Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 18, 2017

What Would Winston Churchill Do? (Chapter 10)


Here is the situation today.

In a flash retrospective of the American state, the Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, & Obama Presidencies, have all for various reasons diminished the American Power. That has happened because they largely wanted to be liked around the world instead of being respected…


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.06.12 AM


This is exactly what Benjamin Franklin cautioned us against: ”

"Many paths lead to success but only one leads inevitably to failure; That which consists of wanting to please everybody" 

And yet since the Nixon administration’s time, it appears that all the rest have failed us, by simply following the ideologically frail and politically faulty, yet popular amongst NeoCons “Kissinger Doctrine” of Globalization through a multipolar World Order. This wet squib of a useless idea has already seen it’s day i the sun, and has already had it’s powerful adherents like Wolfowitz, and his followers in power, who have gradually led America away from her world leading position. It is time to retire it to the dustbin of history, because although it has been a “treasured” intellectual position, this is opposite to all the Power of Inertia, that has been the default US policy since the Victory of the Second World War. And it is that institutional inertia that has maintained law & order, and prevented great power clashes on this globe for over 70 years. Yet today under the fashionable and hip policies of the Think Tanks, this working policy has been wasting greatly in the altar of wars of attrition, and globalization the NeoCon thought and ideology doctrine have driven us to…


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.30.22 AM


And all of these Presidents coming after Nixon — instead of stopping the rot and the gradual decline to a non sensical and doctrinaire policy — they have quietly assigned America “voluntarily” to the role of the Referee. And on top of that she has to pay for the privilege of maintaining the alliance and its burdens.

Not Fair – Not Smart – Not Acceptable. And Certainly Not Practicable Any Longer.

That is the vast political and military mistake we have to get undone, because we are not the United Nations. We are the United States of America and better start behaving like it. Otherwise we are going to live in a world where Russia and China exploit all the opportunities presented to us in order to exert their will and create vast spheres of influence and challenge us continuously for Global Dominance leading to World War and Existential conflicts.

And Winston Churchill understood that language of power quite well, especially since his early days spending in Paris with his Mother, where instead of socializing with the pretty French girls and practicing the “Langue D’Amour” — he resolutely dived deeply into Signor Michelle De Montaigne’s essays and Political Philosophy lie a person thirsting for wisdom…

That is when Winston learned well, these imitable words of Signor Montaigne: “Beaucoup de chemns menent a la reussite mais un seule mene immanquablement a l’echec; celui qui consiste a vouloir plaire a tout le monde.”

Many paths lead to success but only one leads inevitably to failure; That which consists of wanting to please everybody

These words that most American Presidents haven’t yet learned with the notable exceptions of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, and today’s President Donald Trump…

These badass Presidents above have indeed changed the course of History, because they didn’t give a damn about whether snowflakes liked them or not. They just did what they had to do. And that is ultimately the strongest executive decision a President gets to make…

Everything else stems from that.

And this is what Winston Churchill studied hard and learned during his long days in Paris, while his Mother romanced all comers.


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.18.03 AM


Who amongst you have ever read Monsieur Michelle Montaigne?


Certainly none of the US President of new vintage, has ever read Montaigne.

And yet he is the crucible of Political philosophy and Statesmanship.

He spoke about International Stability before it was a key word of international diplomacy. Indeed he said everything there is to say about Statesmanship before anyone else even had the chance to think about it.

Still most American Presidents tend to forget him,  and choose to take the fundamental and inertial stability of the international order for granted. But history shows that which one takes for granted — tends to get disturbed and lost rather easily.

Same as world orders collapse and stability gets shattered. Public Safety then escapes and War reigns supreme, and this happens with the frequency of the gyrations of a gnat flittering around a candle in a summer night… And at this stage this balance has been disturbed as any astute observer of International Affairs can attest. Indeed our Balance and harmony have been shafted because the claimants to Supremacy n our World have grown to be legion. And what is left for us and the United States of America, is to recognize that we must sharply check the assertive, rising powers that challenge the Safety of the World with their antics.

