Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 18, 2017

What Would Winston Churchill Do? (Chapter 9)


I used to think that the fierce divisions and discord amongst the political parties today – reminds me of the time before the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln was elected to lead the “Divided States” instead of the United States of America, because his term started 10 days into the Civil War that ravaged this country and torn people, families, and communities, asunder — but I was wrong.


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And Yes — our divisions today, remind me of that sad moment in History when the world was turned upside down, and resulted in the greatest hemorrhage the United States has ever known, but there are other parallels with another resonant time in our history.

Because Abraham Lincoln was a staunch supporter of Conservative values but was also a centrist – we not only had a successful Presidency that won the Civil war, but we also had the Emancipation proclamation that led to the fulfilment of the Constitutional promise and basic equalitarian principle of ‘All Men Are Created Equal’ and the Freedom and Liberty built into that for all the Citizens of this great country. Lincoln sought to unify the unbridgeable gap between the slave holders, the slave liberators, and those recently freed slaves, and he succeeded. That is why History calls him first “The Great Unifier” and secondly “The Great Emancipator.”


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Similar to Donald Trump today, it is important to remember that the Lincoln Presidency started really badly, but ended swimmingly well — for the American people even if not so for the President himself…

This unassuming geeky and peculiarly tall person got to become the best President this country has ever seen b y dint of applying himself towards the solutions regardless of costs involved, or personal and national sacrifice.

Yet he came to power with far fewer electors than President Trump amassed. Lincoln also got a far smaller percentage of the vote than Trump. Indeed Abraham Lincoln won far fewer electoral districts and counties compared to Donald Trump today. And same as today Lincoln came to be the President of a Divided States of America — except that in his case the division and secession had already occurred and were not a simple theoretical hypothesis, as is the case with today’s America. Because by all accounts President Trump has a far stronger hand at the Presidency than Abraham Lincoln ever had…

And yet amongst all of his difficulties Lincoln succeeded in everything he set out his mind to do. Many years later he also served as an inspiration and a solemn idol for the young Winston Churchill, especially as he was coming down from his Mother’s pantheon of American heroes. Indeed, it was Abraham Lincoln who first informed Winston of the wrongheadedness of the Apartheid system of governance of South Africa and it was also Abraham Lincoln who “armed” Churchill’s speeches with virulent Republican and Conservative strong arguments to bolster his own anti-apartheid principles —  that were to be used every time Churchill had to fight the idiocy of that institution prevalent in South Africa.

Well done Winnie — well done.

Bucking the tides and going against the grain, is one aspect of Life that joins us fully together.

And we are both survivors… too.


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Yours truly after having suffered the horrific attack during my political speech inside Microsoft Corporation headquarters, that has left me with a swollen brain and hematoma on the left temple of the cranium, and a half paralyzed head and weakened left side of the body. Fitting one would say because of today’s intolerant liberal Left that hates anyone who has different ideas and uses naked violence to silence the opposing voices — my left side has been weakened and I need Brain surgery for alleviating the brain swelling…

Indeed today in America, there are strong similarities with the times just before the Anglo-American war of 1812, that ended without any significant territorial changes, but declaimed the illusions of both sides, and certainly removed the last vestiges of Indian sovereignty from the Strategic negotiating table in the American continent, thus allowing for the rapid Western expansion of the United States.

Maybe because back then, we were all too focused on the Napoleonic war’s Eastern front, and the French Grand Army’s massing around Moscow, hoping to seize the Kremlin; and we were forgetting the pesky Canadians, and even Tecumseh, the savvy warrior who was the Native American leader, fighting brilliantly alongside the British armies and navy, in order to gain territorial advantage and recognition for all the native tribes and for Canada.

Yet it was the British Navy that started the whole trouble because every time they encountered American ships, they sought to “impress” American sailors to their own British warships, in order to have adequate manpower with “fresh” sailors, to fight their existential war in Europe, and in the seven seas, against Napoleon Bonaparte who was marauding all over Europe, and North Africa and who at the time was advancing in all the territories around Moscow.

Russia all over again and it was an Ally back then too… What gives?


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This is playing out the same way as today, when we are forgetting to look at the reality of our situation, and instead we are occupied with falsities emanating from those propagandists that seek to divide us by masking the real troubles brewing in our own backyard. This is today – yet back in the day – we were woken up by a harsh dose of reality bitter medicine.

