Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 24, 2017

What Would Winston Churchill Do? (Chapter 16)


Europe’s peaceable “German Reich” that the European Union represents today after the Exit of Great Britain, is terribly disturbed by the Arab terrorism, by the economic inequities, and also by the nationalist tensions that are arising from the German government’s “invitation” to millions of Islamic refugees streaming out of the Syria & Iraq conflict zones, failed states, and wars — and the daily bombings and acts of bloody mayhem all across Europe point out to the veritable stupidity of the open borders policy that has served as an open invitation to all the criminal elements of the Islamic militant religion.

Initially it appeared as a useful industrial labor policy tool, masked under a humanitarian veneer. Indeed this self serving German state idea of trying to keep the wages low and productivity high — came because Germany’s need for cheap labor to keep propelling her industries forward, has been steadily increasing since they have taken over Europe and unlike China, our German friends cannot just use an easy source of slaves like the Chinese do in Africa, because they have to keep up appearances of civilization…

Also the Germans today cannot find any Jews left in Europe in order to enslave them in worker concentration camps and then exterminate them, once their vital source has been weakened and therefore their usefulness has come to an end.

So the German leaders reckon to do the next best thing – and they chose to import refugees to use them as “human slaves” inside their factories. And by masking this as a humanitarian deed, they reckon to be able to get away with it and screw the people while the world is still sleeping. Yet methinks that they reckon dead wrong, because today is 2017, and Europe is not quite the heart of darkness that the African continent is, nor is Europe today the same vast concentration camp the Nazis had turned her into after their conquest of the 1940’s.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 12.18.28 AM

So this simple selfish act of the German deep state of the industrialists and of the Mittlestandts has indeed caused the human flood that this Exodus of Millions of Islamists towards Europe represents. So next time you hear the mouthpiece of the German Industrialists Angela Merkel, announcing that they would “accept” all the people who actually make it across the European borders and reach Germany — keep in mind that these people are the new slaves for the factories of Germany… and never going to become German citizens, but will be expelled back to the countries they came from.

Yet that uniquely devious German act of Aggression is what started the Refugee “Hunger Games” that we have seen infusing in front of our own eyes when a veritable river of humanity started leaving the Syrian and Iraqi refugee camps, in order to trek thousands of miles and even cross the open Aegean sea, with one goal in their mind: Reach Europe and Germany.

But still this German need for young virile labor is easily satisfied because the greatest number of displaced people who are streaming out of the deadly Syrian conflict. A conflict that can be seen playing between the militant Islamic terrorists supported by the Obama administration & the Clinton State Department policies on the one hand, and by the government of leftist leaning Assad supported by Russia, on the other. And the displaced refugees of this conflict are mainly the fighters who are young men of fighting age, and of good industrial working age, and that are already militant Islamic radicals, having played their part in the long lasting conflict. So these young men, who are now retreating to the German Industrial heartland to ostensibly work inside their factories, but in reality they cause disruptive trouble because they have come with their religion and with their ideals, and that indeed is what represents the huge security threat for the whole of Europe and America as well, since their Asiatic Koranic beliefs are fit for the cult of Death, Darkness, and Destruction, that their religion’s depressed prophet had espoused and they are still carrying forth.

SO when Syria started to blow-up as part of the CIA invasion in line with the Arab Spring and the Clinton doctrine of interference and regime change — it was promised to all that this would have been an easily won proxy war. Still, the conflict mushroomed, as it always happens — and the Clinton instigators of violence had not even thought of taking the simple precaution of isolating the extra dimension of Radical Islamic Terrorism reaching across the World in the form of an imaginary Caliphate that exists in 33 different countries already.

Thank You secretary Clinton. Thank You Barack. Thank you Democratic party of America. Thank you for this mess that we have inherited.

It’s a giant mess… but God bless your meddling souls and hope you get what’s rightfully coming to you from the little bitch named Lady Karma.

