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What Would Winston Churchill Do? (Chapter 17)


According to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and bestselling author Thomas Ricks who presented a dual biography of Winston Churchill and George Orwell focusing on the pivotal years from the mid-1930s through the 1940s, when these two men combated the threat of fascism and communism, each in his own imitable way — Churchill learned and followed Orwell’s critical thinking and Orwell followed Churchill’s strong line of defense for Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty.

Thomas Ricks’ new book “Churchill and Orwell” can be described as a superb account of two men who set standards for defending liberal democracy that still remains disturbingly out of reach even in our advanced Democratic Republic of these United States today, judging by how easy it is to subvert our Constitution to the whimsy of political expediency from the evils of small minded people operating within both the Democratic party and the Republic party always salivating for naked raw power and  nothing else…

Of course George Orwell and Winston Churchill, worked from very different positions in terms of of authority.

Yet while they used their different pulpits in rather public ways — Thomas Ricks argues that the two men worked in tandem to support democratic principles. And thus he recalls the rather lonely position that both men occupied, walking a fine line between a country that appeared all but torn in two, by the divisive politics of the pre-war years between the pacifist labour socialist powers and the nn-interventionist and pacifistic Tories, in London’s Parliament — both of whom had intrigued and conspired to sent Churchill into “exile in the wilderness” in order to shut down his voice that was stirring the few people who actually “saw” the gathering storm clouds of global nihilistic wars, as the existential threat they represented for Great Britain and for the whole of the Free World.

A Cry for Guernica.

George Orwell had fought with the Republicans against the fascists and was seriously injured in the Spanish civil war. And this first showing of the Nazi war machine in action outside the borders of Germany well before the Second World War, is also the event that strengthened Churchill’s intellectual position through his writings, and his speeches during the pivotal and lonely pre-war years. This was the tonic for Winston Churchill’s ideas, when he was feverishly working in political “exile” during the “wilderness years” before he was called to lead the fight of the Free Nations against National Socialism, during the Second World War. George Orwell had provided the best accounts of that conflict that opened up the eyes of the World to the horror of the German national socialists and their allies. Picasso came to commemorate that event with the Guernica painting that reminded all of us what the Germans had in store for London and for other great cities that were defiant of the Nazi Germany and her Air force full of Stuka bombers indiscriminately bombing all civilian targets. Yet it was during the ten years before the war, that Churchill and Orwell, had both fallen seriously out of favor – because both men had been strong anti-socialists, expressing themselves daily against this seemingly cuddling form of evil ideology that was very much in vogue during those pre-war days.

Yet because both men had seen the horrors of this nauseatingly sweet Socialist method of usurpation of power, when the Socialists are winning the minds and the hearts of well meaning folks and when they are enlisting people — and how evil they swiftly turned when they had the power to govern and were started using these people in appallingly totalitarian ways, destroying the individual in favor of the masses, fighting that the mass of ants is not humanity.

Churchill and Orwell both spoke in this clear cut way against the Socialist doctrine, and this was considered bad form in a Society that had espoused the very modern Socialist ideology, hook-line-and-sinker, especially amongst the young people in very much the same way as what happens in Europe and the United States today.

Today Thomas Ricks makes the claim that, without ever working directly together, these two titanic figures, and essential authors, and leaders of men — worked tirelessly in keeping the West’s compass pointing True North, towards freedom and liberty.

As an example this is what Winston Churchill had to say about Russia and the Nuclear Bomb in 1945, after Winston Churchill had just marshaled the most improbable turnaround victory in history, since the Athenian Victory of the Second Persian War under the admiral Themistocles.

Because same as Winston Churchill had put all his faith in the Royal Navy — so had Themistocles who focused all his resources on building up the Athenian naval fleet, a couple of Millennia earlier. Themistocles understood the “Sea” and her Warfare, and utilized this knowledge ad his Fleet in cunning and masterful ways in order to draw the Persians in the geography that favored the decisive naval battle plan of Salamis. This was his strategy, and it worked so well, upon it’s application, that the Greeks completely annihilated the Persian fleet, and sent Xerxes scurrying and hurling pell-mell back east to despotic Asia, where he had come from, uninvited in the first place. That event taught good manners to all the following generations of Persian leaders who ever attempted a campaign against Greece or her Ionic cities in Asia Minor ever again.

In more recent times, Winston Churchill recognized that we are suffering again from another bout of “Eastern fever” where the Soviet Union and Communism was concerned and spoke often against their use of the seemingly cuddly socialist humanitarian ideals that serve as the usher to the complete totalitarian darkness of naked communism. And this is why he said that the threat of Russia and her black-hearted leader having access to Nuclear weapons would be catastrophic for the whole world.

And as we see now — he was prescient about that threat too. And he suggested to the Americans and all other world leaders who were with us after he had fashioned the North Atlantic Treaty with FDR that inaugurated NATO — that we had to band together and stop Russia from getting the Nuclear Technology and from acquiring nuclear weapons. He suggested that we ought to do this at any cost. Winston’s master plan for that included militating action. He was in favor of going as far as possible towards destroying  the Soviet nuclear program in it’s infancy. He was also willing to risk all out war n pursuing this goal into years, right after the socialist ideology driven US Atomic spies, Fuchs, Greenglass, and the Rosenbergs, among others, had given away the Los Alamos nuclear bomb secrets to the Soviet Union agents.

Churchill’s hawkish position has to be revisited again today, because it applies rather well to the fresh dilemma we face from the nuclear enhanced threat of a belligerent North Korea, that is speedily developing her own nuclear bobs albeit with ICBM capabilities against the United States.

According to the Churchill doctrine, we could either deny the enemy [North Korea] the further development of nuclear weapons technology today, or live in infamy for a little while, before we succumb & die under the circumstances of our inaction, that will surely bring war and infamy, along with nuclear bomb tipped ICBMs raining down from the sky, and falling upon our heads sending us all to the great hereafter. This is our rightful place  history and if we cannot deny the Pyonyang’s nuclear development and stem this existential threat from North Korean in it’s origin — then what good is our vast military capability and our song about the land of the Free and the home of the Brave, for?

