Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 10, 2017

What Would Winston Churchill Do? (Chapter 5)


Back in the day, it fell to the Oracle of Delphi to divine the answer to the outcome of the Leaders’ Strategies, war campaigns, military expeditions, and desired course of tactical action — all distilled in one question.

The “Hero” always consulted the Oracle before going off to War and a fairly assured meeting with Death. Alexander the Great consulted the Delphic Oracle before he left to conquer the World, same as his father had done before him…

Victory was not assured — far from it. Death, defeat, and dishonor were the likely outcomes of this foolhardy campaign against the heart of the Persian Empire. Because in his day the Persian empire was the only Superpower in the world. And indeed it was a physical amalgamations of all the various Peoples that were subject to the Great King and his Satraps. All the armies, all the Peoples, all the most advanced weapons, and all the trimmings and accouterments of power would be brought to bear against Alexander’s small fighting band of brothers, and they all knew that. So as they marched along the coastal paths to Persia — they were aware of no outcome other than the Victory, they can reap themselves, away from the enemy. They were the smaller team playing into the far reaches of the world as they knew it. And they needed to play by simple rules and with a greatly heroic playbook — if they were to win by snatching Victory from the jaws of defeat.

Pure strength would not do…

It had to be Stratagem.

And it had to start by convincing the Generals, the Officers, and the Soldiers of Alexander that they had a chance at winning this campaign into the unknown. And the best way to achieve that was by consulting the Oracle and Delphi and receiving a favorable “Chrismos.” Simple as that. If the oracle of the omniscient God Apollo answering their question was an affirmative to their campaign plans — they would go on and win. However if it offered anything but that — then the talisman of Victory — Alexander had to do something drastic so they can go on believing in him.

And that he did. But today we’ve got nothing resembling that genius of simplicity, intelligence, and coherence, like God Apollo’s priestess “Pythia” to offer us wise advise, and to counsel us on the simplest possible course to victory and resolution of a Crisis, because we have instead chosen layers of Complexity and insularity, over the Elegance, Eloquence, and Simplicity, of being smart enough to be “asking the right questions.”

Looking at the firing of the FBI director today by President Donald Trump we discern the pattern of simplicity that this new and capable Administration seeks from it’s current Oracle at the helm of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Simply put: Can the FBI and it’s Director give us — the American people – a quick and simple answer about accountability for the massive leaking of all the Secretary of State’s communication emails and the favorable impact this action had for our sworn enemies?

Can they see how this vanquishment caused the massive defeat of all of our international policies? Can they name and prosecute those responsible? All the visible and invisible defeats we suffered have to be counted for. Blame has got to be apportioned and those responsible have to face Justice.  That is the only simple job of the FBI… Nothing else matters if they cannot deliver on that.


Can the FBI hold the Democratic party leadership, to some measure of justice, so that they can become accountable for the damage that they have caused this Republic by sharing our secretes with our worst enemies?

Can the FBI tie up the Russian and the Chinese enemy’s interference into our affairs through their hacking into the State Department & the Clinton email servers — or not?

Can they correlate the defeats we have experienced internationally and nationally to those leaks?

Can we get a simple answer to these grave matters?

Can we now go on and plug these holes in our National Security?

Can the FBI hold someone responsible for all that?

Apparently No — they can’t.

At least “Not” under Director James Comey. Clearly he is not the guy to deliver any measure of justice or even divination. This guy has no backbone and is more or less, a weathervane… A packhorse shifting towards whatever carrot or stick is wagged in front of his nose. But worse of all he is a buttercup, following the latest Mass Media fad designed for the rest of the snowflakes. And that’s how he makes up his mind and speaks through both sides of his mouth to both of his Masters. Foolishness and Greed.

Sadly Comey shifts like a leaf, wherever the wind blows…

And indeed, it blows a hell of a lot in Washington.

Yet we the People realize that we still need the basic simplicity in our Divinations, or whatever level of simplicity resembles the Delphic Oracle — adjusted to fit the realities of today’s world.

As for Trump firing Comey’s and handing him his ass — this is truly an Alexandrinian power move. Pulling her by the hair, and firing a “Pythia” that cannot deliver a straight answer, is the right thing to do. Alexander did it, and now Trump does it.


Firing James Comey is the right thing to do.

Mainly so, because he tried through expedient political calculation to remain in power while obfuscating reality from the American people, just in order to balance his debts, and hedge his personal financial and power thirsty bets. Comey chose to be liked by all and sundry, instead of doing his job. The FBI rank and file, hated him and felt that he was a giant pvssy. Oh Lordy… more bad words. But honest words too.

Firing a lesser man who was trying to walk a tight rope between the warring parties — instead of simply TELLING THE TRUTH is truly the right thing to do. The U.S. President was totally right to fire the hypocrite James Comey, even if only to hire a really strong person and place them in that position atop the tripod of “Divination” of TRUTH & JUSTICE. Because we need a person that will  deliver a truthful answer when the nation asks a simple Question.

And we want a TRUTHFUL answer because only that answer can give TRUTH, and apportion JUSTICE, in order to protect the REPUBLIC from the self haters who have dumbed here down. That is the litmus test for a good Director of the FBI, and that is the kind of person we want. That, or someone as close to this ideal, and better if at all possible.

Trump firing the silly sallying person, is fully justified. He did not serve anyone but himself and his puppet masters that sadly were the corrupt Oligarchy we all know and recognize. And that is not only proof that Trump is a man of the people and working for the people but that his actions are strong as this pure Power play on behalf of the Nation, amply proves. And perhaps come to think of it — that’s why he is the President today and not the crooked snowflake who wanted to climb to power by rigging the election.