SO Fortune has not quite smiled upon us since that meddlesome duo of idiots has destroyed the whole of the NAME areas of North Africa and the Middle East. Yet now there is hope because there is a man now at the helm, of the US ship of State, that can solve this thing, through the incredible power of non intervention. He knows that when you are in a hole the first thing to do is to stop digging…

The Trump administration has just now cut off all support to the Jihadists of ISIS, and to all of their brethren, but the thing is that you can’t kill the snakes all at once , and you can’t get the idea of the Caliphate back in the bottle anymore than you can get the desert winds, or the terrorism “gini” bottled up either. And that terrible idea that has now been born anew, and the Era of the Gazis, and the Jihadists, has found new meaning amongst a new generation of adherents, who are all ready to sacrifice themselves to that evil cause. And they are doing it in Europe in places like Manchester where they are killing our 8 year old girls as if they were little throw away dolls…

So Europe is now dealing with terrorism head on, without even realizing that they have Ms Clinton and Ms Merkel to thank for that. And without having been prepared for it – they are now enjoying the continent wide benefits of terrorism as sacrificial virgins up in the altar of a vengeful desert God…

And in addition to that stream of refugees – the people of Ukraine are also streaming across Europe’s East in search of a safe haven away from the fighting that has engulfed the eastern Ukrainian regions and that of the Donetsk republic, and is threatening to intensify all over the old Soviet Union territories that today’s Russia wants to regain control of.

And yet all of a sudden that expansionism is now almost at a complete stop because of Trump calling Vlad and gaining a Gentleman’s agreement to stop the Russian incursions into the Ukrainian territory. That is tantamount to the best Cease Fire agreement, we can ever hope to receive.

“Bang” goes the agreement in and in one phone call we avoid Nuclear War.

Not something that you can share with the Media but really something to know and smile about when you reminisce in your old age.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.26.11 AM

Peace in our time.

Peace that might morph into long lasting peace.

President Trump is a pacifist and that’s something the snowflakes out there do not even know it.

Peace is a hard won gift, and we must give the man some credit for it, especially now that the whole Russia hysteria that has befallen America’s mass media starts resembling another Mac Arthur era hysterical Red Witch-hunt that the Democrats always loved and thrived inside of it by snitching on all of their opponents and then claiming the high ground. Snitches and stool pigeons is all the Democratic party ever was made up of. Ahh and some really Evil people that like t assassinate others.

Peace in out Time and avoidance of Nuclear War…

There goes another nail in the coffin of the Neo-Con Clinton-Obama-Kissinger doctrine of intervention, regime change, globalization, and all other neo-con trouble these meddling evil makers had sought to unleash. Hoping that the ensuing conflict would usher in the World government under the Orders of the establishment Oligarchy, and the Global government of Kleptocrats, and Plutocrats — the Clintons represented as the anointed children of the banker- Wanker class.

So, these banker elites are now seeing the two major conflicts they have engineered for the world stuttering are concerned about there usefulness and are pushing for festering conflict inside our Country. That is why the Mass Media gay vixens, constantly undermine President Trump through the CNN = the Clinton News Network, and the other Conehead News Networks out there, in order to stop their evil plans form collapsing totally. Indeed, we have all seen the desire of the World’s Banking elites, to always support the meddlesome ways of the Obama-Clinton-Kissinger schemers bloody NeoCon evil schemers but now we also know the Reason why.

We have seen their meddlesome footprint when trying to encircle Russia and steal her ancestral territories, resulting in the war in Syria, and Ukraine, and in potential conflicts in the Caucasus and the Baltics.

And of course there are differences.

Whereas the still ongoing war in Ukraine’s east is limited but increasingly lethal — the war in Syria is just lethal without any limits. Yet they are both efforts by the previous administration to meddle, realign, and destroy traditional Russian allies. But times have changed. Therefore, stopping both conflicts, is in the best interests of the United States at the same time that it is the best sign of International Stability, Safety, & Security, that the Trump Administration can demonstrate for the whole world.

Three summers ago, the world watched the barbarity of the downing of Malaysia Airline Flight 17 and the brutal lack of respect shown to the European dead, by the Russian-backed rebels and their “authorities” in the Eastern Ukrainian front. This we have seen unfold in our TV news reports, but the hidden and unseen horrors perpetrated in Ukraine, same as in Syria, have been far greater. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) estimated that from the beginning of the Russian-backed conflict up through February 2017, at least 35,993 people (including 639 children) have been killed and at least 74,595 (including 1,969 children) wounded in the contest over Ukraine’s east.

The reason that we have such good and precise information is because Ukraine is in the heart of Europe and with more than two million people who have been displaced around Ukraine’s regions internally, along with the almost two million people that have left the country altogether – we are seeing a comparable humanitarian catastrophe to that of Syria, albeit playing out in the middle of Europe today…

Fancy that.