Our challenges come from stable powers like those of China, Russia, and the EU; as well as the hugely unstable and rather volatile ones, like Militant Islam, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, North Korea, Pakistan, and latin America Communists.  It is up to a smart Statesman to address these issues forcefully — rather than accept their growing self importance, their increasing confidence, and their de facto enablement of becoming Nuclear Powers and thus having their own spheres of influence, and holding their own balance of terror.

Too many enemies?

Time for triage.

Perhaps we single out the biggest threats and pick them off one by one. Start with Iran and North Korea. However you slice it Russia when the chips are down, can easily be a strong ally for the U.S. in solving this problem, because not only we are both exposed to the same Natural enemies, through the sharing of our common faith, and our strong belief in our Natural Christian moorings — but because North Korea is a Chinese puppet and Russia wants to upstage China right about now… and Iran is a logical enemy of Russia with it’s meddlesome and militant Islamic ideology.

We are of course competitors with the Russkies, but competitive feelings help. Some smoke up the ass, from the Dems about election interference and Russian hacking, is nothing more than hot air — but state competition aside, we can still talk, trade, and do battle together against the common enemies. Same as we did during the second World War when we fought the Godless armies of the Socialist moron named Hitler.


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.52.43 AM


My primary observation of Politics in America today is that there is a strong shake up of the Political Spectrum, where all the segments of the traditional spectrum have been reassembled in a kaleidoscope of unusual shapes and unrecognizable groupings.

The main political parties are falling over themselves in their quest to identify themselves anew in an era of uncertainty and that in my mind is a good thing, because every time the old politicos stumble and fall is because of Disruption.
And this massive disruption presents a unique opportunity for people like us. The people of today’s Lincoln Party – same as it did the last time the Democratic party imploded and the Union was divided, and we got the Great Abraham Lincoln who came to power through an unlikely circumstance and a tear of a platform, that allowed him to govern strongly against impossible odds and with a small army managed to fight and win a bloody Civil War, in order to liberate and unite this beloved Republic.

The times of 1860’s greatly resemble the times of today. History repeats itself. It repeats itself often and in a rather elliptical style…

And the rise of Trump has given us hope today for a reply of these awful yet uplifting times. If only we could accomplish this much progress today without the vast bloodshed – I would be satisfied, but bloodletting is always the necessary ingredient to water the tree of Liberty and history.

And in this divide instance let’s look at the unlikely alliances that are forming everywhere. Alliances and in some cases symmetries that bring together a belief system equally shared among the Tea Party Patriots, the Occupy Wall Street protesters, the Bernie Sanders independently thinking Democrats, the liberal Socialists, and the young College educated Conservatives of the Lincoln Party, and even the rank & file GOP Republicans…

And the belief that they all share is this: A new America, free of the Tyranny of the Big Interests and free of the Big Government.

Especially amongst the young ones, I’ve observed a strong common bond and an easy crossing of the lines in their virulent hatred of the insidious alliance between big business, big political parties, big banks, big lobbying interests, big money, and big government.


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 8.53.59 AM


And as it seems evident to any clear-eyed observer – all these people believe that the United States government should never be in the business of picking winners and losers in Life, or in Corporate America, or in Politics — and no person, organization, union, bank, lobby, or corporation should have their own key to the back door of our People’s government.


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 8.54.22 AM


Because we all believe that Government by the people, from the people and for the people, should not perish from the face of this Earth.

Second, and contrary to popular belief, both liberals, and conservatives alike, are really concerned with the plight of the poor in this nation. But political correctness presents both of them in a very different light on their approaches towards solving the problem…




Yet it is only the Conservatives that are always accused of being uncompassionate, hateful, racist, and greedy, but studies have shown that when it comes to charitable giving, conservatives are far more generous than liberals in charitable giving & caring for the poor. Yet, the difference between the two camps, is not in their intrinsic attitudes towards the problem – but in their political, spiritual, and practical attitudes towards the solution of this vast and polarizing problem.

Conservatives believe that the government does practically nothing well, since without meritorious competition, or a profit motive, there is no incentive to do well, and that government interference has made the plight of the poor far worse than it would have ever been, had the government never gotten involved in the first place.