Trump is a power player, and this move is quite similar to the one played by Alexander the Great when he forced himself upon the wishy-washy Pythia — so many years earlier. And he did it by pulling her by the hair, away from the tripod, and putting the fear of God into her, and forcing her to admit that ALEXANDER was indeed the most Powerful person in the whole World.

You might recall this episode from earlier writing about the Delphic Oracle here, but it is worth retelling: “In 336 BC, Alexander the Great visited the Delphic Oracle wishing to hear a prophecy that he would soon conquer the entire ancient world. To his surprise the Oracle refused a direct comment and asked him to come later. Furious, Alexander dragged Pythia by the hair out of the chamber until she screamed: “You are invincible, my son!” [Greek:‘ἀνίκητος εἶ ὦ παῖ.The moment Alexander the Great heard these words he dropped her, saying, “Now I have my answer.”

Now that’s a nice Oracle if you can get it…

But where is a similar message written, or being told today?

And from whose mouth can the President get the Simple Truth?

Only from the hearts and the minds of the American people.

That place alone holds the Divine Oracle that anoints the President. Because the preference of the people and the crowdsourced wisdom, represents the ultimate Truth. The American people along with their voting ballot papers, represent the only place where the President draws POWER from, and since they chose Donald Trump to be their GOD APPOINTED LEADER — he can wield that power on their behalf. They chose Trump democratically and that’s just as Good a Divination and a God given Prophesy. Indeed it is quite that simple in a Democracy. The crowd sourced wisdom of the people voting for a Leader. It is an ancient Athenian innovation that has been perfected in England for over a Thousand years and in the United Kingdom, and now is being practiced in America. A Democracy, always evolving, always morphing and always getting stronger, by the day. Yet is a fragile thing because like all good quality crystal clear ideas — it serves us best when it is not battered by the haters, and the evil doers, or just the faulty specimens, whose private philosophy, ideology, or religion, do not conform with that ideal. Cue here all the Communists, the Islamists, the Socialists, the Feminists, and all other self haters… who subscribe to the various sick “isms” that are so fashionable amongst today’s snowflakes and buttercups.

So now let us focus on doing what is good for Society and the majority of America because it is from the mouths of the ‘many’ — not only Democracy stems, but Power accrues as well. That’s how our Republic works, and there is no better Oracle here than the mood of the American People. A free people exercising their Democratic Right in this brave Republic of ours. And indeed it works, because if a leader today asks this “secret” Oracle, to “divine” the outcome of a Military Campaign, or of a War, or even of a simple executive action that he is thinking of undertaking — in order to restore balance, or reset harmony, or even in order to win valuable resources, territories, and global influence — the people are the Oracle which is there to answer for all of the above.

Again, Nobody does this today, like they did in the ancient world – but the crowd sourced Wisdom is just as good an Oracle for all of us and for the Executive today.

But we fail to listen, because we think that there is no Oracle designated as such today. Yet we are fooled to think that way, because we are all over-thinking, and are always asking the wrong questions, instead of simply being true to ourselves. We tend to overanalyze, and overthink things, by relying on the mind far too much. It is our downfall to not go with the instinct born out of intelligence and “Vox Populi” in order to solve the grand & intuitive problems. “Vox Populi-Vox Dei” as you might recall from your Latin classes, means “The voice of the people is the voice of God.” The phrase was used as the title of a radical Whig tract of 1709, which was expanded in 1710 and later reprintings as “The Judgment of whole Kingdoms and Nations.” The author is unknown but was probably a strong Whig-man…

“Vox Populi-Vox Dei” has at it’s core the most cited section of the revised (1710) version of the pamphlet which reads as follows: “There being no natural or divine Law for any Form of Government, or that one Person rather than another should have the sovereign Administration of Affairs, or have Power over many thousand different Families, who are by Nature all equal, being of the same Rank, promiscuously born to the same Advantages of Nature, and to the Use of the same common Faculties; therefore Mankind is at Liberty to choose what Form of Government they like best.”

Today’s use of the Latin phrase “Vox Populi” is consistent with the earlier usage of “Vox Populi-Vox Dei” in English political history since at least as early as 1327 when the Archbishop of Canterbury Walter Reynolds, brought charges against King Edward II in a sermon “Vox Populi, Vox Dei.” From Reynolds’ usage, onwards, the English political use of the phrase, was favorable. Even in 1709 when it was included in the Whig publication, nobody was referencing the original context of the usage by Alcuin (739) who in a letter advised the emperor Charlemagne to resist such a dangerous democratic idea.

Still “Vox Populi, Vox Dei being true Maxims of Government” was the new cry for Crowd Sourced Democracy and is worth noting that the very next year, of it’s publication in 1710, it was republished, under the title “The Judgment of whole Kingdoms and Nations.” 

And it is crucially important to reread this tract today because of our generalized failure to get the right answers to our important questions. And in other perspective maybe this is also because, we have failed to listen with our eyes and see with our ears, since we forgot the old time honored and time tested “Delphic” ritual: ASK THE RIGHT FVCKIN QUESTION. That is the only ritual that works. Distill your quest to a single and rather simple straightforward question. Yet to find the right answer is very much akin to a “Retreat” within your self. A retreat inside our minds and inside our soul — during which we allow the “Questor” to dream of the future by sleeping overnight in the “Hands of the Gods” in Delphi, or in another Asclepian Temple, and thus get to “Know Thyself” first and then go ask the RIGHT QUESTION that can bring to light the correct ANSWER.