And maybe now in 2017, we are just as ignorant of World Affairs as we were back in 1806 – 1807, and moving ahead inexorably to the heart of the conflict, towards 1812, when Napoleon Bonaparte’s armies were massing outside of Moscow, and the Americans were chasing Indians and the few Canadian homesteaders around the great lakes and in Niagara on the Canadian border, while avoiding battling the British regiments of redcoats, stationed near there.

But sooner rather than later War found us and it was so catastrophic that we choose to forget it today. Indeed it was in that war that Washington DC got burned to the ground along with the White House, and eventually we had to sue for Peace luckily through our skilful President Madison’s masterful use of Diplomacy, and through the US naval victories in the Great Lakes — we accomplished that feat and we were left with our honor intact and our borders unchanged.

In the war of 1812, we were saved through the fight the Patriots brought to the British, and through the many offices of Deliverance stemming from Providence, that once again, we were able to pursue our Western expansion unchecked.

Yes, the times and days, that we live now, reflect both the Victories and our Defeats alike — because it is the completion of our failing efforts to reform our Economy, and to do that we need to change the reflection of the world we choose to see. Indeed like those living in Plato’s cave paradox — our world view is that which needs to be improved.

And that is what keeps me up at night. Am thinking of where we have gone wrong, and what would Lincoln or even Winston Churchill would do to fix this bloody awful mess of division and wake us all up?

It is sadly the worst of times. And if we also want it to be the best of times too — we have much work to do, in order to overcome our self induced handicap, mainly because we haven’t yet been able to clearly see the incoming clouds of the Dark Ages. This is what we need to see, because these clouds of mental fugue, cultural tiredness, as well as exhaustion brought on by war and destruction — are all descending upon us once again. And because while two significant trend lines in the world today pull us into the conflicts of perceived World Supremacy – the reality is that our true enemy is the faulty cult of this most virulent religion, and the militant ideology, of Islam, and that hateful form of Chinese Communism. These mental viruses attacking our Society’s collective brian, coupled with the illness of creeping Socialism this other virus attacking the brains of human beings, is what we need to eradicate immediately.

Still, ordinary political leaders and policy makers — can only see and understand the visible threats like the big incoming and recurring asteroids like the Haley’s comet, that will surely not hit the Earth. And thus they miss out on seeing all the other unusual space rocks that are raining down on this Earth, can cause an extinction event like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. Sadly such is the extent of our leaders’ interest and their understanding. And today, the increasing ambition and activism of the two great revisionist powers, Russia and China, masks the fact that both have recently and decisively changed the maps of the World, through their recent territorial ‘acquisitions’ and energetic outward facing movements. Add to that the painful reality that the all important and major threat of the Islamic Cult’s global spread, and of the export of their virulent militant & terrorist faith, and that quickly becomes the most important threat we are facing today. Still this trifecta of ‘imminent dangers’ goes completely unchecked…

Yet in my mind that is the real threat facing our Republic: The combined effect of all these threats and the ‘thousand cuts’ that are delivered daily against our Nation, by our own misguided liberal and corrupt public employees, elected officials, and even members of the Security & Intelligence services and even our Military. These folks along with the likes of the ever more popular Socialists are causing further decline in the confidence of the Western Civilization in it’s own powers, traditions, and righteousness. Sanctuary cities, screaming demonstrating socialists, radicals and liberals trashing our constitution, and the general lawlessness they create — allows the ‘safe space’ for Radical Islam and Liberal Fascism to take over. And perhaps more tellingly; it is the loss of “Testosterone” of the people of these United States, that is the rightful heir to the Anglo-Saxon tradition; that causes today’s scepter holder of the Empire of Good for our World to fail. And it is in this special capacity of the United States, that the danger comes from the loss of strength, willfulness, and self belief, on behalf of the leader of the democratic world, that worries me — because if we fail to maintain the dominant position we have held in the international system since 1945, we are destined to be wiped out from the face of this Earth.