For the first time in 75 years, Western leaders are forced to devise a strategy in the face of a major power conflict over European territory. In this task, strategic thinkers are naturally turning back to the darkest lessons of the twentieth century for guidance. But which lessons? Some proceed cautiously in this centennial year of the Second Battle of Ypres, mindful of how escalation and national pride can lead to unexpected consequences and tragedy.

This is exactly what French President François Hollande said later that year: “If we don’t manage to find not just a compromise, but a lasting peace agreement in Ukraine, we know perfectly well what the scenario will be. It has a name, it’s called war.”

Others look to the lessons of the appeasement of Nazi Germany that led to the Second World War. At the 2015 Munich Security Conference – taking place in the very same city, where back in 1938 the foolish, yet peace seeking leaders of Britain and France made their craven deal with Adolf Hitler over Czechoslovakia that led to its annexation in the same year 1938 – today’s international participants came together to discuss the Ukraine crisis, with zero results.

Senator John McCain, who in February said that he was “ashamed” of Washington’s response to the crisis, drew the most explicit comparison to British prime minister Neville Chamberlain’s acceptance of Hitler’s demands. “History shows us that dictators will always take more if you let them,” McCain said. “They will not be dissuaded from their brutal behavior when you fly to meet them to Moscow – just as leaders once flew to this city.”

Senator Lindsey Graham made an ironic echo of one the most famous Churchillian wartime phrases, telling delegates: “When you turn down a reasonable request to help defend one’s self – it’s not our finest hour.”

Yet later in the year, British prime minister David Cameron warned his fellow European leaders about the dangers of appeasement: “We run the risk of repeating the mistakes made in Munich in ’38 … This time we cannot meet Putin’s demands. He has already taken Crimea, and we cannot allow him to take the whole country.” Former Polish prime minister Donald Tusk, now president of the European Council, recently tweeted that “Once again, appeasement encourages the aggressor to greater acts of violence.”

In a television interview from the Munich Security Conference, Senator Ted Cruz went further saying, that the United States has “a treaty obligation to stand with” the Ukrainians“ yet until now, unfortunately, the Obama-Clinton Administration did not honor that obligation, because of their strict adherence to the Clinton-Obama-Kissinger NeoCon doctrine the US expressed through Secretary Clinton and Secretary John Kerry, to the dismay of the civilized World.

Donald Trump however, turns a new leaf, as he says that we need to come together and provide defensive arms to Ukraine, so they can stand up against the Russian aggression in Crimea and in their East. And it appears that his hard stand against Russia has already produced results, because the Russian backed rebels already sued for Peace and have already agreed to a cease-fire agreement.

Senator Cruz was referring to the 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances, which promised that Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom would uphold Ukraine’s sovereignty and borders.

In the event of a breach, however, the agreement merely promises that the three powers “will consult.” Above all, with apologies to Senator Cruz, the Budapest Memorandum is not a treaty binding the United States to militarily defend Ukraine, as we would have to do with a NATO ally. It is a diplomatic agreement, which it is not binding, but does convey moral obligation. In 1994, Ukraine relinquished what was then the third-largest nuclear force in the world in exchange for what it considered the consecration of its sovereignty and borders. While refugees pour into Kiev and the sounds of guns grow louder in the east, Ukraine has every reason to expect assistance from the United States and Britain. But what are the best ways these two countries can help?

That is the unknown and as Donald Trump formulates his Foreign Policy now, and considers the options and alternatives – he is hampered by the lack of a clear US practical policy on the subject.

And as world leaders rummage through the crises of the past to inform their thinking, more attention is being turned back to Winston Churchill, the most fertile strategic mind of modern times, the man who defined for all time the price of appeasement.

In opposition to the government of his own party, Winston Churchill famously told Neville Chamberlain:

“You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor; and you will have war as well.”

Is that our choice today?

Or to put it another way, is Vladimir Putin another Adolf Hitler, and should we respond to him as the democracies should have responded to Hitler from the start?

Let’s remember Churchill who had derided Chamberlain, yet still asked that he joins him in the cabinet…

In reality channeling Churchill, is not about Seeing Hitler everywhere, or wherever we like to throw shade. Far from it. And above all else, this is a cheap shot because Foreign Policy should not be made on the basis of facile historical comparisons. And if you want to bring forth a Leader’s directive, you should best know the man and know his thinking — if you want to channel his reasonable intellect and his formidable power of will and courage.

Or you can ask me.

Ask me and I’ll be sure to answer you because there are insights to be gleaned from asking the important questions… that reveal the strength of the underlying REASON.

