you how to be a far greater Leader than these two other advisors to the Princes and Potentates could ever hope to be. Eat crow Mr Machiavelli. As for you Mr Sun-Zu, please have some egg-foo-yong in Hong Kong where your bones might be resting for all that we know…

Let us start this humble inquiry on the Art of Leadership and the Exercise of Power by reading the daily segment of this book, amounting to roughly a chapter a day for the foreseeable future. And maybe today’s challenges and trials and tribulations that the Leaders of the World suffer through — can be helped by Winston Churchill’s long visionary efforts and his plans of protecting all of us by offering Security, Safety, and Stability to all of our people across the globe.

It is a long book and if you sign up to follow this blog or even sign-up for the RSS feed of this ‘Bleeding Edge Blog’ the new chapters will become available in daily installments of a chapter a day directly to your email inbox. In short the whole book, in all it’s glory with all three volumes of it, will be serialized here.

And no better time than the incredible urgency of NOW, so why don’t you start reading it here in the present tense?

Indeed you can start reading it now, as we start the introduction to the book that includes a wonderfully prophetic essay penned by Winston Churchill himself as he saw the world back in 1925, and describing his predictions and prophesies that have all come to pass, and some are still unfolding today as they will go on, forward and forever, being useful in service to humanity…

In a typical Socratic dialogue fashion Winston Churchill started his essay with valuable questions that make the reader and the listener start thinking… but above all else let’s think of this: Why Winston wanted to always keep in mind that the Classics are an example for us, when we need to understand our own time, and the incredible power that our Wealth, our Power, our Organizations, and our Societies, have produced — so that we can manage our MIGHT in order to DO the RIGHT THING.

And lets not forget that Winston sought to educate the future Statesmen so that they can fundamentally help all of us live best. Statesmanship is at the heart of this book and hope that it lands where it should… with the same forceful ‘thud’ that Winston’s books landed upon people’s minds.


Dr Pano Churchill

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 12.29.44 PM

The Essay below was written by Winston Churchill in 1925, and was utilized in his American Lecture Tours of 1929 & 1931. It was titled ‘Mass Effects in Modern Life’

“Is the march of events ordered and guided by eminent men, or do our leaders merely fall into their places at the heads of the moving columns?

Is human progress the result of the resolves and deeds of individuals, or are these resolves and deeds only the outcome of time and circumstance?

Is History the chronicle of famous men and women, or only of their responses to the tides, tendencies and opportunities of their age?

Do we owe the ideals and wisdom that make our world to the glorious few, or to the patient anonymous innumerable many?

The question has only to be posed to be answered. We have but to let the mind’s eye skim back over the story of nations, indeed to review the experience of our own small lives, to observe the decisive part which accident and chance play at every moment.

If this, or that, or the other, had been otherwise, if this instruction had not been given, if that blow had not been struck, if that horse had not stumbled, if we had not met that woman, or missed or caught that train, the whole course of our lives would have been changed; and with our lives the lives of others, until gradually, in ever-widening circles, the movement of the world itself would have been affected. And if this be true of the daily experience of ordinary average people, how much more potent must be the deflection which the Master Teachers, Thinkers, Discoverers, Commanders have imparted at every stage. True, they require their background, their atmosphere, their opportunity; but these were also the leverages which magnified their power.

I have no hesitation in ranging myself with those who view the past history of the world mainly as the tale of exceptional human beings, whose thoughts, actions, qualities, virtues, triumphs, weaknesses and crimes have dominated the fortunes of the race. But we may now ask ourselves whether powerful changes are not coming to pass, are not already in progress or indeed far advanced. Is not mankind already escaping from the control of individuals? Are not our affairs increasingly being settled by mass processes? Are not modern conditions at any rate throughout the English-speaking communities hostile to the development of outstanding personalities and to their influence upon events: and lastly if this be true, will it be for our greater good and glory? These questions merit some examination from thoughtful people.

Certainly we see around us today a marked lack of individual leadership.

The late Mr. John Morley, statesman and philanthropist, man of letters and man of affairs, some years ago toward the close of his life delivered an oration in which he drew attention to the decline in the personal eminence of the leaders in almost all the important spheres of thought and art. He contrasted the heads of the great professions in the early twentieth century with those who had shone in the mid-Victorian era. He spoke of the vacant Thrones in Philosophy, History, Economics, Oratory, Statecraft, Poetry, Literature, Painting, Sculpture, and Music, which stood on every side. He pointed, as far as possible without offence, to the array of blameless mediocrities who strutted conscientiously around the seats of the mighty decked in their discarded mantles and insignia.

The pith and justice of these reflections were unwelcome, but not to be denied.

They are no less applicable to the United States.

With every natural wish to be complimentary to our own age and generation, with every warning against singing the praises of former times, it is difficult to marshal today in any part of the English-speaking world an assembly of notables who either in distinction or achievement can compare with those to whom our grandfathers so gladly paid attention and tribute.

It must be admitted that in one great sphere the thrones are neither vacant nor occupied by pygmies. Science in all its forms surpasses itself every year. The body of knowledge ever accumulating is immediately interchanged and the quality and fidelity of the research never flags. But here again the mass effect largely suppresses the individual achievement. The throne is occupied; but by a throng.

In part we are conscious of the enormous processes of collectivization which are at work among us. We have long seen the old family business, where the master was in direct personal touch with his workmen, swept out of existence or absorbed by powerful companies, which in their turn are swallowed by mammoth trusts. We have found in these processes, whatever hardships they may have caused to individuals, immense economic and social advantages. The magic of mass production has carried all before it. The public have a cheaper and even better article or a superior service; the workmen have better wages and greater security.

The results upon national character and psychology are more questionable. We are witnessing a great diminution in the number of independent people who had some standing of their own, albeit a small one, and who if they conducted their affairs with reasonable prudence could live by no man’s leave underneath the law. They may be better off as the salaried officials of great corporations; but they have lost in forethought, in initiative, in contrivance, in freedom and in effective civic status.

These instances are but typical of what is taking place in almost every sphere of modern industrial life, and of what must take place with remorseless persistency, if we are to enjoy the material blessings which scientific and organized civilization is ready to bestow in measureless abundance.

In part, again, these changes are unconscious. Public opinion is formed and expressed by machinery. The newspapers do an immense amount of thinking for the average man and woman. In fact they supply them with such a continuous stream of standardized opinion, borne along upon an equally inexhaustible flood of news and sensation, collected from every part of the world every hour of the day, that there is neither the need nor the leisure for personal reflection.

All this is but a part of a tremendous educating process. But it is an education which passes in at one ear and out at the other. It is an education at once universal and superficial. It produces enormous numbers of standardized citizens, all equipped with regulation opinions, prejudices and sentiments, according to their class or party. It may eventually lead to a reasonable, urbane and highly serviceable society. It may draw in its wake a mass culture enjoyed by countless millions to whom such pleasures were formerly unknown.

We must not forget the enormous circulations at cheap prices of the greatest books of the world, which is a feature of modern life in civilized countries, and nowhere more than in the United States. But this great diffusion of knowledge, information and light reading of all kinds may, while it opens new pleasures to humanity and appreciably raises the general level of intelligence, be destructive of those conditions of personal stress and mental effort to which the masterpieces of the human mind are due.