Yet as the threats and the forces that create them; move against us, and they come closer and closer, every day amidst the declining capacity of the United States and its allies to maintain the present world order — this raises the stakes of the US’s existential game.
Because the threat coming from the increasing desire and capacity of the militant Islamic virulent brain software, coupled with the revisionist powers that all want to cause us to collapse — we falter. And that is the kiss of death because if we falter, we will soon reach the moment at which the existing World order will collapse, and the world will descend into a phase of brutal anarchy, and bloodshed, as it has done more than a FEW times in the past century alone. And that is not the worst that can happen. Things could spiral out of control and get to be even worse than that with a complete collapse of our own.


And here is what is even worse: The coming conflict could devolve into a complete annihilation of our forces in nuclear wars, with the new nuclear belligerent state and non state actors acting on faith and ideology – that will devolve to an Islamic takeover of the remaining survivors living under the long & dark nuclear winter. That will in turn lead to a swift replay of the dark ages, all over again. And that’s exactly what the apocalyptic Militant Islam is aspiring to bring on with the worldwide Jihad. So now it’s up to the libtards and their all encompassing treasonous attitudes towards the misguided mullahs and towards the religious adherents of the virulent and rabid brain software of the militant Islamic faith…

Yet today, is maybe too late to reverse the losses the past four terrible Presidents chalked up on us – but it’s not too soon to know what effect Donald Trump’s muscular Presidency will have on these trends. Of course under Trump, we will upend many apple carts, but we have no certainty whatsoever, because the early signs suggest that the new administration under Trump is more likely to hasten us toward uncertainty and crisis, rather than towards the slow yet steady reversal of these downward trends in a plodding and realism building deeply involved in infrastructure rebuilding administration.

And yet that’s exactly what we need.

That and all the other things. With the need to cause great unease and uncertainty to our enemies, being the paramount one. And the need to overwhelm them being the second most important one, because when we choose to attack them we absolutely need to win the war fast. Even in matters of perception, and in those hypothetical fights of the mind, and the flights of the intellect – war is still the father of us all.

“War is the Father of us all. King of all. Some it makes Gods, some it makes Men. Some it makes Slaves, some it makes Free.”

War defines us and we have managed to avoid that for such a long stretch that it now beckons us. Let’s take for example the accommodation shown to Russia in an apparent dismissal of China’s second world power role. Of course on the face of it, as analysts assume, this action, can only embolden Russian ambitions in Eastern Europe, on the Arctic, and around the Caucasus region, while at the same time enraging China to do something extraordinarily stupid and militant.
Nothing could be further from the Truth…
Because however tough the talk with China and her ‘puppet’ North Korea might be — the reality is that it will likely lead Beijing via Puyonyang, to test the new administration’s resolve militarily, and thus provoke an unrestrained American response, unleashed in order to check their expansionary geopolitical ambitions.
A nuclear Pearl Harbor event, will follow this policy, with predictable and devastating results. And it is obviously good to have this bitter pill go down today that American marginally maintains its Supremacy – rather than rely on appeasement, and thus stave off the inevitable confrontation and await quietly the days of ‘Hun hegemony’ all over the Pacific world.


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This would not serve Western Civilization’s interests, and the US, and UK must not stand for that. Now we must engage in this urgent project in order to defuse the situation for the exact same reason.

The US & the UK must join forces all over again, in order to Save the World, and the Western Civilization at the same time.

Nothing Less than that will do…

Now whether the United States, the US President, and the generals of the Armed Forces of America, and their counterparts in the UK are cognizant of this existential threat, and are ready for such monumental undertaking, or are gearing up for the looming confrontation — this is entirely unclear.

For the moment, the New President Trump, makes all the correct noises and commences correct and evasive actions – and although he appears not to have thought much about the deep & far reaching ramifications of this Clash of Civilizations — it is clear that he understands the Great Game of human competition and besting your opponent; better than anyone else in Office ahead of him. And even though his rhetoric and his actions, along with his natural Bravado, and his ‘Big Talk’ might demonstrate otherwise — I am confident that he knows exactly what we are talking about here, and what is needed to happen to absorb the body blows while we start building our defenses, and prepare to play our offensive and winning game.