We have to do this, because we are losing the “Future” since today hardly anyone believes in looking within and contemplating. Who contemplates anymore in a world given to the pleasures of fast food and Mass Media for the shut-off body & brain?

Who is given to introspection today?

And to take it up a notch… who even bothers to answers the call of duty, to be an introspective Leader with an understanding heart today like Solomon?

Who is the honest Leader of the People, like Moses?

Who is in Command of the Country, being meditative enough in history and writing about it all — ever mindful with an understanding Heart?

Show me that person, and I’ll show you the next President of the United States.

That HIGH STANDARD is what we should be seeking for our Leaders today. And we should be looking to find people like that instead of not looking for the Mass media and the Banker-Wanker losers to give us their store-bought candidates. It seems that we tend to value the wrappers if the product, instead of the essence of the calculating Mind, and certainly we do all this without ever consulting the Heart. And that causes the disconnections that we are all suffering today.

Lack of Clarity is a boon to our enemies. Obfuscation of reality is our downfall because the fake news has a purpose and that purpose is to confuse us and sow the seeds of division and worst amongst us. Indeed, our lack of clearly visible direction today, is not the lack of Oracles, but the lack of Intelligent Leadership. And that is because they don’t make Leaders like those ancient Ones anymore. Or maybe like old “Winnie the Truth” Winston Churchill, who like the young and the drunk, always told “Truth To Power” and especially telling TRUTH to the PEOPLE. And doing so, especially when it was against his personal interests to say so.

Something like me today.

This book tends to the Truth and it is not seeking a convenient truth but a rather difficult truth that needs to be discussed.
As a Society, we are at a Loss, as to what to do next. And that is why everyone is asking me today this question fit for an Oracle:

“What Would Winston Churchill Do?”

Not receiving clear intelligence about the future causes uncertainty and indecision, and that in turn causes inaction. This is the case with American Politics today; being too afraid to act decisively. With the exception of Donald Trump and we haven’t yet seen enough of him — all of the last few Presidents fell into this trap.

Paralysis by Analysis. Hesitation by Pronunciation. Monkey Mind Monkeying Around.

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real.

UNCERTAINTY: Certainty with an un.

DOUBT: Double Trouble.

Let’s examine this as it applies to our current crisis menu of today, by examining the most important Issue of our day:

Let us examine honestly the North Korean crisis in the context of the Chinese Crisis today, and let us define an American policy not of containment and detente but of a resolution with this nasty piece of work…

Of course as always some fearful outsiders to Asia, and probably people who have never even visited China or North Korea — are painting a skewed scenario of the current China-North Korea tensions, that casts China as co-villain, if not chief villain. This represents a serious misreading of what’s going on in Northeast Asia.

The real, core story here is China’s attention and territory grabbing diplomacy, which is a headline-hogging sideshow that is not designed to result in war, but in American capitulation and Taiwan’s annexation into China without firing a single shot. That is the main story in the steadily worsening relationship between China and America over North Korea’s military and Nuclear belligerence, which has been greatly accelerated with young blood Kim Jong Un’s rise to power five years ago.

Yet now this has reached the boiling point because Beijing, of course, knows and supports this as it senses an opportunity to push through a decisive change in the geopolitical landscape of the Pacific ocean, and indeed of all of Northeast Asia, and of the China Sea.

What remains for this story to be completed is that Trump is going to follow the same policy of appeasement towards communist China as all his predecessors since Nixo-Kissinger have all done.

And most people think that this is what he will do, because WAR is abhorrent and PEACE at any cost is good politics. But I disagree, because I know President Trump favors action over inaction. And the proof is always in the pudding…

And he may very well do that and go down in history as an appeaser much like Neville Chamberlain.

My position is that he should engage in all levels and declare war to North Korea and double tap all of it’s nuclear installations ending once and for all the nuclear threat just as Israel had done to Syria’s nuclear installations and as we ought to do to Iran’s nuclear installations also. As it is fitting to do to all other claimants who want join the Nuclear power club.

Because in my mind it would have been natural for us to use STRATAGEM and CUNNING to turn this dastardly regime and it’s truant behavior into an opportunity that we can readily exploit to maximum advantage, for the FREE WORLD.

Yet it seems to me that the Mass Media is pushing us all to accept the fake news of “The two-giants-joining-together-to-bully-a-principled-midget-narrative” is indeed an alluring one and one that sells well on the talking heads windows of TV and on the newsprint of China’s bleeding newspapers — but it also happens to be a “cock ‘n bull” story of immense BS value. This dog and pony show from the CNN newsies of this world serves none other than China, because they are the only ones that pay attention to it at the state level. Even more outlandish is the scenario favored in some leftist circles of “revisionist” China vs. “revolutionary” North Korea. Everyone in the real Asia, knows that political ideology died long ago, in China and to a large extent even in North Korea. Lip service is paid while everyone goes about more mundane, corrupt, and purely mercenary political pursuits. If any “ism” applies meaningfully in today’s Asia, is only old style communism and nationalism, sprinkled with a bot of nepotism and a lot of corruption.