For a stark example of this, look no farther than the condition of the black family in America since the “War on Poverty” began. The old fashioned Liberals believe that more government is the answer, and that if we only throw more money at the problem, the problem will go away. It is an attitude of delegating the job to somebody else because they are lazy and ignorant of how the world works. Whereas the Conservatives truly believe, as Reagan so aptly stated, that Government is not the solution to our problems – but rather government is the problem, and therefore it is up to the Markets, the Good Will of Men, Personal Initiative, Philanthropy, and Free Enterprise that all together will magically conspire & cooperate, in order to solve this problem.


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.59.45 AM


The third point is about Healthcare. Conservatives, are people who avail themselves of a doctor’s services as often as anyone else, and are just as concerned with the condition of America’s healthcare system as Liberals are. But while Conservatives believe that America has the world’s most capable physicians, has the world’s most innovative pharmaceutical industry, and is on the cutting edge of medical technology, albeit at high cost — they also understand that the HealthCare delivery system is far from perfect.

However, unlike Liberals, the Conservatives see a grave danger in turning the administration of that delivery system over to the same entity that is responsible for giving us the United States Postal Service, and it’s myriad of Postal workers and ballistic inefficiencies. There are very many private sector solutions that should certainly be explored before we kill the system altogether, by giving it to the government to run and administer.

So now that we’ve touched on a few points of common ground, allow me to explain the Conservative agenda towards the Liberal efforts to implement the Affordable Care Act and the so called “progressive” agenda.

First, let’s talk about the word “progressive”, since “Liberals” now seem to prefer that word to describe themselves. In order to label something as progressive or regressive, one must have some idea as to what constitutes progress.

So when we ask our friends of the Left to describe what is the ideal towards which they are striving – they have no idea what to say. Yet anyone with a high school diploma can tell you that an idea is considered progressive if it moves us closer to the ideal, and regressive if it moves us further away.

So, what is the ideal society for the Liberal Progressives out there?

Though I can’t begin to discern the thoughts of every liberal who may read this, nor can I assume that every liberal has the same notion of an ideal society — in my arguments with liberals over the years, I couldn’t help but notice the influence that FDR’s Second Bill of Rights has had in shaping the beliefs of the modern liberal progressive in regards to domestic policy.

The rights that FDR cited are:
1. The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation;
2. The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;
3. The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living;
4. The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;
5. The right of every family to a decent home;
The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;
6. The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment;
7. The right to a good education.

And if you are the Socially Liberal progressive — at this point, you’re probably screaming, “Right on” and who can blame you?


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.25.03 AM


What sane person in the world doesn’t want everyone to be gainfully employed, adequately fed, smartly clothed, appropriately sheltered, and properly educated?

These are the goals of every moral society on the planet, however we cannot ignore the fundamental question that needs to be asked:

“At what cost can we offer all these to all the people?”

As a Lincoln party Conservative — I’m not sure whether FDR was a shallow thinker or simply a shrewd, Machiavellian politician, but the fact that he framed each of these ideals as a human right, should be troubling to every freedom-loving person in America.

After all, what does it mean for something to be a human right?

Doesn’t it mean that it’s something to which you are entitled simply by virtue of your being human?

Let’s think about some of the basic rights that the real Bill of Rights delineates: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to petition the government, freedom to bear arms, freedom from illegal search and seizure, etc.

And now, if you the liberal progressive, are even moderately intelligent and intellectually honest, you’ll quickly see what separates the rights laid out in the real Bill of Rights from those laid out in FDR’s misguided list – because none of the rights listed above requires the time, treasure, or talents of another human being.

Your right to speak requires nothing from anyone else.

Your right to practice your religion requires nothing from any of your fellow citizens.

Your right to bear arms means that you are allowed to possess weapons to defend yourself and your family, but it makes no demand that a weapon be provided to you by anyone.

A true human right is one that you possess, even if you’re the only person on the entire planet – and it is unconditional.

FDR’s list is no “Bill of Rights.” It’s a list of demands. If I have a right to a job, doesn’t that mean that one must be provided to me? If I have a right to adequate food, clothing, and recreation, doesn’t that mean that I am entitled to those things, and someone should provide them to me? If I have an inherent right to a decent home, once again, doesn’t that mean it should be provided to me, regardless of my ability to afford one or build one for myself?