One must know that Trump is a player, and as such he plays to win. Sure he also dishes his enemies, and thus he owns them. He ‘negs’ them, but this is his small exercise because he plays to win far bigger things. He plays to win for America. And he does this “Playing” the game of ‘Go’ perfectly with China. Because he plays masterfully, and he trashes them, and it is China now that like a good obedient and low self esteem ‘female’ — comes back begging for more ‘negging.’ He goes on about it in America too, and he seems to be heaping abuse towards certain militant and violent minorities… but in reality he is working the game of reverse psychology, and the people understand and love him for it. And by the way, they also go out of their way to vote for him, and then keep coming back for more. Similarly, he trashes the Libs, and the Dems, and when they start working overtime to generate publicity for him — he trashes them some more, and they work harder, and he trashes them even harder; until he finally he has had enough, and dismisses them to a dark corner of the room wearing a white cape and a white ‘dunce cap’ to lick their wounds.

Trump is a classic Gladiator. He is a professional Competitor. He feigns left and right of the political spectrum. He is utterly flexible. He never telegraphs his moves to his opponents. He uses subterfuge. And he ‘plays’ all of them… At the end of the day — he is a player. As a matter of fact he is a Great yet Classical Player. He has technical mastery of the Game of Life. He even utilizes ‘negging,’ dismissal, and abandonment; he doesn’t fear adversity, and he cares little about the opinion of others, as he uses reverse psychology on all adversaries in order to get what he wants. That’s how he owned crooked Hillary and the Democratic party machine and he turned them into unwitting ‘slaves’ who forgot any message they might have had, and instead focused on blowing his ‘trumpet’ constantly attacking, referring, and simply talking about him in all the Media. Now Trump knows that all publicity is good publicity — especially if you know how to manage it, and if you can neg your ‘female’ opponent to do your laundry for you, cook your breakfast, and even shine your loafers while she is constantly in a perpetual state of passive aggressive meltdown.

Trump as a player is a Rock. He lets all kinds of hate and malice wash over him and not affect him. He focuses on where the ball is going to be and not where the other players hope to make a ‘play.’ He plays forward always on the attack and he knows all the tricks. These and all those other valuable techniques he utilizes, in order to get the best advantage for America, and in order to get what’s good for the American people, by stealing the ‘Game’ away from the insecure, the vulnerable, and the fragile people, who happen to be the leaders of various inimical nations, or simply enemy leaders all around, and even misguided friends.


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In a very Churchillian fashion Donald Trump has proven that he knows ‘How to Snatch Victory From the Jaws of Defeat.’

Trump is a strong Churchillian conservative, because that is exactly what he did when the whole world was sound asleep. He snatched the CHALICE OF OF VICTORY — fully assured of his worth and the response of the American people to his positive message of CHANGE.

Trump snatched the Victory cup from the grasping claws of that corrupt and crooked establishment that wanted Hillary at the helm of the nation, in order to further their thieving agenda. That is how they tried to convince the World that Hillary and her sidekick the Muslim militant feminist Huma wife of dick-pic Weiner — were going to be the winner. Of course, the pundits, the politicos, the corrupt establishment players, the DC beltway swamp dwellers, and the global Mass Media, were all reassuring us — that crooked Hillary will be the next President of the United States, regardless of any electoral upsets. And of course CNN watching stupid folks had believed that and had already started boozing to celebrate her victory. Special cocktails were being composted in the ‘Hillary2016 — I’m with her’ election signs decorated bars of Williamsburg in Brooklyn all the way to Manhattan and Hollywood; in honor of the first totally boozer blotto yet female candidate to become President. Well, say ‘mazeltov’ to that nonsense, and let’s raise a CHEER to Donald Trump who doesn’t drink a drop because he knows how alcohol creates Losers and not Winners — at least amongst those who are weak enough and do not know how to handle it. Even Winston always said that he treated his ‘drink’ as a ‘spice’ to Life and not as the main course… as himself always had a hearty meal with family and friends, and always carried healthy cerebral conversations to be accompanied along with the social lubricant — his drink of choice — Champagne. All the rest about his ever-ready glass of whiskey and cigars was more myth than man because he wanted to support and project a certain image for the people of Britain and the World.