So what’s the real story between Beijing and Pyongyang? Beyond the Brotherly love between the two leaders. Or is it that there is not that much Love to be shared except a hug whenever the sentiment moves them to a display of a Bro-hug, if they were to ever really meet with each other…


Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 8.49.15 AM


Yet the traditionally strong ties between Beijing and Pyongyang are well known, because they were forged in blood, in ideology, and in history for almost seventy years now — but today are frayed and failing both nations. Especially since the North Korean sexiest man alive little Kim, is so cocksure that he feels that he might not need the Chinese as allies at all — as long as he has Dennis Rodman the tattoo artist of Chicago Bulls fame, as a buddy…

Here is the sexiest man alive at his Confucian serene and harmonious best, — no doubt in a picture taken after his executing another bunch of his relatives, with an antiaircraft machine gun… or by feeding them to serving lions at the Korean zoo. Or something equally sinister action coming from the movies…


Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 7.04.45 PM


Still the bottom line is that if it was not for China’s critical contributions — including half a million PLA casualties during the Korea War — North Korea wouldn’t even exist. Chinese throughout China, already dirt-poor after a century of war upheaval, and foreign subjugation, had to further tighten their belts for the Korean war, and had to bear the catastrophic costs that were borne out of it, both in lives, and materiel. But most important is the loss of face the Chinese have suffered all these years, because of North Korea’s miscreant behaviour.

And that’s why Donald Trump calls little boy Kim, a “smart cookie” so as to keep him thinking that he is on course for some measure of greatness. A backhanded compliment if there ever was one. And when he hosted the Chinese leader in the Floridian White House of the South — the Mar A Lago resort, he made sure to share with him the Korean trap the two men laid for the hermit kingdom.

And from the looks of China’s Premier Mr Xi response the Churchillian Trap has been sprung again. Now it is the turn of this Chinese Leader to fall inside, because he wants to solve the North Korean problem for the sake of his own people and not of that of Pyongyang…

China is now eager to solve the Korean problem, because since Donald Trump took over at the White House, matters have been heating up with regards to North Korea and it’s nuclear programme. Some commentators have spoken of the situation being the most tense and dangerous nuclear stand off since the Cuban missile crisis of October 1962. The DPRK has carried out five missile tests since February 2017 clearly intended to rattle the new Trump administration and insert itself into the international relations conversation. In many respects the behaviour and rhetoric of the North Korean regime of Kim Jong Un has found response with the US administration of Donald Trump which has been keen to let China and North Korea sort out, each other. The aggressive and bellicose nature of Little Kim, has been making matters worse apropos solving the North Korean issue. And on April 11th President Trump tweeted: «North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve the problem without them! U.S.A». Or: «North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve the problem without them! U.S.A».

Meanwhile North Korea has fired back that it would reduce Japan to «ashes», turn South Korea into a «sea of fire», bring about the «collapse of the American Empire» and referring to the US aircraft carrier fleet the USS Carl Vinson which Trump called an «armada» the North Korean propaganda department stated: «A knife will be stabbed into the throat of the carrier». The insults have been reaching such a petty and immature level with American politicians such as 2008 Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain labeling the North Korean dictator a «crazy, fat kid» and the North Korean leadership responding by lashing out with threats of war: «[the DPRK] will fulfill its sacred mission» of «dealing a merciless sledge-hammer blow at those daring [to] hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership».

All of this is extremely unseemly and has the potential to back both parties into a corner from which they will not be able to escape. The war of words could end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy if this delicate situation is not carefully and wisely managed. What has made the situation even more unpredictable and hence dangerous for international peace, security and stability. This is also an example of the Twitter diplomacy of President Trump, and it’s value will be determined soonest. The international community has grown accustomed to the hyperbole of North Korea, but it is not used to an American President conducting international relations on Twitter. These are the strange times the West and the World finds itself in.

Thankfully for all those wishing to bring both the United States and North Korea back from the brink of nuclear holocaust there is President Xi Jinping, who like all the Chinese people, prizes peace and stability above all else, and he might get rid of little brother Kim, just to regain the serenity and the harmonyy of this region.


We call this gambit, a “Churchillian Trap” because the Korean war had another fateful and far reaching effect on China, that bedevils the country to this day and it causes vast anxieties to all concerned. The Korean war had the effect of preventing the complete unification of China. As you might now be allowed to know — it was willy old Churchill who recommended the opening of hostilities in the Korean peninsula in order to check the Chinese People’s Army advances towards Taiwan, and thus keep a “spike” in their own backyard. A spike of Democratic and Nationalistic real estate that over the years grew from old Formosa to becoming the powerhouse of Taiwan today.

So instead of allowing the Chinese to concentrate in taking over Taiwan, he drew their focus on the North Korean peninsula. Indeed Winston’s Stratagem worked well. And it works to this day. Of course at the time the Red Army of China with Marshal Mao at the helm, was about to cross the Straits of Taiwan, and that is exactly when the Korean War broke out. That’s how the Chinese Red Army got diverted away from their attention to the island of Formosa (today’s Taiwan) in the South, and went off to save bacon of Pyongyang in the North. And that’s how int came that Beijing had to put on hold any plans to invade Taiwan, in order to take over the last vestige of Chinese Nationalists, because all Red Army troops in southern China, were now needed urgently elsewhere, up north. And indeed they had to be deployed to the Korean Peninsula immediately, because in the East Asian, Confucian mindset, that is the thing you do for a brother. And of course that is the kind of debt you never forget, down the history, and through any number of years, or future generations to come…

And knowing about this Confucian mindset and it’s impact on world affairs, is why Winston Churchill was able to play the Chinese like the brushstrokes of his heavy handed paint brush, when he was madly attacking the canvas with his paints. Much as he was attacking the maps of this world with his fast drawing charcoal pencil… And knowing China is my own expertise as well, not because I am some kind of Buddhist, but because being a Confucius scholar allows me to read the minds of the Politburo members like an open book.