We should heed Winston Churchill’s advise today because he was planning to take out the Soviet Union nukes well before they became the ‘Threat” and he wanted to accomplish this through acts of cunning, diplomatic subterfuge, and all out secret service sabotage. If that method failed to destroy the Soviet capabilities — he ad suggested direct aerial bombings, as acts of direct intervention for the destruction of all the nuclear development sites, of the old Soviet Union. Winston had already drafted battle plans, and war-time long distance bombing plans, in order to effect this attack with American help — but to his ever-lasting shock, he lost the general elections of 1945 and was booted from the office of Prime Minister thereby rendering all of his plans “inactive” if not completely mothballed.

Because it was then that the British voters rewarded the wartime Prime Minister with an eviction notice from the 10 Downing Street, cabinet and government office, and sent him home once more for some much needed garden leave, and painting rest, at his Chartwell home in the Kentish countryside. 

Imagine his fury for a moment, after thinking of how can it be that a nation turns ungrateful, by shafting her most winsome Prime Minister? What a terrible betrayal eh? There is no other parallel for this except the Hell-Hath-No-Fury-Like-A-Woman-Scorned…

Because indeed the most important man alive in the world; the famous Victor of World War Two, the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, was driven out of office immediately after the war. All his plans for containing Nuclear weapons were dashed as he was ousted, and the liberal socialists took over the Number 10 cabinet government positions. Winston Churchill of course became deeply saddened, when he heard the election result news, and he later had this to say: “The shock of defeat was accompanied by a sharp stab of almost physical pain amid the realization that the sacred knowledge and experience I had gathered, the authority and goodwill I had gained in so many countries, would vanish with me out of Office.”

And above all else he meant the war time efforts at containment of the Nuclear Weapons Technology to the powers of Good and not to be shared by the powers of Evil… This was the most important plan that was dashed from Winston Churchill’s exit from the Prime Minister’s office, right after the War. This bit of unfinished business always ganged away at this because it was such an important element of World Peace…

Churchill could have absorbed the sting of defeat and gone for home rest, knowing that his place in history would finally be secure. He could have retired honorably to his beloved Chartwell to paint and write and dabble. Yet this was not his nature. Anyone who knew him, understood rather well, that Winston Churchill chose to soldier on, and continue the “Good Fight” same as he always had. He served as leader of the political opposition in Parliament, dealing with the contentious issues of a new age, and by defining the incoming “Cold War” as he had done in Athens Greece, when he was under siege and assassination attempts by the Communists, and now at the Westminster College of the University of Fulton Missouri, speaking to a Free World that was again facing a siege by the very same Communist forces of evil and pathogenic destruction.

Churchill had prepared his Cold War and the “Iron Curtain” speech quite well: “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an Iron Curtain has descended across the continent. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Central and Eastern Europe. Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia, all these famous cities and the populations around them lie in what I must call the Soviet sphere of influence.”  He spoke eloquently having honed his ideas over the space of a couple of years, since Athens, and he delivered his everlasting message about the “Iron Curtain” descending upon Europe at the time Berlin was being divided, and the weary wartime alliance was being torn asunder. But he also gave a note of optimism, by founding the idea for the need of a “summit” between leaders, to be the Security Council of the United Nations, and he also spoke in favor of a United Europe, all aligned with Reason for Peace, in order to counteract the totalitarian regimes who are causing constant war, bloody mayhem, and much too much human suffering, by sowing the seeds of strife across the planet. 

Always prophetic, always vigilant, and often explicit as a futurist, Winston Churchill was not just the guardian of Liberty, but he was also the first thinker  to grasp the potential of the nuclear deterrence, and delineate a doctrine of DETENTE, for it’s application in both the short and the long term… against by now a far stronger and nuclear enhanced enemy, represented by the Soviet Union of Marshal Stalin. 

The time for denying him the Nuclear Weapons capacity had passed unused like so many grains of sand flowing down the hourglass. A decision to maybe delay and not take a decision on behalf of the Free World, by the British and American leadership, now that Churchill was unceremoniously dumped and placed out of the Prime Minister’s Office,  had resulted in that worst of all decisions. The decision to do nothing in the face of fast changing World balances and Altered Circumstances that upended the Geopolitical map of the whole World.  Add to it, that we now had to face a very different enemy than the one we we’re facing before… and you get the perfect storm of perpetual conflict and detente.

To think that Winston Churchill did all this thinking, speaking, agitating, and politicking, while writing his masterpiece multivolume and gigantic book, “The Second World War” is a fantastic effort in and of itself, yet these two things were intertwined… And to consider that he had all of this work cut out for him, while attending Parliament as leader of the opposition, all the while writing and advocating the Nuclear Deterrent Policy that is still in effect today.

Winston accomplished all of this, through his prodigious fits and starts of stupendous energy and meaningful work. He worked all the time, wrote papers, send telegrams, and made telephone calls to all the Leaders in all corners of this Earth, and at all times of day and night. He called everywhere, where he had friendly Leaders who were war time intimates and personal friends of his, and who were still in positions of power and authority. He called them all and advocated through courageous words, his vision of the post war era. He had his own foreign policy and he maintained it during these times of troubles. He worked during the English late evening hours, and in the dead of night, at his 3am “busy business time” and even during the break of dawn — all in order to take advantage of the differences in time zones, with the other World Capitals.

All of that in a giant effort, where he tried to get the world leaders into his mind’s harem for the cause of his “Empire of the Mind” that he saw as required, in order to counter the threat of the communist menace that he equated with worldwide nuclear annihilation. Often he doubled this “Empire work” and his unrestful international travels with incognito summits where he managed to meet privately with these other leaders who saw the World as he saw it. And he did this under cover of “leisurely trips” and secretly, while “being entertained” or ostensibly while he was on “painting holidays” and sightseeing trips…

Yet in reality this is where he held his secret Summits with these Leaders in far of places like Marrakech, and the High Atlas mountains, or in Lake Como, and in the south of France, or in Madeira, or Morocco, Venice, or even Athens, and in Thermopylae, or in the blue and white charming Greek islands, and particularly in Crete, and in Ithaca, near the island of Scorpio that was the private island of his son’s Randolph Churchill’s friend the shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. 

