Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 18, 2017

What Would Winston Churchill Do? (Chapter 13)


Matters that matter and things that make people’s lives tick are now all in a major state of flux all around the World today. Old ideas crumble and new ones are vying to compete…

Starting from America the home of the Free and the land of the Brave… and spreading throughout the rest of this Earth we are in for an upheaval of the old order of things and the Status Quo is trembling and quaking on it’s boots.

Applecarts are being overturned left and right and the establishment rats are running back to their ratholes for cover. contagion is defeated and the plague of corruption is kept at bay. And these are all signs of good things to come and harbingers of change…. Some people like it and some others not so much. But regardless of their expected reception — change is set to arrive as expected and regularly in the 5 o’clock express…

Change is good. America likes change. Change is good for America. Trump ushers change. … Ergo Trump is good for America.

Those who understand such things, can now clearly see that the election of Donald Trump to the US Presidency has finally enabled the creative destruction necessary for the transition to a more peaceful & prosperous world.

This in turn would unleash all efforts to improve our situation. Sustainability will fly, and so a more equitable distribution of prosperity and wealth through major job creation. This will happen, swiftly and the results will make America Great Again — big league.


Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 10.03.36 AM


Because Donald Trump’s rise to the White House has shocked many authoritarian Oligarchs and establishment figures as well as wealthy Corporatists all around the world — they have reacted by unleashing an unprecedented attack against they new People’s President. Their reactions are like a new witching, or rather a with-hunt that is awn to crying “FIRE” inside a packed theatre. Indeed we’ve never before seen such virulent Mass Media and Press disinformation campaign full of fake news and clear opposition propaganda. Yet what they don’t understand is that they do this for all the wrong reasons. Yes — the lot of the corrupt Hillary media whores are fighting President Trump for all the wrong reasons, and going after the wrong people, like yours truly and the Lincoln party because we helped bring this President to power with to young College and university students votes that shifted to Donald Trump by the millions after Hillary rigged the primaries and stole the Democratic election from Bernie Sanders. That was the pivotal moment when the stench of Corruption became so overwhelming that the Lincoln party decided to throw it’s total support behind Donald Trump for the Presidency. Along came the million and a half student members that chose to vote for Trump through the Lincoln party over any consideration for crooked Democrats and the extremely crooked Hillary and her militant Islamic consort Huma Abedin, who besides being the spy who passed all the Hillary State Department Secrets to the pervert human dick-pic distributor Anthony Weiner and to her Saudi handlers, along with her Islamic Militant Mother — she has got nothing else to recommend her for not being n Federal prison today.

And instead of this Spy Ring that gave all of our secrets to the Militant Islamic fundamentalists — Comey’s FBI is looking at President Trump’s Campaign personnel for any improbable connections to Russia and Russia’s hacking interest in the US electoral affairs. Yes, Hillary — the Russians made you rig the primary and steal the elections form Bernie Sanders and they are responsible for you being a Big Government socialist idiot.

And much like the idiot that watches the finger when the finger points to the Sun, now the crooked Hillary Dems are again failing to read the mood of the American people and they get stuck at attacking the messenger. That is why the daft rotten Ruffians of Microsoft attacked me in the midst of my Speech at their Redmond WA global Headquarters, and hit me so hard that they damaged my head, and caused Brain swelling and head trauma, that is still bleeding to this day…

That violence is the extent of the intellectual discourse the Microsoft liberal and islamic morons can only get to. Sad as it may be, this is a clear indicator for the level of intelligence that this company has fallen to. Such a low level that, they will go down and resort to violence in order to support their daft and fascist ideology of plantation politics that all the MicroSerfs are firmly bondaged to. Hell – the whole Microsoft is like a Slave plantation full of semi-illegal software drones typing away like the blacks of Gujarat in India being indentured slaves in the brick kilns making mud bricks day after day till they die… And that is why the NeoColonial uncle Tom CEO Satya Nadela is so helpful for maintaining that plantation functioning and full of placid Indian slaves and a few hopeless Americans in between…

So what do you expect from virulent Microsoft Slaves who think that they need to defend their own Slavery?

So these morons are facing indeed a Plato’s Cave dilemma — except they are all MicroSerfs and far too stupid to even know what that means. Obviously only when they get a better education can they start seeing how they are damaging America that they hope to one day become their home…

Yet they want to turn this home into some kind of an Islamic republic because they have just escaped from that particular Gulag of Sharia Law and are missing it… The Pakistans, the Northern Indian muslims and the other Islamic Militants of Microsoft now outnumber the Americans in the employ of this once great company

And that is something the Immigration policy of America needs  to solve…

Yet Trump has to deal with this Immigration policy tat deprives good jobs from Americans and instead gives them to the low wage earners from Muslim countries that happen to work today in Redmond Washington inside Microsoft. And their CEO is exactly a reflection of tat plantation…

Sure these are controversial writings but also the decisions of the President Trump who is the Executive of the country, are also equally controversial. Yet these decisions have to be taken on immigration, on Jobs for Americans, on Climate Change, on Education, On the Environment, and certainly on Energy policy. Yet this triggers the ruffians of Microsoft and all the other plantation companies using undocumented and often times they with companies that employ these Muslim illegal aliens and then contract them out to Microsoft and other companies like that in order to deprive Americans from Good paying jobs. Talk like that and the hysterical Media and the Dems are losing their shit and attack people like me that tell the truth.

And then those of them who have been crying “Wolf” against Trump over and over again and screaming “The Sky Is Falling” so many times over nothing issues like Russia’s interference, hateful hacks, and against the wall that have now came to be seen as total crackpots and worse.

And those of us that have been seen as Prophets in the wilderness — we’ve become mainstream all over again. Thank You Donald…

And that is why nobody takes the Dems and the Libs seriously anymore. Nobody listens to them anymore — when all they do is dress up like vaginas and they keep on talking about enforcing Political Correctness on other people. Surely the American public will listen to those Talking Vaginas…

Yet this is not theater nor is it “The vagina monologues” but it is a new version of fake news and snowflake Mass Media Networks of what “facts” should be. Imagine that: A factory of fake news = CNN. And a rabbit show of perversion = MSNBC. So it figures that Washington Post has become a trash paper and that Berkeley University has become the fascist University that shuts down Free Speech. And it follows that Microsoft the Innovation company has now become the Muslim Headquarters of Submission, uniformity and plain imitation.

But we have serious problems in tis country and we ned to solve them along with those ones that are not being addressed yet. And we have to deal with the snowflakes and the easily triggered buttercups of the Mass Media to so that. So we use subterfuge to confuse them and throw spurious spoors to drive them to follow tracks that take them over the cliff every single time.

Still some sensitive souls in the administration describe the situation thus: “Silly bastards this crew of liberal progressive mass media journalists are, but as bloodhounds with a sinus infection — they follow all the wrong smells that we send them.” So false flags, red herrings, misinformation, and the tip of the iceberg is all that these journalists can see. Nothing else. And this nothing burger called Russia’s interference has got to be the best prank since the McCarthy hearings about the Red Scare….