It is a curious fact that the Russian Bolsheviks, in carrying by compulsion mass conceptions to their utmost extreme, seem to have lost not only the guidance of great personalities, but even the economic fertility of the process itself. The Communist theme aims at universal standardization. The individual becomes a function: the community is alone of interest: mass thoughts dictated and propagated by the rulers are the only thoughts deemed respectable.

No one is to think of himself as an immortal spirit, clothed in the flesh, but sovereign, unique, indestructible.

No one is to think of himself even as that harmonious integrity of mind, soul and body, which, take it as you will, may claim to be the Lord of Creation.

Subhuman goals and ideals are set before these Asiatic millions. The Beehive? No, for there must be no queen and no honey, or at least no honey for others.

In Soviet Russia we have a society which seeks to model itself upon the Ant. There is not one single social or economic principle or concept in the philosophy of the Russian Bolshevik which has not been realized, carried into action, and enshrined in immutable laws a million years ago by the White Ant.

But human nature is more intractable than ant-nature.

The explosive variations of its phenomena disturb the smooth working out of the laws and forces which have subjugated the White Ant. It is at once the safeguard and the glory of mankind that they are easy to lead and hard to drive. So the Bolsheviks, having attempted by tyranny and by terror to establish the most complete form of mass life and collectivism of which history bears record, have not only lost the distinction of individuals, but have not even made the nationalization of life and industry pay.

We have not much to learn from them, except what to avoid.

Mass effects and their reactions are of course more pronounced in the leading nations than in more backward and primitive communities.

In Great Britain, the United States, Germany, and France, the decline in personal pre-eminence is much more plainly visible than in societies which have less wealth, less power, less freedom. The great emancipated nations seem to have become largely independent of famous guides and guardians. They no longer rely upon the Hero, the Commander, or the Teacher as they did in bygone rugged ages, or as the less advanced Peoples do today. They wend their way ponderously, unthinkingly, blindly, but nevertheless surely and irresistibly towards goals which are ill-defined and yet magnetic.

Is it then true that civilization and democracy, when sufficiently developed, will increasingly dispense with personal direction; that they mean to find their own way for themselves; and that they are capable of finding the right way?

Or are they already going wrong?

Are they off the track?

Have they quitted the stern, narrow high-roads which alone lead to glorious destinies and survival?

Is what we now see in the leading democracies merely a diffusion and squandering of the accumulated wisdom and treasure of the past?

Are we blundering on together in myriad companies, like innumerable swarms of locusts, chirping and devouring towards the salt sea, or towards some vast incinerator of shams and fallacies?

Or have we for the first time reached those uplands whence all of us, even the humblest and silliest equally with the best, can discern for ourselves the beacon lights? Surely such an inquiry deserves an idle hour.

In no field of man’s activities is the tendency to mass effects and the suppression of the individual more evident than in modern war. The Armageddon through which we have recently passed displays the almost complete elimination of personal guidance. It was the largest and the latest of all wars. It was also the worst, the most destructive, and in many ways the most ruthless. Now that it is over we look back, and with minute and searching care seek to find its criminals and its heroes. Where are they?

Where are the villains who made the War?

Where are the deliverers who ended it?

Facts without number, growing libraries, clouds of contemporary witnesses, methods of assembling and analyzing evidence never before possessed or used among men are at our disposal. The quest is keen. We ought to know; we mean to know. Smarting under our wounds, enraged by our injuries, amazed by our wonderful exertions and achievements, conscious of our authority, we demand to know the truth, and to fix the responsibilities. Our halters and our laurels are ready and abundant.

But what is the answer?

There is no answer.

On the one hand, the accusations eagerly pressed, now against this man or Government or nation, now against that, seem to dissipate themselves as the indictment proceeds. On the other, as the eager claimants for the honour of being the man, the Government, the nation THAT ACTUALLY WON THE WAR multiply and as their self-advocacy becomes more voluble, more strident, we feel less and less convinced. The Muse of History to whom we all so confidently appeal has become a Sphinx. A sad, half-mocking smile flickers on her stone war-scarred lineaments. While we gaze, we feel that the day will never come when we shall learn the answer for which we have clamoured. Meanwhile the halters rot and the laurels fade. Both the making and the winning of the most terrible and the most recent of earthly struggles seems to have been a co-operative affair!

Modern conditions do not lend themselves to the production of the heroic or super-dominant type. On the whole they are fatal to pose. The robes, the wigs, the ceremonies, the grades that fortified the public men and ruling functionaries of former centuries have fallen into disuse in every country. Even the Divinity that doth hedge a King is considered out of place except on purely official occasions. Sovereigns are admired for their free and easy manners, their readiness to mingle with all classes, their matter-of-fact work-a-day air, their dislike of pomp and ritual.

The Minister or President at the head of some immense sphere of business, whose practical decisions from hour to hour settle so many important things, is no longer a figure of mystery and awe. On the contrary he is looked upon and, what is more important for our present purpose, looks upon himself as quite an ordinary fellow, who happens to be charged for the time being with a peculiar kind of large-scale work. He hustles along with the crowd in the public conveyances, or attired in plus fours, waits his turn upon the links. All this is very jolly, and a refreshing contrast to the ridiculous airs and graces of the periwigged potentates of other generations. The question is whether the sense of leadership, and the commanding attitude towards men and affairs, are likely to arise from such simple and unpretentious customs and habits of mind; and further, whether our public affairs will now for the future run on quite happily without leaders who by their training and situation, no less than by their abilities, feel themselves to be uplifted above the general mass.

The intense light of war illuminates as usual this topic more clearly than the comfortable humdrum glow of peace. We see the modern commander entirely divorced from the heroic aspect by the physical conditions which have overwhelmed his art.

No longer will Hannibal and Caesar, Turenne and Marlborough, Frederick and Napoleon, sit their horses on the battlefield and by their words and gestures direct and dominate between dawn and dusk the course of a supreme event.

No longer will their fame and presence cheer their struggling soldiers.

No longer will they share their perils, rekindle their spirits and restore the day.

They will not be there.

They have been banished from the fighting scene, together with their plumes, standards and breastplates. The lion-hearted warrior, whose keen eye detected the weakness in the foeman’s line, whose resolve outlasted all the strains of battle, whose mere arrival at some critical point turned the tide of conflict, has disappeared. Instead our Generals are to be found on the day of battle at their desks in their offices fifty or sixty miles from the front, anxiously listening to the trickle of the telephone for all the world as if they were speculators with large holdings when the market is disturbed.

All very right and worthy. They are at their posts. Where else, indeed, should they be? The tape-machine ticks are recording in blood-red ink that railways are down or utilities up, that a bank has broken here, and a great fortune has been captured there. Calm sits the General; he is a high-souled speculator. He is experienced in finance. He has survived many market crashes. His reserves are ample and mobile. He watches for the proper moment, or proper day for battles now last for months and then launches them to the attack. He is a fine tactician, and knows the wiles of bull and bear, of attack and defence, to a nicety. His commands are uttered with decision. Sell fifty thousand of this. Buy at the market a hundred thousand of that. Ah! No, we are on the wrong track. It is not shares he is dealing in. It is the lives of scores of thousands of men. To look at him at work in his office you would never have believed that he was fighting a battle in command of armies ten times as large and a hundred times as powerful as any that Napoleon led. We must praise him if he does his work well, if he sends the right messages, and spends the right troops, and buys the best positions. But it is hard to feel that he is the hero. No; he is not the hero. He is the manager of a stock-market, or a stock-yard.