Randolph Churchill, my biological father, had introduced Winston Churchill to Aristotle Onassis, when Churchill wanted to meet the young and much promising Senator from Massachusetts John Fitzgerald Kennedy, before JFK had his successful run for the Presidency of the United States. You see Churchill wanted to always cultivate the best of Leaders as friends and he spotted early the winners of the future and wanted to bring them into his stable, in order to be able to influence future policy of their country.  He euphemistically called the technique of associating himself with the most promising Leaders, as building up his “Harem” and signaling his wish to write the Future. SO when he conceived of influencing the future American Policy n terms of Nuclear weapons, he cultivated the next generation of Leaders, and that is why he asked Aristotle Onassis to introduce him to the young Senator, who was the son of Winston’s much disliked Joseph Kennedy who was a pro-Nazi appeaser when he served as the US Ambassador to the Court of St James in London during the late 1930s and the early days of the Second World War and who was known to always bet against England’s and indeed the whole of the British Empire’s long term survival.

And as he always relied and utilized his strong and powerful friends, like Aristotle Onassis, who at the time was the wealthiest person on Earth because of his business acumen in building a Shipping empire, plying the seas in his many shipping vessels that fueled the boom of commerce, resource consumption, and commodities transfers, during the years after the war when people spend all the money they could beg, borrow or steal, in order to rebuild their shattered countries and broken lives. He also was an eye for Power, Truth, and Beauty — much like Winston did — and he was indeed one of the most powerful men in the world, due to the strength of his Network and Net Worth.

Onassis placed his fabulous personal yacht “Christina” that was even larger than the yacht “Enchantress” Winston used during his days as the First Sea Lord of the Admiralty and as Prime Minister. Onassis placed this magnificent vessel at the disposal of Winston Churchill, for his “Goodwill Missions” around the world.  Indeed the Greek shipping tycoon, was happy as a clam to ferry Winston around in his private airplanes, and to bask in the old man’s glory, and to learn from him, and his strategic mind, and also to entertain him in his stylish yacht, full of old world charm. He did all of it, because he believed in Winston Churchill’s purpose and espoused the meaningful mission of the old man, yet also because Randolph Churchill was one of his best friends, thus offering hospitality, the gift of “Xenios Zeus” to Randolph’s father who had given his all to save the World was a natural extension of simple curtesy.  And indeed, this old Greek Soul would exhibit plenty of goodwill towards Winston Churchill, the Savior of Greece in her direst hour, when she was the only country to escape when the Iron Curtain of Communism fell upon her and her war-weary and weakened people in the form of a fast raging Civil War that proved the virtues of a liberal Democracy over a Socialist Tyranny, once and for all…

And it was in this massive yacht, the “Christina” where Winston held some of his own powerful yet private “Summits At Sea” with powerful men, where he informed and cajoled about reaching agreement on the pivotal issues of the day, and thus they were all in suitable strength in numbers so that when the issue would come up in their respective countries — they could leverage their combined power to change the course of History. This was especially true in formulating the Policy of averting Nuclear War with the Soviet Union that had recently acquired all the nuclear weaponry that the United States had earlier solely possessed  And Winston Churchill entertained no doubt that all of those Nuclear Weapons stockpiles would be used to the detriment of Humanity and thus he chose to enfeeble the Military Generals by locking them up in highly complex, procedural, yet secret chains of command and control, and even started the foundation of the STAR non proliferation treaties, and he was the first to offer non aggression guarantees by maintaining a balance of Power, in a Doctrine that came to be called the Cold War. And his sidekick, this mutli-billionaire shipping tucoon, was just as happy to help. To further this mission — the least he could do was to deploy his yacht “Christina” in the same way that the Admiralty yacht “Enchantress” was used in the past by Churchill who loved to be aboard lording it above the land lubbers, as Winston Churchill, regularly called the Military brass he had to deal with. And yet when he gathered them aboard, he was full of charm, and in his winsome ways, first regaled them with War stories and then launched into his “Sinews of Peace” stories, always with a strong and educational, yet non moralizing message, that was to succinctly convey his strong and winsome Strategy of “What we need to be doing if we are to go forward in Peace and Prosperity.”

In short this was Winston’s way of preparing for “Winning The Peace” when most often Winston with his friend Aristotle Onassis sailed on towards Greece where all the old battles could be recounted and where Herodotus told us in his “Histories” about all the ancient Kings and Nations that don’t exist anymore and nobody even remembers their names. Memorably, Onassis’ private island “Scorpio” was found in western Greece, near the ancient Ithaca, where some years later Aristotle Onassis, thinking himself a modern Ulysses — married his Penelope, in his own ‘Ithaca’ the island appropriately named ‘Scorpion.’ 

His ultimate much sought after Penelope, was the wife of his old friend JFK who was slain by a Communist assassin, hell-bent on disturbing Churchill’s tenderly and carefully balanced World trading somberly in Peace through a nuclear balance of terror, called Detente…

Thankfully, and although JFK was assassinated, the rest of the dominoes didn’t fall, and Nuclear Armageddon was averted at the last moment, through strong Western leadership in the face of Lyndon Johnson and Churchill’s machinations in the background, and that was probably the last and greatest service the old Statesman offered to Humanity in the years of his so called retirement.

Because as you might recall the Nuclear Crisis over Cuba was in 1962, and because of that failing to ignite the World on fire — the dark forces sought to inflame it again by assassinating JFK through a Russian bidden assassin Harvey Oswald, fully expecting a nuclear retaliatory fight form the US that would have provoked the world into a full on Nuclear Armageddon. Winston Churchill was instrumental in both instances to stop these terrible consequences by counseling that we should let cooler heads prevail over reactive rancor and malice.