You might protest that FDR only meant that we have the right to pursue those things, but that’s not what he said, and why would he? If we live in a free society, our right to pursue those things is self-evident. Is it not?

Besides, if he only believed in our right to pursue those things, he would not have felt the need to implement the New Deal.

You may be getting anxious, now, wondering what FDR’s Second Bill of Rights has to do with my antipathy towards the liberal leftist political philosophy. It’s quite simple. The leftist political beliefs are a threat to liberty – not just for me, but for my children and their children as well. I care much less about the America that I’m living in at this very moment than I do about the one that I’m going to be leaving to the ones to come after me…

So now you can see how your political bent threatens mine and my children’s personal liberty. And maybe now is the time that you are in need to classify things such as clothing, shelter, health care, employment, and basic income as basic human rights, and then ask yourself, if you are placing a demand upon my time, my treasure, and my talents.

And if you believe that you have a right to health care, and you are successful in persuading enough shallow thinkers to think as you do, then it will place a demand upon me to provide it to you. And if you believe that you have a right to a job, and more than half of America agrees with you, as a business owner, I am obligated to provide one to you, even if it means making my business less profitable, or even turning it into a collective dud, a cooperative, a socialist kolkhoz, or something even more sinister like an agricultural combine, a soviet gulag, a communist store full of empty shelves, or a mafia family racket…

The fact is, you can rail against Conservatism all you wish, and You can make fun of the conservative Tea Party gatherings, and of the Republicans, and of the Lincoln party, and you can even ridicule patriots in tri-corner hats, until you wet yourself from mirth and uncontrollable laughter, but one thing is for certain: my political philosophy will NEVER be a threat to your freedom.

And if you feel a burning desire to help people, and if you find the inner swell of a righteous responsibility towards the poorest amongst us — conservative people, will never prevent you from working 80 hours per week, and donating all of your income to charity. Indeed Mother Teresa was a staunch Conservative person, and look how much she was able to achieve in alleviating the pain of poverty and famine for so many other people and especially homeless children of India.

And if you today feel a strong sense of pity for a family who cannot afford health insurance, my political philosophy will never prevent you from purchasing health insurance for this family, or raising money to do so, if you cannot afford it, personally.

And if you are moved with compassion for a family who is homeless, a conservative will never use the police power of government to prevent you from taking that family into your own home or mobilizing your community to build one for them.


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.20.57 AM


However, you cannot say the same for liberalism.

Because if I choose not to give to the poor for whatever reason, the liberal you, won’t simply try to persuade me on the merits of the idea – you will seek to use the government as an instrument of plunder to force me to give to the poor.

And because if we are walking down the street together, and we spot a homeless person, using this logic, the liberal you, would not simply be content with giving him $20 from your own pocket, but you would hold a gun to my head and force me to give him $20, as well.

In short, everything that modern liberalism accomplishes is accomplished at the barrel of a government rifle, because they do not trust in the generosity of the American people to provide, through private charity, things such as clothing, food, shelter, and health care — so you empower the government to take from them and spend the money on wasteful, inefficient, and inadequate government entitlement programs.

And because Progressive Liberals do not trust in the personal responsibility of the average American to wield firearms in defense of themselves and their families — progressives seek to empower the government to criminalize the possession, and use, of firearms by private citizens. And they always couch that in terms of safety for the children, many of which have been impacted in school shootings that were carried out by disturbed individuals and terrorists. And we all sympathize with that, but the ‘Right To Bear Arms” is enshrined in the Constitution as the 2nd Amendment that protects us from Authoritarian government. And who knows if back in the 1930’s in Europe, we had citizens, self organizing in German Militias, who were well armed and well regulated – maybe, just maybe — the Freedom loving German Citizens could have resisted, pushed back, fought and would have overthrown the terrible Fuhrer, Adolph fvckin Hitler, after he made his “Beer Hall Putsch” and then his main “Putsch” with the burning of the Reichstag, the repulsion of Democracy, the revocation of laws, and the introduction of a totalitarian government. I believe that if that was the case – the crazy Fuhrer would have been stopped from his terrible deeds, and perhaps we could have averted the bloodshed he brought to the World. A bloody mayhem, that at the end of the Second World War and the few years it lasted, saw altogether fifty million soul dead, and in all it’s after-effects an astonishing almost One Hundred Million people were displaced, destroyed, killed, burned, poisoned, maimed, injured, and disappeared – in the European killing fields and in many geographies and countries all over the world. It was indeed a pestilence that was unprecedented in History.