Still unbeknownst to the Chinese, China’s leadership had been falling for this vast Churchillian Strategy, since the Korean War, again and again. And as China has continued to offer crucial assistance and sacrifice to Pyongyang in terms of extraordinary aid and friendship in the means of all kinds of support and brotherly love such as the ones bellow — we might consider this a Churchillian Trap that has been working since the early Fifties.  China offers food, fuel and fertiliser to North Korea, that over the years amount to many $ billion USD in aid. China has been the largest aid giver to the North Korean peninsula — even more than what the US gave to the South Korean folks. The Chinese aid staved off many famines always looming in North Korea’s daily life of mismanaged agriculture, over the past seven decades. And then to smite their benefactors, when China established diplomatic relations with South Korea in the 1990s, the Kim dynasty destroyed graveyards and even dug up graves where the Chinese Army soldiers killed in the Korean War, were buried. Even more recently the North Korean leadership, deliberately sited nuclear facilities close to the Chinese border as a way to ensure they don’t get hit by American missiles without he fall out spreading to China’s interior. SO each time there is a nuclear test in North Korea, it sets off a minor “earthquake,” destroying houses and forcing residents to evacuate in the Chinese side of the border. And still in some years past — half the grain production in northeast China was given as food aid to North Korea. Further still, China over the many decades of Beijing-Pyongyang relations — they provided North Korea with diplomatic cover. It is worth remembering that China is the only major nation to do so, as well as provide security to North Korea under its de facto nuclear umbrella.

Seems that whatever little brother Kim does to jack up China is just wrong. And maybe we can chalk it up to his constant failure to read Churchill’s playbook, because the prevailing smoke ‘n mirrors, fake news of the Mass media, is not giving him the Truth he craves either. the fact is this: The United States and it’s Allies have not yet attacked North Korea — not because that would mean crossing the thick, and absolutely immovable imaginary red line, that Beijing drew in blood in the early 1950s. It is because people in leadership in both Beijing and Pyongyang, think that their policy works well. The DMZ buffer zone and the Chinese fire wall are antiquated anachronisms, but they prove how well the Churchillian gambit has worked over the year. Indeed it has worked so well that the Chinese leadership has taken it as article of faith to adhere to Winston Churchill’s policy up into this very day.

Damn … that’s brilliant.

And for China, perhaps the biggest liability of having North Korea and the little brother Kim of Pyongyang as an ally — is not that they unwittingly are following Churchill’s doctrine. It is that having fallen into Winston’s well laid Masterful Trap ages ago; by their own insistence in following through with one or even all of the above means of aiding North Korea — they perpetuate their living in this Plato’s cave for ever. Because it is obvious that North Korea, has for far too long provided the biggest single public pretext for the United States to surround China with weapons and troops in NE Asia. This came to be a sustained containment drive that reached a climax with Washington’s “pivot to Asia,” starting with the inauguration of ASEAN, and taxing that institution with becoming the spearhead to the “PIVOT TO PACIFIC” from the early 1970s, and later as expressed in the Washington and the London Think Tanks and in the NATO secret discussions, and at the beginning of the New Millennium was exemplified by the Pentagon’s Pacific Century papers, and the President’s address by the same name in the beginning of the State of the Union address of 2011.

And here is ASEAN’s need and resourcefulness that is far more important than NATO could ever be in the Pacific, because the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a union of nations that was born out of a desire for economic modernization and development as well as a common fear during the Cold War; communism. Despite many organizations/unions being formed in this era, ASEAN was one of the few that were able to survive the end of the Cold War.

Even though one of the original mandates, the existential threat of communism, has been eliminated, it still has managed to carry on with an updated focus. With the rise of China, ASEAN members have begun to sign defense treaties with one another separately as well as with the US. It is only a matter of time before the organization evolves to become a security alliance.ASEAN evolved from a previous organization known as the Association of Southeast Asia (ASA), which consisted of Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Shortly thereafter, on August 8, 1967, ASEAN was inaugurated by the signing of the Bangkok Declaration by five countries; Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Despite the creation of the union, ASEAN members had internal squabble and bickering with one another and did not illustrate a semblance of a regional organization. The internal dynamics began to change with the conclusion of the Vietnam War and the US withdrawal. The balance of power shifted with the US defeat and the unification of Vietnam under a Communist regime. From that point on until the end of the Cold War, Vietnam along with its benefactor, the Soviet Union, became the main threat to the organization. The Vietnamese aggression into Cambodia and other actions caused the nascent union to not only strengthen in unity but also proclaim a unified response to Vietnam’s actions.With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, the fear of Communism and Vietnam evaporated amongst the ASEAN members. As a result, ASEAN began to focus on regional trade and security issues. In July of 1995, the regional calculus changed. The former nemesis, Vietnam, not only established diplomatic relations with the US but became a member of ASEAN. Shortly after, Laos and Burma joined the organization. With the inclusion of the entire region, the focus of the organization shifted to economic growth, but also resolving outstanding territorial issues. Even though China had not been a formal ally, ASEAN and China were united in their stance towards the Soviet Union and Vietnam during the Cold War.

However, with the Cold War over and China’s rise, ASEAN had its eyes on a new antagonist.China has consistently held the position that it prefers bilateral negotiations over multilateral negotiation when it comes to discussions of the South China Sea. And Beijing thinks that to be in it’s favor because China is a large nation both physically, demographically, economically and militarily, certainly relative to the other nations of the region. The imposing stature of China can be more influential when dealing with the different Southeast Asian members singularly rather than in a plurality. Another major premise behind this tactic of negotiation is that China does not want to lend any credence or recognition to ASEAN.China’s claim and desire to recover the lost territories in the South China Sea due to the Century of Humiliation is seen as aggression and expansionist by ASEAN. They see China’s slow expansion as an approach to seizing the resource-rich area without provoking too much international outcry. Rather than a full out military operation, China uses time as a weapon and incrementally expands in the region without drawing much global attention, according to ASEAN.