It is also important to note that Jackie [Jacklyn Kennedy] and Ari [Aristotle Onassis] had started out as simple friends during her marriage with JFK, and Ari’s introduction of Winston Churchill to Jack Kennedy. Yet it wasn’t until after the assassination of her husband President John F. Kennedy, that their courtship actually began. Aristotle Onassis, a powerful Greek shipping mogul, was living part time in New York as he was the wealthiest man in the world of his day, and Jackie Kennedy an American icon — and thus “met” on numerous public and private occasions in Manhattan and beyond.

And with Randolph Churchill, and even Winston travelled in all the fashionable circles of wealthy holiday makers and rich people’s enclaves. But their first meaningful and historically important meeting only happened because Winston Churchill asked Onassis through Randolph, to introduce him to the young Senator from Massachussets John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

And that’s how Aristotle Onassis came to meet and get to know Kennedy’s wife Jackie, for the first time. All that in order to accommodate a request from Winston Churchill to meet the rising star of American Politics, her husband… and at long last it meant the two of them would become good friends, and even marry each other later on… Not bad for the last hurrah of the bespoke matrimonial, dating, & wedding services, of old Winston Churchill who never missed a beat, or an opportunity to connect people, to intervene positively in their lives, and to subsequently increase their happiness…

All for a good purpose.

Yes, this little green island Scorpio, nestled in the middle of nowhere, full of charming little structures, and Mediterranean pine trees, was the jewel of Onassis’ crown, and even after all his cares for his Airline, for his Shipping Fleet, and all his various businesses, and even for his dynastic succession — this is where he always came to rest, and to sail his little sailing dingy, pottering around, and working on his suntan, while chatting up the ladies. And this is where over the years, had invited over his few trusted friends and business colleagues, like my family father and his young wife, one of the most beautiful women of Europe, who came over for a serene holiday away from publicity, away from the news hounds, and away from the paparazzi. Onassis was careful to ask his security people to keep the paparazzi, more than a few miles away from the shoreline of his private island, so that his guests could feel at home, and be able to relax, and hold their own during his famous and exclusive parties. It was a heady time for all, and my parents had the fun of their lives at those gatherings, as both had opportunities to fall for a summer romance and to let their cares and proprieties slip into the warm waters of the Ionian sea. And thus, here I am today a happy chappy, having been born almost nine months after Randolph Churchill and my sainted Mother Dimitra, met and partied to the wee hours of the morning. Indeed I was also brought to the world a “chambolly” same as Randolph who was born a happy chubby baby, and who always made an effort to woo the ladies, regardless of their marital commitments or indeed of any commitments at all. His aim was to bring his love of beauty and lust for female companionship together in order to reconcile his always unbalanced sex, lust, and circumstance, and in some ways he defined himself in that elliptical way.

Still Onassis friends where there, when Christina was embarking on one of his famous Eastern Mediterranean cruises with Winston Churchill and all of his family, aboard his super-yacht Christina, same as he did with the Churchills and his other famous guests in both 1960 and 1961, where some powerful Greek friends and other Cosmopolitan folks gathered to hear the old Statesman, analyzing his vision for the Future of a “Winsome World, Full of Peace & Prosperity for All.”

How Cool to have been a fly in those walls and to have heard what was discussed in these ultra private meetings. His civilized entertainments were legendary, and many new relationships blossomed. Biblical and Business relationship  not only blossomed but also thrived. As for the people assembled for the single purpose of getting to know each other for the Good and the Great Benefit of Humanity and to better themselves — the magical island and the mega-yacht offered a new level of relaxation of marital bonds, and familial vigilance, and many babies of mixed up parentage ensued. After all, this was a common place scenario in the Churchill entourage where the pressures of War & Peace had created a sense of imminent death and doom, and the constant stresses of Power, worn down the moral defenses because they acted as an Aphrodisiac.

Just to take a measure of things, lately it has been revealed that even Justin Welby the Church of England prelate, and current Archbishop of Canterbury was born a bastard sired out of the Churchill milieu, when his Mother coupled with Winston Churchill’s private secretary in the footloose and “loose” atmosphere, that prevailed around Winston. Especially during the sex and fornication after drinks, routine in Winston’s stormy milieu of highly tuned and highly performing individuals driven to the limits of their endurance by the demands of the old PM and his urgency of now that dictated all of his actions, thoughts, and writings.

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has revealed that his true earthly bloodline father, was Winston Churchill’s private secretary, who had a drunken affair with his mother, now known as Lady Williams of Elvel.
It all came to light when his Mother confessed this long held secret to him, wanting to unburden herself before she died, and then somehow the secret was leaked and word got out that led to an investigation by Telegraph reporters, who pieced the story together and approached Welby. Later after the Archbishop got tested, the truth of his Mother’s claim, was confirmed through the DNA blood test. Yet for all of his life the Archbishop believed his father was Gavin Welby, the son of a German Jewish immigrant, but his mother Jane Portal, who gained her current ‘Lady’ title when she married Labour peer Charles Williams in 1975, has since admitted she had a “liaison” with Winston Churchill’s private secretary, Sir Anthony Montague Browne, in 1955.