Imagine that we brought this upon ourselves because we weren’t listening to the sane voices of Monsieur Montaigne, nor of Winston Churchill, who had both advised us in their differing ways of the means that we needed to employ in order to prevent this giant bloodletting — from happening. Instead we just thought that it was inevitable and thus we allowed ourselves to slide into it….


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.50.51 AM


So maybe we could have saved One Hundred Million people who were killed and who suffered through the freakin Fuhrer’s wars of Conquest and Egotistical mass murder, but we were complicit in all of it. We are just as responsible because we sought the Treaty of Versailles to be as onerous as it was, and we created the discord and the hate that allowed this wound to fester for so long in the hear of the German people who sought some measure of redress.

We surely and squarely, brought the Second World War upon our lofty idealized heads. And it just happened when we were not watching…

And let’s not forget the additional chaos that was created as the war progressed and caused further death and catastrophes, through the direct and indirect, as well as through the intended and unintended consequences, that were built into the greatest conflict the World has ever known. To this day… yet.

And sadly come to think about it — deprived of weapons and without guns and munitions, the German patriots could not stop Hitler and his NAZI thugs from stealing power. Nor could they prevent the “Putch” and thus we had to suffer this amazing toll of death, as the Global Commons, and the human family, got roiled in blood all over the world.

Now, imagine for a second what the outcome might have been; if we had armed the German patriots and if we had offered our help in killing Hitler, and thus stopping the madness and the insanity from engulfing all of us in this terrible conflagration we have come to know as the World War Two. Of course we all know that the German people were not allowed to have guns in Germany at that time, and thus the patriots were defenseless. So Hitler came up like a thug and through the use of his armed minions took away everybody’s freedom — wholly unopposed.

Same story could play in America today. Because that is the same risk we take if we disallow gun ownership and we start controlling guns amongst society, and if we choose to take them away from the ordinary people. Corruption and Fascism will ensue in short order. Because without guns — we have no defense against Totalitarian governments whatsoever.

And we have to keep being the staunch Guardians of this Constitutional 2nd Amendment because if we stop being vigilant for even a moment – next thing you know we shall have to give up our guns to an untrustworthy government. And once the guns are gone — that means forever. Forever is a long time, and it’s inevitable that totalitarian government will arise at some point – much like in Germany did, and still does, with the regularity of a cuckoo clock.

Pray tell — how are we going to defend our Liberty and our Freedom, or even our Constitution then?

So we can’t give up our guns anymore than we can give up on any point of our Liberty. Because if we even deign to start going down that path — there is no coming back from that slippery slope.


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.26.24 AM


And even if we are forced to give up even a little bit out of our 2nd amendment rights to the government — we all know that every time you empower the government, you lose more and more personal liberty, because that is an axiomatic and self evident truth. And in the end we will be left bereft of any Liberty and without guns it will be really difficult to regain even a tiny morsel of it. And that is the Truth, and the reason why we should never ever want to give up our Gun Rights. Patriots have to have arms to defend our Liberty, our Freedom and our Democratic Republic. End of story.

And if you don’t believe me – just ask the Founders of this country, and the Framers of the United States Constitution. Ask people like Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and even George Washington, and they will explain to You the backstory…

Yet what concerns me the most about the Liberal Agenda today, is the eagerness with which Progressives allow the incremental enslavement of society and the citizens — to occur. Because today’s liberal progressives are the “cliché” of the irrational philosophy about the so called “Inevitability of History.” And this shows how their bankrupt socialist philosophy of Big Government, and a “Nanny state” that supposedly “takes care of” people actually takes away all our Liberties.