And now Trump the teetotaler has scrubbed the ‘minds’ of the political establishment and the press ‘clean’ of their illusions and of any hope that they can bring back their days of relevance. He made all of them redundant as he pulled the largest upset of the century — when he unseated their alcoholic passive aggressive always blotto candidate. He crashed every Democrat’s morale, and he drove Hillary and all her staff to destruction. They all started hitting the ‘bottle’ even harder than before. Hell — these dummies not only went for the alcohol bottle with a vengeance, but they fired up the weed bong, they vaped, lit the roach, did the doobie, smoked the crack, ate the pain-killers, the vicodin and the other opiates, ingested heroin and the opioids, and then took Valiums to go to sleep. And sleep they will do until the Trump Presidency is over.
Maybe in 4, or maybe in 8 years they will wake up again. You see they reasoned that they will sleep like Rip Van Winkle, and they will come up again, and rise from their hibernation — when Hillary will be magically installed as the President of the United States.
And in that lucid state of drug induced fog — they must have an explanation of how this will come about. Maybe the Russians, or maybe the Huma Abedin and Anthony ‘Dick’ Weiner will get her through the door, or maybe Hillary will get in the White House through some Alien intervention from UFOs or from Saudi Arabia’s Muslim installed government for Sharia law, social justice, and gay feminism in these United States. Indeed all of them are ‘pipe’ dreams but that ‘s what you get when you use all that ‘shite’ we mentioned above mixed in a nice cocktail, while your name isn’t Keith Richard.

So do you think it was difficult for Donald Trump — a seriously thinking teetotaller — to defeat these snowflakes?

He did it, and he’ll do it again in 2020.

And he will cure a lot of the ills troubling America, as he attacks all the current problems, not necessarily in any particular order, because he doesn’t want to offer his enemies a possibility for entrenchment to wage a pitched battle. He is all over the battlefield, and he attacks like a guerilla fighter, here and there and everywhere. That is how he eliminated his opposition during the campaign, and he ruthlessly continues to do so as he throws body blows to their midsection causing them to internally hemorrhage. He harvests the ‘blood’ and he recycles it to build up the Republican party and a Unified America for the long term and he is mindful of winning the next term too, but most importantly carrying the White House in Conservative and creating a Legacy for the future.

And the thing is that he owns the future, because the American people have decided to assign the previous moronic leaders to the trash heap of History for good…


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Trump is way smarter than people give him credit for.

Trust me, he is not a dummy.

The legion of competitors he bested, and the pretty women that he “owned” and he still “owns” today, speaks volumes for the man. And the proof of his ‘genius’ is in the pudding. From the way he “owned” crooked Hillary, and the whole of the corrupt and yet all powerful Democratic and Republican establishment parties, attests to that fact.

So say what you will about The Donald, and his methods, but know that his motives are good. His aim is true. His faith is correct and the value of his judgment is priceless. His hand is unwavering, and his intellect unpolluted. He is free of addiction, unlike the three last Presidents, and indeed he likes to play the hick-boy, the red neck, and the rough builder, and he uses the talk and the manner of a simple tradesman, in order to mesh with the ‘salt of the earth’ people, because it is natural for him to be the rough and tumble construction businessman, since that is what he ultimately is. And that is why so many ordinary American people ‘Love’ him, and that is why his public perceives him as a doer, a decider, and a winner, and certainly not as a bullshitter like people perceive the Democrats. And that is why President Trump is now the President, and not that silly crooked Hillary, and her evil entourage; made up of people that lied, schemed, bullied, stole votes, rigged the elections, and even killed people, on their way to stealing a rigged election — and thus ended up burning down the house of the Democratic party completely.

Well done Dems. Let’s do that again next year’s election season…


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In contrast to that, President Trump is truly the builder of America’s Tomorrows. He gets the fact that people want jobs to earn a living as proud Americans. He gets the need to protect our borders. He gets the desire of a Christian people to be protected from the cult of Islam and it’s virulent and militant ideology of hate. He recognizes the need for a strong party and that is why he reshaped the Republican party completely, and he regained total control of the United States government in all three branches. He acts upon the will of the American people and nothing more. President Donald Trump is the Doer, the Decider, and the Winner for America. And he is a Strong Captain of Industry and Business, and thus he understands that Business is the Business of America. And in another Churchillian twist, he is also a good manager and organizer of people. He grogs the needs of Executive power and that is why we learn from his handling of previous works that were ‘stuck’ like the ice-rink in Central Park and so many other projects that he rescued from mothballs — that he will manage the American machine of state well and he will turn it up to start firing again on all cylinders.