Give them spoors that take them to North Korea and the Kremlin and they follow that scent and get to reside there inside the Gulag for the duration…

Alexander couldn’t have been more prescient describing the ones that need to be inside the Gulag…


Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.58.09 AM


Of course this subjugation of the Media, and the taming of the “Shrew” took some time to accomplish, but the vast corporatization of the Mass Media is now a well-done deal. And since they are operating like a herd of lemmings – they are rather easy to fool and made to jump off the cliff en masse. Indeed today’s Mass Media represent a massive regression to parochial fifth estate lack of any control towards governance. The waffling back biting pages of hysteria and shrill whinnying are proof of the grinding poverty of ideas that the left is bereft of. And this plays rather well into the hands of Master Operators like the ones now in charge, with Trump triggering all of them with each successive well timed Tweet at 3Am when they are all staying awake with Red Bull to catch such an important “red herring” that Donald throws at the mouth f the trained seals of the Media establishment.

You gotta love the guy and the way he plays them…

And rightfully President Trump will reshape the America he wants to make ‘great’ again, freely. And that finally is a great thing, because the man is a model of efficient Leadership and Management acumen. And he knows how to make deals, so it seems that his decrees always provide privileges for Americans first, as seen through a cabinet stacked with experienced and successful Business billionaires, who have no interest to “steal” from America like the Clintons in order to enrich themselves. They are already super wealthy and the rich can afford to be far more “philanthropic” that is also an American ideal, of the Conservative giving philosophy. Of course that gives greater impetus to leave things to be solved through private means rather than through the government and removes many layers of “Nanny State”.

And as difficult as it is for the left leaning Liberal Press and the Mass Media to understand, how and why so many hard working and smart thinking Americans saw a savior in a truthful cynic, a saint in a self centered individual, and a philanthropist in an unashamed and unabashed Capitalist — who is now running the United States like a strong Leader of yore.  Indeed Trump is a throwback to an earlier era when men were Men and women run scared… or something like that. But him being a leader willing to lead in an unapologetic manner, makes it necessary to acknowledge the range of talents he brings to his ways of Statesmanship. Because Statesman Trump is a very real and legitimate Statesman who has underlined and expressed the average American’s notions of disillusionment and discontent with the Establishment and their store bought politicians who did nothing good for so many years…

The forgotten American is what Donald Trump represents and this is what the official statistics rarely represent when the “fake Cognoscenti” and the privileged Gay Mafia of the Mass media and the Hollywood elites talk disparagingly about the American people. Indeed these “Marie Antoinettes” of the Mass Media and Hollywood are the highest priests and priestesses of the Spectacle Society and need to be seen as just that. They are the paper cutouts, puppets, and marionettes, all indulging themselves in shadow play-theater.

But the real American people are not playing games and the pitchforks of real anger are coming out along with massive amounts of long rifles and even field artillery all primed to blow the Plutocrats out of the water along with their establishment whores. Indeed the people’s angst cannot be represented adequately by the primary focus of these folks on getting the Banker- Wankers to run our country, nor in the fake GDP growth, as seen in the same metrics that we have inherited from the Carter administration, and intensified under Bush, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama. These folks did not serve the American working people at all.

As for the new designs of the Dems — well keep crying wolf and see what happens next…


Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 1.30.45 PM


Strict adherence to GDP growth at any cost is painful to the people, because not only does it damage the environment, thus destroying livelihoods for many, but it also fuels inequality, and even abject poverty, by throwing many types of people off the productive classes permanently.. The wealth & poverty research conducted and published by French economist Piketty shows, that over the last 50 years, the growth in incomes of the bottom 50% of the American people, has been virtually zero, whereas the incomes of the top 1% have grown upwards of 300% over that time. Still the cost of living and goods has increased in lock step with inflation and greater corporate profit taking — over all that period of time — thus making people dramatically poorer in comparison to their parents, or themselves, of a few years earlier.

Meanwhile, good American jobs have been steadily exported to low cost and low labor destinations overseas, and to the Southern and even the Northern neighbors of the USA. And even ordinary non factory jobs have become ever more precarious and provide ever fewer rewards, for Americans, because for the low wage jobs in the country – they have to compete with the non tax paying illegals. American low skilled and day workers have to compete with the tens of millions of illegal aliens that are willing to offer themselves up for very low wages inside these United States, and therefore the native born Americans lose out on that battle too.

As always, resentment flows from injustice. And injustice is always seen and perceived through the eyes of the loser, and Americans never like to feel like losers in their own land. And that is the one lesson that the Liberal Mass media and all the Progressive politicians need to understand well.

So despite the rhetoric and the attacks on the President from the mass media, from the fake news snowflakes, and from the liberal progressive establishment elites — Donald Trump fully understands these underlying problems, and he does have a clear and undying desire as well as the ability to address them. Indeed he is the One Man that can do this, and thus he can turn all Americans into Winners again.

Prescient President Trump is working for the Common and for the largely “Forgotten American Man” woman and child — all of whom the corrupt, the crooked, the “lobster risotto” quaffing liberal Democrats, the Hillary/Sanders Socialists, are all niggardly concerned about…

Just the economic bump that President Trump has gotten started with keeping companies and jobs in America and by raising all the Equity indexes through sheer bravado, chumpah, and force of will — from the very first day the Election results were announced and well before he was inaugurated or even assumed the mantle of the White House and the Oval office.

Imagine that Power of Optimism… President Trump has brought to share with all Americans and thus raise the level of everyone’s boat… After all the incoming economic tide raises all the boats regardless of size. All of our IRAs, our retirement funds, our stock market funds, our other investments, and even the value of our homes has been steadily increasing under President Trump same as the number of jobs has been increasing steadily under his watch.

That’s the kind of President we need, and not some kind of depressed alcoholic loser as was the other option available o the menu this past election…

Think of that and you’ll understand.

Think of it and be grateful Donald Trump is our President today.

And mind the mental gap — between the optimistic reality and the naysayers who want to derail this success story of this amazing New President, Donald Trump.

Think of it and you will see all kinds of patterns that will clarify your view — no matter what your vantage point might be.

After reading this — you might understand why the enemies of President Trump are the enemies of the people.

You will face the naked truth, and understand why these self haters, are working for our enemies wanting to take away our exceptionalism and our number One spot in the world and turn us into another “has-been” defanged power. They sincerely want that because these Socialist and big government morons wish to see only negative things for America — because their own lives are in shambles. They have no God and therefore have no hope either. And indeed these hopeless and loveless individuals want to replace our communal optimism with the depressing loneliness of pessimism.

And from my perch they just want to kill our momentum in the Wall Street and seek to invite in the “bears” to throw out the “bulls” in a bid of self fulfilling prophesy that will justify their depressed and paranoid view of the world.

Sad douches of politics have no function anymore besides disrupting our Society like spoiled cry babies, snowflakes, buttercups, and worse.