The obliteration of the personal factor in war, the stripping from high commanders of all the drama of the battlefield, the reducing of their highest function to pure office work, will have profound effects upon sentiment and opinion. Hitherto the great captain has been rightly revered as the genius who by the firmness of his character, and by the mysterious harmonies and inspirations of his nature, could rule the storm. He did it himself; and no one else could do it so well. He conquered there and then. Often he fell beneath the bolts and the balls, saviour of his native land. Now, however illogical it may seem and even unjust, his glamour and honours will not readily descend upon our calculating friend at the telephone. This worthy must assuredly be rewarded as a useful citizen, and a faithful perspicacious public servant; but not as a hero.

The heroes of modern war lie out in the cratered fields, mangled, stifled, scarred; and there are too many of them for exceptional honours. It is mass suffering, mass sacrifice, mass victory. The glory which plays upon the immense scenes of carnage is diffused. No more the blaze of triumph irradiates the helmets of the chiefs. There is only the pale light of a rainy dawn by which forty miles of batteries recommence their fire, and another score of divisions flounder to their death in mud and poison gas.

That was the last war.

The wars of the future will be even less romantic and picturesque.

They will apparently be the wars not of armies but of whole populations.

Men, women and children, old and feeble, soldiers and civilians, sick and wounded — all will be exposed, so we are told, to aerial bombardment, that is to say, to mass destruction by lethal vapour.

There will not be much glory for the General in this process. My gardener last spring exterminated seven wasps’ nests. He did his work most efficiently. He chose the right poison. He measured the exact amount. He put it stealthily in the right place, at the right time. The entire communities were destroyed. Not even one wasp got near enough to sting him. It was his duty and he performed it well. But I am not going to regard him as a hero.

So when some spectacled brass hat of a future world-agony has extinguished some London or Paris, some Tokyo or San Francisco, by pressing a button, or putting his initials neatly at the bottom of a piece of foolscap, he will have to wait a long time for fame and glory. Even the flashlights of the photographers in the national Ministry of Propaganda will be only a partial compensation.

Still our Commander-in-Chief may be a man of exemplary character, most painstaking and thorough in his profession. He may only be doing what in all the circumstances some one or other would have to do. It seems rather hard that he should receive none of the glory which in former ages would have been the attribute of his office and the consequence of his success. But this is one of the mass effects of modern life and science. He will have to put up with it.

From this will follow blessed reactions. The idea of war will become loathsome to humanity. The military leader will cease to be a figure of romance and fame. Youth will no longer be attracted to such careers. Poets will not sing nor sculptors chisel the deeds of conquerors. It may well be that the chemist will carry off what credit can be found. The budding Napoleons will go into business, and the civilization of the world will stand on a surer basis.

We need not waste our tears on the mass effects in war.

Let us return to those of peace.

Can modern communities do without great men?

Can they dispense with hero-worship?

Can they provide a larger wisdom, a nobler sentiment, a more vigorous action, by collective processes, than were ever got from the Titans?

Can nations remain healthy, can all nations draw together, in a world whose brightest stars are film stars and whose gods are sitting in the gallery?

Can the spirit of man emit the vital spark by machinery?

Will the new problems of successive generations be solved successfully by the common sense of most, by party caucuses, by Assemblies whose babble is no longer heeded?

Or will there be some big hitch in the forward march of mankind, some intolerable block in the traffic, some vain wandering into the wilderness; and will not then the need for a personal chief become the mass desire?

We see a restlessness around us already. The cry of Measures, not Men no longer commands universal sympathy. There is a sense of vacancy and of fatuity, of incompleteness. We miss our giants. We are sorry that their age is past. The general levels of intelligence and of knowledge have risen. We are upon a high plateau. A peak of 10,000 feet above the old sea-level is scarcely noticeable. There are so many such eminences that we hardly bother about them. The region seems healthy, but the scenery is unimpressive. We mourn the towering grandeur which surrounded and cheered our long painful ascent.

Ah! If we could only find some new enormous berg rising towards the heavens as high above our plateau as those old mountains down below rose above the plains and marshes! We want a monarch peak, with base enormous, whose summit is for ever hidden from our eyes by clouds, and down whose precipices cataracts of sparkling waters thunder. Unhappily the democratic plateau or platform does not keep that article in stock. Perhaps something like it might be worked up by playing spotlights upon pillars of smoke or gas and using the loud-speaker apparatus. But we soon see through these pretences.

No, we must take the loss with the gain.

On the uplands there are no fine peaks.

We must do without them while we stay there.

Of course we could always, if we wished, go down again into the plains and valleys out of which we have climbed. We may even wander thither unwittingly. We may slide there. We may be pushed there. There are still many powerful nations dwelling at these lower levels, some contentedly, some even proudly. They often declare that life in the valleys is preferable. There is, they say, more variety, more beauty, more grace, more dignity, more true health and fertility than upon the arid highlands.

They say this middle situation is better suited to human nature.

The arts flourish there, and science need not be absent.

Moreover, it is pleasing to look back over the plains and morasses through which our path has lain in the past, and remember in tradition the great years of pilgrimage.

Then they point to the frowning crag, their venerated El Capitan, or Il Duce, casting its majestic shadow in the evening light; and ask whether we have anything like that up there.

We certainly have not.”

–Winston Churchill —1925

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 6.53.23 PM

So today, half a century after Winston’s death — I must answer this Question that all of you ask me to answer in all of my public speeches, lectures, and popular engagements…

“What would Winston Churchill do to repair our cracked world?”

Pray Tell… Dr Churchill.

And indeed all of you ask me: “What would Winston Churchill think of the Barbarism exhibited by so many on the World’s stage today?”

Where have the Great leaders gone?

Why don’t we have anymore Leaders of the Magnitude of Winston Churchill anymore?

Why are we all sleepwalking towards the Third World War blindly?

What about the Division, the Terror, the Hate, and the Incivility that is visited upon us all by those haters, and their hateful ideology of command and control, the leftist and their brethren that the ultra liberals espouse and force upon our world?

These are the questions that I get asked a whole lot, yet methinks that we also need to ask this: What would Winston Churchill advocate for us to do?

Better yet: What would Winston Churchill do, if he were alive today to lead, councel and cajole, the people and to steer the ship of state in the right direction?

These are all simple questions…

Simple questions, albeit ones that require extraordinary answers.

And what about the more complex questions, such as: What would Winston Churchill do about the rise of China and the fear this engenders in the United States?

What would Winston Churchill do in order to curtail the expansion of the Nuclear armaments, their delivery vehicles, and of the Atomic Weapons club?

This a far more complex question and if we place it under the scope of Thucydides Delian Dialogue where it becomes a portent for discussion and momentous decisions.

Because indeed that one is a really good question that can keep-up many Statesmen and World leaders awake thinking and mulling the proper answer, over the length of a truly long night.

What about this high minded question: “Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap?”

What is a Leader to do, when a rising power threatens to displace a ruling one?

Is the Melian experience as described by Thucidedes more than two millennia ago, also the sentiment of what the future holds for the war between America and China over their client state of North Korea?

To recall, this is Thucidedes experience of what drove the Spartans to attack Athens at the start of the Peloponnesian war…

And even though both the Spartans and the Athenians knew the most likely outcome of their negotiations is war — they ended up choosing violent conflict over peaceful resolve.

This is what some people call the perilous Thucydides trap that allows the leading Statesmen to take distinct positions toward War even though the outcomes are highly uncertain.