China’s reticence to engage ASEAN as an entity is seen by many as a divide and conquer tactic towards the Southeast Asian nations. The prevailing sentiment in the region appears to be that China is a threat to the stability and peace of the region.As a bloc of nations, ASEAN’s goal was to help the United States contain Vietnam, and it’s ally China, along with the Soviet Union’s Communist influence in the region. With the Cold War gone, the organization has set its sight on China as a threat to the region. Washington has fully supported the efforts of ASEAN and its members going to the extent of establishing military relations with almost all of them and supplying most of them with arms. and armaments.China’s only escape from its geographical prison is through the sea, which is now littered with the US military’s influence, and Navy ships and air force that ply the waters and the air of this strategically important region of the world. The Pacific is important for all the Peoples of this Earth and yet today China views ASEAN similar to how the Soviet Union perceived NATO. Even though ASEAN does not possess the military regime that characterizes NATO it is slowly getting there. China views ASEAN as a nascent military coalition and collective security arrangement that is backed by the US military.ASEAN members in the last decade have witnessed an exponential increase in bilateral defense and security arrangements with one another and foreign powers that China views as hostile in some respects. The head of the Indonesian army referred to the myriad of bilateral alliances amongst ASEAN members as a “defense spider web in ASEAN.”

The discussion of a multilateral ASEAN security regime is no longer an afterthought or whisper, but actual discussions are taking place by ASEAN members as well as supported by the US and Japan. Members will no longer feel obligated to peace first, but rather use its military power, backed in some cases by the US, to challenge China. Diplomacy will no longer be the preferred approach. Such a coalition will only further isolate and contain China. In addition, these nations are in control of the important commercial straits that not only supply China’s economy, but also fuel its growth as an aspiring global power.Since 1993, China has been a net importer of fuel and almost all of it comes through the Malacca Strait and the South China Sea. Such an alliance could cripple China and threatens the existence of the regime because of its ability to control the vital straits to China. Thus, China has been reticent since the beginning to give credence to ASEAN in the hopes of working bilaterally with the nations of the region rather than collectively. However with the continual support of the US and Japan, ASEAN has managed to get China to become a signatory to the Code of Conduct, which entails a behavior of peaceful resolution of issues regarding the South China Sea.

However, the growing militarism of ASEAN and the potential for this nascent military alliance to actually become a multilateral security regime could not only threaten the code of conduct but isolate and contain China further. The balance of power is tipping in favor of ASEAN, but China – which sees itself as a victim of occupation once before – will not allow itself to be subjugated at the hands of foreign nations again.

And what has the North Korea given China in return? Essentially, nothing except that North Korea served as a useful buffer between China and the US military forces in South Korea. An exorbitantly expensive Chinese wall — if that…

For reasons best known to Pyongyang itself, that “protection” cost rose dramatically after Kim Jong Un’s ascension. The visible signs included Kim’s murder or purge of all senior people in his government known or suspected of being friendly to No. 1 benefactor China, including blood relatives. Unlike his father and grandfather, KJU never paid even a courtesy visit to Beijing since taking power. Most spectacularly, he had his half-brother Kim Yong Nam — who’d renounced politics and was under Chinese protection — killed when the latter was visiting Malaysia.

In the present crisis, knowing that his missile antics would allow the US to deploy THAAD as well as put extra diplomatic pressure on Beijing, KJU nonetheless went ahead — repeatedly. If China moved visibly to rein him in — then it absolutely follows that President Trump could all too easily portray China as joining their efforts to do the sane thing. Indeed a justifiable action to prevent the world from descending in a Nuclear Holocaust.

But the effort of rubbishing China’s reliability as an ally, and discrediting its independent, Third World credentials, somehow and perhaps surprisingly — it is the idiotic foreign policy agenda of North Korea. Maybe this stupidity level of National and Foreign Policy can only be compared to that of Albania in the 1980s and 1990s that led to it’s complete implosion and collapse. That Communist nation went the way of the various “stats” that used to exist along the Taklamakan desert when the Munghal empire faltered and failed. And the glories of Chenghis Khan and Kublai Khan can only be found in the British Museum today.

And maybe this is what Trump and his top officials have been thinking of doing, while waiting for North Korea to implode with a little “help” from the Free World, and from China… They want to built a niche at the National Smisthonian Museum for the hermit Kingdom of communist North Korea, and it’s long past glorious treasures of communist utopia. Because after a couple of years hence, there will not be much left to remind us of the last truly dystopian “Communist Paradise” on this Good God’s earth.

Today’s Albania by contrast, is clearly not a communist recluse, nor is it the curmudgeon of Europe, but a free state on the road to Democracy, having joined NATO and looking towards Europe as a solution to it’s development woes and to it’s economic integration into a powerful union. Same goes for Cuba, that is trying hard to not become a pariah of history, and an economic irrelevancy like some sort of communist Haiti or a hooker’s paradise like the Dominican republic of the Caribbean… or God forbid like some sort of Venezuela, that takes the cake as the land of artifice in their political ideology, and the capital of food shortages, in a rich country that does not know how to manage it’s resources, it’s people, or it’s mineral wealth.