Sadly they manage to stick the “strap-on” up the private parts of many misled, fragile, and vulnerable human beings that have been razed by the shattering of the fake news story the Mass Media has been telling them for a long time: “Hillary will become Madame President” regardless of her Corrupt and Crooked rigging elections and failing to even close the deal. What a Moron…

But the people feel that the Mass Media promised them something and they thought it might come to pass — and now they want to have a good Cry-pout and find ways to derail the Righteous Guy — regardless of honor and truth. As for the American way — they wanna let that be shut down. They don’t care that they are the damned ones who want to burn down the whole house because they don’t like the room their parents assigned to them… It’s all about themselves and their temper tantrum. Clearly the Lib-Dems are a bunch of cry-babies that have gone wrong on the head, because they got dropped somehow into the real world and had to face reality for a moment of two…

Maybe we should send them to live in a safe space in a quiet place like North Korea, Venezuela or Russia and China — where they can keep to themselves and medicate at will inside a gulag of their own choice, because Freedom is not becoming to them.

These morons abuse the basic freedoms that we cherish here in America by wanting to shut down Free Speech and take away our guns, as they are just getting warmed up to destroy the Constitution starting with destroying both the First and the Second Amendment.

This is what I suffered when I was attacked inside Microsoft Corporation where I was giving a speech because I had been assured that there will be Security provided by the Company and the Redmond Police department and thus I should not bring my sidearm to my Public Speech, because Microsoft Corporation does not allow personal weapons aside it’s Headquarters.

What they wanted to accomplish is to get me there unarmed and unprotected and to attack me and injure me in the head so that they can shut the strongest voice for Conservative values and principles in the Western states and especially n the great State of Washington.

These Microsoft morons acted against me like an assassination squad in the same way that Stalin sent an assassination team to kill his opponents like Trotsky and so many others who had escaped his wrath by leaving the old Soviet Union that giant gray prison that we have come to know from Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s writings about the “Gulag Archipelago” of the Siberian concentration camps for the freedom fighters and the ideological warriors of Liberty and Democracy assigned to a slow death.

These stories are not to be forgotten and where I recover after the Brain Trauma, I shall have a far more powerful voice to fight for our Liberty and for our Constitution here in America and across the World.

Make a note of it — because these Microsoft Morons who attacked me with intent to kill me and their CEO who purposefully failed to provide any security for my Speech — are all going to receive their just compensation as the American people are preparing a beautiful boycott of their stupid products.

As for the militant Ruffians of Microsoft that shattered my head, they were led by Satya Nadela, by Mike Pell, and by Todd Rawlings, who now are trying hard to cover their ass, helped by their minions, at the corrupt Police department, of the City of Redmond led by the incompetent Chief Kristi Wilson — rest assured their hour of Justice will arrive sooner rather than later. The new FBI Director will have a quiet word with them and they will scurry to their subterranean holes to slither down to their own private version of Hell.

As for the rest of the crooked Hillary supporters and their ilk, the Socialists, the militant Communists, the Islamists and the depressed Liberals who want to destroy our country from within — let’s remind them that the Barbarians still live n the Barbary coast and that is where they have got to go live if they want to feel at home.

As for the Mass Media and the Banker Wankers that want to control us, and turn us into some kind of Sharia Law slaves — they also need to be placed on notice. Mind my words: “We will destroy you before you get the chance to destroy our beautiful and God fearing country.”

Mind you, that if you want to replace our economic buoyancy with economic depression — we will bankrupt you. And if you can even imagine for one moment that we will allow you to bring your Caliphate of Hate, Victimhood, and Submission to the Western World — you’ve got another thing coming. We’ll deflate that helium ballon residing inside your empty cranial cavity, well before you could even take off…

As for those other generic Dems, the weak in the head fandoms, the gender fluid ones, the sexually confused, the hapless metrosexuals, the unable to figure out their own plumbing, and the rest of the misguided youth who want to supplant our Great American Success story with their own personal failure — let them be aware that this is not the couch of their therapist.

This is war and certain death will be their own fate, if they want to bring this barbaric islamic dystopia into our Nation. They can keep that beauty for themselves.

And lastly let’s imagine those losers who say “He is not my President” because they simply are miserable and want their misery to spread — our prayers are going out to you.

Let this be shared by everyone else too because we need to alert the Patriots that the Barbarians are already inside the gates and we need to weed them out by picking them off, one by one and sending them to a safe space in the great hereafter, of North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Siberia and beyond there everybody dresses like candidate Clinton in these smart pantsuits, we’ve all come to like so much “pet.” And I bet you can just see these unhappy Democrats and their liberal socialist friends who are all terribly depressed individuals and who can’t figure out their way to happiness outside of the prescription bottle of pills. These losers are so weak that they can’t live without their infusion of medical marijuana and without the overpriced bipolar depression pills — so if they have a real life shock they just might wake up.

Let’s provide for them, at least that… Another Shock like the Donald Trump Presidency. Ad that would be to turn the Western States into Conservative God Fearing and Republican once again… Let’s start doing this by electing yours truly Dr Churchill to the United States Senate on behalf of the State of Washington on the elections of 2018 and let’s bring Donald Trump again to the White House on the Elections of 2020 for an encore performance….

That should teach them to forget the Common man and to attack this man of the Commons.




The American people do not forget…

That’s why they voted for President Trump and came out en masse to vote.

And that is why they voted for me in the Washington States primaries too.

Because we are upright human beings and God fearing leaders — who are not afraid to put ourselves o the line for our Constitution and for our Liberty and Democracy. Freedom and Free Will are both Christian allies that no other country or religion shares to this extent — except ours.

That’s why we are an exceptional nation, and the is why God has awarded us the leadership of this World.


And that’s why America spoke loudly by calling “M.A.G.A.” for President Trump who set out to “Make America Great Again.”

Simple as that…

And that also explains the reason Trump has surrounded himself with winners, wealthy entrepreneurs, and fellow billionaires, and their ilk – because he knows that they are not going to further exacerbate the problems that their supporters voted them to solve, by dipping their fingers in the honey jar. They will never do that, because they have enough and because their appetites are fully satiated.

So maybe the Trump Presidency, will really usher the anti-establishment era, and we will all thrive in this disruptive Presidency that will regenerate America…

Methinks this is the case…

Change is coming full speed ahead.

And we like Change…

Either way we will have to experience some new things.

And even if there is a problem with President Trump — there is a silver lining.

For the left and the Democratic party, having reached political rock bottom, there is no more excuse to keep on sleeping. People are waking up all over.

New things happen all the time. Even a new party has now been born. Because when the Democratic party is dying, something else has to replace it, and much like the 1860s destruction of the Democrats, the ensuing vacuum allowed Abraham Lincoln to rise to power with a new party – so today’s New party, is the Lincoln Party and that will now rise up…

The Lincoln party is the young elephant, that aims to be the Centrist power at the table. And as we all know it is far easier to help a young elephant to stand up than trying to prop up a dying pachyderm that threatens to fall on top of you and crush you, with it’s tones and tones of old Elephant’s dying mass.