He is a good Leader in his exercise of the Art of Power and very much like Churchill, he commands attention to the important detail of the Art of leadership. And indeed like Winston Churchill spoke a long time ago — today Donald Trump wants to Make America Great Again, and that is good enough for me, because unfortunately we’ve fallen down and we need some help, to be able to stand up again.

Yes, our Future is uncertain, and yes our chances are diminished after 40 years of weakness and been bled dry, through the awful services of this series of the four worst Presidents anyone can come up with … and who like the four worst Roman emperors, unwittingly sought to put an end to the Empire, through their sheer incompetence, small mindedness, and plain old stupidity. Rome fell when three terrible Leaders came to be in successive order — so let’s consider ourselves lucky. Fortunate would be a better word, because luck had very little to do with it — but divine intervention perhaps had a lot more to do with us, because American people are prayerful and God listens to those he hears from frequently and whose prayers and meditations are offered up reverentially, and accompanied by good deeds and personal sacrifice…

And with God’s help there is nothing we cannot achieve. Because certainly our chances are sketchy, and our alliances shaky, but our faith is strong — and we like to play these games of risk, since we believe that we have adequate skills to compensate. And with a Good Captain at the helm, we like sailing in inclement weather, so that we just might ride out the storm away from shore and out of our safe harbors, sailing the seven seas, in our ships of war, far out at sea, away from shore and port — because when the great tsunami hits, and when the storms are set to make landfall, it’s best to be way out in deep waters — certainly far from shore.




And we have to do that, somewhat like ‘New Athenians’ taking our ‘Men-Of-War’ out to sea with our best fighting men, the Marines armed and ready in our ships that will go build a ‘wall’ like the Delphic Oracle advised… so many years before. And that is the same Oracle that Winston Churchill heard when he focused on building the greatest Naval Fleet the world had ever known. And maybe that is the Churchillian Oracle that Donald Trump hears in his American Spirit, when he sends out the Navy to sort the North Korean nuclear threats. And also as he will surely send the fleet to pacify the Iranian nuclear threat as well. Because with a strong Navy we get the job done. After all that’s how we fought the Barbarians in the past, that’s how we pacified the Barbary coast of the Mediterranean and certainly, that’s how we will fight them and pacify them again today and in the future. That is how Themistocles won the battle of Salamis against the Persians and Winston Churchill won the Second World War.

An all powerful Navy that ruled the seven seas and put our enemies out of business. To put them out of business, literally and figuratively, is the goal today — same as it was back in early 1800s, when the U.S. President Thomas Jefferson bid his Navy to attack the Tripolis and Benghazi caliphates and the US Marines destroyed these horrid barbaric Muslim powers. They flattened them and reduced them to vassal states that were too weak and prevented from ever being a power again in the Barbary coast of their own Libyan coast, or being a threat against commercial shipping in the Mediterranean sea, ever again.

Unfortunately in more recent times, crooked Hillary, as Secretary of State weak at the knees and of no backbone or courage — allowed the American Ambassador to be hunted down as a dog and to be killed, unaided by anyone. She assigned this valiant man to be executed in cold blood without even trying to send in some help, from even one of the many units that could have saved the Life of the Ambassador and his security detail. Not one of the many fast strike forces available in the area or nearby, were deployed because Hillary was afraid to act lest she offends her Muslim handlers, the Saudi Arabians. The nasty Islamic Militants that bankrolled her campaign illegally with upwards of Five billion US Dollars….

Now that is some Electoral Campaign interference worth investigating…

For Shame….

For Bloody Shame.

This Is How Low We Have Fallen.

Of course, now things are changing, but our Navy and our Air Force will both have to be magnified, and carefully rebuilt, and re-equipped, so that we can withstand the incoming wars, and the tests these conflicts will present to our way of Life, and to our Civilization. Because we have to also ‘carry’ our fickle and weak allies in this conflict where nothing less is at stake; than the whole of the Western Civilization.

The veracity of my Oracle on this issue and that axiomatic truth — you can take it to the Bank.


Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.27.06 AM


And it is God’s fortuitous gift that in the worst of times – we are given the best Leader, so that our descent into the rough waters of Hades, is not guaranteed.