So let start by asking some questions like this:

1) Does Putin represents a threat to the safety of the people and to the stability of the World, similar to that posed by Hitler?

2) Is the case for this hastily conceived comparison made by Secretary Clinton fake and superficial, because it only supports her electoral political goals?

3) Was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton disingenuous, and lying through her heavily botoxed face when she compared Putin’s strategy in Ukraine to Hitler’s strategy in Czechoslovakia?

Answer these three questions and then let’s talk…

You’ll be a lot wiser after the mental arithmetic entailed in these questions and Yu will certainly be taken forward to the level of understanding Political Reality through the process of the Socratic Dialogue.

Certain similarities between Putin and Hitler are easily made. But that does not mean they are correct.

Surely we all know that much like Hitler, Putin cultivates a cult of personality — though one imagines that the bodily inferior Hitler would have been truly embarrassed to revel in the bare-chested heroics, the judo, or the bare horseback riding, and the hockey playing that Putin regularly performs.

And if Hitler had the same effect that Putin had for Russian television viewers, we will never know because Putin is having fun — whereas old Adolf was always behaved as if he were a victim of constipation with a permanent stick-up-the-ass posture. And unlike Hitler, Putin doesn’t only pretend, but he truly owns the superior Leader’s steely affect that surely insulates him from the largely imagined resentments over conspiracies and slights against his homeland, most Russian people are supposed to feel today, if you listen to and watch the Conehead news network, CNN and the other Western Mass Media that Americans indulge into all day long.

Yet if you are smart and you can find on Youtube and really listen to Putin’s recent state of the union address where he identified a malevolent and yet still semi-scheming “America” in the place of Hitler’s international Jewish conspiracy, by saying “they are always influencing Russia’s relations with its neighbors, either openly or behind the scenes” you can see how he has turned the tables around and how he has FIRST used this tired “Conspiracy Theory” the whole of America’s Mass Media is using today against Trump.

And by seeing the Youtube State of the Russia address of President Putin you might get educated about the man’s essence. And you might also learn something about his style of strong yet plainspoken leadership, because Putin despises Hitler’s operatic comportment (Thank God for that), and yet his more monotone simple language is realistic and spoken to the simple people. And that is why it works so well…

Capice snowflakes?

Surely some historians and even some uneducated people would have this gem to throw at your swines: “Both Hitler and Putin rose to power through democratic politics.”
Yet this amazing diamond stemming form a morsel of truth is untrue. Putin rose to power thought Democratic means but Hitler decidedly not so. Hitler instead rose to power like all good Socialists, by crook and hook. His Socialist party only came to power through assassination, through the Putzh, through the Coup d’ Etat, and through his dictatorial fiat, and the murder of his opponents, and lastly through the burning of the Reichstag and the blaming of his opponents for it. Hitler used all the deception tools of Politics, starting from the propaganda machine, to the rigging and the theft of primary elections, to the corruption of General Elections, and the Krystalnacht putsch in order to become the Führer.

Unlike all that, President Putin has chosen to gradually hollow out the Duma and affect the whole of Russian democracy by increasing the persecutions and potentially the imprisonment of challenging competitors, and by slightly tweaking the Russian constitution to lengthen his hold on power, and also transform the media into more mainstream voices reflecting his reality…

After all Hitler was a Socialist whereas Putin s none of that sort. He is as much a Capitalist as president Trump is and that boggles the end of snowflakes of the Left and of the Right in equal measure.

Still, the point is that democracy and the trappings of popular elections are hugely appealing to President Putin along with a real Parliament named Duma, that acts forcefully for the interests of the Russian people. Mind you, those are not mere decorative matters for Russia and for Mr Putin, but are the very rudders of the strength of the country for the many yeas to come. Because they are the democratic institutions that will endure long after Putin will be gone from office and buried as it happens to all men — leaders of commoners. But he will be a historical footnote or a Historical Leader and that is still up to him. As for us – we must recognize that the strong leader President Putin surely is — cares more about his hockey game than about poll results, and he feels the call of the ice to play hockey upon, far more than he feels the need to be elected again and again.

This is the proof of a man that loves his Life and enjoys living it. He loves his sports, his women, his family and his country and he thrives doing what’s right for all of them. He is definitely a pure living legend and a teetotaler like Trump and not some kind of chemically imbalanced, bipolar, depressed and heavily addicted to opiates, cannabis, and alcohol slushed non-entity like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were while pretending to be leading the Free World in there socialist ways.