And that is ultimately the case with China and her client state North Korea today.

Because today, an irresistible and unmissable threat to the Status Quo is the rising China which is on course to collide with an immovable America. The likely result of this competition was identified long ago by the great historian Thucydides, who wrote: “It was the rise of Athens and the fear that this instilled in Sparta that made war inevitable.”

But the point is not to only attempt to predict the future but to see the future clearly enough, and to lead prophetically enough — all in order to cause the design of the “envelope” of concerted actions and policies that will bring forth the most positive outcomes while at the same time minimizing and preventing the negative ones from arising, and accounting for the unintended consequences.

Yet today, escaping the classic “Athenian vs Delian dilemma” in failed statesmanship and our devolvement into open hostilities, conflict, & war — is not just a theoretical possibility, but a real life scenario, of great and grave probability. And indeed WAR is the most likely outcome amongst the different ones in our smogarsboard of choices. This conclusion comes from long historical experience as Thucydides described taking place between Athens and Melos, a bit more than two thousand years ago. In these two Milennia not much has changed in the hearts of men except that we have weapons of “Mass Effects” and yet our all too human reality, remains the same, as the mass graves in Melos, and the ancient tomb that stands in it’s place, would atttest.  This is the only record remaining of of all the Delian men; and of course the History that details the reversal of fortunes that befell the Athenians after they had committed this grave war crime at the early stages of the Peloponnesian war.

What have a we learned from that?

Not very much.

I am sticking with “not very  much” because if we examine the last Millennium, and even the far more recent record, we can easily see that we fall in the same pattern towards inescapable conflict and war today — same as we did more than 2,000 years earlier. And if we examine similar cases over the last Thousand years of our collective history — we can see that only in One out of Ten (10%) of the examined conflicts; including three vivid examples from the 20th century — innovative and imaginative statecraft actually averted war.

These are the odds.

And thus the Question for the Statesman today is this simple one:

Can Washington and Beijing steer their respective ships of state through today’s treacherous seas and stormy waters; all pushing us towards the shoals and the rocks of hostilities, open warfare, conflict, and all out war ?


Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 6.52.13 PM

Can we learn from Winston Churchill’s masterful shift in the handling of the Iron Curtain and his introduction to the policy that came to define the Era of Cold War — Detente — and the American adaptation of this, as a means to an end, that will helps us avoid all out war and still win the Peace?

I believe that we can indeed today — at long last — turn our War machine into an instrument of Peace through the projection of power and the application of soft power. This is the way of Soft Power, economic power, diplomacy, and the use of innovative and creative Statesmanship can usher in, a new era of ‘detente’ that will achieve far better results. Results, that can satisfy our long term interests over short term aims. Results that can save our species from a potential extinction event, should war break out in this era of weapons of mass destruction, the means of delivery across the globe, and the mass effects of a nuclear exchange — could portend. Results that would avoid the onset of nuclear winter. Results that ultimately and in the long term would serve us far better than an ‘all-out’ war could ever achieve.

And as old Winston Churchill counseled at the onset of the Cold War: “It is vital that we take the long term view of our strategic aims, and keep the bitterly fought for balance — so that our enemies sue for Peace, without realizing they are doing so. We can achieve this long term Peace, by learning and applying the lessons of history.”

Avoiding war and the potential for catastrophic annihilation, is not an easy thing. Yet, today, if China and the US are on the early stages of the path leading inexorably to the brink of war, then this United States President, Mr Donald Trump has to make some fancy moves in order to avoid the seemingly inevitable outcome. Today’s insistence on just “blaming China” portends a bloody conflict if this “play” cannot succeed. Yet maybe because he is a ‘player’ he could achieve a negotiated settlement through ‘playing’ his aversaries to his advantage, and through bravado, feigned moves, and subterfuge — he could repel Chinese advances and bring a new era of detente, that can lead to a long term Victory.

This is the same ‘long play’ that Winston Churchill suggested after the onset of the Iron Curtain, and we played brilliantly and marvelously for 45 long years, until our other erstwhile competitor — the Soviet Union — collapsed.

And thus the Big Question now becomes:

Will Washington and Beijing follow in the tragic footsteps of Britain and Germany a century ago and go on to replay the First World War in a different theater of operations in the Pacific?

Or will they find a way to avoid war?

Because they can surely avoid war; by effectively being “cool headed and smart” as Winston Churchill counceled aftetr the end of the Second World War — when the Red Army was the most powerful force on Earth.

And because we owe him a debt of gratitude for his cool headed optimism that helped us avoid continued war, when at the onset of Peace in Europe he deflected the voracious appettites of Stalin and the Soviet war machine; and was able to stave off another continuation of the War. Yet it was Winston Churchill who conceived of, and was the leading advocate for this Cold War policy that Great Britain, along with the United States, and our Allies in NATO, delivered and at applied long-term — that brought us a victorious end to the Cold War in 1989.

This is the magnitude of Winston Churchill’s STATESMANSHIP as defined by a long term strategy, that delivered PEACE for more than seventy years to this day. And it also brought a magnificent fruit of Victory against our opponent the Soviet Union; a full quarter century after Winston had passed from this world.

Winston Churchill’s Cold War “detente strategy” became the default policy of the United States and it’s “empire of the mind” as it was further defined, crafted, and reiterated by many Presidents, Prime Ministers, and NATO leaders, in the subsequent years aftert the Berlin Wall was built. Yet the Cold War “Detente” Strategy endured, and in the tactical theater, met and answered the challenges posed by the Soviet Union; but in the strategic theater; engaged by parlaying, negotiating, defusing, detonating, and deterring — all potential causes of open conflict and instead rolled all of it, into this amorphous strategic melange, callled detente.

Who remembers today, the red telephone installed in the Oval office of the President of the US in the WHite House; connecting the US President directly with the office of the Soviet Premiere inside the Kremlin?

And who remembers today, that Winston Churchill, was the author, and the originator of the Cold War DETENTE strategy, and its subsequent tactical policy applications?

Not very many people do…

Be that as it may, history is instructive, because much like virtue it offers it’s own rewards.

And those who know and understand HISTORY — reap the obvious benefit, because they do not fall in the trap of repeating it.

My fervent belief is that this book will serve as an instrument that can help us avoid that fall.

Further, I sense that this book might help us avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and instead follow innovative and imaginative Strategies that will lead us to Victory, as all great ideas can and often do.

And in some ways it is designed as books often are, to serve as “Brain Software” that can allow the mind of the “right” reader —  to upgrade our thinking, and therefore upgrade our actions too.

Yet this book, can only do that software upgrade, when studied carefully, and the writings above, are all deeply understood, and engraved inot your necktop computer. Because in this capacity — it will serve the Leader well.

And I am hoping that it will be read by the Great Leaders, because the ideas here, along with Thucydides Athens VS Melos dialogue, comprise the best study course for understanding the most critical foreign policy issues of our times.

China VS the United States of America.

None other is as important, as this one pivotal issue.


Questions, questions, question…

But where lay the answers?

That’s a question fit for an Oracle of the magnitude of Winston Churchill.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 6.54.02 PM

Because Winston Churchill fashioned himself to be an Oracle for his day and he assured people that he saw what’s coming down the pike… Somehow his vast analytical mind allowed him the intelligence of deducing the future from the present armed with the knowledge of the past and all the tidbits of special intelligence gathered from the ‘field’ and from all walks of life. And somehow Winston was able to gather all these inputs and come up with the correct description of the future to come.
That’s the job of a prophet and that’s why he was called the Oracle.