Long is the night, but we will not go there quietly.

It is a great conflict we are engaging in now, and indeed we should all be alert to it’s dangers; because the cost of inactivity, is a sure descent into Hades, and staggering loss of lives and treasure, lost freedom, lost hope, and a blow so staggering to the point of complete collapse of our Civilization. And most of that will happen suddenly – yet keep in mind, that our loss of Civilization, will result in the termination of human existence on this planet.

It’s a dismal thought to comprehend, yet this Dystopia is not unavoidable. We have to fight for it. We have to fight for home and hearth, and for what is holly in all of us. Above all else – we have to fight to stop the rot and excise the corruption, because this world that our Western Civilizations is called to lead today, is all we’ve got.




And the fact that I am called to advise on how to avoid this end is historic.

Thus I advocate that we Fight and fight to win, Yet win our victories by using the tools and the means that represent the best and not the worst of Humanity.

Let’s learn to play the great game of King’s named “GO” that our Chinese opponents know how to play well enough, but I am a Master of it… and I’ll help control the most territory globally for the United States.

Let’s use our intelligence for Progress, and for our very own Principled Existence as the bulwark in defense of the Future of the whole of Humanity and the Western Civilization agains the forces of Asiatic darkness and Islamic Barbarism. Because only when we work together and we push hard with all of our forces at full tilt, and we fight our wars based on our deeply held Western principles – we will always win.

And as I write this book, let it be seen as a last hope and as a last stand, in an attempt to wake us up, and stop the rot and protect us from going quietly into the long night, because I invariably shudder at the thought of all that is beautiful all around us — being extinguished forever. And because I hate to see all that we hold dear, being destroyed.

But even that is acceptable if that is the cost of Survival of the Human race…




So lets figure out who are friends truly are and who are our enemies and clan the slate…

And let this book be a clarion call for Human Dignity, for Liberty, and for Democracy, stemming from Human Beings endowed through Free Will with full fledged Human Rights, fighting towards regaining the Light of Day. So let us fight with the remaining Strength left to us for a highly uncertain future, that has got to be reached regardless of cost. Let us fight with Principle and Conviction, but let us fight as knights of old – together in Life and together in Death.

That is the Special Relationship…

A future that is to be won from the clutches of a looming darkness, and through the ruins of the war of civilizations that our time gears up for., and that we are called to fight regardless the State of our Readiness or our Affairs.
This will be a Darwinian War of survival of the fittest: Not the strongest, not the most sensible, not the one with the best weapons – but the most flexible and adaptable one.

That will be the entity that will survive and thrive on top of what will remain upon this Good Earth after our bloodiest conflicts will come to an end not through peace or agreement – but through the vanquished extinction of the losers and the defeated.

That is the next war to face us.

And it is imminent, but in some ways we have been fighting that war already and we are knee deep in blood – albeit we don’t know it yet, because the bloodshed is confined in shut off corners of our world bordered by the flimsy borders of failed states that are home to abject terror and terror alone.

Seems to me that this is evident, as it is to many other important world leaders: When our Freedom is at stake, political sides must come to the table, say their piece, raise the specter of consensus, take a show of hands, and then agree to unite, and follow through in action, with whatever is the agreed upon wisdom of the day, as decided by all.

Liberty requires us to give and take, and in Politics that is exactly what we need to do. Because we all have to do this all the time, so why political battles should be any different? Especially when we already know that when we are unruly and remain divided – we surely shall fall, and then we shall be disciplined by none other than History which is a Woeful Master…

To paraphrase Herodotus, the father of history who said that: “Here are the stories of the Ten Thousand Peoples, Civilizations, Great Kings, Rulers, and Emperors that nobody today remembers their name save for the sands of time…”

And let’s not forget the other old Greek Philosopher Heraclitus that stated unequivocally that: “Nothing is permanent except Change.”

And that is what we have to go through… Change.

Yet we ought to realize that “changing” and living through ‘Change’ are two vastly different things. Continued existence is not guaranteed to any Republic, Nation, or People, as Herodotus would attest if you were to read his Histories of the 10,000 Kings and Nations, that are not with us anymore… and are fully lost and forgotten in the sands of time.



To be continued…

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