Lots of cynical and dark humor evolved around the chief Question of “Who is the Father of the Holy Father?” Or another one that question “Who is the Divine Father of the Archbishop if his father was Churchill’s secretary? Could it be Winston Churchill himself?” Many other humorous jokes and levity ensued after the story of the Archbishops bastard origins came to the fore, yet it is worth noting that Lady Williams also worked as a personal secretary for the Prime Minister Winston Churchill at the time, and she claims that the atmosphere around the PM was intoxicating, and certainly rather fecund and fertile lubricated by liberal splotches of alcoholic stiff drinks, wine, and champagne.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 5.43.15 PM

Naturally, Lady Williams of Elvel, true, unquestioning, and unchallenged Mother of the Archbishop, said, that her memory of the events of that time were quite “patchy,” but she still recalled going “to bed” with Sir Anthony Montague Browne, after “a large amount of alcohol being consumed by both sides.” This sounds like an admission of fun and games after drinks between two consenting adults and with both Fathers long dead, there is no one to bring forth a case for adultery. Still somehow the participants chose to have their DNA samples taken and examined, nobody knows what for… Some threads from hair found on a brush kept by Browne’s widow were taken, and compared with a simple mouth swab from the Archbishop, who at first didn’t believe the story, and didn’t want to disturb sleeping dogs, yet chose to participate mostly in jest, and as a far fetched hoot. Yet he came to be sufficiently alarmed when it proved conclusive, but by then it was too late to quench the story. The widow of Sir Montague Browne, said she had been aware that her husband may have been a willing participant in some long ago English type of drunken infidelities, and that he had at least another child, and also that she had noticed the strong resemblance between him and the current Archbishop of Canterbury, HH Justin Welby — but she had chosen not to believe, or dwell, on any of that gossip talk, and thus she had put her mind at ease and stayed happily quiet. Now that the cat is out of the bag — she will learn to deal with it, but now she is certainly happy with getting to know and welcoming her new half son…

And of course, this is not the only occasion where summer idyls and romances blossomed. Because much like the famous story of when Aristotle Onassis fell for the magnificent Opera Diva Maria Callas, after one too many “raki” mixed drinks, and neglected his much more beautiful wife Tina, but this is also where Randolph Churchill met my mother, in the Mediterranean cruises, and in South of France, and in Greece’s private island Scorpio, when Aristotle Onassis, had Winston Churchill offer some of his most interesting “Summits At Sea” disguised as Mediterranean cruises, during the last part of the elder Statesman’s life.

So this little magical island caused a real baby boom, but it was also this little island that led to many fabulous weddings, chief amongst them — the one where Onassis married the wife of the slain President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Aristotle Onassis married Jaclyn Bouvier Kennedy, in a strictly private ceremony in 1968 in Scorpios, three years after Winston Churchill had gone on to bigger State business up in heavens. Jackie and Aristotle Onassis, who were 23 years apart in their respective age on their wedding day, married in a simple fashion with an intimate, happy, amidst select friends, Greek Orthodox ceremony on October 20, 1968. The Kennedy children, Caroline, and John Junior, participated in the ceremony, holding the candles that were traditionally held by Greek young children acting as pages during the marriage, and Jackie’s sister was the only matron of honor, attending along with a few dozen friends.

And that’s how Jaclyn Kennedy, became Jackie O, but before that they were far too many ladies that were O for a full moon, or for a fortnight, or even for a night romp around the sandy beaches of Scorpios.

Still with the help of this powerful and well traveled modern Ulysses-Onassis-Shipping-Sailor-man, and his many friends, Winston was able to continue his good works, and his Foreign policy to save the whole of the Free World, while my father Randolph sowed his seed and spread his charm widely amongst the most beautiful ladies of the Continent and especially my Mother a renown classical Greek beauty with unparalleled sense of lady like deportment, decorum, diplomacy, and wit, to match that of the old Winston Churchill himself. Indeed a measure of sharp wit, and quickness of brain — which I hope that I must surely have inherited some decent measure of.

Still in later years Randolph Churchill and Onassis a firm adherent to the tents of Freedom, Liberty and unfettered Capitalism found common cause with old Winston Churchill’s ideas about is legacy and cooperated in the Philanthropic works bearing his name and in the Churchill Institute of Cambridge University, because this was a pet project of Winston, who in his advanced age saw his work being undermined by the Socialist ideologues and their communist brethren advancing everywhere, and even in old Albion where the Socialist were busy destroying his legacy along with the economy of the English nation, while fully dismantling the Empire, and even destroying the old Commonwealth of Nations…

The two men shared many secrets, least of which was their anti-Soviet intrigues… And here I mean, Aristotle Onassis, and Randolph Churchill, as they also shared their love of the chase and of good stiff drinks, and sailing along the shore, in that scary for lesser mortals zone, between enjoyment of risk, danger, and oblivion.

Surely I must have inherited some of that too…

Naturally this attracted the attention of the Soviet spies, and the Russians who already hated Onassis for hosting Winston Churchill’s Liberty Summits, at Scorpio and aboard the yacht, they became inimical and enraged and sought revenge for some unfounded excuses. That they unleashed the fury of the KGB against Onassis  is well documented as is the fact that KGB sabotaged his airplane, and thus had Onassis’ only son murdered in a staged airplane crash where the saboteurs had reversed the wire controls so that Alexander Onassis plane crashed upon takeoff, and he died from the resulting blunt head trauma. This was the sabotaged airplane Onassis’ son was piloting, and that fateful morning — never quite took off but instead nose dived into the tarmac.

Onassis mourned bitterly but soon with Churchill’s help the relationship continued even after Winston was returned to Office as prime minister in the 1951 general election. And even though Winston Churchill’s work was sometimes interrupted by arterial spasms, and moments when “everything went misty,” and outright strokes that left him tired, debilitated, spent, and bedridden for days, forcing him to spend hours upon hours, practicing his handwriting — he persisted in voyaging and traveling. Because it was then that Winston Churchill would throw himself back into his regimen — back to writing in bed, in the bath, in his medieval study, and wherever he could, with rivers of ink and Scotch to sweep him along. In the famous Onassis long yacht “Christina” Winston Churchill, in white Panama hat and cruising suit, went aboard for eight official cruises between 1958 and 1965, and for several undocumented and incognito voyages, for reasons of Winston Churchill’s Summits at Sea or multilateral and some serious bilateral discussions…

These voyages were a huge help for the recuperation of Winston’s health and he always credited the sea, the salt, and good company, with restoring his to a mighty new state of being…

The Aristotle Onassis Yacht Christina.