Winston Churchill the modern Oracle of Apollo.

It appears that epigenetics works well and the DNA of my biological grandfather along with my education and intelligence and specialized training has enabled me to be able to ‘see the future’ too.

Naturally — I’ve been asked to describe it more times than I can remember.

This is a great gift — to be able to see far ahead and we call it Political and Economic divination. It is a skill one trains for through the study of Cybernetics and Advanced Physics.

It is certainly not a simple science or a popular science thing. It obviously not the kind of futurology the New Age people would have you believe that they know. And it is not the kind of stuff the Stoners would like to tell you — they do.

My grandfathers’ and my gift — is the real deal.
Political Foresight. Simple political foresight that allows us to see far into the future…

This is the kind of intelligent Security assessment about War and Peace. Or maybe a way to answer these simple questions people asked Winston about the future many more times, than I can remember.

And the funny thing is, that I’ve been asked the same thing, many times by friends and foes alike…

Because like old Winnie — I am also the Oracle of Politics and Economics.

Indeed these questions have been asked of me with ferocity, and salacious frequency, from all sides in today’s Conflicts of Civilization.

Of course, it has been my friends and not my foes, who prompted me to write this book, because the former asked for this Herculean effort to be put in the open and shared in the light of day, for the benefit of Humanity — whereas the latter paid me dearly to give them the benefit of the Churchillian Wisdom for Victory and World Conquest, as a private matter, and as Strategic Consulting — ostensibly for Corporate purposes — even though we both knew that they would want to use this specialized knowledge for their dark designs to be eventually foisted upon all of us.

You can clearly guess, which side won me over… but on the 50th anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill, my ‘secret’ grandfather — I was asked by good friends, and inspired by none other than destiny, to write this book, because I believe that Strategic Knowledge is the most powerful thing the World has ever known, and as such, it is best used for Good Purpose and as a tool of Honest Means for Human Progress.

So it follows that the victorious Churchillian Vision of World Affairs, encompassing Christian Western Civilization, and Ethical Leadership, in Service to Humanity, is not something to be trifled with. Nor is it something that I or anyone else can unwittingly allow to fall in the wrong hands. Like Kryptonite for leaders, we have to be rather careful because this powerful tool of wisdom simply can render our Policies ineffective and it can easily be used against our side on this magnificent conflict of Civilization.

Yet I am not too worried about that eventuality — because the Conflagration that this form of Kryptonite will cause, requires the Free Will of Brave Citizens to function and consume the enemy, and that somehow reassured me that the Good Side will eventually win. There is something to be remembered too: The Churchillian wisdom only works to bring Victory and Glory to those men that already feel at Liberty to fight, and are willing to offer their lives up to the Common Cause of Freedom, Human Destiny and Democracy, out of a personal choice and through an unfettered intellect. Because it is this heart mind connection that Free people have when they are fighting for their ideals and for their home country, and thus they can outmaneuver, outsmart, and outfight their enemies’ best strategies, and lead us to another long lasting Victory in the eternal battle of Light fighting the lethal forces of Darkness.

And that is the kind of battle we are fighting today. A real War of Civilization that will either lead us to the Dark Ages for ever, or to an Enlightened Society and a Future that will Free Humanity from the bondage of Despairing Ideologies of submission of the Human Nature to the Soul snatching Evil. This is a battle that we have to win, and by the way, that is the only Victory I am interested in.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 2.56.02 PM

Right now we stand defeated and dejected because we have allowed for far too long the forces of Evil to be ushered into our House, and in many cases to be made Masters of our Domain. And we’ve done that as if we didn’t know any better…

Yet we clearly know that this too shall pass, because as You know day from night, so you will also know on whose side my Hopes, and my Wisdom rests along with my loyalties, and that is the Winning side as old Winnie would say and do…

Yet the reason all sort of folk ask for my advice as Winston’s channel and long removed counsel, is not simply because they see the spark of genius of the old Winston, visibly emanating in me, but because my likeness makes them feel as if they speak to the Man. The Man who was the unchallenged Victor of the Second World War. The most important man in the world, at his time. The man that saved us from a Thousand years of darkness…

Indeed it was old Winnie, that fought brilliantly in five continents across this globe and masterminded complex Cybernetic Strategy amongst his maps and his strategy rooms, and who devised the plan for victory through little sleep but furious work between his naps, his whisky, his cigars, and his baths. And it was this Tower of a Man that saved us from the Dark Ages that were promised to all of us from the Third Reich ushered in by that artless socialist corporal, named Adolf Hitler.

So it is again Winston Spencer Leonard Churchill, the man that embodied all of our hopes, all of our ideals, and certainly all of our principles of Christendom at the darkest hours to face our Civilization. And it was this man Winston Churchill who was courageous of heart, and willing to fight like a Lion, to be the Champion of all Humanity. This was the man called upon to save us through his crucial Leadership and his fantastic Communication skills resting upon his brilliant Oratory and his commonsense wisdom that kept us warm and safe, and allowed us to live another day to fight on and eventually claim Victory in this primeval Battle for the Soul of Man.

And it was his Great Leadership that allowed us to live & write another glorious chapter in the History of Man for the Ages. And in the process, it was Winston Churchill who was proclaimed the Savior of the Anglo-Saxon speaking world, and the European Civilization as well as the Great Protector of Liberty and Democracy. So let us hope that today He might give us another intellectual boost that will help us to not only survive & exist, but to flourish and cherish our ways of life and our Civilization for another Thousand years steeped in Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy fit for the best of human beings.

The Duke of Marlborough, our chosen ancestor and brilliant Strategist, fearless warrior, and suave Statesman, and incidentally Winston’s very own idol, and occasional intellectual amanuensis, doesn’t even come close to the breadth and depth of Winston Churchill’s achievements and eventual impact on Western Civilization.

Yes today, as everybody wants a piece of advice from Winston Churchill – and people play musical chairs with Winston’s bust in the White House, and in the Television monitors where they appear as talking heads — true wisdom is hard to find. And yet the more people want a Churchillian answer in a given World Affairs or Political subject — they are more likely to find evidence for both sides of the issue coming straight from the lion’s own mouth. For example, such is the case with Churchill’s position on the issue of Brexit, or Islam, or even Conservative politics, and certainly about the choices of going to War, or living with a broken peace…

He said so many different things on so many differing issues, that it is actually hard if not impossible to interpret his complex mind, and his erudite approach towards Solutions outside of the context of the geography of time and the placement of issue at hand.

Yet for me, it is easy, because of my personality, my endearing charm, and certainly my penetrating intellect, and my Art of Leadership & Diplomacy, that naturally draws people to me, like moths to the flame. Some fly around and keep a safe distance to educate themselves and some others get burned from the intensity of the Intellect. And then there is the third group of people that fly totally against me because they are creatures of the dark and hate the pure Light that emanates out of me because it shines the pure Light of Freedom and Love and it makes them look rather bad.

But at any rate they all come knocking and wanting help and understanding and I have no choice but to offer that wisdom to them, even if it kills them, or even worse makes them want to kill me… Still, I’ve got to do this, because who knows what draws them near?

Perhaps it is my deep strategic wisdom that draws them, to me. Or perhaps, it is the effectiveness of my Counsel. Or it is the ultimate accuracy of my predictions tested over time that brings them here.

