Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 17, 2017

The Death of a Chinese Blogger — Now Liu Xiaobo is forever lost to the World…

Mild mannered Mr Liu Xiaobo, saved many lives during the student uprisings of the Tiananmen Square, where he was one of the lead organizers in this singular moment of Liberty within the heart of Beijing’s oppression in 1989. Even when the death of Liberty came down hard on the evening of June 4th — Mr Liu managed to reach and negotiate for leniency towards the occupying students with the military commander of the tank battalions streaming into the Square, that were killing all the students who were resisting their advance…

We believe that he saved many lives of innocent young students during that long night’s bloody purges that were conducted in the center of Beijing by the brutal Military crackdown. Many more thousands perished and were buried in shallow graves the very same night.

Yet today nobody remembers that moment of Liberty in China, because it has been erased from all records. It has been defaced from all of the Chinese language Internet, Blogs, Newspapers, and from all official, & unofficial archives. And so now Mr Liu Xiaobo has been erased too…

In the Free World we know, that he was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize of 2010, and that he died while in jail in China this week. Yet in China nobody knows that he lived or that he died. Nobody knows that he was incarcerated as a dissident because he was a Tiananmen square student uprising organizer, survivor, activist writer, and blog journalist…

This conclusively proves once more, that the pen is mightier than the sword, yet not for the individual personally involved, and certainly not during these times of deep state & corporate owned Mass Media, and of government controlled News, & Internet.

And although the Chinese government has censored all news about Mr Liu, about his Nobel Peace prize, and also about the grievous end of the Chinese human rights activist who died this Thursday while serving an 11-year prison sentence — his death has prompted an outpouring of grief and rage around the world, except in China, where he remains completely UNKNOWN for any practical purpose amongst the people.

That is the strength, and the extent of the “Information Embargo” that the deep state of China enforces upon the Internet, News, and Information, by controlling all access about anything “censored” and only allows government approved topics and discussions to filter through. This is similar to the Mass Media allowing only certain news to filter in America’s audience because much like in China the “deep state” and the “globalist swamp” control all the information outlets and thus present a simple version of news that fits only their agenda…

The decision to leave untreated the cancer of terminally ill Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo, while in jail, is a measure of the corruption of this Communist & Socialist country, where Mr Liu was a lifelong critic advocating for liberty, democracy, and freedom. Indeed Mr Liu who was jailed by the Chinese authorities consistently since he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, and while he was imprisoned, he was not offered medical care and thus his cancer went largely untreated, until it was far too late…

Although he was sick for a long time, only this spring he was hospitalized and diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer in jail. Liu’s wife, the poet Liu Xia, remains under house arrest, although she has not been charged with an offense.

His death has led to widespread criticism of Beijing, including outrage over Liu’s original imprisonment and allegations that the state delayed his diagnosis or denied him treatment that might have saved his life.

The Chinese Nobel Peace prize Laureate and Human Rights Advocate Liu Xiaobo died in the cell the Chinese government had anointed him with, and with no health treatment or help, until it was far too late for him or to save his life. Indeed this behavior is tantamount to an execution by neglect while the prisoner is a ward of the state…

Today the leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said in a statement: “The government of China bears a heavy responsibility for Liu Xiaobo premature death. We find it deeply disturbing that he was not transferred to a facility where he could receive adequate medical treatment before he became terminally ill.”

The blogging journalists’ organization PEN-America, of which Liu was a member of the Chinese chapter, said in a statement that Liu’s death “will forever be a black mark marring China’s reputation under international law and global human rights standards. As China’s Strength Has Grown, So Has Its Unwillingness To Let Dissidents leave the country and instead prefers to make them disappear in it’s vast cells. As President of the Independent Chinese PEN Center, Liu Xiaobo was a friend and compatriot for writers all over the world, who struggle against tyranny using words as their sole weapon. Liu Xiaobo’s purported crime was no crime at all, but rather a visionary exposition on the potential future of a country he loved.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 7.33.13 PM

Many journalists denounced Xiaobo’s prison sentence, and said Beijing didn’t let him know that he had cancer and then limited his access to high-quality medical care, until it was far too late to do anything to save him. “China’s refusal to honor Liu Xiaobo’s last wish to travel overseas for treatment and its decision to hold him incommunicado during his dying days are a cruel epitaph in the tale of a powerful regime’s determination to crush a brave man.”

All of the people who knew Mr Liu Xiaobo as a simple human being, or as a Liberty & Democracy advocate, as I knew him in both capacities, are devastated. Because along with all of his international friends and fellow activists all around the World, we were all saddened, heartbroken, and rather angry about China’s involvement in causing Liu’s untimely death, and feel the need to express ourselves in writing because there are no other ways to say how we feel…

The author and activist Tienchi Martin-Liao, a longtime friend, broke down in tears as she learned of Liu’s death and wrote this: “It is so hard. I don’t know if I can say anything at all. I hate this government. I am furious and lots of people share my feeling. It is not only sadness – it is fury. How can a regime treat a person like Liu Xiaobo like this? I don’t have the words to describe it.”

Hu Ping, a friend of Xiaobo, for almost three decades, who edits a pro-democracy journal called the ‘Beijing Spring’ had this to say: “Liu Xiaobo is immortal, no matter whether he is alive or dead. Liu Xiaobo is a man of greatness, a real Saint.”

Zhao Hui, a writer and activist who goes by the ‘pen name’ Mo Zhixu, said: “I feel bitter hatred … It is so cruel and inhuman.”

Liu’s friend Jared Genser released a statement that mixed mourning with defiance stating: “Despite the tragedy; Liu’s freedom has finally come through his death. It is clear today that the Chinese government has lost. Liu’s ideas and his dreams will persist, spread, and will, one day, come to fruition. And his courage and his sacrifice for his country will inspire millions of Chinese activists and dissidents to persevere until China has become the multi-party democracy that Liu knew to his core was within its people’s grasp.”

But while Liu’s death is deeply felt within the community of activists and writers, all the people in China — where the media is fully controlled by the state, were not even aware of his illness and death, because Liu Xiaobo remains largely unknown in his own country, and his name has been erased from the country’s Chinese language media as well as from the Internet, and all references to the past, present, or future. He is gone as if he had never even existed at all.

Yet around the world — we know and remember him rather well.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 7.34.19 PM

Even President Trump declared that he was “deeply saddened” at Liu’s untimely death. “A poet, scholar, and courageous advocate, Liu Xiaobo dedicated his life to the pursuit of democracy and liberty.”


Dr Churchill


As for myself, I wept more bitter tears, when I heard of the erasure of his Life from the Chinese language, from the Chinese internet, and from his own memorial garden because of his secret burial at sea — than when I received news of his Death, which I found liberating and freeing for his Spirit that was jailed in his torn-up body…

And I decided to offer this old poem to his everlasting memory, in order to accompany his Soul, and to speed him on his journey to Heavens up above…

“What Was Said to the Rose?”

“Whatever was told to the Cypress that made it strong, upright, and straight?

What was whispered to the jasmine, so it’s aroma grows as night falls?

Whatever made sugarcane so sweet?

Whatever was done to the inhabitants of the town of Chigil that makes the men so handsome, and the women so beautiful?

Whatever makes the pomegranate flower blush like a human face — that is what is being said to me now…

And I blush.

Whatever put eloquence in language — that’s happening here too.

The great gates of Love have opened.

And I fill with gratitude, chewing a piece of sugarcane — and being in Love with the ONE to whom every one of this World belongs to.

Because whatever was said to the rose that made it open-up it’s beauty, and got it to share it’s fragrant blossom with all, was said to me here too.

It was spoken deep in my chest too.”


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