In the mind of intelligent people this continuous “inevitable” erosion of Liberty – reminds me of the proverbial “frog in the pot” who had actually convinced himself that he discovered a big, silver Jacuzzi, to leisurely relax inside and have a nice hot bath.

Somehow, much like the French frog soon to be on the dinner plate, in a nice romantic Parisian bistro – liberal progressives are naive enough to believe that one more degree of heat, won’t really matter that much to their hot-bath enjoyment.


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.47.57 AM


As for me — I have the utmost respect for a slave who is continuously seeking a path to freedom, but I also know that I need to help him liberate himself same as Abraham Lincoln did through his Emancipation proclamation, and same as the Lincoln Party does today. All that we do is to work in order to liberate all the slaves around the world and eradicate the scourge of slavery today from the face of this Earth, because in many Muslim countries today Human Slavery sanctioned by the Koran is practiced openly and unashamedly.

Just imagine that…

And I am not just talking about the female slavery, but about the slavery that is old fashioned bondage of the terrible days of the American South and the Democratic party that worked hard to maintain that horribly abhorrent institution, and caused the break apart of the Union. That is the kind of horrible slavery that we are fighting against all around the world today.
Yes, we aim to emancipate all these people and we will do that swiftly.

In today’s wicked world of the various caliphates and of the lax morals of the Islamic countries or of those places where the Militant Islamists have seized power — we also see far too many sex slaves as young girls who are married against any sense of decency at the ages of seven, or eight years of age, to old men. This travesty is not only acceptable in the Islamic faith, but it is also commonplace. Well — we aim to stop that aberrant behavior, both in America and abroad, same as we aim to stop trafficking of women and children, and rescue all the slave victims of pedophilia, that has become so prevalent around the world, and even in America amongst the establishment class of political perverts today like the Mayor of Seattle Ed Murray, is accused today.

We should not forget also the fact that we need to work against Mental Slavery here in the United States, and abroad where people are infused with the bonds of false belief that causes them to be servants to the Evil Powers that control them for ever. The Democratic party in the United States is still practicing this type of plantation politics today against all the minorities of America.
The Lincoln Party today stands empowered to cut off the bonds of Slavery wherever they may be found.
Yet in doing all that against slavery — what I cannot stomach is a free man who is continuous seeking a path to servitude, by willing to trade his freedom for the false sense of security that government provides.


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.20.10 AM


I am reminded of Samuel Adams’ impassioned speech where he stated:
“If ye love wealth (or security) better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”

Or Benjamin Franklin’s words: “Those that seek security and safety over freedom – shall have neither.”

And that is exactly why today’s Lincoln Party seeks to free people from mental slavery as well, because servitude can exist in a free society, but freedom cannot exist in a Slave nation, or in a Slave mind.

In a free country, you have the liberty to join with others of your political ilk and realize whatever collectivist ideals you can dream up.

Indeed you can realize your dreams no matter how small or how large these dreams might be. Yes, you too can start your own little commune where the sign at the front gate says, “From each according to his ability; to each according to his need”, and everyone can work for the mutual benefit of everyone else. In my society, you have the freedom to do that.

But in your ideal of a Liberal society, I don’t have the same freedom. If your collectivism offends me, I am not free to start my own free society within its borders. In order for collectivism to work, everyone must be on board, even those who oppose it – why do you think there was a Berlin Wall?

In conclusion, You must know that the harder you push to enact your agenda, the more hostile I will become and the harder I will fight you.

After all, we both know that the road to perdition is lined with good wishes…

Indeed it is nothing personal, but mark my words: If you want to become a slave to an all-powerful central government, be my guest.

But if you are planning to take me, my family, and my people, down with you – I shall raise my musket, aim high, and make a hole in your chest.


Winston Churchill wholeheartedly agrees and concurs with his machine gun at the ready.




A badass “thug” for Liberty and Democracy…

A Great Warrior like his grandson — yours truly. A true fighter always mindful of the True Goal of the fight we are in for.


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.52.29 AM


This is a suave policy that he used in order to protect our Freedoms and our prized Liberty…



To be continued…

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