And while President Trump has barely begun swinging, he is sure to be hitting for the fences, because he has already scored a bunch of home runs without even batting yet.
To get ready to govern effectively for the next eight years, President Trump has unsettled not only the deep rooted complexes of the Federal Government by breaking down legislative gridlock, but he also has upset all the Congressional apple carts, by promoting New People in positions of power, and prepping America for term limits in all legislature, thus draining the “swamp” of the Washington DC establishment for good.

Yet President Trump does not shy away from controversy and thus he also addresses systemic problems, and has even taken on the intractable and stubbornly unsolvable and largely unlovable Israel-Palestine conflict, head on. And let’s not forget China, whom he has dismissed to the corner that she ought to stay on wearing a dunce hat, for the duration of his term. As for the freeloaders and their favorite nation Trade Deals, along with the European NATO allies that don’t pay their dues – time has come to reassess their shtick, and recognize that the freeloading party is over. They have been warned and all are now pulling up their short hairs in desperation. It will do them some good… but it’s best to start facing reality and start pulling themselves up by their bootstraps.

All that has been accomplished within President Trumps’ first few weeks in office. A hundred days that changed the mood of this world…

Still President Trump is no fool and in order to keep his Vision powerful, his powder dry, and his cabinet in good operating order, to assist him in order to be the best Statesman he can be for a New America — he knows that he will also need to address climate change. And although he will seek to do this on his own terms — he will take solutions that affect our Economy and Society in a deeper, structural way, but certainly not in the way the Leftist liberals, the Dems, and the Pseudo Progressives, would have liked him to do. So they will continue howling at the moon like lovelorn coyotes…

And that will certainly provide good soundtrack as Trump goes about revitalizing the Economy by adding tremendous value to our GDP, and deploying new climate and sustainability solutions, as he has already demonstrated. In turn that will allow all New Energy and Renewable Technologies to compete on their own merits, as well as to participate and thrive in a well lubricated Energy Market — through Capital infusions, and Innovation that will enter them into this Darwinian marketplace of the unknowable future…

As we see Trump that has already successfully revitalized our Democracy, our Politics, and our Liberty — we also see so many people believing the message of hate and division that they are out on the streets duking it out, over our basic Constitutional freedoms, and our First and Second Amendment Rights, all the while forgetting that these represent uniquely American Foundational values, and ideas that we cannot afford to lose because they constitute our deepest political ideology that makes this country great to begin with…

So all you haters out there that have been attacking me — must take a deep breath and understand that you are contributing to an unprecedented level of division and partisanship but none the less — I respect you because you are at least deepening the political involvement of an apathetic society towards some form of dialogue. And even s my head bleeds and hurts, we need to remember that we are brothers and sisters in this family of ours that we call America.

And that if we forget that basic truth that brings us together — we are liable to turn this beautiful land onto another form of a Soviet Gulag, and I am sure you won’t like that the least bit.

So be grateful for Donald Trump because he single handedly caused all Americans to rethink the relationship between Liberty, Democracy, Work, Security, and the Value of a earnest Life, lived to it’s maximum. This we all have to do, for the United States to become Great again.

Let’s help Trump because he has re-energized the national muscle of Being Proud to Be an American. And that one thing alone counts for more than anything else he has done so far.

Trump will surely get beyond our blind pursuit of GDP growth at all costs, because he wants to rebuild our infrastructure and our military and that doesn’t easily get carried over on these numbers.

President Trump will overcome the false conflicts between economic justice and identity politics, and will cut through that bullshit to the point of helping American families cope through honest jobs and the spreading of the wealth all around to the less likely of the economic pie holders.

Donald Trump will surely build an economy that provides wellbeing to all of the people, rather than to just a few, and for all kinds of weather conditions. Simple as that…

We are not talking utopia here.

We are talking cold, hard-core realism. Realism of the Trump kind. Getting the job done. That’s all we are talking about…

Because in reality, utopia is to believe that this unsustainable and inequitable approach to development can continue forever. Building a more democratic society and a sustainable economy is not fiction; it is the only available reality. As Paul Raskin said: “Business-as-usual is a utopian fantasy – forging a new social vision is a pragmatic necessity.”

Dramatic change often happens when a ‘tipping point’ is reached, when a confluence of multiple factors reaches a point of no return. Humanity is currently in a race against several tipping points. And the most important one is conflict and the evolution of war in our time.

Apparently war has become far too popular today. I say this with a degree of shame because I also enjoy the Art of the Warriors and seeking distinction in the field of honor. War is overly popular and today everybody wants it. Same as it was at the time of Queen Victoria who first uttered this observation in cynical disbelief: “War is  Of course she spoke about the Crimean war and the uselessness of that stupid conflict that we have had to relive through Russia’s annexation of that Ukrainian territory this past year…


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.40.27 PM


The Crimean War was the pivotal conflict of Great Britain under Palmerston, Disraeli, and Queen Victoria who went to war against the Russian Tzars, for no other reason than simple angst, crossness, fake news, and propaganda. Much like today’s obsession with the Russians — back then we actually went to war. Indeed the Crimean campaign was the first modern mass media war and it was well broadcast through the Mass media for the first time in 1857, when Queen Victoria also instituted the Victoria Cross for bravery in battle.

In some ways the Crimean War: The war that made Britain ‘great’ because the Crimean campaign was the first modern mass media war and as such it forged many of the values that we take for granted today. the Crimean warfare has done far more than anything else to unify the British people as a nation. Indeed it is mainly because of the wars against Napoleonic France, and the two great 20th-century conflicts against Germany that Britain came together in this respect. But what about the war against Russia, the Crimean War of 1854-56, fought when the English national identity was really being fixed in the new mass media of the Victorian age?


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.08.38 PM


Today the famed “Charge of the Light Brigade” best exemplifies British courage. But we also remember the names of the other famous battles of the Crimean War. Battle spots like Alma, Sebastopol, Silistria, Constanza, Kars, Balaklava, Inkerman, Crimea, Caucasus, Galipoli, Anatolia, Izmir, Varna, Baltics, and so many other hot spots, that remind us today of spilled guts, broken bodies, cannon fodder, and blood mixed with mud in a peculiar show of Victory alternating with Defeat, and a whole lot of massively reported heroic war glory that came to define how we represent conflict thereafter. And then there were the leading actors, people like Lord Raglan, Lord Cardigan, and Viscount Palmerston who prosecuted the war as Prime Minister — all continue to inhabit our collective memory. And like the recent British Prime Minister David Cameron, we still name our daughters after Florence Nightingale, the nurse who made her name in the Crimea and became an icon of middle-class Victorian values of philanthropy, charity, and compassion.

But few of us could say what the Crimean War was all about – why it began with a religious dispute in the Holy Lands, or why France and Britain got involved in a conflict that developed in the Balkans between Turkey and Russia?