This was the boat that in 1968 Onassis married President Kennedy’s widow, Jackie, on board, close to his private island of Scorpio: the ultimate trophy wife on the ultimate trophy ship.

This ship had seen it’s share of troubles as a warship and later when she retired she earned another keep on life as the caviar and champagne palace of Onassis and his guests, ranging from Kings, and Princes, to potentates and heads of States, along with some lesser mortals like Monaco’s Prince Rainier and his film star wife Grace Kelly who were favoured guests, as were at earlier times John F Kennedy and his wife, alongside Winston Churchill, and at other times, Marilyn Monroe and JFK, or Frank Sinatra and Greta Garbo, Liza Minnelli, Eva Peron, John Wayne, Rudolf Nureyev, and a fistful of Rothschilds, and Rockefellers, who had all swept down the onyx and silver staircase, or had swam in a marble pool that at the touch of a button rose to become a dance floor and could sit at a bar – Ari’s Bar – on stools upholstered with the foreskin of minke whales’ penises. Aboard there was a veritable Art gallery because Onassis had a collection of Impressionists, along with Renoir, Chirico, Goya, and other art that Onassis enjoyed letting his guests view and admire. These years were indeed the post-austerity Fifties and opulence and greed were back in fashion. There had been nothing like it since the Great Gatsby and the roaring twenties… Surely every big boat owner, puffed out with the romance of the sea and his rightful place upon it, likes to think he has created a legend. But Aristotle Onassis, the Greek shipping magnate, was the only one who truly did this to it’s rightful maximum. The opulent Christina, a decommissioned warship that he bought and spent many million USD towards converting it to his floating palace, became a floating “Xanadu” to some of the most important figures of the 20th century.

Egypt’s dethroned King Farouk, who had a great yacht himself, called the Onassis yacht “the last word in opulence” and a real ship of war and love.

For Aristotle Onassis, the Christina was a palace of seduction, a place to broker deals, a celebrity honey trap and the most conspicuous symbol of his successful shipping empire. On a visit with Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton acknowledged in one sentence both the generosity of his host and his blatant self-indulgence. “I don’t think there is a man or woman on earth,” he said, “who would not be seduced by the pure narcissism shamelessly flaunted on this boat.” This modern day Aristotle, Ari Onassis, who would occasionally deploy his wolfish charm on famous women like Tina Livanos, or Maria Callas, same as he did with Jacqueline Kennedy — had entertained scores of other conquered women aboard this yacht, and thus he saw no “edge” in Richard Barton’s remark. His only reply was: “I have found that to be so.”

Winston Churchill, in white Panama hat and cruising suit, went aboard the Onassis yacht for eight official cruises between 1958 and 1965, and for many other unofficial and undocumented “Summits At Sea” where he pursued his own Foreign Policy in meetings with powerful friends and heads of State.

With a mind shaped by Victorian habits of speech and thought, Winston Churchill stated the theme of his final volume, Triumph and Tragedy, as Macaulay might have done: “How the Great Democracies Triumphed, And So Were Able to Resume The Follies Which Had So Nearly Cost Them Their Life…”

Because in the early years of the Cold War, Winston Churchill worried that the great democracies were once again tempting fate with an inadequate response to a threat from the East. During the blockade of Berlin in 1948 and 1949, when the United States and Britain were beginning to organize the airlift to supply the beleaguered city, Winston Churchill wrote, “I trust we are not approaching another ‘Munich.’”

Those worries intensified after the Soviet Union negated the U.S. unilateral nuclear advantage by detonating its own bomb in August 1949. On the conventional side, Europe had an imbalance of power. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, NATO was a paper vision with little manpower and hardware. Ninety percent of the almost three million U.S. soldiers and 300,000 airmen in Europe had returned home.

By 1950, the Soviets fielded at least 175 divisions, 25 or more of which were armored, against a dozen American and Western European divisions, only two of which were armored. To make matters worse, the outbreak of the Korean War in June 1950 turned America’s attention to the Far East, prompting Winston Churchill to worry that Britain’s ally and protector would be too distracted to defend Europe.

By the late 1940s, Russia loomed almost as large in Winston Churchill’s mind as Nazi Germany had a decade before. He privately worried that the West Germans were too intimidated by the Soviet Union to rearm, and that even France with the socialists in power, might soon become a Soviet satellite.

As leader of the opposition, Winston Churchill told Parliament that Soviet strength had steadily emerged “as a rock shows more and more above an ebbing tide.” Russians “in one form or another” controlled half of Europe and China, but showed “no signs of being in any way satiated or satisfied.” For the first time in a decade, there were whispered fears in Parliament and Whitehall that Britain could once again face the prospect of an invasion from the East.

As for Winston Churchill seeing the Future, we have his own observations for that, because in the midst of the Soviet menace, Winston Churchill offered advice to his colleagues that would be ridiculed as sophomoric if made by a U.S. politician today: he suggested that his colleagues try to see the world as the Russians saw it. The point was not to infer fairness in Soviet policies, but to understand the nature of the threat. “There is no doubt that trying to put oneself in the position of the other party to see how things look to him is one way, and perhaps the best way, of being able to feel and peer dimly into the unknowable future,” Winston Churchill said.

The Soviet Union then, much like Putin’s Russia today, wanted to divide Europe and keep it divided. Winston Churchill vocally campaigned for a “United Europe,” a conceptual precursor to the European Union. “I am not attracted to a Western bloc as a final solution,” he wrote in 1946. “The ideal should be EUROPE.” He would have embraced the Western doctrine set out by President George H. W. Bush of a “Europe whole and free,” with the addendum — recently underscored by General Philip M. Breedlove, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander — “and at peace.”