Regardless what magnetizes them, my principled conviction; is in helping Human Beings through thick and thin. This is exactly what keeps the people around too.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 6.52.58 PM

But people are fickle and at times irregular, illogical, and inimical, because this is what people want from me: Delphic Oracular Powers. Nothing less. People ask me for Deep Future Intelligence with actionable items, tactical ideas, and Strategies, that will lead to the desired results, and victories in the marketplace or in the field of honor.

The thing is that I deliver Strategy that brings Victories in the battlefield of ideas, that win people’s hearts and minds, and eventually bring Victory to their side of the wars – but I am loath to assist people in killing each other.

And that is not because I am a Pacifist or something arcane like that, but simply because I am a Pragmatist and a keen student of History. And just as this goes — to never assist someone who wants to do harm, happens to be my motto.

Yet seeing the future is a ‘rare gift’ and here is Winston Churchill with some real prescient knowledge about the political future almost a century before it came to pass in our present travails between reality and fakery of our political perceptions and the news.

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So when today all the left leaning liberal establishment Media lie about who is the real Fascist — you better look back to Winston Churchill with gratitude for his advance warning…

And as we stand at the beginning of this hotly contested Millennium, it is evident today that we need all the warnings and the advice from the Oracles of Politics, (meaning old Winnie & Me) because all of the warring political sides are lacking the quality Leadership.
Yet is leadership coupled with foresight that is at ease manifesting both the Tactical Knowledge and the Long Term Strategic Vision that allowed Winston Churchill to play the Grand game and win.

And it is this quality of Leadership that we need today, because the people leading us, don’t have these qualities — and in their place, they use false bravado, fake news, and bluster, — and that can only take you so far. And as far as the Chinese and North Korean leaders will soon find out — these fake news assets, can only take you so far before the revelation of your emptiness comes around to choke you and thus strangle your chances of Supremacy.

This is what we need to remind our own leaders too, because we learned it from well honed practises from the past. We need to fight and we need to be able to fight intelligently. War should not be feared. Instead it ought to be respected.

History indeed is full of these examples and it was indeed Winston Churchill, that contrary to those falsities, chose to administer his forces with sagacity, and cunning, always undershowing his hand, and consistently snatching Victories from the jaws of defeat. Fighting came natural to Winston Churchill, who all the while managed to monopolize the mantle of victorious ethical leadership during all his battlefield engagements, in peacetime and wartime, and especially in the first and second world wars and in the parliamentary battles of his long political career.

Long after he retired he sought to reconcile rhetoric with reality beyond his declarations of the Cold War to the actual thawing of it all, and the protection of our Existence from nuclear weapons and their illogical use in the event of a war amongst the super-powers. And people today tend to forget all of his efforts for Peace and remember him only as a Militarist and a War monger. Yet what most people truly forget is that Winston Churchill, strove to monopolize the public “conversation” because he knew the strength of discourse in the public arena, and the power of having the last word in that very same public discourse to bring about the desired results in the service of Peace. That is why he used the media and newspapers always to project this idea and why he masterfully managed to share his views. And for that gift to posterity and to basic leadership knowledge — we also have to thank his mighty pen, and also his private secretaries that always religiously transcribed and typed up all of his musings, and indecipherable handwritten manuscripts.

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Being aware of these things myself — I also excel in both of these areas and thus people flock to my speeches because of my writings, and buy my books because of my oratory, and my political philosophy. But above all else, they come to me, because of my dominant Public Conversation skills and authoritarian voice of Reason and Foresight. Indeed, I think offering ‘gems-to-the-swine’ is not a good way to prosper, and therefore religiously avoid all mention of my ‘special skills’ to the general public lest the swine get hold of the truth about the future to come. Thus I still act as a magnet for intelligent people, and for all the good folks hoping to follow my lead, learn from me, and apply my recipe for leadership & success. And this we do well, all the while keeping the enemies of our country, the haters, the suave criminals of corruption, the parade of snowflakes, the current fascists claiming in an Orwellian fashion to be the antifascists even named Antifa, their weird brethren the Islamic femdoms, the Transgender and LGBT brigades of grievance collectors, along with the gender-fluid perverts, the Pedos, the losers coupled with their communist sympathizers, the mediocrities, and with their ilk, the socialists, and of course the defeatist self haters; the libtards — keep all those at the same distance that I keep from the real herds of swine due to smell and unhygienic propensity to roll in their own excrement and to eat the self same. And after the violent attack that I endured and survived when I was speaking inside Microsoft Headquarters and the Antifa MicroSerfs there, couldn’t handle the message of Liberty, and Democracy, and attacked me with their hateful fists and thumped my head with their Chinese nunchucks, — I had to suffer through several rounds of brain surgery, treatments, and continuous therapy, in order to recover. Because the blunt trauma to the left side temple of the head, caused the total collapse and paralysis of the left side of the body, since the hematoma compressed the nerves stemming from the brain that provide awareness, the senses, motor skills, tension, as well as communication to that side of the body. Yet as I was violently thumped on my head causing me to almost die, and suffer greatly, for the simple thing we take for granted – our Freedom of Speech.

If you want to see scary thing — look at this video bellow to see how this dastardly attack left me, after the first signs of paralysis started showing up from the blunt trauma that I received on the left side of the temple on the head, and after the hematoma caused brain swelling that slammed the nerves that manage all functions on the left side of the body. This my little Youtube video, that shows the condition that I was left in, after the thumping, I suffered as a Freedom Fighter for your Right to Free Speech, when I was violently attacked and victimized inside Microsoft Has, by the Microsoft liberal lunatics and their islamic jihadists the E-1 visa MicroSerfs, under the guidance of Mike Pell, and Satya Nadela. Go ahead and feast your eyes here on Youtube video of yours truly detailing the attack and the criminals behind it, who pretend to lead one of our great Technology companies:

After this horrific attack, and the violent incident that left me almost dead, I was astonished to see the sad lack of leadership in this long ago Great Company, that now has a current non entity as a CEO, and as a pretend leader. I am speaking of the little man, the petty Indian Muslim engineer Satya Nadela, who has failed the simple test of Leadership that dictates that the leader has to stand up, and stop this kind of violent expression of virulent hate inside the organization he leads. Even if his religion is the failed Islamic creed and he feel kinship for my violent attackers – he has to signal that in civilized Seattle, we do not tolerate attacks like the jihaddist attacks against Charlie Hebdo that took place in Paris, or those that happen daily in the Muslim countries, and his hometown in Mumbai in India. Apparently this little man Satya Nadela is also one of those perverts who confuse Free Speech with their Islamic fundamentalism ideals, that prohibit anything that offends them, or even goes against the grain of their lunatic religion, from being expressed in the world, by anyone, at pain of death. All in all this was a tough year for me, yet, although I survived this gruesome trauma and the resultant paralysis, and the experience led me to take care of all my affairs, including my funerary arrangements and of the philanthropic disposal of my wealth and even of my body — this year, I decided to be especially careful about avoiding the awful rabid Muslim fanatics and the Leftist lunatics. The upshot is that I found a new talent in making mix-tapes, when I compiled the music soundtrack for my funeral and that is a talent that I can use now in the parties of Victory that will soon arrive. Victory against all those enemies of Humanity and the cutthroats of Islamic fundamentalism, and all those a-holes, that pretend to be all about some kind of social justice utopia, where in fact they are sick Stalinists, and vacuous females, and pussy-boys, that all they want, is to send all Free men, to the nearest ‘Siberian Gulag’ where all those of us, who speak openly, truly, and freely, can be exterminated. Unless they can kill us much quicker, when we show up to give a Public Speech inside Microsoft headquarters, or inside any other politically correct company, institution, or government entity, including the Police departments of the Soviet State of Washington and the metropolis wide liberal Gulag named King County, where the elections are always rigged by the crooked Democrats, who mange to give Hillary Clinton 93% of the vote. This is in a county where all the young people voted for Sanders, and yet through the Democratic establishment’s magic, they gave the election to Hillary with percentages that are only given to Dictators like Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Gaddafi, or Stalin himself.