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.07.26 PM


As in our recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the reason given by the British government for its involvement in the Crimea, was the defense of Turkish sovereignty against Russian aggression. This of course was a long way from its real and deeper aims that were to reduce the power of Russia as a rival to British imperial interests in the Levant; and to secure a firmer hold on the pro-Western reformist government of the Ottoman Empire, which struggled to control the Islamic nationalisms of the Middle East.

Because of this gap there was an important role for those who fixed the public meaning of the war: journalists and pamphleteers, poets, artists and photographers, orators and priests. This was the first “modern” war in the age of mass communications – the first to be photographed, the first to use the telegraph, the first “newspaper war” – and it shaped our national consciousness.

Yet some of the most interesting aspects of the British character emerged during the Crimean War. The first was the concept of the gallant Britons standing up against the Russian Bear to defend liberty – a simple fight of “Right Against Wrong” as the magazine Punch portrayed it in an 1854 cartoon of Britannia wielding the Sword of Justice and with a lion at her side. This is how we came to see ourselves and our position in the world – as John Bull coming to the rescue of the weak against tyrants and bullies. Many of the same emotive forces were at work when Britain went to war against the Germans in defense of “little Belgium” in 1914 and Poland in 1939.


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And here perhaps lie the origins of the “moral interventionism” as practiced by our own liberal governments today both in Afghanistan, as well as in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and in the Middle East.

Much of this assertiveness goes back to the foreign policy of Viscount Lord Palmerston, the main “war party” leader leading up to the Crimean War, when he took over as prime minister. More than any other politician before, Palmerston understood the need to cultivate the press and appeal in simple terms to the public. His foreign policy captured the imagination of the British as the embodiment of their national character and popular ideals: it was Protestant and freedom-loving, energetic and adventurous, proudly British and contemptuous of foreigners, particularly those of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox religion, who Palmerston associated with the worst vices and excesses of the continent. The Victorians loved his verbal commitment to liberal interventionism abroad: it reinforced their view that Britain was the greatest country in the world and that the task of government should be to export its way of life and values to those less fortunate who lived beyond its shores.



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The idea of Britain as a Godly land of “Christian soldiers” fighting righteous wars became integral to this imperial mission. Here was the second aspect of our national consciousness that gained new force. Many of the ideas of this myth were embodied in the cult of “muscular Christianity” – a concept first expressed in Tom’s Brown’s Schooldays, written in the wake of the war, and its sequel, Tom Brown at Oxford, where sport is extolled as a builder of manly character, teamwork, chivalry and moral fortitude – qualities that made Britons good at war. The “playing fields of Eton” and all that.

In fact the public school was one of the major casualties of the Crimean War, which did more than any other event during the mid-nineteenth century to advance the middle-class ideal of meritocracy – the third element of British national identity to develop at this time. As the American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote in his English Notebooks, the year of 1854 had “done the work of 50 ordinary ones” in undermining aristocracy and promoting the professional ideal.

It was not just the military blunders by the army’s aristocratic leadership – most famously the Charge of the Light Brigade – but of the almost criminal negligence in failing to provide for the troops. Without sufficient food, warm clothes or shelter to survive the freezing winter, thousands perished from cold, exhaustion and disease.


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The mismanagement triggered a new assertiveness in the middle classes, which rallied round the principles of professional competence, industry, meritocracy and self-reliance in opposition to the privilege of birth. It was a sign of their triumph that in the decades afterwards, Conservative and Liberal governments alike introduced reforms promoting these ideals, such as the extension of public schooling, opening of the Civil Service, a new system of merit-based promotion in the armed services, etc. And indeed the political scramble for Middle England had begun.

Florence Nightingale symbolised the new confidence of the professional classes. The legend of the “Lady with the Lamp” was retold in schoolbooks, histories and biographies. It contained the basic elements of the middle-class Victorian ideal: a Christian narrative about maternal care, good works and self-sacrifice; a moral one of self-improvement and the salvation of the deserving poor; a domestic tale of cleanliness, healthcare, and good housekeeping; a story about individual determination; and a public narrative of sanitary and hospital reform that would influence the foundation of the NHS.

What Florence Nightingale embodied above all was a nationwide concern for the vast suffering of the ordinary troops, who had sacrificed so much for their country. Here was another aspect of national British unification.


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The Crimean War brought about a sea change in Britain’s attitudes towards its fighting men. Previously the military hero was a gentleman, like the Duke of York, the son of George III and commander of his forces against Napoleon, whose column was erected in Waterloo Place in London five years after the duke’s death in 1833. It was paid for by deducting one day’s pay from every soldier in the army.

But the heroes who returned from Crimea were the common troops. Their deeds were recognised for the first time in 1857, when Queen Victoria instituted the Victoria Cross, awarded to gallant servicemen regardless of class or rank. Among the first recipients of Britain’s highest military honour were 16 privates from the army, five gunners, two seamen and three boatswains.

In 1861 the collective sacrifice was commemorated with the unveiling of the “Guards” Memorial. Standing opposite the Duke of York’s column, the three bronze guardsmen cast from Russian cannon captured at Sebastopol, symbolised a fundamental shift in values. Our military heroes were no longer dukes, but the “Private Smiths” or “Tommies” of folklore, who fought courageously and won all Britain’s wars in spite of the blunders of his generals. Here was the basis of our national story from the Crimea to the two world wars, and the more recent sacrifices which we honour once a year when we stand in silence in front of the Cenotaph, and we deposit wreaths of poppies or wear one red poppy on our lapels…


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So today again the very first issue is the popularity of war and the eagerness of the American Public and their leading liberal Politicians to use war as a means of distraction and subterfuge for anything that pops up in their threat radar.

Yet they never think of war as a solution for other things like climate change. Yet this is how we should be thinking. Let’s put our efforts towards solving Climate Change on a war footing and then we can don our spoors and increase the scientific advances against catastrophic climate change and maybe stop a fast warming planet form overheating.

And I am saying this because all available evidence suggests that our ecosystems are being disrupted at a rate much faster than foreseen, or that can be remediated. We are losing topsoil, arable land, underground mineral water, exposed fresh water, original forests, agricultural belts, equatorial zones being dessertified, coral reefs dying, and species going extinct — all these happenning at vastly accelerated rates.

The world is overpopulated, over fertilised, overheated, and over polluted. Biodiversity is in freefall. And yet all we can think is how about going to war against each other… Daft eh? Or are we super stupid in a really Darwinian way?

Seems like this is a fancy dress ball for the end of the Titanic. Yet these are all factors that are contributing mightily to a biophysical tipping point that is steaming ahead and quite simply — poses an existential risk to humanity.

Needs to be addressed pronto.


More on this later but for now let’s talk some more War… and the glorification of battle engagement and war glory.