Sadly that’s the path of North Korea and the misery of it’s people will prevail. And there is another even darker shadow side to this conflict — because indeed today there is a sinister view that North Korea’s obsessive drive to develop nukes, is aimed less at the US, than at creating trouble for China, perhaps in a bid for what Pyongyang sees as “independence” from both. But in my mind, this is really a desperate gambit, and a bid to remain relevant on a New World that doesn’t give a rat’s ass for the Korean buffer. Indeed it is not a sinister, but a dastardly misguided plot that allows the North Korean fools in power, to go down that road like idiots running to meet their imminent demise. A world and a time, that has bypassed North Korea, the same way the Blietzkrieg bypassed the Mazinot line, or the fall of Soviet Communism bypassed Albania, and Cuba, or North Korea. Yet North Korea today persists as the last true isolationist Communist republic and a state that is quite irrelevant to the world. Contrast that with its neighbor to the south — the industrious and highly innovative South Korea, which is a darling of the whole world — and you get the idea of where the North Korean resentment comes from.

So maybe the message to the North Korean people, would be to stop building nukes and instead open up their borders and invite foreign investment so they can start building mobile phones, and satellites for communication, and mass produced industrial products, and thus join the peaceful world, because all anachronisms are just that — out of time. North Korea will implode and crash by itself. That much is certain because it doesn’t not have a place in today’s world as it currently behaves. Simply put: North Korea is way out of fashion, by a few decades. So when the “sixties” come asking for their state back — the North Koreans via “Vox populi” will have to change. And to that — the deep state has to be broken up in it’s constituent small pieces and then these useful bricks will be used to rebuild a free nation once again.

Now, I am betting that this will happen, and as it appears the incredible “NOW” has finally arrived because only under the rule of Kim Jong Un, that once-outlandish view starts seeming all the more plausible — day in and day out.

And perhaps in a twist of Churchillian cunning, and Stratagem — the Trump administration will allow China to get these “burning-hot” chestnuts out of the “Fire” of North Korea. Mainly because Trump was smart enough o give China an incentive to act. And China will act, given all of the above. Today, no one should be surprised if China neutralizes Kim Jong Un, before the United States gets a chance to intervene and claim the territory for itself. And of course that does NOT mean destroying, or not continuing to protect the DPRK — far from it. If the high-risk scenario of KJU-neutralization should unfold, it will have little to do with Beijing “cooperating with” or “kowtowing to” the US-centered NATO demands. Instead, it will have everything to do with China’s own possibly too-toxic-to-save relationship with the incumbent representative of the Kim dynasty of North Korea that has outlived it’s usefulness. Enough already with these never ending Drama-Queens — the Kims of this world…

Then again we might not move a muscle and simply choose to wait…

That is not good advise nor good action plan — but paralysis by analysis is a common enough doctrine as it has been for the last forty five years of American Administrations where China is concerned.

Inaction is a peculiar form of malaise…

Of course this malaise of inaction befell the ancient world too, and also the very Oracle of Delphi, because towards the years of decline of the Ancient Civilization and the then World Order, the Greek Alliance was mauled in the hands of the Christians, and it was then Pythia started giving more and more ambiguous and highly confusing prognostications, couched in riddles and metaphors, full of double entendres, that nobody could clearly grog or even understand after careful cognitive discourse.

It became a practice of hedging your bets. And advising for money. Clinton, Machiavelli, or Henry Kissinger, would have been all too familiar with this practice too. Except that we have the Emoluments Clause today to protect us from that stuff… especially when the information exchange is simply a weapon to be wielded by the ex-head of government now turned a Lobbyist or worse, a “Shill” for foreign interests.

Indeed the beautiful oracle, Pythia, was always a bit ambivalent, allowing room for the “Seeker” to add to the interpretation his own deep seated TRUTH, but she was devoted to the TRUTH… That cannot be said of any of the modern practitioners of that Art of Divination, of the Future and yet young Winston Churchill had it in spades.

How came Winston Churchill had these divine powers? Was it his strategic studies and battle simulations that gave him the requisite knowledge of the ‘Grand Game’ ever since he got his start when he was a three year old boy?


He was gifted, epigenetics and DNA account for a whole lot, or maybe because he was always reading and studying history, following the thoughts of the great leaders, listening in to the great British parliamentary debates, discussing seriously all currents of political thought, and by investing his time in contemplating the potential of different outcomes from past actions. The “what-if” exercise of his powers of contemplation was his strong suit. And he always practiced that. And he indulged in these scenarios of “What-If?” for differing outcomes of major wars, global events, unforeseen difficulties, and all other actions based on the expectations of the serious responses to world challenges as addressed by the leading political and military figures of his day.

So it was either all that practice in sharpening his brain, or it was just that the Gods had chosen him to be the Leader, because he was a modern day Miracle Worker, and an inveterate Oracle in his own right.


Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 4.05.09 PM


But let’s look at the Pythia and her Oracular Powers when at the Christian Era, they were being diminished and abandoning her. Was it indeed because her time was up, that the Christians had decreed that Pagan customs should be abolished and she was threatened with death through skinning and dismemberment, something the zealots reserved for women of knowledge and power in the early Christian era of that Religion’s’ dominance?

Christianity, having recently become the State Religion, at the Age of the Emperor Constantius — was the favorite State Institution, and a rather Militant one at that. And that was the end of the era of Pagan Prognosticators, and that is when the Oracles at Delphi called it quits, and the “Manteia” [Prophecy Centers] were shuttered all over Greece, and across the ancient Hellenistic and the Greco-Roman World, of Byzantium and the around Mediterranean sea, lands of North Africa, and the Near East, Asia Minor and even farthest reaches of Roman conquest in the Asian world.