They rigged the primary election against the hapless fuzzy Sanders, and thought that nobody will notice… And then the stupid Dems wonder why they lost this Great Country in the general elections of 2016. That’s how crooked Hillary got 93% of the vote in the King County that is run in the most awfully corrupt fashion by a simpleton Democratic operative named Dow Constantine, who is n cahoots with the pedophile Mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, who for thirty odd years has been protected and has been helped to rise steadily by his auntie the Democratic Senator PATTY MURRAY… Go figure this out for yourselves, and see why Pedos and Perverts, like Anthony Weiner had the whole lot of the State Department secrets in their laptops, and then you can come back and tell me that the Dems and crooked Hillary Clinton, are not corrupt.

It is also telling that the rot of corruption has infected the private sector as well, when we see Microsoft to this day using it’s strong arm tactics to coerce the Redmond police department to not file charges against my attackers, and to protect all the evil doers from getting their day in court. And the Redmond Police department being a basket case of corruption, where all the Police Officers are making far more money than their salary, by providing security for Microsoft – complies, and refuses to even question my attackers, lest their snowflake feathers get ruffled. As for Microsoft Inc, they are continuously using their power, their resources, and abundant wealth, to silence their employees who witnessed this attack from speaking out, and to also to silence the journalists and the citizens who are looking into this case, and are asking questions. And they are shameless to the point that they use surveillance and aggressive military tactics to further harass this defender of Liberty and Free speech, and to turn his lawyers into their own by using promises of treasure and future work. They do the same with all the officers of the Redmond Police department, where all the Police Officers graduate to a career of well paid and relaxing employment as Security officers within Microsoft Corp. And if their methods are reminiscent of Gestapo, and the NAZIs, it is because the little man Hitler-Nadela, and the President and Microsoft Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith, conspire and engage in racketeering actions, by deploying vast resources in order to try to deprive me of my Constitutional Right to receive JUSTICE for my injuries, and to see the Police place my attackers at the mercy of the laws, of our lawful Republic. And that is the very definition of Fascism.

How’s that from a Public Company?

How is that from an American Public Company?

How’s that from a Public American Company that is a Tech Giant , whose founder Bill Gates, shamelessly claims to be an upstanding citizen and philanthropist trying to save the World?

How’s that from a group of Microsoft scofflaws working for a Public American Company, who believe that because they are Socialists they can get away with attempted Murder of a Politician?

And lastly how’s that for the corrupt City of Redmond Mayor, and City Council, who allow this corrupt Chief of Police, corrupt and complicit Prosecutor, and generally corrupt Police Department to conspire to prevent Justice from being heard in this case, just because the Microsoft bosses tell them that this is the way it’s done?

As for the Microsofties, and their CEO, the President of the Board of Microsoft, and all the Board members – some serious yet simple questions have to be asked of You, and I’d like to hope that your individual dignity will guide you to answer these simple Questions:

“Where are your Ethics and where is your Morality?”

“Have you forgotten the guiding principles of Business Ethics?”

“Pray tell – What happened to the kind compassionate and tolerant Society that our Founders have created for us?”

“Why do you undermine the very Society, that allows you to be a successful and prosperous corporation?”

“Do you feel that you are too Big to Fail or too big to be punished?”

“Does might make right?”

“Do you want to destroy the “little guy” for your gratification, or just because You think you can, and have the economic power to do?”

“Are you aware that by doing this, you are intentionally destroying the Social Fabric of public safety, security, trust and toleration, that makes this beautiful country work well for all it’s people?”

“And are you aware that as you attempt to silence me, and reward my attackers with impunity, by corrupting the police and misleading the journalists – you are practicing racketeering?”

“So where is your individual dignity going when as an all Powerful Tech Giant Company you are trying to deprive a simple and ordinary person’s individual dignity with all your scheming and subterfuge, aimed at preventing Justice from taking it’s course?”

Please, ponder that for a while…

And maybe the rest of us, might also want to ponder that.

Because whatever is allowed to happen to me in Microsoft’s Redmond HQs, is also what happens in our national stage, and in our own communities, since this Microsoft travesty, of perversion and corruption, only reflects what happens in our corrupt corporations, in our corrupt Police departments, and in our corrupt cities too. What goes around… comes around.

Ponder this, next time when you are wondering why Crooked Hillary has not been charged with her crimes, and neither has pedo-Podesta, or pedo-Mayor Murray, or his Auntie Senator Patty Murray playing defense for him and growing his career all these decades of the Power of the Democratic party n Washington state. And what about all the other perverted individuals who pretend to represent you, as they install themselves in positions of Authority and Power? Just think of the harem that Pedo-Mayor Ed Murray has built around himself in the City of Seattle, by awarding all the top jobs of Seattle to his cronies and his equally corrupt and perverted playmates. Jobs that the Pedo-Mayor has given to his cronies, are from the job of Police Chief, to the job of Building Department Chief, to all the other Chief positions in the City of Seattle. All of these appointed Chiefs are tainted with the stink of Corruption and Perverrtion, and need to stand down. As do the many Democratic nominees of contested jobs that have gone to people of the same ilk as the pedophile Mayor, because the corrupt Democratic pedo-Mayor, and his Auntie, Democratic US Senator Patty Murray, and her friend equally complicit in Corruption US Senator Maria Cantrell, have for many years run this City, this County, and this State not just like the Tammany Hall trap of ignominy, but like a straight up Gulag of the Soviet Union. All these broken down, corrupt, and sexually deviant people, that need to be sequestered away from Society for some serious lifetime therapy, rather than being exposed to our children, as they are truly Public Enemies, while they pretend to be Public Leaders. If Shakespeare were alive today, he would have had a field day, writing about all that. Yet they all go on as if everything is hanky dory, from the hapless and half witted Governor to the Dems ruling the roost of corruption and depravity — they all know how to shove under the carpet any semblance of decency in our Society, alongside their many crimes and misdemeanors.

This culture of permissiveness towards these deeply corrupt individuals is what denies justice to the honest people out there. So let’s understand that systemic Public Corruption is not to be found oozing only in the swamp of Washington DC, but also deep within our own neighborhoods, and seeping within our own corporations, and all over our Public Life.  Yet it is most galling to see this kind of corruption from companies that we are all shareholders of, and yet they behave as if “WE” the “Shareholders” are some kind of second class citizens in our own Republic, because we happen to not believe the dribble of garbage they hold dear as their ideology and their corrupt inhuman religion.

Just go ahead and think about that for a while, and you’ll understand how low we have fallen when we allow corrupt individuals like Satya Nadela and like Brad Smith try to cover up this assassination attempt of a Politician within Microsoft Has, like they are some kind of tiny Richard Nixon wannabes, covering up the “Watergate Scandal” by sticking up their finger in the cracks of the dam, hoping to prevent the leaks from coming out, in a rushing torrent that will drown them in their own corruption.