And that is what makes all the difference.

So we can at long last start seeing Putin as a true Leader.

And let’s hope that as much as Putin is a true Russian man — our own President Donald Trump is an American Man unaffected by the germs of Socialism and Depressive personality disorder that makes all the socialist snowflakes to swoon, to melt, and to fall when the Sun shines and the Light of day falls upon them.

Because indeed President Putin is not some kind of a made up little mustachioed Dictator like the artless corporal from Vienna the little socialist boy-man Adolf fvckin Hitler.

Can you see that?



Continue reading…

Still, let us suppose, for argument’s sake, that President Putin shares some remote Adolf Hitler. And maybe he goes nuts and for sartorial reasons starts wearing a tiny mustache lie Hitler did, and like Mr Mugabe still does today. Why is it that all the Socialists all wear the same clothes lie the Mao pantsuits that secretary Clinton wore and that the

Does that mean the West must rush to resist him militarily?

Would anything less, meet Winston Churchill’s definition of appeasement?

Many sophisticated Russia watchers give a calmer appraisal of Putin, seeing him as just another autocrat playing for popularity and gain, a cool customer using an engineered crisis at home, in order to justify his power to his people – all the while bluffing the West in order to achieve incremental victories in his domination of Russia’s “Near Abroad.”

As for Putin’s blend of Russian Orthodox nationalism and strong dose of authoritarianism, this is no doubt a heady brew, one whose principal goal is to reassemble Russia’s lost empire. Yet Putin’s revanchism lacks the moral insanity, and the deadly ambition, that was at the core of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi ideology. And seriously now, invading France is hardly on Putin’s timetable of historical conquest, but being the richest man alive is. And this in terms of personal characteristics alone, let’s suppose for argument’s sake that Vladimir Putin is indeed “another Hitler.”

Would it follow that the West should rush to resist him militarily, even through proxies?

Again if the questions is that — then what response from the United States is required so that it would NOT meet Winston Churchill’s definition of appeasement and instead rise to his standard of the “Our Finest Hour” speech’s perspective?

Think about that for a moment, because one undeniable difference, is that those who draw inspiration from Winston Churchill’s defiance of Hitler. in order to advocate for unlimited and massive military assistance to Ukraine — must also factor in another undeniable difference between Hitler and Putin. And that bit is what makes all the difference.

The fact is Hitler never possessed nuclear weapons, so he never had the capacity for the mutually assured destruction of the World. Hitler never had the capacity to destroy all that we hold dear on this earth, whereas Russia today has got exactly that.

Russia has invested continuously since the 1960’s on it’s ICBM fleet, and also in updating and modernizing its strategic nuclear weapons systems also by packing multiple warheads on their new generations of mobile missiles. Russia’s arsenal also includes an estimated two thousand tactical nuclear weapons, in ICBM form all of which have destructive yields that are far far greater that any of the bombs that leveled Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of the Second World War.

Imagine two thousand of Nuclear Bomb tipped ICBMs flying out of our Atmosphere and up in Space, before turning down again and raining down straight on us from the high atmosphere…

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.26.59 AM

Nuclear Winter is not a very appealing season. Not only because it is rather long, but because nothing much will survive it. This is what we are trying to avoid after all…

Moreover, Russian military doctrine forthrightly advocates the use of tactical nuclear weapons to stave off a conventional defeat. Through wargames, the Russian military has worked out its concept of operations and possesses the muscle memory to execute it. Putin is now believed to be fielding an unknown number of tactical nuclear weapons on the Crimean peninsula for just this purpose.

On other fronts, if Russia were to invade the Baltic states, it might well follow it’s well rehearsed doctrine for small nukes in the battle field, but not follow through on its threats to use tactical nuclear weapons against NATO in battle, because Russia knows that it runs the risk of underestimating NATO and the serious risk of escalation from the tactical to the strategic.

Still those, watching Mass Media and their useful fools, like Senator McCain, and others who believe that unlimited military support of Ukraine would stop Putin in his tracks, often cast themselves as following Winston Churchill’s assertion that a united and early show of force by the Allies against Germany would have stopped Hitler’s adventurism.

Sadly, they are totally wrong in this assumptive scenario.

They are wrong and they don’t even know it. But if you want to ascertain the veracity of this statement try this at home. Ask yourself the following question: Would you push yourself along with your family and the rest of us to the brink of Nuclear War?