So where is a Hegemon, the Leader of Men today, going to find the Truth? And that is not the same as true knowledge about the facts, but rather about the future, and it has to be rather different from the divinations of the professional spooks, and the media pundits, who are a dime a dozen, and seriously wrong all the time.

For example: Do you happen to believe the long term weather forecasts?

Do you even take the long weather forecast seriously?

And where is the Leader today who can draft his own course, set his own destiny upon his Strategy, keep his own counsel, devise his own tactics, and live out his Life as if he is seeing the future clear as day, and thus earn Victory favor and fame too?

I assure you – there isn’t one. Maybe Winston was the last one of these few generations that have come up this far. Yet this era maybe didn’t even have the need for developing such a Leader as Churchill because the circumstances did not demand one Man of such magnitude to appear…

And that just might be a good thing…

A good thing in the sense that this overlong period of subtle conflicts, small wars, and an overall period of seeming Peace and Prosperity — we have lived through, that now comes to an end; didn’t require a man of the magnitude of Winston Churchill to save us from ourselves.

So we have been served by lesser men, and some women, as Leaders — but I assure you, all the Leaders that have come around since — they have served us adequately, only for the small roles they choose to play in the world. And when you choose a small game – you play a small part. And surely all of them failed us in major ways – otherwise we wouldn’t be here where we are today. Surely these small people had their ways of strategizing based on incomplete information, and often incompetent advice, that led to shoddy Strategy and Failed Command – but ultimately it was their game to play and lose.

Thank God this batch of terribly bad leaders has befallen all sides in equal measure and thus some terrible balance has been preserved. I am amazed and astonished at the level of incompetence the current crops of World Leaders exhibit. And yet, I feel terribly sad for Humanity’s prospects because of that.

Having studied Winston Churchill and the Greats intimately – I feel like Gulliver in the Land of Lilliput — the land of the little people. It’s a terrible feeling to have to explain terribly basic things to World Leaders that the world bestows honor upon — and yet I am still seeing them as little children that are unable to comprehend the basic laws of the game. The laws of the Art of Power, the Art of Leadership, and the Art of Politicking, let alone to expect them to comprehend the laws of entropy, the laws of karma, the laws of corruption, the laws of unintended consequences, and the immutable laws of the intended and well known long term outcomes of all Cybernetic actions.

Sometimes, I feel like Lao-Tzu, Socrates, or even Confucius, must have felt in their time, when they all had to run for their lives. And I fully understand why they all ditched their Rulers, Political Correctness, the Emperor, and the Conventional Wisdom of their time, in order to Live within their Principles, and to maintain their Liberty to practice their own form of Gentlemanly conduct.

Lao-Tzu left behind everything and even changed his clothes to those of a lowly farmer, and left the great country never to return, when he realized how deep Corruption was destroying his state and the Hegemon. And that is ultimately the most valid reason why he left China’s Rulers in the lurch. He ditched to vote by example and left for the frontier wilderness, and the unpopulated lands, in order to live amongst the primitives that were untrampled by the Institutional Corruption. And maybe he traveled to India where he met Gautama Buddha and taught him a thing or two.

And sometimes I feel like the great Wayne Gretzky must be feeling when stuck watching junior hockey teams play. Pitiful and amazing at the same time. Amazing that they haven’t derailed the edifice altogether… because they do not know the simple fact that we always shoot the puck into the future… And we place ourselves not where the puck is but rather where the puck is going to be when we get there in synchronous times. So in a sense we are always moving towards the future and not towards the present. That’s a really hard lesson for people to understand because the ones who are smart enough to understand — recognize that we live in a Dynamic Equilibrium and not in any static curvature…

Yet it is always amusing and interesting to watch people act from a Historical perspective alone, as if knowing History makes you anything more than a Historian. And for me at least it’s still interesting to watch the World’s Game going on in slow motion, because the Churchill Society, the Lincoln party, and my vastly varied Business Interests and Philanthropies — have given me the engagement, the knowledge, and the actionable intelligence, that this widely cast network of assets can bring, and we at least keep things interesting…

After all, it has always been through the actions of intelligent people, great leaders, and Cybernetics mavericks, that the World moves forward. It is the collective actions and reactions, of massively powerful individuals that interact and engage in intercourse that makes History. It is the individual actors and not any sense of inevitability that moves the world forth. Please don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

And it is the networks of such individuals that can supply the unfettered discourse, the qualified access to all the information and data needed, and maybe even the apolitical assessment of our enemy’s tactics, so that we can see the Future before it sneaks up on us, and body slams into our face with the force of a wrecking ball.

This future is always evident on our conversation, because it carries the power of “Now.” Yet the “Now” becomes the past soon enough and every second it gets replaced by the future that waits for no one. It has of course been an interesting ride so far, and my constant convening of open information sharing conferences, and intelligent Congresses, have also given me wonderful access to new and old friends, great people, and fantastic dinner conversations, over “Supper & Symposia” and even some of the most interesting after dinner companions and adventures. Yet a Gentleman never talks about those adventures that ensued while “Saving the Damsel in Distress.”

But telling when the next war will hit, is easy — and yet it has been a well kept secret shared with only the few Top Leaders. And if I know something let me assure you that the only people we share it with are the Ones that I know they will stand up and fight on the side of Freedom, Liberty, Democracy… and the pursuit of Happiness.

And to all of them – I remain grateful. Collegial, yet unattached, and absolutely loyal.

Thank You.

You know who you are…

I salute You.

Cheers to You.

This raised glass of bubbly is for you:

Cheers & Forever may you Live Happy!



To be continued…

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