And let’s hope that the Justice Department and the FBI are now being cleaned up, and are going to do their job on this, and the many other issues, of Public Corruption, that have destroyed the America that once was, the one that we knew, and loved…

So for me, in order to survive, and live to fight another day, I now avoid speaking to the vipers nests of Libtards, and to the mosques of the Islamic Leftists, and go to Churches, Temples, and Synagogues, where people are kind and considerate. Places of Compassion and Tolerance, where the Judeo Christian Western Civilization is alive and the people are kindly and compassionate fully respecting other people’s opinions ideas and knowledge.

Still for the public meetings, I always bring Security, and pack ‘heat’ at all times, in order to be able to protect self, family, and community — thus honoring both our first, and our second amendment, of our Constitution, while keeping my personal covenant with the Founding tenets and the Framework of our Republic’s Liberty, alive and well.

There is a battle out there, and we are fighting it. But where YOU stand on these issues — is also vitally important. And it is equally vital, that you stand up and take sides, because it is high time we stop denying the fact, that the perversity of individuals, and their allowance to get away with their corruption and depravity, simply because they claim to be Democratic Socialists, or somehow “sexually different” and happen to be affiliated with the “plantation politics” of the Democratic party, should expose our children to these pedophiles in high office, or allow our children to get molested. Today for the Democrats, this is the norm, because the kids are daily exposed to the pedos who seek power in our Society, and once they achieve it — they use it for their aggrandizement and for their gratification, in the middle of the public arena strutting themselves like peacocks whose dirty deeds go unpunished, because they are leading our local school, our local University, our local City, or our local Police department, and even lead the campaign of Hillary Clinton, and the whole Democratic party. Be careful, because there’s a bunch of sickos out there…

Please keep in mind, “Denial” is not a mountain in Alaska.

That’s Denali…

Yet, no matter how many of us, fight for our Freedom, and even fall under the hail of liberal and Islamic bullets, like the Representative Scalise, and many others – the fight is hard and at times the political correctness brigade of pussies, lunatics, & self haters, win. Sadly, their victory is a loss for all of us and for our Republic, but sadly, most of us, don’t know it yet.

Still, we have to remember that we are on the right side of history, and as long as we listen to the Good Angels of our Heart, and we execute their Counsel — we can rest assured that we shall be well compensated at long last; for all the many miseries being visited upon our heads by our misguided friends. We have to be able to see our compatriots as that. Citizens of our country cannot be enemies to each other, lest we tear asunder the bonds that unite all of us in these United States of America. We are able to repair the tears that push us apart, and that is why we are adored by those folks true to the heart, to the flag, and to Republic & Constitution, that we are keen, strong, and mindful to keep. We are one Republic and we best behave as such.

And as Abraham Lincoln might have said to us again today: ‘Let us work together to repair the tears from the fabric of our society before our enemies gleefully see us torn asunder form one another.’ And let’s also recall Thomas Jefferson, this ultimate Democratic Republican man; who talked of our goal in this country, of seeking to create “an aristocracy of achievement arising out of a democracy of opportunity.”

Our Republic was loved by these great men. And I hope that our Leaders today love our Republic the same way, as it is loved by all the Citizens, and all those that matter both in our Home, and all around the World. All around the world where the American dream is still alive because American is the first Empire of the Mind and a power of a different and ethical kind — the world has never seen before.

Let’s enjoy this Love and let’s return a goodly measure of it to all and sundry. Because even myself, I get plenty of Love and Recognition. Especially coming, from those Leaders today, who are keen to study the Art of power, and learn to win long term; yet also learn to deflect attacks successfully, and defend themselves strategically, as well as defend the Realm and protect our Republic. To Defend and Protect the People is the first act of Statesmanship. And as the case might be, is the first duty of each Citizen as we all ought to perform this honorable duty, in any of our stations of Life, and through the demands made, and the opportunities afforded, in whatever position we occupy in Leadership.  Same as we all do in our own Leadership practice, in our own Life, in our own Society, and in our own community — acting in accord with our principles & our convictions.

As for myself – I never disclose what’s to come, because I happen to think that I know what the future holds, and clearly those who ask for the ready-made product of my silogysm — don’t. They don’t because maybe they are not interested enough to invest the requisite time, treasure, and energy, in reading the tea leaves, and just as important, making the effort to understand and to deeply comprehend, what the tea leaves, truly have to say about them and their situation…

Think about it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 9.45.33 AM

But You’ll surely get a pretty good idea of what is to come in our future, by reading these three books…

I do what I do and especially in this instance, because I’ve got to know people’s intent, and also because I want to be instructive to get people to think for themselves. Knowledge is power and we best keep it that way, so if those knocking on my door have ill intent — they get shown the door. If their intent is good — they get to become our cooperators and share in the spoils of our Empire of the Mind. That’s how we build networks of trust.

And that’s how old & dear grandpa Winnie, got to be the ultimate winner on all the pursuits of his long life. He went through an awful litany of failures and long defeats before he ever secured any small measure of victory. And that always mattered to him. And perhaps that’s the secret. “Fail and fail magnificently — yet find the inner strength to rise again and again.” Go on and “Find the ‘will’ to rise up in order to be able to fail another day.”

And if you keep this up for any length of time, and if you are bold enough — you are inevitably going to find some crumbs of winnings. These cramps will lead you to a bigger Victory, and eventually to success, fame and glory. But first you have to gain distinction. The distinction that Winston earned was as an adventurer that would try anything for game and along the way he developed a reputation for failure. But he also developed a reputation for an indomitable spirit full of spunk, that would allow him to go through hell and keep on walking.

Occasionally a small victory started coming his way. And indeed he was helped greatly by his network of friends and devoted acolytes, in his own private society that brought together the best information with the best minds around him — so that he can discern the future. That is the Churchill Society — a society of friends, that still keeps going today through the offices of many great people, and also yours truly…

But we digress…

Time to see the other most important quality of Statesmanship. The art of foresight and vision, or as best described here: The art of being an Oracle. We best learn from the most famous and notable of all Oracles — the one at Delphi in ancient Greece, that served us well for a Thousand years of advise and profitable prophesy.

Clearly, the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi, had a truly difficult job when compared to the modern day intelligence services, today’s prognosticators, or even those that History regarded as Great Men; people like Alexander, and like Winston — and to travel further down the line of history towards modern times — myself, and my industrious friends.

It takes hard work to become the Oracle and Winston Churchill saw to it early on, by first being amazed by the Oracle of Delphi’s acuity and it’s long documented usefulness. And that is why he studied all of the known and surviving predictions and assessments that Oracle had granted through times to the Great Seekers and the Kings and Princes that graced its halls and darkened it’s treasury over a course of two thousand years of its existence. And that is how Winston learned the Art of Foresight. His particularly well pronounced Art of being “The Oracle” of his time. He studied the practice of the most famous Oracle of all time. And he did it rather well. Same as it was for me, and as it is now also for you — the student, the reader, the leader — who wants to learn “the Supreme Art” of ‘seeing’ and ‘knowing’ what the future holds.

And by the way You need to be familiar with this “Art of Power” if you consider yourself a Statesman … and you want to facilitate Peace, Prosperity, & Unity, amongst your people.

— End of Chapter One —

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