It all starts with Leadership and Statesmanship like back in the days of the Crimean War that we are bound to repeat it once again with all this talk about Russian involvement in America’s elections and interference in America’s affairs and the particular witch hunt that has been unleashed and is reminiscent of the Red Scare of the Cold War McCarthy era in the 1950’s.

Back in the days of the Crimean War — a war that could have been totally avoided but we plunged headlong into it like the hopeless “Charge of the Light Brigade” because we saw how Mass Media manipulated this conflict and drove us headlong into full scale War. Indeed they made the war so popular that even the Queen and Empress Victoria scoffed at this mass delusion, and took a “swipe” at the war mongers, by humorously describing the Crimean War, as the “Most Popular War Ever” in her own historical time of … forever.

Read this and please tell me if it reminds you of anything taking place today…

Empress Victoria’s own PM was Viscount Palmerston who was over 70 years of age when he finally became Prime Minister, at the most advanced age at which anyone has ever become Prime Minister for the first time… older even than Winston Churchill’s premiership.


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Palmerston had been holding a large number of offices during the course of his career, while he served the people and the Crown in government for a total of 46 years. Indeed a record in the historical period for the servants of the people. And obviously as this unique record suggests, the Viscount loved the power of office. Arguably, he was really good at it, and also he was not particularly choosy about his colleagues, or their principles — so he acted like a weathervane, tilting this way and that way and always changing his mind based on the company he kept or what the people and the cabinet advised him. Maybe he was a bit driven by the newspapers and by the polls of the day but above all else he followed whatever the last person he spoke to had suggested. Because of that talent of being malleable, he was also a rather popular guy who did develop the popularity that secured his premiership.

Lord Palmerston’s Temple family were Anglo-Irish landlords with no long tradition of political eminence, but Palmerston, who inherited the title at the age of 17, wanted to change that, because he had a rather liberal mindset and wanted to serve and involve himself in “Matters that Mattered” and as any good liberal he “bought” his first “elected” position. His was an Irish peerage, allowing him to serve as an MP, which he did almost continuously from 1807, aged 22, until his death. He took junior office straight away, holding onto it through Lord Liverpool’s premiership, but did not reach the cabinet until 1827. With like-minded ‘liberal Tory’ colleagues, he resigned the following year from Wellington’s new government, criticising him for his illiberal foreign and Irish policy. When Wellington opposed parliamentary reform and his government fell in 1830, Palmerston looked like a liberal centrist figure who would strengthen and moderate Earl Grey’s new pro-reform government.

Palmerston was a staunch liberal who became Foreign Secretary, a post he held for 15 of the next 21 years. He loved wielding power through blunt, imperious despatches, written at high-speed and full of bold instructions to British diplomats all round the world. He did not mind offending other countries, or even Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who had different ideas about Europe. In the 1830s he stood up to France in the Eastern Mediterranean, while he pursued a strong but controversial anti-Russian policy on the Indian frontier. Later, he sympathised with some aims of the 1848 revolutionaries in Europe, pleasing many radicals at home. He argued for a firm line against both French and Russian ambitions in the Ottoman Empire in the early 1850s, but his influence over policy in the lead-up to the Crimean War was limited, since he was distrusted by the Prime Minister Lord Aberdeen, who made him Home Secretary instead (1852-5). Yet he was always seen as the safest pair of hands and clearly Palmerston was always the darling of the Mass Media and always described as the best man for the job because he always obliged the powerful aristocracy of the Media and the Armaments manufacturers and the generalized Military Industrial Complex, with low-bending to their wishes. So he listened, he agreed and he complied and thus he became the Prime Minister and form then on, fulfilled his promises to his powerful friends, by taking the nation to an interminable war. The Crimean War is what Lord Palmerston brought upon his country and foisted upon the whole World, because in many ways this was the very First World War.

Palmerston did this only because that is what his “special Friends” wanted. And they wanted War because it was the best way to keep factories churning out supplies and also because it was a great way to fill their order books by selling arms, medical supplies, cannons, cannon fodder, materiel, and everything else to the War Office. Palmerston’s special industrious friends also wanted to have glorification of war in order to make this habit the new normal and that is why they wanted to memorialize the Crimean conflict through paintings, vivid photographs, and heroic stories, all written and composed as the newspaper appetite for fresh publishing material grew exponentially. The Press barons whipped up a frenzy of popular sentiment for the want of war — if not the need for it. And they succeeded in this so that people demanded war and nest thing you know they are falling dead in droves, in foreign cold and inhospitable locales, with strange Russian unpronounceable names — not knowing that the real reason for the war was to sell bullets, bayonets, materiel, cannonballs, arms and armaments, along with common goods and supplies, and also in order to sell their stories in the various newspapers, magazines, and books that the public snapped up like mad….

Indeed this war was mad. Yet this general madness had fallen upon the people at the time — somewhat similar to the madness that has befallen people today and that might end us inexorably to another war we don’t need — just so the President gets out of this witch hunt and regains his own personal peace of mind while the country gets plunged in a nuclear carnage….

How’s that for stupidity that you bring upon yourselves snowflakes?

And you there will be no safe space from radiation anywhere on this Good God’s Earth after a nuclear exchange. Then come back and tell me he is not your President… you dummies.

This amazing market opportunity, Viscount Palmerston happily provided. Indeed he gave them war aplenty. And he popularized and glorified War as the highest honorable game left to men… and now to women also as Florence Nightingale proved useful in helping the injured the infirm and the invalids after the carnage left the field of honor.

The first year of the Crimean war went badly, with many criticisms of his poor cabinet and of his administration. For different reasons, the established political leaders – Lord Aberdeen, Lord John Russell and Lord Derby – were widely disliked. When Aberdeen’s government fell in early 1855, Palmerston was generally seen as the best man for the job, because of his no-nonsense, administrative vigour, his lack of narrow partisanship on domestic issues, and the newspapers’ support of his ‘manly’ yet liberal approach to foreign policy. He had increasingly cultivated the burgeoning British press, unlike most of his rivals.

Palmerston was Prime Minister for most of the last ten years of his life. He brought the Crimean War to a generally successful conclusion and survived the embarrassment of the Indian Mutiny in 1857. He improved his popular appeal through high-handed behaviour towards China and by presenting Italian unification (1859-60) as a victory for Britain over France, Austria, Russia and the Pope. His strong defence policy was widely approved. In the 1860s there was less scope for a vigorous stance abroad, but the economy was in a very healthy state and his government made large cuts to income taxes and food duties, adding to his reputation, and especially that of his Chancellor, William Gladstone.

Lord Palmerston continued to avoid controversial domestic reforms, which would have weakened his image as a centrist politician. When he died in 1865, aged 80 and still in office, many people thought that an era had definitely ended, and that parliamentary and Irish reform, and a more vigorous party politics, were now urgently needed.