Despite his emergence in the Victorian era, Winston Churchill understood clearly that the concept of “spheres of influence” belonged to a bygone era. Although that paradigm has long been discredited in the West, today, it is very much alive in Moscow. Winston Churchill would understand that fear is behind Russia’s aggressiveness in seeking to establish a sphere of docile states around its perimeter. A fear of NATO may be irrational — attaching nineteenth-century worries about “encirclement” to a twenty-first-century institution of joint defense between democracies that would rather focus on social welfare spending — but to Vlad Putin, to Mr Xi, and to members of their assorted coteries, that fear is palpable. We need to understand this: Winston Churchill might tell us, not to empathize with the Putin and the Xi regimes, but to understand why their regimes appears so volatile and dangerous.

Winston Churchill would not see today’s Russia as a weak nation with a strong bite, and that is what makes the difference. All those University professors and the military advisors that see Russia as weak — are deluded. Even the US military minds, and strategists that tends to forest Russia’s stronghold in the Far East, in the Eastern and Central Europe, and in many other parts of the world, fail us because they delude themselves. Russia is a strong nation and that should never be underestimated, because of the more fashionable view of China as being our Chief Antagonist. 

Yet, let us think now of what would Winston Churchill make of Vladimir Putin…

Is Volodya a good guy or a bad guy?

That undoubtedly, would have been his first question in his attempts at Socratic dialogue, in order to understand Putin’s psychology.

Would he detect the psychological flaws and see that Putin harbors a paranoid brew of resentments and fears, just as Winston had an instinctive understanding of Hitler’s dark psyche? Or would Winston conclude that Putin is probably steeped in the propaganda of his own media, which sees anti-Russian “fascists” in the orange-wearing democrats of Kiev and regularly posts horror stories about Ukrainian atrocities that seldom occurred, much like the Mass Media of the US today, constantly attack President Trump through fake and dishonest news, in order to destabilize our Republic…

Then, who is really working for the Russians today within the US?

Could you please tell me?

Methinks you’ve figured it out already.

That would be the Democrats and their store bought establishment Mass Media with their snowflake reporters spewing their socialist gospel of dishonest fake news. This is the true Russian propaganda making machine that seeks to weaken and divide our Republic for their own benefit. Putin has been playing yo all — all along, and yo were thinking Donald Trump never realizing that the objective of a misinformation campaign is just that. To misinform and misdirect, and obfuscate…

This is the point.

Look at outcome and you find the TRUTH.

The establishment mass media of the United States today, like the CNN and WAPO and all other minions like MSNBC and all are the same enemies that tear apart our Republic n division and discontent and are thus working overtime of our enemies the North Koreans, the Chinese, and the Russians, and there has to be a money line connecting them to our sworn enemies. 

The Conehead News Network, CNN, alternatively known as the Clinton News Network, always has a certain bend, so it’s up to us to figure it out…

Winston Churchill who was very deliberate in how we needed to counter the Soviets, would no doubt see enough reason for caution in approaching the Putin regime today, but he would also see plenty of potential for fooling them and playing “appropriate music” so they can get up and dance to his tune, and thus work to his advantage by playing up to their Russian gloomy depressive paranoia for destruction, and their subservient need for recognition.

He already knew the weakness of the Russian psyche because Churchill was already in power when Joseph Stalin made his disastrous gamble on Hitler’s trustworthiness — with the Ribbentrop/Molotov pact to divide Poland, and thus he knew how easy it is to fool a Dictator surrounded by Yes-men who drinks his own Cool-Aid.

Yet he also knew how dangerous it is to play with a cornered dog, because during the early Cold War détente years there were many near disasters that came close to mutually assured annihilation, and were only averted at the very last moment.

As for us, we already know that many nuclear exchange, accidents were stopped at the very last minute, during the Gorbachev, and even during the Boris Yeltsin years, when the Soviet Union and its Russian successor came close to launching a first strike against the United States because of the disarray of their intelligence apparatus in events like when a critical set of sensors were “spooked” by a flare of sunlight, and when a Norwegian weather rocket, triggered a total alarm... Incompetence, Vodka, Irrelevance, and systemic failures were also behind Russia’s apparent decision to allow rebel forces in Ukraine to handle surface-to-air missiles in corridors where passenger jets routinely operate is the most recent example of Russian recklessness. The Dutch holiday makers who became the victims of this terrorist attack from a terrestrial missile launched from Donetsk that brought down their plane in a muddy field, would readily attest to that, if any of them were alive today. 

But your Mass Media does not give you the Truth, and as a matter of fact all of you seem to enjoy wasting your Life watching football and all other sports, so why should they even care to give you a glimpse of reality?  So they don’t. And you stay in the dark… eating the sit they provide you. Much like mushrooms you grow puffy and blind. Not suitable for Freedom but a rather good fit for the tools of Oligarchy and Totalitarianism. In short the Mass Media is turning all of you into useful tools. And to become a tool, you have to start out as a fool — but I bet you knew that already…

Drink the Cool Aid…


So Churchill would undoubtedly have to take into account Russia’s ongoing record of extraordinary belligerence, callousness, and strategic miscalculation, before he urged us o a road to battle. Of course Winston Churchill was outspoken about his darkest fears about nuclear weapons, calling them “that awful agency of destruction.”

But the question remains, what do we ought to do?

Churchill asked Parliament in 1955, during his last great speech. “Which way shall we turn to save our lives and ensure the safety of the future of the world?”

He continued: “It does not matter so much to old people; they are going soon anyway; but I find it poignant to look at youth in all its activity and ardour and, most of all, to watch little children playing their merry games, and wonder what would lie before them if God wearied of mankind.”

But there was a catch. At some point of nuclear development, Winston Churchill recognized, “the worst things get the better,” because “safety will be the sturdy child of terror, and survival the twin brother of annihilation.”

Long before Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill adopted the Roman emperor Hadrian’s maxim — “peace through strength” — as his policy. Winston Churchill set out the means to strengthen the West in the face of the Soviet challenge, which included transforming NATO from a paper institution into a real military force and devising a British nuclear deterrent.