Would you push the launch button while your family sleeps soundly their beds?

Would you be able to live with yourself after the Nuclear Annihilation to follow or are you going to wish to be dead soon as possible?

What are the benefits of a long life?

These are the Socratic questions You must answer along with another one, because all those who want NATO today to militarily back Ukraine in it’s struggles with Russia — her eternal Master — must also answer the following important question:

“If nuclear weapons had existed in the 1930s, would Winston Churchill have supported such a preventative war?”

Would Winston Churchill have offered another “Finest Hour” speech or even have supported a motion to declare war with Russia over the splitting conquest of Poland if nuclear weapons in ICBM form were targeting Great Britain and all other Free World countries?

In short, would Winston Churchill have been all out in favor of a robust physical response if Hitler had possessed an arsenal capable of annihilating all the cities of France, Britain, and the United States and those of the rest of the Free World, within a single hour?

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.26.37 AM

Again Winston was a good reader of the minds of men and he could tell you easily that Putin is far from an Adolf. Indeed Putin is a benign person to his people and to most people around the world, but he is a tough enemy to his enemies. So we ought to respect this. Whatever we accuse “Volodya” of — is not Socialist extremism or the extermination of whole Peoples and Ethnic groups. Volodya (=Vladimir Putin) is what lesser men fear, but an Alpha male like Trump is quite OK with him. And so would have been Winston Churchill, another big swinging Alpha male who was able to assure his people of Victory and Success. So whatever weapons might Winston Churchill might have sought to counter Russian aggression with and whatever resources he would bring to bear — he would never risk Nuclear Armageddon just in order to antagonize Russia today, and instead he would make fast friends with Volodya and make merry over a feast fueled with “voda” and dancing girls, in his dacha out of Moscow… and away form the gossip of Kremlin.

Of course after the two great men’s night meeting, as the sun rises in the morning, the translator has got to be shot… as usual.

I am saying this because we all know that Winston Churchill was an ingenious and imaginative charismatic thinker and a Leader coming up with innovative solutions — so we must expect something unique, but friendship and mutual understanding was always his method of solving crises. Personal intervention and personal attention towards building bridges counted the most for Churchill and I believe that it also counts a whole lot for Donald Trump today.

Greatly Innovative and Goodly Unique Policy design, is what should describe our New Response to this kind of threats today. Surely we do not have to entertain such a hypothetical world to understand Winston Churchill’s approach to resisting an encroaching power in the nuclear age, but as certain U.S. senators try to “channel” Winston Churchill and his indomitable spirit, great care should be taken to appreciate the subtleties of Winston Churchill’s thinking across the breadth of his career and specifically about the Nuclear Age Weapons of Mass Destruction.

A yet closer look at Winston Churchill’s speeches, writings and utterances, towards his Conservative colleagues as leader of the opposition (1945–1951) and of his talks during Cabinet meetings of his second premiership (1951–1955) — all suggest that Winston Churchill would advocate a new innovative policy. Perhaps a policy towards Russia, that is steeped in the clouds of intellectually contrived “prophesy” and yet appears to the world, as a firm yet cautious approach in response to Putin’s Russia.

But first Winston would have made a fast friend of Vladimir Putin as he had made of the much more difficult person of Joseph Stalin — whom he counted as a real yet somwhat untrustworthy friend. Still his real response would be to obfuscate his aims, and secure his goals, in the peculiarly Churchillian shroud of Mystery, diplomacy and the Art of Statesmanship. And that is what we need now in our Russian policy in order to come out of it unscathed.

We need a master of subterfuge, and diplomacy from the Master of Political Illusion, and Statecraft. President Trump is the best that we’ve got for that today…

And indeed we need all the strength of his bravado along with his capable mind — because he has installed Winston Churchill state again inside the Oval Office of the White House in order to draw daily inspiration by looking at Winston’s effigy and imaging in his response.

A nifty trick because Winston himself was crucially involved in the development of the Nuclear weapons, and luckily he know a whole lot about the subject.

Lucky for us also today because we have records of his reasoning and his masterful thoughts and ideas on the subject matter of Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction, and we will examine these herewith…

Still for purposes of learning and intellectual muscle memory, please repeat after me ‘ad infinitum’: “Putin is not Hitler” and  keep repeating it, until you regain your senses, or the red-scare cows come home, trotting alongside Senator McCarthy and his red witch hunts of the 1950’s. Do that because the 1950’s called and want their history and their paranoia back…

To be continued…

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