As for those who fought and died, so they didn’t get a Crimean war medal, or a Victoria’s cross for valor in battle, or even a body to bury in the parish yard — it seems that the shine of the war was a bit lost on them. As it was lost on their forlorn wives, on their stricken Mothers, on their saddened Fathers, and on their orphaned children. So many children were orphaned from the Crimean war that society had to set up the widows and orphans pauper homes and societies to look after them. That’s where the Victorian and Dickensian orphanages came into their own and that is where both boys and girls, grew up as brothers and sisters who hated war that had robbed them of their father and family and assigned them to the status of a lost waif.

For all of them as it is for anyone who knows the carnage of war intimately — the colors of the heroic canvas have worn off…. long ago much like the paintings we see, after long exposure to the light of truth and to the sun of unfettered revelation of war’s realities…


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Yet today the glossy patina of war has been erased. War is not so popular anymore… And it certainly is not as needed anymore. As for Russia — we’ve been enemies for far too long and maybe we should bury that hatchet ceremoniously and make friends again.

And that makes complete sense when we recognize that today our wars have become so catastrophic, and our weapons have become so powerful, that perhaps we should retain the vainglorious aspect of it, and the pursuit of distinction and honor — and yet lose it’s killing essence.

And that we can do easily today…

Indeed we can accomplish this in a smart way.

We can start by making peace with Russia, and redirecting the voices calling for war and the militating energies that are driving us towards war — to other less conflictual, non confrontational, and certainly loftier achievements. We can set other types of “high peaks” to conquer, and seek new glories to attain. Why not see new glories, like conquering Climate Change, and solving the issue of a warming planet that is rapidly running out of resources…

Methinks that we best do this now…

We best engage in these pursuits now, because we have to avoid Thermo-Nuclear war at any cost. And that is simple Physics because there are going to be hardly any survivors left after a Nuclear exchange… to even allow a new Florence Nightingale to emerge and help the terribly wounded and maligned survivors.

Not because we don’t have good souls like Florence Nightingale today — but because there will be no survivors to tend to… and therefore no Florence to show up.

And because the Trump Presidency is at a fork on the road for addressing war — we need to encourage them towards peace and towards investing their energies in a war of a different kind. How about waging war against climate change and using our strong energetic actions in a major way to solve that big problem.

But, war on Climate Change is by no means the whole story. We need fresh innovation, science, and solutions that can reverse the destruction of the ecosystems and the decline of our Earth’s capacity to regenerate and cover the resources we consume each and every year.

We have solutions to conserve and to reuse resources so that we do not exhaust the carrying capacity of this earth. But what is missing, above all, is the political will to apply them at some form of adequately impactful scale. Thus, President Donald Trump may be a blessing in disguise, because he can help us glorify the battle against catastrophic Climate Change and become our Earth Leader and benevolent Climate warrior along the way…

methinks he will be able to pull this of rather well because as the escalating climate crisis becomes clear and stark — he may raise to a new level the already existing good works of millions of people all across the world. And he understands business and he can’t fail to see that it is an opportunity — perhaps the best yet — to bring people together and collectively push for a shift toward a future that is economically full of jobs, sustainable, prosperous, and quite equitable too.

He is a risk taker and can handle this shift because for far too many years our leaders have simply shrugged and continued to sleep walk towards war and disaster. Yet it is proven through history that only when leadership at the top fails us, we do the right thing, because we have no other option, than to become leaders ourselves.

And these are the signs of possibility and hope in this otherwise dismal cloud. The silver threads are all around us, but by no means they comprise a silver lining. And in no particular order, here below are some of the developments that can expand to the tipping point to an economy that promotes wellbeing for all, rather than only riches for a few, and chocking death for the many as in London’s Victorian era when Winston Churchill first came to address his own environmental consciousness with his passionate defense of Clean Air, thus ushering in the first instance in the world of Climate Change regulation. Year later after the war when Winston was Prime Minister for a second time — he again had to deal with the persistent chemical fog in London that gave rise to the first regulations preventing the burning of coal in the hearths of the homes of the citizenry. Indeed this first environmental regulation globally was enacted during his second government cabinet Administration.

From that crisis of Winston Churchill’s climate issue, we have a few key take-away points. The first of which is communication, and information sharing with the people and he taught us that bit of truth when he summoned the Press in the Hospital where he went to visit the victims of respiratory ailments during the height of this dastardly fog that had fallen upon the city of London. Winston solved London fog, or at least that virulent chemical type of thick breath taking fog, and we can learn form his example. So today we can make ourselves useful to that extent because now we can communicate in real time with essentially everyone in the world, and we ought to do so and talk about the issues that matter — and not about whatever we had for breakfast lunch or dinner…

Let us use our amazingly tactile communications infrastructure wisely, and for our benefit, because this usage empowers millions of people at virtually no cost to make social organizing easier than ever before — in order to bring people together to sort out the big problems and address the serious issues. We can do this again through science based solutions that are sorely needed to be addressed if we are to solve this all too human problem. Peer-to-peer climate change actions and renewable energy solutions could now become reality, whether in sharing systems integration, financial resources, or climate information, data gathering, open source software development, shared economy, and shared goods, on demand services, less car ownership, shared rides, shared accommodation, or even shared and all too human scale political strategies.

Second goal is to increase the deployment of renewable energy. Solar, wind and other clean resources allow for a decentralised system of production and consumption, which promises to turn households into ‘energy independent’ nodes of a global network. Costs per kilowatt-hour are now below fossil fuel cost levels, despite the $10 million a minute in subsidies that fossil energy still enjoys. Studies reveal that advanced economies could transition to 100 per cent renewable energy in as little as 20 years while helping poorer countries to avoid the toxic addiction to fossil fuels in their development trajectories. While jobs are being lost in the fossil fuel industry, they are on the rise in renewable energies: the US solar sector employs 77% more people than coal mining, creating employment opportunities 12 times as fast as the job creation of the economy as a whole. By 2016, China, alone, had created 3.5 million renewable energy jobs. In 2017, renewable energy employment is growing at 5% a year globally.

All of this is positive but how do we countenance the forces that lead to climate change?  Or how do we address the skeptics, the deniers, and all those adherents to Victorian era climate science, that obfuscates the facts and thus justifies inaction in the face of rapid and unstoppable anthropogenic Climate Change?

That is the big question. It is the biggest question indeed, because despite robust science and it’s attempts to elucidate the issues — we have been subject to a sleigh of hands and some magic tricks that obscure the facts. All these “theatrics” have been deployed by climate change deniers, consistently for the last 50 years since Winston’s death, and only now have started coming undone. The Climate deniers have finally come unglued and thus now we have reached a level of scientific consensus on the man-made alteration of global temperatures. An accomplishment that is informing not only global debate, for example, by introducing terms such as the “Anthropocene Era” and by adopting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, but also in informing the behaviour of a number of XL businesses all around the world, which are now starting to focus on protecting natural capital, natural resources, and ecosystems. Finance firms have gotten back int the Climate Change game too with sustainable Finance being a Multi-Trillion industry now, and with Reinsurance companies choosing the Insurance firms’ exposure to Climate Change and charging their downhill business partners accordingly higher premiums based on the exposure to the Climate Change damaging factors, and in some cases even going as far, as denying insurance to companies that are not ecologically minded…

Imagine that. Just imagine… And evened movements are being created everyday that are pushing companies and organizations to divest from fossil fuel investments into dirty and polluting fuel companies, and thus “reclaim the sky, the land, and the waters.” These youth movements are growing rapidly and even becoming a strong social force.