But in 1950, at the height of the Cold War, Winston Churchill also added some nuance to his view on appeasement:

“Appeasement in itself may be good or bad according to the circumstances. Appeasement from weakness and fear is alike futile and fatal. Appeasement from strength is magnanimous and noble and might be the surest and perhaps the only path to world peace.

“When nations or individuals get strong they are often truculent and bullying, but when they are weak they become better mannered. But this is the reverse of what is healthy and wise. I have always been astonished, having seen the end of these two wars, how difficult it is to make people understand the Roman wisdom, ‘Spare the conquered and confront the proud.’

Sadly the modern practice has too often been ‘punish the defeated and grovel to the strong.’”

Churchill would see today’s Russia as a weak nation with a strong bite. It has a brittle economy, but maintains the ability to wage a devastating war in eastern Europe — and a reckless willingness to test the will of NATO with tactical nuclear weapons. What would Winston Churchill do?

One essential component of appeasement is the deliberate degradation of military capability in an effort to convince an enemy of one’s good intentions. By these lights, Winston Churchill would see the Obama administration’s public interest in unilaterally reducing the U.S. strategic arsenal by one-third below the plateau reached with Russia in the New START agreement as appeasement.

Churchill would certainly urge the United States, Britain, and France to modernize and maintain their nuclear deterrent. He would also urge Western leaders to bolster NATO’s conventional forces, and to devise an effective counter to Russia’s tactical nuclear threat. He would applaud recent measures to reinforce NATO’s defense of the Baltic republics and Poland, and urge the removal of any uncertainty from the commitment to treaty allies. He might take his pen to paper and doodle useful ideas on how to use crowd-control techniques or technology to stop Putin’s “little green men” if they emerge on Baltic soil. He might caution Putin that deeper moves toward Kiev could will result in lethal aid to Ukraine and a widening of the conflagration to Caucasus and Chechnya and to all the various “Stans” that Russia barely holds onto…

I believe that at this stage, fully arming the Ukrainians to fight a conventional war against Russia, could be a profoundly un-Churchillian application of Winston Churchill’s thinking, because Winston Churchill would urge us not to legitimize Ukraine’s forcibly changed borders, but to work quietly in order to reverse the situation through all means available – save for outright war. And perhaps just as he welcomed governments-in-exile to operate in London during the Second World War, so too he would likely advise the United States, and the European Union today, to welcome Ukrainian luminaries, leaders, and refugees, and to highlight the suffering of all of the Ukrainian people, refugees, and victims, all the while working to undermine Russia’s annexation of the Crimea, through subtle and yet painful means.

From the First World War to the Cold War, one constant of Winston Churchill’s strategic thinking was to identify an enemy’s hidden pressure points or his “soft underbelly,” whether in the Dardanelles, Italy, or the Balkans. In World War II, Winston Churchill was eager to arm partisans and to find ways to disrupt the enemy from the rear or within his own lines. The lessons from the Winston Churchill of the first and second world wars would argue for sending at least limited military aide to the Ukrainians.

A different lesson, however, could be taken from Cold War Churchill. In that contest, Winston Churchill was much more cautious – not because he had grown soft with age, but because of his carefulness in dealing with a nuclear-armed state. Churchill, no matter how deep his sympathy for the besieged Ukrainians, might not be so eager to jump into the fray as his self-professed admirers like senators McCain, Cruz, or Graham, or, for that matter, his current Tory successors, in the UK, David Cameron and Theresa May, and on the Foreign Affairs desk, my friend Boris Johnson, and Donald Trump, General Mattis, and Steve Bannon, or Dr Sebastian Gorka our friend in the White House.

Today, Winston Churchill, no doubt would have dismissed President Hollande’s assertion that “a lasting peace agreement” is possible, just as he dismissed Chamberlain’s promise of “peace in our time.” Putin is all but certain to continue to test Western resolve for as long as he is in power. But Winston Churchill might have rejected the contention that any agreement guaranteeing Ukrainian neutrality would amount to appeasement. He would have understood that to actively get into the conflict – even in the proxy form of providing “defensive” military aid to Ukraine – would be to get into the business of killing Russians. Again at this stage, arming the Ukrainians and starting the Third World War before it’s time — would be a profound misapplication of the vaunted Strategic and yet tactical Churchillian thinking.

On engaging the Russian People during the Cold War, Winston Churchill preached a stoic optimism equal to the long task of countering and containing Moscow’s designs. He said of the Russian people that the “machinery of propaganda may pack their minds with falsehood and deny them truth for many generations of time. But the soul of man thus held in trance, or frozen in a long night, can be awakened by a spark coming from God knows where, and in a moment the whole structure of lies and oppression is on trial for its life.”

The power of social media is the true “soft underbelly” of this regime. Putin himself revealed his own fear of Internet, of Social Media, and Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter, when he signed new laws requiring social networks to store data on Russian users in servers domiciled in Russia, subjecting them to censorship. The public murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov has opened the minds of young Russia, giving the West an opportunity to make the most of the small cracks and the existing crevices in Putin’s vast firewalls of Information censorship.

Yet for the West, the best strategy is a policy of openness, transparency, patience, firmness, and determination – if we are to undermine the Putin regime and frustrate its forays, until the day when the whole structure of its lies and oppression are put on trial by the Liberty seeking young Russians to come… Same goes for the Chinese firewall and it’s legions of digital security personnel manning these Internet stopping ramparts. We have to be patient and little by little chip away at the wall until one day a strong leader will appear that will ask the Chinese to bring down that wall, and his call will reverberate to the other side and the freedom loving Chinese people will listen and respond with a thunderous applause that will bring down crashing the soul snatching edifice of the Chinese Communist People’s party.

And meanwhile we should always remember Winston Winston Churchill’s final bit of advice as he prepared to leave office: “Meanwhile, never flinch, never weary, never despair.”

And today it is Donald Trump that carries the mantle of Churchillian Wisdom in Action, and the US President does exactly what Winston Churchill would have done himself, were he alive today and in charge…

Well Done Mr President.

War can wait …

A bit longer, still…

To be continued….

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