Sharing the benefits of the sharing economy is a must for the Trump Presidency, because that is Business Innovation at it’s best and it represents the low hanging fruit out there…
At the same time, we are witnessing the rise of local government that attempts to be responsible and responsive for all things. It s a natural reaction because as central authorities and central governments keep getting bigger and more unwieldy — they also keep failing us their citizens, more states, regions and cities are taking the lead in carve their own path to the future. In the US, states and localities from New England to California and Texas, have defied Washington by adopting ambitious plans for sustainability. Smart villages adopting new technologies and off-the-grid solutions are mushrooming in Latin America, SE Asia, and even Africa. Soon to come in America too — when the local regulators stop treating people like an extension of their local authority and wanting them tethered to their inefficient grids.

Yet the real innovation takes place in America as we see by this chart: Back in October of 2016, along with the elections, California committed to double the rate of energy efficiency and to generating half of the state’s electricity from renewable resources by 2030. This came to be the major part of its pledge to cut carbon pollution by 40% below 1990 levels. Nine New England states have joined California in requiring carmakers to shift to zero-emission vehicles. New York has launched an energy plan that allows residents to produce and share their own energy through peer-to-peer mechanisms such as the ‘blockchain’.

Economic and social innovations are also increasing exponentially. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are rethinking the economy by introducing alternative currencies, most of them in digital format, following the explosion of the blockchain process, on which it is based. In Europe, the network Regiogeld (regional money) unites a number of towns and states in the world’s largest network of community currencies. The idea of a basic income for all, which seemed impossible just a couple of years ago, is now being experimented with from Finland to Mongolia, and from India to South Africa – while many others, like Italy, and Germany want to follow soonest.

Regenerative agriculture, pioneered in Africa, South America, and South Asia, has seen new organic approaches to farming hold the promise of producing sufficient food for all, while using methods that restore ecosystems and capture carbon.

But all of that amounts to a drop of water trying to put out a fire of fanaticism, barbarism, and hate that has now infected all of our Societies.

Because now the world finds itself again in a tug of war, trying to choose which fork of the road we will take. We are fighting the daft ideological enemy of Muslim religion, that wants to pull us in the direction of Mecca where silly people pray to a small chunk of a meteorite, or towards the world of enlightenment and progress where we will be able to travel to the meteorites ourselves. And once there we will mine these meteorites for ore, for business, and pleasure — but surely not for religious purposes.

And here is where comes the rub…


Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 7.02.10 AM


Yes, we know that we have many forces pulling us towards this particularly silly form of Asiatic darkness, and they want to usher in the Muslim dark ages all over again — with Sharia law enhanced terror.

But we are not entirely defenseless against submission to illiterate Imams, and we are not going to stop defending our civilization against that “Jihad” of crazed Muslim “Gazis” unleashing terror upon us, because we have this amazing thing called FREE WILL. And it is Free Will that will allow us to keep standing tall against those who want to usher-in an era of dire poverty, famine, and a dystopia full of constant and continued conflict, that will lead to inevitable resource depletion, and all the remaining survivors living inside a gulag of decapitations, in a vastness of inequality, and ultimately guaranteeing for us a most assured nuclear destruction — that might serve as the “coup de grace” to our Western Civilization.

This is the fortune hidden on the one hand.

And yet on the other hand we hold the promise of a mature and powerful movement of intelligent people in the direction of Free Will, Science, Economic Growth, Shared Prosperity, sustainability, and unprecedented opportunity. And with President Trump, the Western Civilization team has just received a major jolt of energy, while our members are steadily growing, learning from previous mistake,s and building on growing successes.

Still we are a long way from winning…

In a very real sense, we are still addicted to the globalist mantra of growth at all costs, and an inequitable economic model of Carbon based economies that are only serving the energy purveyors of Muslim origin. Yet the President Trump seeks energy independence from the Arabs and their oil-wells, and that represents the eventual long term benefits of the Trump Presidency that may just be the use of all new and fully American Energy resources, and the technological innovation and solutions to all of these crises and potential tipping points that have brought us here now. And we recall that in order to be able and willing to open the door for the Changes required towards a transition to the sustainable, equitable, and prosperous world that the vast majority of humanity wants — we ought to accept that CHANGE is GOOD.

But the change that we want — is not gonna be coming from the mouth of the imam, or from the throat of the muezzin screaming from up high on the minaret’s parapet… The Change we want will come from the laboratory and from the R&D department of smart Startup companies that innovate for the common good.

The change we want can only come from the Political Philosophy of Conserving our Western Civilization and our Constitution from the illiterate hordes of barbarians.

And lastly the CHANGE WE WANT comes form a smart robust leader like Donald Trump who wants to bring forth the Christian ideals of a FREE WORLD safe from the scourge of the middle ages that some of our uneducated muslim friends want to =bring back up in the form of a stupid Caliphate.

And if I can help it, this will be a Free World and not some kind of Soviet Gulag under Sharia Law that the good wishes of the Big government Lib-Dems and their well meaning Socialist Islamist friends want to usher in for all of us.

I would hate to have to live and die off inside one of those Soviet gulags that Alexander Solzhenitsyn memorialized in his graphic descriptions of the terrors of the totalitarian regime that turned a whole society onto a gray odorless, colorless, and killing field of a giant Gulag.


Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.58.32 AM


At least we both know what Alexander Solzhenitsyn suffered and we don’t want that for ourselves.

And we also know that You and I are both ready to fight against that hateful Gulag from ever taking root in our country.

Alexander warned us — are we listening?


Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.58.57 AM


Lets’ read again Solzhenitsyn’s Archipelago Gulag to refresh our memories of where we stand and how grateful we ought to be about that…

But we also have to be reminded to fight along with the rest of the Free World who is ready to fight against that dystopian and autocratic totalitarianism, and Donald Trump just might be the man to lead us and help us escape that dismal future…

May God deliver us from Evil.

And may we find our path and may by the Grace of God — we manage to find the strength in our limbs, and raise the courage necessary to walk ourselves out — out of this mental Gulag that our oppressors of the Plantation Politics leadership of the Lib-Dems, have assigned us to live and die into — like so many slaves and savages…

As for the violence that they visited upon me — make no mistake karma is a bitch and multitudes of it will fall upon them and upon the heads of their children. The blood of the innocent is upon their heads…

So let’s gather our wits and walk out now, and let’s go ahead to resurrect our Republic of Freedom and Democracy.

Let’s do this not for ourselves bit let’s do it for our Children…


Dr Churchill

Winston Churchill approves.



To be continued…

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